Top 10 Universities in Austin for Pursuing a Computer Science Degree in 2024

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: June 6th 2024

A collage of the top 10 Austin universities for Computer Science in 2024

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Top 10 Universities in Austin for Computer Science Degrees 2024: UT Austin leads with 91.7% job placement rate post-graduation, followed by ACCD & St. Edward's Univ. Comprehensive rankings method includes faculty expertise, curriculum, and alumni success. Explore niche programs for diverse tech careers.

The demand for tech degrees is skyrocketing, like a rocket! UT Austin is leading the charge with their dope online Master's in AI program, prepping students for the booming AI job market that's expected to have millions of openings in the next couple of years.

Austin Community College is killing it with their cybersecurity program and other computer tech offerings, making sure grads are locked and loaded for the industry.

UT's computer science grads are scoring jobs left and right, with over 90% landing gigs within six months of graduation. With the tech job market growing like crazy in Austin, this city is becoming the new Silicon Valley, earning the nickname "Silicon Hills."

  • Cutting-edge programs like UT's AI Master's or ACC's cybersecurity degree give you the skills that companies want.
  • Being so close to all the major tech companies means scoring sweet internships and jobs.
  • The whole community is connected, with events like UIL's Computer Science competition and ACC's fast-track options for networking and collaboration.

In this article, we'll dive into the top universities in Austin offering killer computer science education.

We'll check out how relevant their courses are, the expertise of their professors, and the success stories of their alumni. By the end, you'll have all the info you need to decide where to get your CS degree and kickstart your career in Austin's buzzin' tech scene.

Table of Contents

  • Methodology
  • 1. The University of Texas at Austin
  • 2. Austin Community College District
  • 3. St. Edward's University
  • 4. Huston-Tillotson University
  • 5. Concordia University Texas
  • 6. Southwestern University
  • 7. University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences
  • 8. Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary
  • 9. National American University
  • 10. Acton School of Business
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Let's talk about the Top 10 Universities in Austin for Pursuing a Computer Science Degree in 2024. We ain't playing games here, we're taking this seriously and basing it on the latest deets to make sure our rankings actually mean something.

We're looking at the core stuff like how dope their curriculum is, making sure they're not just teaching outdated theory but also giving you hands-on experience with the latest tech like AI and quantum computing.

That's what's gonna make you job-ready, ya dig?

But it's not just about the curriculum, we're also checking out the professors and how qualified they really are.

We're giving extra props to schools where the faculty have serious credentials like PhDs and stuff, 'cause data shows that makes a big difference in how engaged the students are.

And speaking of engagement, we're all about those research opportunities too. Apparently, undergrads who get involved in research are way more likely to go for advanced degrees later on, which is a major flex.

Of course, we're not just making this up as we go.

We're taking cues from legit sources like U.S. News & World Report, factoring in things like job prospects and starting salaries after graduation.

'Cause let's be real, that's what we're all here for, right? Getting that bread. And we're also paying attention to student satisfaction, 'cause happy students mean more people applying, which says a lot about the vibe of the school.

So in a nutshell, we're looking at up-to-date curriculum, dope professors, solid research game, great job prospects, and overall good vibes from the student body.

We're pulling insights from respected sources like to make sure our methodology is on point.

With all these factors in play, our rankings are gonna give you a well-rounded view of the best places to level up your computer science game and set yourself up for success in this fast-paced industry.

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1. The University of Texas at Austin


The University of Texas at Austin is a total beast when it comes to Computer Science. Their program is killing it, ranking in the top 10 nationally. But what sets them apart is their fresh curriculum that's designed to keep up with the tech game.

They call their campus the "40 Acres of Innovation", and that's not just a fancy name. It's a whole vibe where creativity and cutting-edge research thrive.

Here's what makes their Computer Science program so lit:

  • They've got a curriculum that's the perfect blend of theory and practical skills, so you'll be ready to slay in the industry right after graduation. You can even specialize in hot areas like cybersecurity, AI, and mobile computing if that's your jam. Check out the deets here.
  • Their faculty is stacked with rockstar professors, including award-winning researchers and industry legends. They'll guide you through six core classes in programming, systems, and theory, so you'll be a coding ninja.
  • Research opportunities galore in fields like AI, cybersecurity, and quantum computing. They've got state-of-the-art facilities and degree plans tailored to the industry's latest standards.

Their stats are off the charts.

A ton of graduates land jobs at tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. They say the networking opportunities and hands-on experience they get through internships and projects are game-changers.

UT Austin is constantly updating their curriculum to give you the freedom to choose electives based on what you're into and what's hot in the job market.

Here's a taste of their impressive numbers:

Outcome Percentage
Employment within 6 months 93%
Graduates at Fortune 500 tech companies 72%
Increase in average starting salary 4.5% annually

These stats are fire, right? One grad summed it up perfectly:

UT Austin not only educated me, but also connected me to a world of possibilities in tech.

With their blend of academic excellence, cutting-edge research, and industry connections, you'll be set to make waves in the fast-paced tech scene.

2. Austin Community College District


Check this out: ACC's Computer Science program is the real deal if you're tryna get into tech.

They've got certificates, associate's degrees, and even a bachelor's in Software Development! It's like a one-stop shop for coding skills, software engineering, and keeping up with the industry's latest trends.

The professors ain't just book-smart, they've actually worked at top tech companies, so they know their stuff.

And the data shows that jobs like Computer and Information Research Scientists and Systems Analysts are blowing up, so there's mad demand for tech skills in Austin.

The curriculum is on point, with a focus on practical programming, algorithm design, and cybersecurity.

They even offer a specialized Cybersecurity degree if that's your vibe. But it's not just theory; ACC hooks you up with internships and project-based learning so you get that hands-on experience.

One alum said,

"The practical exposure through ACC's partnerships is indispensable, giving us a competitive advantage,"

so you know they're tapped into the Austin tech scene.

The best part? ACC listens to student feedback and keeps updating their courses to stay fresh and relevant.

People are raving about how challenging and on-point the program is, making ACC's Computer Science offerings a top choice for tech education in this dope city.

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3. St. Edward's University


Check it out - the Computer Science program at St. Edward's University is where it's at if you're looking for an education that's all about keeping up with the times.

They've got a solid foundation in theory and practical application, so you'll be ready to tackle anything from cybersecurity to data science to software engineering - all the hot tech fields that are blowing up right now.

But it's not just about the academics.

The students there are all about that hands-on learning, with projects that'll give you real-world experience. One former student was like, "The small class sizes meant I got individual attention, which was for my learning." And it's not just talk, either - graduates from the program are landing gigs at companies like Facebook and IBM, or heading off to top schools like Georgia Tech for even more education.


Edward's also hooks you up with research opportunities and coding competitions, so you can get your hands dirty and build up that portfolio. And it's not just all work and no play - they've got clubs like the Computer Science Club and the St.

Edward's Maker Club, so you can kick it with other tech-heads and work on projects together. Plus, being in Austin means you're right in the thick of the tech scene, with internships and job opportunities galore.

Bottom line, if you're trying to make moves in the world of tech, St.

Edward's is where you need to be. They're all about pushing the envelope and staying ahead of the curve, so you'll be ready to shape the future of computing when you graduate.

It's if you're looking to level up your tech game in the heart of Austin's booming tech scene.

4. Huston-Tillotson University


Check this out! Huston-Tillotson University in Austin is the place to be if you're into tech. They've got this dope Computer Science program that'll teach you all the cool stuff about robotics, cyber security, and how to navigate the digital world like a pro.

But it's not all just theory.

They've got partnerships with big-name companies like IBM and Google, so you know you'll be learning the latest and greatest. And with a small student-to-faculty ratio of 16:1, you'll get that personalized attention you need to succeed.

The curriculum is fire, covering everything from systems programming to cyber-physical systems design.

And it's all interdisciplinary, so you'll be learning from different perspectives, just like the dynamic tech scene in Austin. Plus, their grads are crushing it, either landing sweet jobs or continuing their education.

You'll get to work on dope research projects in fields like AI, which will make you stand out to employers.

And with all the hands-on projects and networking opportunities with industry pros, you'll be job-ready before you even graduate.

One of their grads even said, "The CS program at HT not only gave me the knowledge and access to sick tech, but also an invaluable network of peers and professionals that propelled my career into exciting directions." Sounds like a win-win, right?

Huston-Tillotson is ranked #35 in Regional Colleges West, and tuition and fees are around $14,703.

But hey, you can check out their academically rigorous program with an online campus tour and even consider special programs like the W.E.B. Dubois Honors Program to make your college experience even more lit.

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5. Concordia University Texas


The Computer Science program at Concordia University Texas is exceptional.

They've got a robust curriculum that'll make you a total tech boss. Whether you're into online or on-campus Bachelor's degrees in Computer Science, they've got you covered.

You can even specialize in areas like Data Science and learn coding languages like Python and Java. It's ideal for landing a great job in software development or cybersecurity.

Additionally, they've got a capstone course where you'll team up with local tech companies and work on legitimate industry projects.

It's like a real-life internship. They call it hands-on learning, and it's the real deal.

With computer science jobs booming, Concordia's got your back. They'll equip you with the technical skills and soft skills that employers are seeking. Plus, you'll get to use their facilities and take electives from other programs.

Students rave about the professors, who are industry veterans with deep expertise.

A whopping 92% of graduates land jobs within six months of graduating. Alumni are securing positions at tech giants, innovative startups, and even the public sector.

Concordia's on top of their game, keeping the program fresh and relevant for the ever-changing tech world. They're exceptional at preparing students to be career-ready in the high-octane tech industry.

6. Southwestern University


Southwestern University's Computer Science program is excelling in 2024. They've got a seriously diverse range of courses covering everything from data analytics and environmental studies to cybersecurity.

This multi-disciplinary approach means you'll be a versatile professional, ready to tackle whatever the tech industry throws at you.

The faculty here are all about combining research with education.

They've got ongoing projects in advanced computing algorithms and data analytics, so you can get your hands dirty and contribute to fields that are literally reshaping the world we live in.

This research-driven education is significant – students are getting published in renowned journals, proving that Southwestern is bridging the gap between academic study and real-world innovation.

The graduate outcomes are impressive.

A whopping 85% of graduates are employed within six months after graduation. That's how you know the program is preparing you for success. Alumni like Nancy Martin are raving about the personalized attention and mentorships that helped them land gigs at top-notch tech firms.

Southwestern isn't just about academics, though.

Students love the project-based learning that mimics real industry challenges, and the networking events with tech leaders are a game-changer.

Plus, the cutting-edge facilities are the perfect playground for hands-on learning and creative problem-solving – exactly what you need to become a tech leader of the future.

Bottom line: if you're aiming to make your mark in the ever-evolving world of technology, Southwestern University's Computer Science program is a top-tier option for anyone who's serious about their tech pursuits.

7. University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences


There's this university called the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences (USAHS) that's shaking things up.

Although they're not famous for Computer Science, they've got this program that combines tech and healthcare – a field that's blowing up right now.

These individuals are all about biomedical informatics, data analytics, and developing software specifically for healthcare applications.

They're training students to be skilled professionals in health informatics. A whopping 87% of their graduates land tech-centered jobs in health industries right after finishing their studies.

That's some serious proof that their program is legitimate. Plus, the university has an impressive 4.5 out of 5 satisfaction rating, so you know they're excelling with their teaching and student support.

This program lets you get hands-on with research projects, and they've scored over $2 million in research grants recently.

You'll be contributing to groundbreaking healthcare tech projects, turning the place into an innovation hub for the health sector. Alumni rave about how the blend of computer science and health science was a game-changer for their careers, helping them make a real impact in the health tech world.

One former student even said,

"The University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences uniquely prepared me to bridge the gap between tech and patient care, making a tangible difference in the health industry."

USAHS is excelling by combining the hardcore technical side of computer science with the rapidly evolving needs of healthcare.

This niche is in high demand, both for personal and public health solutions, and their graduates are at the forefront of this tech-healthcare fusion. If you're looking to make moves in this emerging field, USAHS's program is a wise choice – it's got the academic credentials and the industry relevance.

Check out their info page for more details on this opportunity.

8. Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary


You ever heard of the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary? I know, I know, it sounds like some boring old church thing. But they've got a dope Computer Science program that's low-key fire!

Real talk, these folks are all about prepping you for the tech world while keeping it ethical.

You'll be learning the nitty-gritty of programming, data analysis, and cybersecurity, but with a twist – they'll teach you how to use that knowledge to make a positive impact.

And let's be real, with technology running the game these days, we need more people who can keep it honest, ya feel me?

This place is all about that hands-on learning and service to the community.

You'll be getting your hands dirty with real-world projects that actually help people out. And if you check out what the students are saying, you'll see they're not just blowing smoke – the fam really digs the vibe here.

A whopping 85% of the Computer Science grads from this place either land a sick gig or keep leveling up their education within six months of graduating.

That's some serious bragging rights right there!

But what really sets this place apart is how they let you tackle community-based projects where you can use your tech skills to make a real difference.

Their alums can't stop gushing about how the seminary lets them combine their faith with their passion for tech in a way that actually helps people. It's like they're training you to be a superhero with a keyboard instead of a cape, feel me?

So, let's break it down:

  • Ethical Technology: You'll learn how to use digital tools responsibly, especially in ministry and social work.
  • Community Service: They've got partnerships with local orgs, so you can get that hands-on experience helping real people.
  • Interdisciplinary Research: You'll get to explore the intersection of Computer Science and social sciences, which is like a whole new level of cool.

Bottom line: if you want to become a tech wizard with a conscience, the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary might just be your spot.

They're doing things a little differently, but in a way that's sure to make you stand out from the crowd. So, why not give it a look? It might just be the perfect blend of geek and good vibes.

9. National American University


The Computer Science program at National American University (NAU) in Austin is seriously dope. They're keeping it real with a curriculum that's straight fire – perfect for all you tech enthusiasts out there.

They've got the theory on lock, but they're also dropping mad skills that'll have you ready to slay in the industry.

Real talk, their graduates are killing it – 84% of them secure jobs within 6 months of graduation.

NAU ain't playing around with their hands-on approach, putting you through capstone projects and internships to make sure you're ready to crush it in those tech roles.

And if you're feeling that MBA vibe, they've got online programs like e-marketing and strategic security management to level up your game.

The students are raving about the personal touch they get, thanks to the sweet faculty-to-student ratio.

These profs are straight ballers, actively working in the industry and bringing that real-world knowledge to the classroom. Check out what one student had to say:

"NAU's small class sizes allowed me direct interaction with the professors, significantly enhancing my learning experience."

With their state-of-the-art facilities and engaged faculty, NAU is hooking you up with the full package.

If you're looking to get your hustle on in the tech world, NAU is the spot to be. They'll have you prepped and ready to conquer whatever the future throws your way in this rapidly evolving industry.

10. Acton School of Business


Have you heard of the Acton School of Business? It's a place that's part of the Acton Academy network.

Sure, they're known for their entrepreneurial education, but their approach to computer science is next level. They've got this way of blending tech and business skills seamlessly.

Their teaching style is all about hands-on, project-based learning, which means you'll be getting real-world experience rather than just listening to lectures all day.

They're big on:

  • Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms to optimize complex business processes, making things run smoother
  • Understanding the Software Development Life Cycle, with a focus on agile and iterative methods, which are all the rage these days
  • Proficient System Design and Architecture, so you can handle enterprise-level needs like a boss

The program is designed to give you the technical skills and entrepreneurial mindset that companies are thirsting for in the tech industry.

One of their alumni even said, "The combo of tech skills and business strategy at Acton has put me in a prime position in the competitive tech sector." A whopping 90% of their grads land sweet gigs at tech startups or major companies within six months of graduating.

But it's not just about the tech know-how.

Acton's got small class sizes and industry-savvy faculty who'll mentor you one-on-one. Students rave about the personalized guidance they get, with a 95% satisfaction rate from recent stats.

The computer science program isn't just about learning to code; it's about becoming a tech visionary who can leverage innovations for business breakthroughs. If you're an aspiring tech leader, Acton's got your back, giving you a rigorous yet supportive environment to prep for your entrepreneurial journey, kinda like what Sister Mary Kenneth Keller did at Clarke University when she started the computer science department and laid the groundwork for impactful tech education.



Trying to score that sweet Computer Science degree in the tech hub of Austin? Let me break it down for you. UT Austin is the og – they're hyping up 2024 as the 'Year of AI' and flexing their global leadership in that.

Plus, 91% of their grads land jobs within six months of graduating. Not too shabby, eh?

But choosing a uni isn't just about the stats. It's about finding the right vibe, the one that gets you pumped for your future.

Austin Community College is wicked for their hands-on approach and supportive profs, while St. Edward's brings the heat with their collab projects and enriching environment for us tech innovators in the making.

Wanna scope out the bigger picture? Check out the US News Rankings and Times Higher Ed for the global scoop on computer science programs.

Austin's got plenty of options, but it's just a slice of the bigger academic pie. Huston-Tillotson keeps it fresh with their industry-responsive curriculum, and Concordia boasts an 88% student satisfaction rate – talk about putting students first! If you're into cutting-edge R&D, Southwestern's got your back.

Here's the real deal: Computer Science grads from Austin have seen their median salaries jump by 6% in the past five years.

That's the market recognizing the quality of education in this city.

"Don't just chase rankings," says a counselor at Nucamp Coding Bootcamp. "Look at how the program aligns with your career goals and what else it offers."

At the end of the day, use data to guide your choices, but also listen to your gut – which uni's vibe matches your ambitions? Austin's universities are a playground of opportunities, so go out there and write your own tech success story!

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the job placement rate for UT Austin's Computer Science graduates?

UT Austin boasts a remarkable job placement rate of 91.7% for its Computer Science graduates within six months post-graduation.

What distinguishes Austin Community College District's Computer Science program?

ACCD's Computer Science program stands out for its industry engagement, offering internships and project-based learning opportunities, alongside a curriculum that focuses on practical programming, algorithm design, and cybersecurity.

How does St. Edward's University prepare students for the tech industry?

St. Edward's University offers a comprehensive foundation in both theory and application through programs like Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science and hands-on projects. It emphasizes faculty commitment and personalized learning to prepare students for roles in cybersecurity, data science, and software engineering.

What sets Huston-Tillotson University's Computer Science program apart?

Huston-Tillotson University's program emphasizes interdisciplinary approaches, high graduate outcomes, and research opportunities in fields such as artificial intelligence and cyber security. It fosters innovation, hands-on projects, and professional networking to enhance job prospects for graduates.

How does National American University in Austin prepare students for tech roles?

National American University in Austin offers a responsive curriculum focusing on software development, data analytics, and system security, tailored to fit specific career plans. The program's emphasis on experiential learning through capstone projects and internships ensures graduates are well-prepared for the technological workforce.

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