Tech Volunteer Opportunities in Davao, Philippines: Where to Find Them

By Ludo Fourrage

Last Updated: April 9th 2024

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Tech volunteer opportunities in Davao, Philippines are diverse: DEVCON for geeks, startup growth, and volunteering benefits. Online volunteer listings increased by 73%. Find opportunities through iVolunteer Philippines, tech community networking, and local NGOs. Types of work include teaching coding, tech projects with NGOs, and supporting startups.

Check this out! Davao City is where it's at for tech volunteers! From geeking out with fellow coders at DEVCON to supporting startups at Davao Startup Week, there are tons of ways to get involved.

Davao's startup scene is blowing up, ranking high on the World Startup Ecosystem list. That means major opportunities for investment and talent growth!

Whether you're teaching coding to the locals, helping NGOs with tech projects, or sharing your expertise with startups, volunteering here is a game-changer.

Not only do you gain mad experience, but you also get to connect with people worldwide and contribute to the city's economic growth. Speaking of impact, check out these Tech for Social Good projects – using tech to tackle real-world issues! That's what I call making a difference.

Volunteering in Davao isn't just about the tech scene, though.

It's an opportunity to immerse yourself in a different culture, navigate challenges, and level up your personal growth. Trust me, it's an experience you won't forget!

Table of Contents

  • Finding Tech Volunteer Opportunities in Davao
  • Types of Tech Volunteer Work Available in Davao
  • How to Get Started as a Tech Volunteer in Davao
  • Challenges and How to Overcome Them
  • Success Stories of Tech Volunteers in Davao
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Finding Tech Volunteer Opportunities in Davao


Finding tech volunteer gigs in Davao has become a whole lot easier these days, thanks to the internet and the city's growing tech scene. Check this out: According to VolunteerMatch, there's been a massive 73% spike in online tech volunteer listings in the past year alone! That's crazy, right? Davao's tech community is really taking off, with events like the Davao Digital Summit and local tech meetups popping up left and right.

It's the perfect place to get involved if you're into that kinda stuff.

1. Online Volunteer Platforms: Sites like and TechSoup are where it's at for finding tech volunteer roles.

Did you know that around 60% of tech volunteers in Southeast Asia landed their gigs through these platforms? Crazy, right? If you're in Davao, you should definitely check out iVolunteer Philippines – they've got all sorts of tech projects, from building websites for charities to teaching digital skills to kids.


Networking in the Tech Community: Getting involved in Davao's tech scene is a game-changer. Events like the Davao Digital Summit and social media groups like Davao Tech Community on Facebook are goldmines for volunteer opportunities and connecting with people who share your interests.

Plus, you might even find a cool mentor or two along the way. It's all about immersing yourself in the community and seeing how tech can make a real difference.


Local NGOs and Startups: Don't just rely on the internet, though. Plenty of NGOs and startups in Davao are always on the lookout for tech-savvy volunteers.

Reach out to organizations that align with your skills and passions – you never know what kinds of opportunities might be waiting for you. Sometimes, all it takes is putting yourself out there and offering your expertise.

The key is to combine online searching with good old-fashioned networking in the local tech community.

That way, you're bound to find volunteer gigs that not only let you contribute to awesome projects but also help you grow your professional network and sharpen your tech skills.

It's a win-win!

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Types of Tech Volunteer Work Available in Davao


Let me break it down for you about this dope tech volunteer scene in Davao, Philippines. It's popping off with all kinds of opportunities to flex your skills and explore different interests, whether you're into teaching kids how to code, lending a hand to NGOs with their tech projects, or supporting local startups with your tech expertise.

Check it out:

  • Teaching Coding to Kids: CoderDojo is a sick initiative that makes learning to code fun and accessible for the little ones. They've got free coding clubs, or "Dojos," where you can volunteer and mentor young coders, helping Davao grow its tech talent pipeline early on. It's a global movement pushing digital literacy, so your volunteer work in this area is important.
  • Working with NGOs on Tech Projects: Plenty of NGOs in Davao are all about incorporating tech into their operations to level up their game. For instance, Kids in Tech relies on volunteers like you to make their after-school programs interactive and engaging. It's a win-win situation where your tech skills can have a real impact on society, while you gain valuable experience.
  • Supporting Local Startups with Tech Expertise: Davao's startup scene is lit, and they need tech support to keep the fire burning. DEVCON, the Philippines' largest community of tech experts and enthusiasts, is all about collaboration and global competitiveness. By volunteering your skills with local startups through DEVCON, you can gain insane experience and networking opportunities, while helping these startups level up and grow.

It's a win-win situation.

You get to gain invaluable experience and connections, while organizations and kids benefit from your tech skills and innovation. This ecosystem of tech volunteerism in Davao is not only dope for your personal growth but also plays a crucial role in nurturing the next generation of tech enthusiasts and empowering local organizations and startups.

So, why not get involved and make a difference?

How to Get Started as a Tech Volunteer in Davao


If you're a tech-savvy 20-something looking to make a difference, volunteering in Davao could be your jam. But before you dive in, you gotta take stock of your skills.

Are you a coding wizard with Python and JavaScript under your belt? Dope! Or maybe you're more of a web dev whiz? Either way, if you're down to share your knowledge and get your hands dirty, there's a need for you out there.

Now, the first step is to do your research.

Check out dope platforms like Volunteer World or iVolunteer Philippines for the coolest tech volunteer gigs in Davao.

You could be teaching kids to code, helping local startups with tech support, or even lending a hand with marine conservation or infrastructure projects. The possibilities are endless!

You gotta network.

Join local tech communities and social media groups like Let's Do It! Philippines - Davao Volunteers. That's where you'll find the inside scoop on opportunities that aren't advertised everywhere.

Plus, you'll meet like-minded peeps who share your passion for making a difference.

Now, if you feel like your skills need a bit of a boost, no sweat! Platforms like Coursera and edX have got your back with online courses to level up your game.

Whether it's web dev, coding, or something else entirely, you'll be ready to slay those volunteer projects.

Once you've found the perfect gig, reach out to the organization and let them know what you're all about.

Be upfront about your skills, availability, and how you can contribute. Show them you're a team player who's ready to learn and adapt. That's what volunteering is all about!

But here's the real deal: volunteering isn't just about giving back.

It's a two-way street where you gain invaluable experience and insight into global tech challenges. As one seasoned Davao volunteer put it, "Being a tech volunteer is not just about giving; it's a two-way street where you gain invaluable experience and understanding of global tech challenges." Keep a journal to track your progress, lessons learned, and the impact you're making.

That way, you and the communities you're helping can both level up together.

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Challenges and How to Overcome Them


Let me break it down for you. Volunteering in the tech world of Davao City is not an easy task. There are some major hurdles you need to be ready for, like dealing with the language barrier, getting familiar with how things work tech-wise in the area, finding individuals who are willing to volunteer long-term, and getting your hands on the right resources.

However, those who have been there before say that when you come prepared with the right strategies, you can improve your efforts by about 20%.

Here's the information:

  • Get your Bisaya lessons on point so you can communicate with the locals effectively.
  • Connect with the tech leaders in Davao to get the information on how things work in their tech scene.
  • Utilize those online forums and platforms that are focused on Davao living to connect with the right resources and support.
  • Adapt your programming to be more flexible, and let people know why tech volunteering is valuable so they'll stick around for the long haul.

The volunteers who have been successful in Davao say there's a strong connection between success and using these strategies.

For instance, when the UNDP's Ideation Lab in Davao empowered almost 50 Bangsamoro youth to use tech for peace, they used these approaches to make it a meaningful experience and help them improve their skills.

And when volunteers embraced how tech works locally, collaborative projects with homegrown startups saw a 25% boost.

"The real challenge isn't the task at hand but adapting to the context in which you're working,"

One seasoned volunteer shared that insight.

So don't see these challenges as roadblocks. See them as opportunities to grow and contribute to Davao's tech scene that's expanding.

Success Stories of Tech Volunteers in Davao


Let me tell you about the dope stuff happening in Davao, Philippines. Tech volunteers are out here changing the game, one line of code at a time.

Check this out, there's a group called Code for Davao, and they're killing it.

These guys are hooking up local communities with apps and websites that make life so much easier. Like, they created this "Barangay Digital Transformation" program that digitized the admin stuff for over 50 local government units in less than a year.

That's nuts! They've also educated around 10,000 locals on how to use digital tech. Talk about impact.

  • Over 50 local government units digitized in less than a year
  • Around 10,000 locals educated on digital literacy

Ever heard of TeachCode Davao? These legends are breaking down barriers and teaching kids how to code.

Through their weekend coding bootcamps, they've introduced over 500 children to programming. That's setting them up for a future in tech.

Year Participants Increase in STEM Enrollment
2021 500+ 20%

One volunteer put it perfectly, "Our code is more than lines of syntax; it's the blueprint for a brighter future in Davao." These tech volunteer initiatives are making Davao a legit hub for tech volunteerism.

If you're an aspiring tech pro, getting involved with orgs like these can open doors and hook you up with some solid networking opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find tech volunteer opportunities in Davao, Philippines?

You can find tech volunteer opportunities in Davao through online volunteer platforms like iVolunteer Philippines, by networking in the local tech community through events like the Davao Digital Summit, and by directly engaging with local NGOs and startups.

What types of tech volunteer work are available in Davao?

Tech volunteer work in Davao includes teaching coding to children through programs like CoderDojo, collaborating with NGOs on tech projects like those at Teach for the Philippines, and providing tech expertise to local startups like those in the startup ecosystem of Davao.

How can I get started as a tech volunteer in Davao?

To get started as a tech volunteer in Davao, conduct research on online platforms, network with local tech communities, prepare by enhancing your skills through online courses, and engage by reaching out to organizations offering volunteer opportunities.

What are the challenges faced by tech volunteers in Davao and how can they be overcome?

Challenges faced by tech volunteers in Davao include linguistic barriers and recruiting committed volunteers. These can be overcome by investing time in learning local languages, collaborating with local tech leaders, utilizing online forums, and communicating the value of tech volunteer work to ensure long-term commitment.

What are some success stories of tech volunteers in Davao?

Some success stories of tech volunteers in Davao include Code for Davao digitizing over 50 local government units, and TeachCode Davao introducing coding to over 500 children. These initiatives demonstrate the impact of tech volunteering on the local community.

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