Where are the tech networking events in Tacoma?

By Ludo Fourrage

Last Updated: June 6th 2024

Tech professionals networking at an event in Tacoma

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Tacoma's tech networking events are booming, crucial for growth as 85% of jobs are filled through networking. Events like ‘Startup253’ and ‘Tech Talks’ drive tech collaboration. With a 14% increase in tech job postings, networking is key for success in Tacoma's expanding tech industry.

Tacoma's tech scene is straight-up poppin' right now, with a ton of new jobs in tech and cybersecurity sprouting up like daisies. The University of Washington Tacoma's engineering school is definitely helping to fuel this growth.

But here's the real deal: networking is the secret sauce that's making all this happen. A report from LinkedIn showed that a whopping 85% of jobs get filled through connections and networking.

That's insane!

In Tacoma, there are all sorts of events where you can meet people and expand your network. Events like 'Code & Coffee', 'Startup253', and local 'Tech Talks' are prime spots to link up with other techies, swap knowledge, and maybe even land your next gig.

It's not just about rubbing elbows with your peers, though – these events also help bridge the gap between up-and-coming talent and the big dogs in the industry.

On top of that, the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber hosts an annual 'South Sound Technology Conference' where all the big shots in business and tech come together.

With tech job postings in the area shooting up by 14% over the past year, these networking opportunities are more important than ever for anyone trying to make moves in the tech world.

If you're trying to carve out your own slice of the Tacoma tech pie, hitting up the local networking events is a no-brainer.

Check out resources like Nucamp's article on Tacoma Tech Forums to get the scoop on where to be and who to meet.

Networking is the key to becoming a part of this booming digital hub.

Table of Contents

  • How Are Women in Tech Shaping Tacoma's Tech Ecosystem?
  • Tacoma's Top 10 Startups That Tech Professionals Should Watch Out For
  • The Top 10 Best Colleges in Tacoma for Tech Enthusiasts
  • What Networking Events Should Tacoma Tech Enthusiasts Attend?
  • Which Tacoma-Based Tech Companies Are Known for Their Work Culture?
  • Conclusion: Building Your Network in Tacoma's Tech Scene
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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How Are Women in Tech Shaping Tacoma's Tech Ecosystem?


The tech world in the Tac-town is going through a major glow-up, and you won't believe who's calling the shots – our Queens! Women-led tech initiatives are like the new black, shaking things up with fresh ideas and inclusive vibes.

They're not just creating cool stuff; they're building a whole new community that's all about diversity and innovation.

It's not just talk, either. Companies like Gusto are teaming up with She Secures, and Toyota Financial Services (TFS) is all about upskilling their crew.

They're serious about getting more women in tech roles, and it's paying off. Just ask Charles Brown from J.D. Innovations – dude's company is crushing it with their AI logistics solutions, raking in a massive 65% revenue boost last year.

As he says, "The true power of technology is realized when diverse minds collaborate."

The numbers don't lie. There's been an 18% spike in tech patents filed by women from Tacoma since 2020.

Over 30 startups led by badass ladies have graduated from a local incubator, most of them securing that sweet, sweet investment cash. And tech networking events? They've seen a 45% increase in female attendance over the past year.

But let's keep it real – there's still work to be done.

We gotta make sure these tech spaces are welcoming and inclusive, so women feel like they belong and can thrive. That's the key to keeping them in these IT roles where they're still underrepresented.

It's gonna take real effort from leaders at all levels, like the Women Engineers Rise initiative at UW, mentoring and developing the next generation of tech bosses.

And let's give it up for Dr. Matthew Martinez, the new prez at Bates Technical College, breaking down barriers and showing what real leadership looks like.

At the end of the day, Tacoma's tech future is all about inclusivity.

We're celebrating the wins, but we're not slowing down. The hustle continues until our tech industry truly reflects the diversity of our city. That's the real goal – one team, one dream.

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Tacoma's Top 10 Startups That Tech Professionals Should Watch Out For


The startup scene in Tacoma is blowing up! There's a ton of dope companies leading the charge in all kinds of tech fields. If you're a tech pro in Tacoma, you gotta keep tabs on these rising stars.

Companies like IllFonic, known for games like "Friday the 13th", and Give InKind, a platform that helps people out during tough times, are doing some seriously disruptive stuff.

And let's not forget ZEVA AERO, building flying cars that can take off and land vertically, and innovators like TRED, making it easier to buy and sell used cars.

These startups are not only boosting the local economy but also creating fresh job opportunities and networking chances.

Here's the top 10 Tacoma startups recognized for their dope contributions to the tech scene and their potential for major growth in 2023: Write253 fostering creativity in youth; Feed253 using tech for food security; Tool Gauge revolutionizing aerospace manufacturing; SurgeTacoma building co-working communities; Rain bringing instant wage access to fintech; Stack 571 enhancing culinary experiences with tech; Tethr It Now simplifying customer service with real-time video comms; Alitheon offering AI-driven item identification; True Blue championing environmental services with cutting-edge solutions, and EZ Save promoting accessible energy conservation.

If you're a Tacoma tech enthusiast, you gotta hit up local networking events like Tacoma Tech's monthly meetups and Surge South Tacoma's innovation hubs.

Participating in these events lets you meet thought leaders and founders who often speak – a prime opportunity to make mutually beneficial connections.

As one local influencer said, getting involved with these budding companies is crucial for professionals who want to be part of the community reshaping Tacoma's tech landscape.

Also, Nucamp Coding Bootcamp stresses the importance of leveling up your skills to cash in on opportunities in this dynamic ecosystem through their tailored bootcamps available at Nucamp's Tacoma offerings.

The Top 10 Best Colleges in Tacoma for Tech Enthusiasts


Let me break it down for you about how education is the real MVP for Tacoma's tech game. It's like an incubator where the future bosses and innovators are hatched.

The connection between Tacoma's top tech programs at places like University of Washington Tacoma (UWT), Bates Technical College, and Tacoma Community College (TCC) with the tech industry is straight fire.

UWT's Institute of Technology is crushing it with their Computer Science and Information Technology programs, and it's no wonder, they have a 90% job placement rate within six months of graduation.

That's insane!

Bates Technical College has got a diverse range of programs in areas like Health Sciences and STEM, with massive campuses to give you that hands-on experience.

TCC is also adding to the tech ecosystem with degree and certificate programs in business, healthcare, science, and engineering, focusing on real-world skills by partnering with industry leaders.

  • The Annual South Sound Technology Conference hosted by UW Tacoma brings together students, educators, and tech pros to discuss what's poppin' in the industry.
  • Bates Technical College is teaming up with organizations like the Tacoma Urban League to open up career pathways.
  • TCC offers apprenticeships that give you a direct shot at professional experience in the hottest industries.

But it's not just about the books.

These networking events are designed to help you make those industry connections. For example, the Career Development Centers at UWT are hooking up students with key players in the market.

A PLU career counselor said, "Networking is a critical component of our career services." And it's no wonder, over 70% of tech workers in Tacoma credit college networking initiatives for helping them land their jobs.

That's some serious stats!

Tacoma's educational institutions aren't just places to study; they're the connectors that are building an ecosystem where learning, creativity, and community participation thrive.

With all the educational offerings from places like TCC, plus the supportive networks and industry partnerships, Tacoma is becoming the place to be for tech commerce and talent development.

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What Networking Events Should Tacoma Tech Enthusiasts Attend?


The tech scene in Tacoma is lit AF, and there's mad events going down for all you hustlers, geeks, and startup gangstas. Check out the 2023 Tacoma tech conference calendar for the scoop on all the networking madness.

For real, the Tacoma Tech Symposium drew a crazy 1,200 peeps last year, so you know it's poppin' for anyone trying to stay up on the latest industry goss.

And if you're more of an entrepreneurial type, the monthly Start-Up Tacoma Meetup is where it's at, with a dope mix of startup bosses and money makers.

But that's not all.

The University of Washington's Milgard School of Business hosts some sick career events like the Business Leadership Awards and Financial Reporting Conferences, so you can network with the big dogs and level up your game.

And if you're into niche stuff, peep New Tech Northwest – they've got over 60,000 members and host dope educational meetups and virtual events to keep you fresh in the ever-changing tech world.

Real talk, the Annual Tacoma Technology Expo is where it's at.

85% of attendees said it was a networking goldmine, and 70% scored new business leads. That's some serious proof that these events are a must if you want to build your professional squad and climb the ladder.

In fact, people who hit up these shindigs tend to level up their careers about 15% faster than those who don't, so you better get on it.

But there's more! Check out the Tacoma Maritime Innovation Incubator Second Wave Showcase if you're into the maritime tech scene.

And keep an eye out for dope events like the Government Innovation Show, where you can get schooled on how tech is shaking up the way we govern.

With so many fly events catering to every niche and interest in the tech world, Tacoma is the place to be if you're trying to network and make moves in the Pacific Northwest.

If you're an aspiring tech boss trying to level up your career, you gotta hit these spots and get your face out there. It's no wonder the Tacoma tech scene is where it's at.

Which Tacoma-Based Tech Companies Are Known for Their Work Culture?


Let me lay it down for you about the dope culture scene in Tacoma's tech world. Companies here get that culture is crucial for folks to vibe and connect.

Take Sound Transit, for instance – they're all about diversity and innovative transit solutions, which is a major key for the region's economy.

Then you've got brands like REI that offer sick benefits like free gear rentals and time off for outdoor adventures because they're committed to being inclusive and eco-friendly.

With Tacoma's natural beauty, techies can kick it in nature and grow their network through shared adventures.

Here's how culture impacts networking:

  • Mentorship Programs: TechBridge is a local initiative that pairs newbies with vets, helping them level up their careers and personal growth.
  • Collaborative Spaces: Companies like Sound Transit are embracing hybrid work options, allowing people to work on-site or remotely. Tool Gauge even redesigned their physical spaces, leading to a 30% jump in collaborative projects.
  • Community Events: Firms like SiteCrafting host regular events, and REI is setting the bar high by being recognized for their social impact, which helps attendees expand their professional networks.

The numbers don't lie – a study found that employees from companies with strong cultures are 70% more likely to attend networking events than those from companies with weaker cultures.

Take Tesla, for example – they encourage innovation and want problem-solvers who are invested in building a clean energy future, as shown on their careers page.

Employees at companies with solid cultures often feel connected not just to their work but also to Tacoma's tech community. As one local software dev put it, "The emphasis on community involvement and personal growth at my workplace has directly enhanced my professional network" – proving that culture is key for networking.

Tacoma's tech scene is showing that fostering a positive work environment benefits employees and strengthens connections within the tech community.

As techies seek companies that prioritize their well-being and societal contributions, Tacoma's tech firms are setting examples of how nurturing corporate environments can seriously boost professional networking and collaboration.

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Conclusion: Building Your Network in Tacoma's Tech Scene


If you're a tech-savvy 20-something in the 253, Tacoma's where it's at. This city's a hot spot for networking and getting your foot in the door of the tech world.

You got startups like Humming and Give InKind that are killing it, and schools like UW Tacoma that can hook you up with some serious knowledge.

Plus, people who network locally are 40% more likely to level up their careers. Crazy, right?

So, here's the game plan:

  • Hit up the big events like GeekWire's shindigs. It's where all the tech heads gather to talk shop and make moves.
  • Join specialized meetups for things like cybersecurity and gaming. Stay ahead of the curve and meet people who are as obsessed as you.
  • Crush some hackathons. These coding marathons are the perfect way to flex your skills, make connections, and maybe even create the next big thing.

But it's not just about rubbing elbows.

The City of Tacoma is all about fostering tech careers with gigs in digital workplaces and eMobility programs. And you don't have to stay in the 253 – events like New Tech Northwest give you a chance to explore what's happening beyond Seattle.

At the end of the day, networking is a must if you want to thrive in this ever-changing tech game.

Check out resources like Nucamp's guide to networking events or look into local startups that are shaking things up.

Whether you're just starting to code or you're already a security ninja, plugging into Tacoma's tech scene is the key to unlocking opportunities and meeting the movers and shakers.

It's not just about making friends; it's about investing in your future in a place where talent and opportunity collide.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are some key tech networking events in Tacoma?

Tech networking events in Tacoma include 'Startup253', 'Tech Talks', and 'Code & Coffee'. These events provide professionals with critical platforms for collaboration and connection in Tacoma's vibrant tech scene.

How important is networking for success in Tacoma's tech industry?

Networking is crucial for success in Tacoma's tech industry, with 85% of jobs being filled through networking channels. As the industry experiences a 14% surge in tech job postings, networking plays a pivotal role in career growth and opportunities.

Which Tacoma-based tech companies are known for their work culture?

Companies like REI, Sound Transit, and TechBridge in Tacoma are known for their strong work cultures supporting diversity, innovation, and community engagement. These companies contribute to a robust networking environment in Tacoma's tech sector.

How are women impacting Tacoma's tech ecosystem?

Female tech leaders in Tacoma are shaping the tech ecosystem with fresh insights, inclusive strategies, and efforts to foster greater female participation in tech roles. Initiatives like Gusto's partnership and Toyota Financial Services' commitment to upskilling underscore the push towards gender parity in the industry.

What colleges in Tacoma offer top tech programs for enthusiasts?

Institutions like the University of Washington Tacoma, Bates Technical College, and Tacoma Community College offer top tech programs in areas like Computer Science, STEM, and Information Technology. These programs provide a strong foundation for tech enthusiasts looking to excel in the industry.

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