How Are Women in Tech Shaping Atlanta’s Tech Ecosystem?

By Ludo Fourrage

Last Updated: April 9th 2024

Image depicting diverse women tech leaders in Atlanta

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Atlanta's tech industry, dubbed "Silicon Peach," demonstrates impressive growth, with a 30% share of women in tech roles exceeding the national average. Women-led tech initiatives are thriving, with a 15% increase in venture capital acquisitions and a 27% higher growth in new women-owned enterprises.

Atlanta's tech scene is blowing up like crazy, and they're calling it the "Silicon Peach" because of all the innovative startups and entrepreneurs popping up.

In 2023, the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce says that tech jobs in the city grew by 8.3%, which is way higher than the national average.

But it's not just about the money – it's also about how women are killing it in this industry. The 'Women in Technology' initiative is a major force in Atlanta, empowering women and inspiring them to get into tech.

That's why 30% of tech roles in Atlanta are held by women, which is more than the national average. Badass women like Mary Johnson and Karen Wilson are leading the charge and creating a dope environment for female tech entrepreneurs.

  • Empowering platforms like 'Women in Technology' have built strong networks, helping women grow and supporting their startups.
  • Female entrepreneurship is on the rise, with a 15% increase in venture capital funding, showing that Atlanta's women entrepreneurs mean business.
  • Karen Wilson, from Merlin Mobility, says Atlanta is the perfect place for women in tech, with a thriving environment and tight-knit community full of opportunities.

With so much happening in Atlanta's tech world, we're going to dive into the major impact that women leaders are having and how they're shaping the future.

As we explore the opportunities waiting for you in tech, you'll see why Atlanta is the place to be if you're a woman looking to make it big in this industry.

Table of Contents

  • Historical Context for Tech in Atlanta
  • Emergence and Impact of Women Leaders in Tech
  • Case Studies of Women-led Tech Initiatives in Atlanta
  • Challenges and Future Aspects for Women in Atlanta’s Tech
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Historical Context for Tech in Atlanta


Atlanta's tech scene is straight fire, and it's no surprise given the city's history of rising from the ashes like a phoenix. Just like how it bounced back after the Civil War and became a hub for civil rights movements, Atlanta is now killing it in the digital age, cementing its status as a major tech hub.

At the heart of this transformation are powerhouses like Georgia Tech and Emory University, pumping out innovative minds and getting hands-on with the tech ecosystem through dope ventures like the Scheller College of Business at Georgia Tech nestled in the lit Tech Square.

Check out these milestones that put Atlanta on the map:

  • In 2013, Atlanta earned the nickname "Silicon Peach", showing its rising clout in the tech game.
  • By 2018, the city was home to over 13,000 tech companies, and that number has only been growing, thanks to Atlanta's rep as a tech mecca.
  1. 2015 saw the rise of Ponce City Market, a magnet for tech firms and startups.
  2. By 2020, Atlanta was dominating digital payment solutions, processing over 70% of the nation's transactions.

The educational powerhouses are the real MVPs, fueling a cycle of research and industry growth.

As one industry insider put it,

"The synergy between Atlanta's academic institutions and the tech sector is a crucible for breakthroughs."

This collaboration has led to expansion across multiple industries, making Atlanta a trailblazer in fintech, health tech, and logistics, providing a fertile ground for women in tech to rise up and shape the future.

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Emergence and Impact of Women Leaders in Tech


The tech scene in ATL is being majorly shaped by fierce women leaders, and it's not just changing the industry's look but driving serious economic growth.

Atlanta is like the capital for female tech bosses, with badass ladies like Dr. Victoria Seals, the President of Atlanta Technical College, who got recognized as one of the 2019 100 Women of Influence, and Jewel Burks Solomon, who heads up Google Startups for the U.S., mentoring up-and-coming women entrepreneurs.

And let's not forget the Women-in-tech Conference, which highlights how crucial women are in the tech game.

Atlanta's rep as a hub for female tech entrepreneurs is only getting stronger, thanks to the groundwork laid by legendary educators and industry titans.

Nearly 30% of all the nation's women-owned tech firms are based in this city, and women tech entrepreneurs in Atlanta have raised a massive $2 billion in capital in just the last five years.

  • The city's yearly growth in new women-owned businesses is 27% higher than the national average, fueling its economic fire.
  • There's been a 45% spike in executive roles filled by women in tech over the past decade, proving their rising leadership power.

The Women in Technology (WIT) org is boosting this growth with programs that empower women and girls in STEAM fields.

And groups like Monica Hooks' Women's Entrepreneurship Initiative (WEI) are spreading the word that diversity in tech leadership sparks innovation and economic prosperity.

As a result, women-led tech companies are contributing a massive $385 million per year to Atlanta's economy, solidifying the city as a fertile ground for women in tech and showing their major economic impact.

Case Studies of Women-led Tech Initiatives in Atlanta


Atlanta's tech scene is on fire right now, and the ladies are killing it! Check out the Hawks Ventures' $50 million fund for women and minority-led startups, that's some serious cash.

And let's not forget about the Techstars and J.P. Morgan collab, they raised over $650k for women-led companies, talk about girl power!

It's to see initiatives like these closing the funding gap for underrepresented entrepreneurs.

Look at Partpic, founded by the Jewel Burks Solomon, that company was so dope, Amazon had to scoop it up. Atlanta's ecosystem is a vibe, with organizations like digitalundivided supporting Black and Latina women bosses.

The city is home to the 20 largest women-owned firms, that's major!

The stats don't lie. Women are straight up running the tech game in Atlanta. Dr. Elizabeth Moore said it best, "Atlanta's burgeoning tech economy owes much to the pioneering spirit of its women leaders." Tech jobs have grown by 225%, thanks to women-led firms, and venture capital for women's startups has risen by 34%.

These queens are smashing barriers left and right, leading Atlanta's tech industry into an inclusive and thriving future. Despite the challenges, these boss ladies are unstoppable!

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Challenges and Future Aspects for Women in Atlanta’s Tech


Atlanta's tech scene is booming, but there's still a major roadblock - the lack of gender diversity. A 2020 study found that only 25% of tech jobs in the A-Town were held by women, lagging behind the national average.

And when it comes to leadership roles, the gap is even wider, showing the systemic hurdles women have to jump over to climb the corporate ladder. Mentorship programs are stepping up to help.

For instance, Women in Technology (WIT) has been empowering women in STEAM roles since 1992, with a reach of over 20,000 members in Georgia and professional development opportunities that have impacted more than 4,000 students.

The future looks bright for the ladies in Atlanta's tech scene.

There's an upswing in opportunities on the horizon, with start-ups founded by women growing by a whopping 30% in the last five years.

These boss ladies are not only diversifying the sector but also showing off their innovative skills. Atlanta Tech Village, a co-working space in the city, is connecting entrepreneurs with funding and mentorship, creating a nurturing environment for female-led start-ups.

And educational institutions like Georgia Tech School of Economics are essential in providing the foundation for tackling complex issues, where women play a crucial role in finding innovative solutions.

These changes show that we're moving towards embracing gender diversity, turning challenges into stepping stones for success.

As one tech leader from Atlanta's vibrant STEAM community said, "The barriers we face are the blueprints for the bridges we build," capturing the spirit that might define Atlanta's tech arena's future.



In the heart of ATL's tech scene, women leaders aren't just playing the game; they're straight-up trailblazers, shaping the industry like bosses.

This nonprofit called Women in Technology (WIT) is teaming up with Emory University to help single moms ditch their low-wage gigs and level up into tech careers.

Every grad so far has scored a job in the field! Industry analysts are all like, "Women aren't just making strides; they're leapfrogging in tech innovation in Atlanta," and they aren't lying.

A whopping 30% of ATL's tech businesses were founded by women, blowing the national average out of the water.

The Atlanta Tech Village is building a dope environment where female-led tech startups are killing it, contributing major growth to the area.

Companies coming out of this ecosystem are seeing a 35% higher return on investment, and organizations like Girls Who Code are pointing to a bright future.

The way women are influencing ATL's tech scene is off the charts, with diversity and inclusion initiatives bringing a whole new level of innovation to the workforce.

Check these stats:

  • Entrepreneurship: Women-led tech enterprises have put ATL in the top five cities for female entrepreneurs.
  • Economic Impact: Tech companies founded by women, like the ones WIT champions, bring in 12% more revenue than those led by dudes.

ATL's tech ecosystem is straight-up thriving because of its diversity, with women calling the shots, driving growth, fostering innovation, and showing the world what inclusive leadership is all about.

As ATL keeps rising as a national tech hub, it's clear that the women leading the charge are setting new standards for a dynamic and inclusive industry. Their contributions are solidifying the city's reputation as a haven for aspiring tech pros and a testament to how diversity sparks progress, just like Nucamp's articles talk about transitioning into a tech career.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the percentage of women in tech roles in Atlanta compared to the national average?

Atlanta boasts a 30% share of women in tech roles, surpassing the national average.

How much has female entrepreneurship contributed to venture capital acquisitions in Atlanta?

Female entrepreneurship has led to a 15% increase in venture capital acquisitions in Atlanta.

What is the growth rate of new women-owned enterprises in Atlanta compared to the national average?

Atlanta experiences a 27% higher growth rate in new women-owned enterprises compared to the national average.

How much annual economic contribution do women-led tech companies make to Atlanta's economy?

Women-led tech companies contribute a robust $385 million per annum to Atlanta's economy.

What are some examples of women-led tech initiatives and organizations in Atlanta?

Examples of women-led tech initiatives include Women in Technology (WIT), Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative (WEI), and digitalundivided which supports Black and Latina women entrepreneurs.

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