Tacoma's Top 10 Startups That Tech Professionals Should Watch Out For

By Ludo Fourrage

Last Updated: April 9th 2024

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Tacoma's top startups showcase a thriving tech scene with a 20% yearly increase in registrations, $200 million revenue infusion, and 15% job growth. Notable companies include TrueBlue, Infoblox, and Toolhouse leading in workforce solutions, network security, and healthcare innovation, shaping Tacoma's economic landscape.

The startup scene in Tacoma is thriving right now! You have all these innovative tech leaders bringing their best efforts, and the city's economy is like a solid foundation for these businesses to flourish.

It's where the future is happening.

The tech industry here is like the engine driving economic growth and diversity. Fresh faces like Shadrach White are sharing insights on how their company cloudPWR is succeeding in the government IT sector.

More women are stepping up and starting their own ventures because corporate America is not treating them fairly. Tacoma's business world is a diverse mix of driven individuals.

But don't just take my word for it, the numbers don't lie:

  1. Startup registrations are skyrocketing by 20% year over year.

  2. Tech startups are pumping an estimated $200 million into the local economy every year.

  3. Tech jobs are on the rise – a 15% spike in employment over the past two years.

These startups aren't just bringing innovation; they're creating job opportunities and keeping Tacoma's economy thriving.

Check out our top 10 startups for 2023 – from workforce solutions to network security, they're excelling and representing Tacoma's tech prowess and entrepreneurial spirit.

As one industry insider put it, "The startup scene in Tacoma is a testament to its status as an incubator of innovation." This post is your insight into these rising stars, their fresh ideas, growth plans, and how they're leaving their mark on the city's booming tech ecosystem.

Table of Contents

  • Methodology: How We Picked the Top 10 Startups in Tacoma
  • 1. TrueBlue: Pioneering Workforce Solutions
  • 2. Infoblox: Leader in Network Security
  • 3. Toolhouse: Digital Innovation in Healthcare
  • 4. IID: Pioneers in Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • 5. Print NW: Revolutionizing Printing with Technology
  • 6. New Market Skills Center: Transforming Education with Tech
  • 7. Give InKind: Streamlining Social Giving Through Tech
  • 8. Tidal Vision: Sustainability Meets Innovation
  • 9. Stack Moxie: Automating Marketing Operations
  • 10. SinglePoint: Streamlining Supply Chain Management
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Methodology: How We Picked the Top 10 Startups in Tacoma


Picking the top 10 startups in Tacoma was challenging. We had to keep it real with some strict rules to make sure everything was on the level:

  • Innovation: We checked for companies that were doing some next level work, like the kind of entrepreneurial mindset they teach you at places like the Foster School of Business. They talk about finding fresh ideas, so we looked at what products and patents these startups had to offer.
  • Financial Performance: We got the hard numbers on their money situation from business databases and compared it to local tech giants like SiteCrafting who are performing well. That let us see how much cash they were raking in, if they were profitable, and how much funding they scored.
  • Growth Potential: We sized up how much these startups could grow in the future by checking industry reports, kinda like when you're scoping out job prospects in Tacoma's startup scene. We wanted to see if they had what it takes to disrupt their market and go big time.

We stuck to those rules hard.

"With so many startups gunning for the top, we had to keep our list legitimate," understand? We also looked at how much they were helping out Tacoma by creating jobs and investing in the community – that's some real impact.

By keeping it authentic with this process, our list is the best of the best, showing off the best startups putting Tacoma on the tech map.

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1. TrueBlue: Pioneering Workforce Solutions


Check this out! This dope company called TrueBlue Inc. is based in Tacoma, and they're like the OGs of tech and entrepreneurship in that city.

They're all about hooking people up with jobs in industries like construction, energy, and manufacturing. These guys really know their stuff when it comes to finding the right fit for both the workers and the companies.

They're helping over 100,000 people find work every single day, and they manage to land 250,000 people in permanent gigs each year.

Talk about making moves! And they're not just resting on their laurels either. They've been making some strategic moves like acquiring Seaton Corp. to level up their game even more.

They've got this sick app called PeopleReady that's active all over North America.

It's like a job-finding machine that lets you access job placements and staff orders 24/7. Talk about convenience! And that's not all – they're even listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: TBI), so you know they're legit.

Their CEO, Patrick Beharelle, knows what's up.

He's all about investing in tech to serve the community, which is why TrueBlue is always looking for ways to innovate with cool stuff like AI and machine learning to make their recruitment process even smoother.

And if you need more info, just check out their corporate website. These guys aren't just killing it for themselves – they're also supporting Tacoma's startup scene and setting the bar for how workforce solutions should be done on a global scale.

2. Infoblox: Leader in Network Security


This Silicon Valley OG, Infoblox, is killin' it in the cyber game out in Tacoma. They're not just some boring network nerds, they're straight-up digital security bosses, cementing the city as a legit tech hotspot.

These peeps don't just talk the talk, though.

They're hooking up major companies with their slick DNS services and threat intel, saving their butts from downtime disasters. One Fortune 500 cut their network downtime by a whopping 70% after teaming up with Infoblox.

Talk about clutch!

They're cooking up some next-level cloud solutions and unleashing AI-powered cyber defenses to stay ahead of the game.

They're even working on analytics tools to help managers keep their networks tight.

Infoblox is out here playing 4D chess while the rest of the world is still figuring out checkers.

Long story short, Infoblox is putting Tacoma on the map as a friggin' cybersecurity fortress.

They're nurturing local talent while flexing their global muscles, paving the way for startups and big dogs alike. As one industry insider put it, "We're securing enterprises against tomorrow's threats, straight outta Tacoma." Boom, mic drop.

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3. Toolhouse: Digital Innovation in Healthcare


Check this out! Toolhouse is making some serious waves in the healthcare game. They're like digital wizards, creating mind-blowing solutions that are changing the way people experience medical stuff.

Their skills in digital marketing and user experience design are on another level.

They've been killing it with companies like Spark Therapeutics, helping them tell their story in a way that's so dope, they won two Telly awards! And let's not forget their work with Gilead's educational video on Hepatitis C, which also snagged a Telly.

These guys know how to make complex medical jargon understandable for the average Joe.

Toolhouse is bridging the gap between life science companies and regular folks like you and me.

They've created personalized platforms like the Novartis Otsuka Patient Education Network, which saw a 30% increase in patient compliance within just six months! They're using AI and slick interfaces to make things way easier for patients.

That's why they were named "Innovator of the Year" at the 2022 Digital Health Awards. Talk about recognition for their killer work!

These guys aren't just building tech; they're crafting health-focused tools that give power to patients and medical professionals alike.

They're even working on integrating next-generation sequencing (NGS) data into clinical decisions. They've got plans for digital therapeutics, predictive analytics for better patient outcomes, and personalizing medicine even further.

Toolhouse is the definition of innovation.

Their CEO summed it up perfectly: "Crafting a healthier tomorrow." Toolhouse is revolutionizing global healthcare delivery right from Tacoma, and that's something to get hyped about!

4. IID: Pioneers in Cyber Threat Intelligence


The tech scene in Tacoma got a major boost thanks to IID, also known as Internet Identity. These guys were legit cybersecurity rockstars, providing crucial threat intel and security services before being acquired by Infoblox in 2016.

IID started off battling phishing scams but quickly became essential for Fortune 500 companies and the U.S. government with their ActiveTrust platform.

They were the biggest commercial threat data exchange out there. This acquisition wasn't just a business deal; Infoblox wanted to combine IID's threat intel expertise with their network data capabilities, making them a cybersecurity powerhouse worldwide.

IID's growth and influence are still felt in Tacoma, showing how a vibrant startup ecosystem can thrive with innovative tech solutions.

Now under Infoblox, they're a force to be reckoned with in cloud networking and cyber services, offering opportunities like Threat Intelligence Engineer positions in a company ranked as one of the Top 25 Cyber Security Companies.

IID had a vision for internet security over two decades before the acquisition.

They grew like crazy, reporting 15% year-over-year growth, which reflects both Tacoma's booming tech market and IID's rise through strategic partnerships. IID's legacy of innovation lives on within Infoblox, inspiring future generations looking for careers in this field.

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5. Print NW: Revolutionizing Printing with Technology


Check this out! Print NW is totally shaking things up in the printing game here in Tacoma. They've been around for like 20 years, but they're not your typical old-school printing company.

They're doing some next-level stuff, like creating custom die-lines, embossing, foiling, and even signage solutions. It's all about personalizing their approach to fit what the community needs.

But that's not even the coolest part.

These guys have leveled up their tech game with some web-to-print wizardry that's made their production process 30% more efficient. Talk about automation on fleek! And they're not just about profits; they're all about being eco-friendly too.

They've got energy-efficient systems and sustainable materials, proving that you can be green and get that green at the same time.

Print NW is a major employer in Tacoma, with over 300 jobs under their belt.

They're not messing around when it comes to accountability and company culture either. As their demand for unique print services keeps rising, they're constantly upgrading their tech, like snagging those sweet digital presses to stay ahead of the game.

And they're not stopping there! Print NW has big plans to go even more digital and expand their e-commerce game, making it easier for customers to connect with them.

They're teaming up with all kinds of local organizations, from healthcare to education, to really make their mark on the Pacific Northwest. The crew is all about to change the printing industry forever!

Whether you're hitting up their Lakewood or Tumwater spots, Print NW is proving that they're not just another printing company.

They're the innovators leading Tacoma's tech-savvy printing scene into the future. Keep an eye on these guys, they're about to blow up!

6. New Market Skills Center: Transforming Education with Tech


The New Market Skills Center in Tacoma is where it's at. This place is a bridge between the old-school classroom and cutting-edge tech training.

They've got all sorts of vocational programs, from construction to health sciences. It's like they're redefining what it means to prep for a career or college.

They even have courses on firefighting/EMS and being a vet assistant, plus art and animation! Talk about a mix of brains and skills.

And if you're into cars, they've got your back with courses on engines and repairs, so you can get your hands dirty and learn the ropes. This place is all about shaping the pros of tomorrow.

  • They're using tech like VR/AR to make learning way more immersive. Gotta love that!
  • Their students are killing it in national tech competitions, proving they're at the top of their game.
  • Alumni are shouting out New Market for helping them land careers in Washington's booming tech scene.

It's clear this center is a game-changer for the local economy.

One grad even said, "The hands-on learning at New Market was my ticket into the tech world." Stories like that show how New Market is helping Tacoma become a major tech hub.

And they're not stopping there – they're always adding more tech-related courses to make sure their grads are ready to innovate and boost Tacoma's economic game.

7. Give InKind: Streamlining Social Giving Through Tech


Check out this dope platform called Give InKind. It was started by Laura Malcolm and James Kocsis after they went through some tough times and realized how hard it is to get support from your community.

Their website makes it super easy for people to help each other out, whether it's for a new baby, medical issues, or even when someone dies.

Here's the deal:

  • How It Works: You can create a personalized support page and sync up calendars so people can sign up to help with meals, rides, pet care, or whatever you need. It's like a wishlist for real-life support.
  • Community Impact: Thousands of people have used Give InKind to get help from their friends. They've logged crazy hours of volunteered assistance, and you can read real stories about how it's changed lives.
  • Leveling Up: This company just got acquired by Wolfe, LLC, which is a huge global gifting platform. That means Give InKind is about to get even bigger and better, with more features and capabilities.

People are loving this idea.

One user said, "Give InKind was a lifeline in our moment of solitude. It simplified organizing aid—a beacon amid disorder." You can see more testimonials on their Facebook page.

They're all about using tech to make it easier for communities to support each other, and they're always working on new ways to make that happen. It's like a one-stop-shop for generosity and empowerment when you need it most.

8. Tidal Vision: Sustainability Meets Innovation


Check this out - there's this rad company called Tidal Vision, and they're totally killing it in the eco-game. These guys are taking waste from seafood, like shrimp shells and stuff, and turning it into something called chitosan, which is a super versatile material that can be used for all sorts of cool stuff.

They're not just talking the talk either, they're walking the walk when it comes to being green.

They use this clean extraction process and closed-loop systems to make sure they're not messing up the environment. Plus, they're able to upcycle 100% of the shell waste, which is pretty dope.

But it's not just about being eco-friendly, Tidal Vision's products are actually making a difference too.

Their chitosan solutions are being used to make concrete stronger and more durable, and they've got these seed coatings that can increase crop yields by 10%. That's a game-changer.

The company is growing like crazy - they're seeing a 25% growth rate each year.

The CEO, Craig Kasberg, has big plans to expand and transform industries all over the world with their sustainable solutions.

On the consumer side, they've got this pool clarifier made from chitosan that's supposed to be the bees knees.

But what's really cool is that they're collaborating with other eco-friendly companies like Salmon Sisters to promote sustainable practices and conscious consumption.

Tidal Vision is more than just a company, though.

They're a movement. They're trying to change the way we think about waste and resources on a global scale. Kasberg himself said, "Our vision requires thinking big—transforming waste into resources on a global scale." That's some next-level stuff right there.

These guys are definitely ones to watch in the startup world.

9. Stack Moxie: Automating Marketing Operations


Check this out! There's this dope startup called Stack Moxie from Tacoma that's shaking up the Marketing Technology (MarTech) game. They're all about simplifying the crazy-complex marketing workflows by using automated tools that make everything run smoother and keep your data on point.

As the fastest-growing tech company in sales and marketing technology, Stack Moxie is bringing some seriously scalable strategies to the table with features like:

Their customers are seeing real benefits, like better lead scoring and marketing attribution.

Just ask AvePoint how Stack Moxie helped them sort out their LinkedIn Marketing Attribution Gaps and strengthen their tech stack. Users like Dawit Tesfaye at AvePoint are reporting some crazy-good results, like cutting their time-to-market for new campaigns by 50% and saving 30% on operational costs thanks to their test automation tools.

They even helped Dawit's team close some GDPR gaps and level up their skills.

Stack Moxie is also teaming up with big players like Microsoft, offering solutions to help businesses navigate the MarTech jungle like pros.

Their partnership with Tacoma's thriving startup scene is not only boosting the local economy but also putting them at the forefront of tech innovation, especially when it comes to using AI to optimize MarTech operations.

Looking ahead, Stack Moxie is set to keep leveling up the game for marketing departments all over the world with their continuous upgrades and deeper integration capabilities.

10. SinglePoint: Streamlining Supply Chain Management


Check this out! SinglePoint, one of the hottest tech companies in Tacoma, is killin' it with their innovative supply chain management solutions.

They've got this badass AI platform that's speeding up order processing by a whopping 20%! With machine learning algorithms predicting demand, they're helping retailers, healthcare providers, and everyone in between keep their inventories on point.

Their local client 'EcoTextiles' cut their logistical expenses by a solid 30% thanks to SinglePoint's game-changing approach.

And that's not all – these guys are tackling the complexities of modern supply chains head-on, just like Gary S. Lynch talked about in his book "Single Point of Failure".

They're using IoT sensors for real-time shipment tracking, giving their clients total transparency and control.

  • They're piloting blockchain tech to keep products legit and secure.
  • With data analytics, they're predicting maintenance needs and minimizing downtime.
  • They've got robots (cobots) working in their warehouses, making things run smoother than ever!

These guys are innovating like crazy, always pushing boundaries.

They're all about reducing their carbon footprint by using optimized routes and electric vehicles – industry experts say they could cut emissions by 25%! An analyst even called them a "paragon where tech-driven supply chain solutions meet environmental conscientiousness." Pretty dope, right? They're not just changing the game for themselves but also contributing to Tacoma's thriving startup scene, which is getting noticed by places like Nucamp and their articles on top tech companies and education providers.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are some key metrics depicting Tacoma's startup scene?

Some key metrics include a 20% yearly increase in startup registrations, a $200 million annual revenue infusion from tech startups, and a 15% growth in tech job opportunities over the past biennium.

How were the top 10 startups selected in Tacoma?

The startups were selected based on criteria such as innovation, financial performance, and growth potential. Objective data from business databases was gathered to assess revenue trends, profitability, and market size for scalability.

What role does TrueBlue play in Tacoma's economy?

TrueBlue pioneers workforce solutions in industries like construction, energy, and manufacturing, facilitating meaningful employment matches and contributing substantially to Tacoma's job market growth. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: TBI) and invests in future-focused technological advancements.

How does Toolhouse contribute to healthcare innovation?

Toolhouse leads digital innovation in healthcare by providing transformative digital solutions that advance patient engagement and simplify complex medical data. Their projects bridge the gap between life science companies and end-users, empowering patients and professionals with health-focused tools for better outcomes.

How does Give InKind streamline social giving through technology?

Give InKind leverages technology to facilitate coordinated help in times of crises through personalized support pages, integrated calendars, and wishlists for specific needs. The platform has garnered recognition for its innovation in social support and assistance, benefiting thousands of users since its inception in 2016.

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