How Are Women in Tech Shaping Tacoma’s Tech Ecosystem?

By Ludo Fourrage

Last Updated: June 6th 2024

Women in technology shaping the Tacoma tech scene

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Women are shaping Tacoma's tech scene with a 68% increase in tech roles from 2010 to 2018. Initiatives like TECHNOLOchicas and the South Sound Technology Conference champion inclusivity. Diversity can lead to a 19% increase in revenue, with UW Tacoma training tech professionals for local businesses and big tech companies.

The tech scene in Tacoma is booming, and it's part of this massive tech wave sweeping across the whole Pacific Northwest. Seattle's leading the charge, adding tech jobs faster than any other major U.S. city in recent years.

Between 2010 and 2018, Tacoma saw a whopping 68% increase in tech roles, blowing past the national average growth rate of 30%. Amidst this crazy expansion, initiatives like TECHNOLOchicas and the South Sound Technology Conference are pushing hard for inclusivity in the industry.

That's great, 'cause studies show diverse teams can boost revenue by up to 19% through innovation. The University of Washington Tacoma is fueling this movement with its School of Engineering & Technology, training tech pros who work at local companies like Infoblox and cloudPWR, and attracting big tech players to the area.

As we dig deeper into this story, we gotta recognize the importance of initiatives focused on gender diversity, 'cause women are playing a major role in shaping this evolving landscape.

By exploring their achievements, educational paths like Nucamp's Web Development Fundamentals bootcamp, and support systems, we'll see how women in tech are redefining Tacoma's technological identity.

Table of Contents

  • Historical Overview of Women in Tacoma Tech
  • Current State of Women in Tech in Tacoma
  • Profile Spotlights: Influential Women in Tacoma's Tech
  • Educational Opportunities for Women in Tech in Tacoma
  • Networking and Mentorship for Tacoma’s Women in Tech
  • Challenges and Triumphs for Women in Tacoma’s Tech Scene
  • Future Directions for Women in Tacoma's Tech Ecosystem
  • How to Support and Elevate Women in Tacoma’s Tech Industry
  • Conclusion: The Impact of Women in Shaping Tacoma’s Tech Future
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Historical Overview of Women in Tacoma Tech


The tech scene in Tacoma ain't been no bro-fest since day one. Back in the day, badass ladies like Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper were laying the foundations for the digital world we're living in now.

It's wild to think that women went from being sidekicks to straight-up running the show. Facts don't lie – in the 80s, only 8% of women were in tech roles.

But thanks to projects like the Atari Women, we're finally giving props to the forgotten female gaming legends who got overshadowed when computers and gaming became a dude's world.

Tacoma's tech timeline has been shaped by some real bosses, like:

  • Joan Clarke, a computer science queen whose algorithms were clutch during wartime.
  • Elizabeth Feinler, the internet infrastructure OG who paved the way for search engines.

By the late 20th century, women were starting their own companies and taking over boardrooms, flipping the script on the tech industry.

Nowadays, programs like the B.S. in Information Technology at University of Washington Tacoma are helping women and other underrepresented groups level up their skills.

Tacoma has seen a 35% spike in women-led tech companies over the past decade. As Mary Martin, a local tech boss, puts it, "We've stepped out of our ancestors' shadows and proven ourselves essential to the tech game."

This history isn't just about celebrating the trailblazers like the Atari Women – it's a beacon for the next generation.

UW Tacoma and other initiatives are equipping future female voices with the tools they need, from tech courses to promoting healthy living through tech for rural working women, according to NCBI.

The mission is clear: nurture tomorrow's tech queens by acknowledging the past, supporting the present, and building an inclusive future for Tacoma's booming tech scene.

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Current State of Women in Tech in Tacoma


In the booming tech scene of Tacoma, the ladies are killin' it, proving themselves as irreplaceable rockstars of innovation. Despite the struggles with diversity, where women are still underrepresented, especially in technical roles, there's a movement to change that game.

Check it out: The University of Washington Tacoma's School of Engineering & Technology (SET), through its Center for Data Science and programs like Women in Data Science (WiDS) Tacoma, is actively nurturing female talent in the data science field.

Big tech companies in Tacoma like Infoblox and SiteCrafting are leading the charge for gender diversity and inclusive work cultures.

They're not just hiring female tech pros but creating environments where they can thrive. And the startup scene is no different – Write253 has become a haven for women's creative expression in tech, while Surge Tacoma is incubating a ton of women-led businesses.

Organizations like Women's Business Enterprise are supporting aspiring female entrepreneurs, too.

While the numbers are slowly improving (around 27% of Tacoma's tech scene is female), local initiatives and educational institutions are laying the foundation for true equality in representation.

Tech companies and startups with diverse teams aren't just doing the right thing; they're unlocking superior innovation and financial success. It's a win-win!

Profile Spotlights: Influential Women in Tacoma's Tech


Check this out - Tacoma's tech scene is blowing up, and some badass ladies are leading the charge. Like Clemencia Castro-Woolery, a partner at Ledger Square Law, who's using her influence to push for better childcare options for working moms nationwide.

And then there's Gloria Martin, the owner of Southern Kitchen, who's been killing it on the Food Network and showing that women-owned businesses in Tacoma-Pierce County are on the rise.

If you're looking to get into the tech game, the University of Washington Tacoma has this program in Computer Science & Systems that'll set you up with the skills you need to snag a sweet gig in the hottest tech fields.

They've got connections with local companies, so you know you'll be learning the real-deal stuff.

Tacoma's all about celebrating the boss ladies making moves in tech.

They've got this annual Tacoma Tech Excellence Awards where they give props to the women crushing it in the local tech scene. And if you're looking to break into a technical field, organizations like Washington Women in Trades can hook you up with apprenticeships and show you the ropes.

Even companies like SiteCrafting are getting on board, with almost half of their staff being women - way higher than the average in the industry.

These powerful women are smashing barriers, supporting each other, and creating innovative solutions to real-world problems. They're not just adding diversity to Tacoma's tech landscape; they're setting the bar for closing the gender gap in STEM fields.

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Educational Opportunities for Women in Tech in Tacoma


Let me break it down for you. Tacoma's schools are on a mission to get more ladies into tech careers, and they're not playing around. The University of Washington Tacoma just launched a new Ph.D. program in computer science, giving women a legit path to level up their tech game.

And Tacoma Community College (TCC) is all about inclusivity, hooking up ladies with resources to help them slay in STEM fields.

But that's not all. Nucamp Coding Bootcamp is in the mix too, offering programs designed specifically for aspiring tech baddie babes.

Their Web Development Fundamentals course is a chill and affordable way to dip your toes into coding. And their 'Job-Ready' bootcamp is a whole package deal, with technical training and career support to help you land that dream gig.

Plus, they've got a dope community of alumnae keeping it real.

Don't sleep on those scholarships either, like the Bold Women in Tech at UW Tacoma. They're helping close the gender gap by providing financial support to female students in tech.

And the schools are teaming up with companies to hook up internships, so you can put those classroom skills to the test in the real world.

If you're trying to level up your skills for a specific role, Nucamp's got you covered with their 'Advanced Front End Web + Mobile Development' course.

And check out what some of their graduates are saying: "The bootcamp structure gave me the confidence and skill set I needed to enter a tech career that seemed unreachable before." Tacoma is really stepping up its game, creating a dope tech scene that's all about diversity and bringing out the best in its workforce.

Networking and Mentorship for Tacoma’s Women in Tech


In Tacoma's tech scene, networking events and organizations are where it's at for women trying to level up their careers. This year, major events like the Women's Leadership Institute and New Tech Tacoma are bringing together industry bigwigs and up-and-comers to share knowledge and get ahead.

New Tech Tacoma is part of a massive community with over 30,000 members. That's a whole lotta opportunity for networking, right?

The stats don't lie - more than 30% of attendees at these events reportedly score new job opportunities through the connections they make.

Tacoma's really all about supporting women in tech, which is evident in their mentorship programs. The Tacoma Women in Tech Mentorship Circle has seen a 40% spike in sign-ups this year, proving that people are amped for some structured guidance and support.

Studies show that a whopping 85% of job openings get filled through networking channels in Tacoma.

Tech organizations like the Washington Digital Government Summit are making diversity a top priority by sponsoring events and mentorship programs that uplift women.

The results speak for themselves:

  • Women with mentors are more likely to get promoted (50% higher chance than those without a mentor)
  • Many see a pay raise within a year of being mentored (30% compared to 10% without)

These numbers prove that strong networks and mentors can seriously boost a woman's career in Tacoma's tech industry.

With ongoing support from programs like Metro Parks Tacoma's 50+ Tech Clinics, we can expect these empowerment tools to help close the gender gap and pave the way for women's success.

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Challenges and Triumphs for Women in Tacoma’s Tech Scene


The gender gap in Tacoma's tech scene has been a real bummer, but things are slowly getting better. Check this out: only 30% of tech jobs in Tacoma are held by women, which kinda sucks compared to the rest of the country.

Even though groups like Women in Tech®USA are trying to fix things, it's still a struggle.

But there are some badass ladies out there killing it, like this one software engineer who became a lead developer at a dope tech firm, despite all the BS she had to deal with.

Her story shows how tough women in tech can be, and it's inspiring for the next generation.

  • The Tacoma Women in Tech (TWiT) crew is hooking up aspiring female techies with mentors who are already killing it in the game.
  • One inclusive tech program reported a 50% increase in female participation over two years, which is a massive win for diversity.
  • Thanks to some serious collaboration in the industry, the Tacoma Chamber of Commerce says there was a 12% jump in women's employment in tech last year, thanks to more equitable hiring practices.

All this shows that when people put in the work to close the gender gap, it actually makes a difference.

This software engineer put it perfectly: "Every obstacle is a chance to set a new standard for women in tech." With more stories like hers and everyone working together, Tacoma's tech scene is becoming way more inclusive and balanced when it comes to gender representation.

It's a promising sign for the future.

Future Directions for Women in Tacoma's Tech Ecosystem


The tech world in Tacoma is about to get lit, and the ladies are bringing the fire! Word on the street is that there's gonna be a serious influx of women in the game, and they're not just here to fill seats - they're taking charge and pushing the boundaries of emerging techs that'll redefine the whole scene.

Take Girls Who Code for instance, they've been killing it by inspiring young queens to explore coding and tech careers.

Their programs are creating a pipeline of dope female talent in tech, reflecting the global push for more diversity in STEM fields. And the women of Tacoma are already leading the charge in areas like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Here's what we can expect to see in this dynamic ecosystem:

  • More equity and representation through collabs between organizations aiming to predict education outcomes, giving young girls a better shot at getting into tech.

  • A 30% spike in female-led tech startups, thanks to the supportive vibes that celebrate women and minorities during events like International Women's Day.

  • A 40% increase in female professionals in biotech and healthcare innovations, industries where badass women like the advanced practice registered nurses profiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics are making waves.

Studies show that exposing young women to programming gets them hyped about tech careers, and our local efforts and organizations are making that happen.

The future is looking bright, with job growth for mechanical engineers projected at 9% per year, which means more opportunities for Tacoma's economy and inclusive hiring practices.

Local initiatives are ensuring that women at every stage of their careers are equipped to slay in the face of new technologies, so Tacoma's tech ecosystem isn't just growing - it's evolving with a diverse pool of talent that's gonna take it to the next level.

Get ready to witness the rise of the Queens of Tech!

How to Support and Elevate Women in Tacoma’s Tech Industry


Tacoma's tech scene is about to level up, and companies are holding the key to unlocking some serious diversity and inclusion. It's a fact that teams with diverse backgrounds not only bring fresh ideas to the table but also boost those financial gains.

To get more women into leadership roles, Tacoma companies could bump up the representation by a solid 25%, just by launching some dope mentorship programs.

Offering flexible work setups has led to a 22% spike in applicants, making it a magnet for a wider range of talent. Speaking of empowerment, the Tacoma's Women in Tech (TWiT) Network is the place to be, hosting events and workshops that are a goldmine for networking and leveling up skills.

Closing the gender gap is a must, and companies can draw inspiration from successful examples like Tacoma-based initiatives that saw a 40% boost in female hires after revamping their hiring processes and rolling out conscious-bias training.

Some progressive moves to build an inclusive tech culture include:

  • Using blind hiring techniques to minimize unconscious biases.
  • Supporting targeted scholarships and internships that help women break into tech.
  • Investing in leadership programs specifically designed to prep women for executive roles.

But keeping these strategies going requires serious commitment.

As local tech superstar Mary Anderson puts it, "To create an environment where women thrive in tech careers, we need to 'build pathways from education to professional engagement'." By turning these words into action, Tacoma's corporate world, together with its forward-thinking community, can construct a landscape overflowing with opportunities – not just elevating women in tech but also solidifying the sector's reputation for innovation.

Conclusion: The Impact of Women in Shaping Tacoma’s Tech Future


In this ever-changing tech world of Tacoma, having women on board isn't just about diversity goals - it's a game-changer for creativity and growth. The SiteCrafting crew, who advocate for Women in STEM, have the receipts to prove that collaboration and inclusivity are the keys to unlocking that fire potential.

Diverse experiences bring fresh perspectives, enriching solutions and communities. But the number of women in Tacoma's science and engineering scene is hovering around 28%, so there's a gap that needs to be bridged.

To level up diversity and foster that inclusive vibe, Tacoma's got mentorship programs hooking up rising female tech talent with seasoned pros.

Scholarships and educational opportunities are crucial, and the University of Washington Tacoma is on a mission to cultivate a diverse tech workforce.

Leading companies are adopting transparent hiring practices to dismantle those gender imbalances.

Tacoma's future is banking on these moves, reflecting the extraordinary impact of women-led innovation - a sentiment echoed by top execs across major tech enterprises in the city.

To catalyze that change, Nucamp is offering tailored bootcamps like Front End Web + Mobile Development, along with scholarships like 'Women in Tech' to empower underrepresented groups in the industry.

These strategic actions aren't just routine - they're focused efforts harnessing the unique insights, skills, and foresight that women bring to the table, putting Tacoma at the forefront of gender equality in the tech game.

Frequently Asked Questions


What was the increase in tech roles in Tacoma from 2010 to 2018?

Tech roles in Tacoma increased by 68% from 2010 to 2018, surpassing the national average growth rate.

What initiatives are championing inclusivity in Tacoma's tech ecosystem?

Initiatives like TECHNOLOchicas and the South Sound Technology Conference are championing inclusivity in Tacoma's tech ecosystem.

How much can diversity contribute to revenue increase in the tech industry?

Diverse teams can lead to up to a 19% increase in revenue through innovation in the tech industry.

Which educational institutions are training tech professionals in Tacoma?

The University of Washington Tacoma is training tech professionals for local businesses and attracting big tech companies.

What networking and mentorship opportunities are available for women in Tacoma's tech industry?

Networking events like New Tech Tacoma and mentorship programs like the Tacoma Women in Tech Mentorship Circle offer opportunities for women in Tacoma's tech industry.

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