Where are the tech networking events in Atlanta?

By Ludo Fourrage

Last Updated: April 9th 2024

Skyline of Atlanta's tech hub with highlighted networking event locations

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Atlanta's tech scene offers diverse networking opportunities, from SQL Saturday to ATP Gala, catering to data, AI, Java, and IT professionals. For women in tech, Atlanta Tech Village offers empowering events. Atlanta's top startups in 2024 include DataSeers and Greenzie, revolutionizing finance and lawncare tech sectors. Many colleges in Atlanta excel in tech education, with Georgia Tech leading the pack. Atlanta's tech companies like Mailchimp and Kabbage prioritize work culture and diversity, creating inclusive and innovative environments.

Atlanta is poppin' with tech events! In 2024, you can network and level up your skills at dope conferences like SQL Saturday and Devnexus. They're all about data, AI, Java, and IT, so you can get your geek on.

For the ladies killin' it in tech, check out the Women + Tech Meetup at Atlanta Tech Village. It's a safe space to connect with other boss babes in the game. And if you're a real tech head, the ATP Gala Award Winners' Fireside Chat is where the industry leaders hang.

Get inspired by the industry leaders.

TECHSPO Atlanta is where you'll see the future of tech unfold. Plus, schools like Atlanta Technical College are training the next generation of tech wizards.

Each event is a chance to link up with your tribe and soak up all the knowledge. We got your back with the inside scoop on navigating Atlanta's tech scene. Check our articles on job hunting and the job application process for the tea.

Stay tuned for more deets on how to get lit in Atlanta's tech renaissance!

Table of Contents

  • How Are Women in Tech Shaping Atlanta’s Tech Ecosystem?
  • Atlanta's Top 10 Startups That Tech Professionals Should Watch Out For in 2024
  • The Top 10 Best Colleges in Atlanta for Tech Enthusiasts in 2024
  • What Networking Events Should Atlanta Tech Enthusiasts Attend?
  • Which Atlanta-Based Tech Companies Are Known for Their Work Culture?
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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How Are Women in Tech Shaping Atlanta’s Tech Ecosystem?


Let me break it down for you - Atlanta's tech scene is where it's at, and the ladies are killin' it! You got groups like Women in Technology (WIT), based right here in ATL, with a massive network of 48,000 members worldwide.

They're all about empowering women in tech with dope programs like WIT Campus and the Women + Tech program at Atlanta Tech Village, helping them level up their skills and careers.

It's not just talk - the stats show that women-led businesses are thriving in Atlanta's entrepreneurial realm, bringing much-needed diversity to the tech world.

In 2023, ATL is straight-up killing the game when it comes to women in tech events. You got stuff like the "Women in Tech and Analytics: The Path to Leadership" event at Georgia Tech and a ton of monthly meetups where you can network and level up.

The representation of women in Atlanta's tech workforce is higher than the national average, so the city is really walking the walk.

Big-name tech companies like Mailchimp and Calendly are leading the charge too, with mentoring and support programs specifically designed to uplift women in tech.

Mailchimp's "Women of Email" initiative is a prime example of how they're putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

But it's not just the big dogs - Atlanta's also home to some seriously impressive women-led tech startups.

Take PartPic, for instance - their innovative tech for identifying industrial parts caught the eye of Amazon itself. Or Greenlight Financial Technology, a fintech startup for families that's raking in major investment cash.

These badass women-led companies are proving that diversity and innovation go hand-in-hand.

Bottom line? Atlanta's tech hub is thriving, and women are at the forefront of that success.

From building networks and launching businesses to driving diversity initiatives at major companies, the ladies are leaving their mark on ATL's tech narrative.

This city is setting the bar for an inclusive, forward-thinking tech sector, and it's all thanks to the unstoppable women leading the charge.

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Atlanta's Top 10 Startups That Tech Professionals Should Watch Out For in 2024


Atlanta's startup scene is poppin' off like crazy, and 2024 is shaping up to be a game-changer for the city's tech game. With new startups popping up left and right, there are some fresh tech startups that are not only catching the eye of investors but also shaking up their industries.

Check out Atlanta's Top 10 Startups to Watch in 2024, handpicked for their dope tech, scalable business models, and potential to disrupt the status quo:

  • DataSeers - Specializing in taming complex data streams in the financial services world
  • Greenzie - Making moves in the autonomous lawncare space with their self-driving technology
  • Cloverly - Offering an API for companies looking to offset their carbon footprint in real-time
  • PadSplit - Tackling affordable housing with a tech-driven co-living platform
  • Krystal Biotech - Innovating in gene therapy to treat skin diseases with cutting-edge biotechnology
  • BitMinutes - Targeting financial inclusion with blockchain-based banking solutions
  • Flock Safety - Groundbreaking public safety with a focus on privacy-protecting smart cameras
  • Springbot - Delivering e-commerce marketing automation for small businesses
  • Telescope Health - Pushing telemedicine forward with their accessible digital healthcare platform
  • GROUNDFLOOR - Disrupting real estate investing by enabling micro-loans for property development

These startups are killing it and showing just how lit Atlanta's tech ecosystem is in 2024.

DataSeers has already processed over a billion transactions, so they're about to make some serious waves in the fintech arena. And Greenzie's autonomous mower is set to change the game for urban landscaping, aiming for a 10% efficiency boost for lawn maintenance companies.

Greenzie's growth is a prime example of how Atlanta fosters tech innovation, especially with places like the Atlanta Tech Village creating over 6,500 jobs and securing major funding for up-and-coming companies.

A recent study showed that startups like Cloverly are revolutionizing their spaces, with Cloverly offsetting over 100 million pounds of CO2 through their innovative carbon offset tool in the last year alone.

Meanwhile, PadSplit has facilitated over 500,000 affordable housing nights for eligible individuals, showcasing the startup's social impact. In the health tech realm, Telescope Health's platform has seen a 40% usage spike, indicating a strong shift towards digital healthcare solutions post-pandemic, aligning with the wealth of opportunities in Atlanta's accelerator and incubator programs that support health tech and other high-potential entrepreneurs.

An expert in the field said,

"The collective success of these companies not only solidifies Atlanta as a hub for tech innovation but also as a beacon for sustainable, inclusive growth within the tech industry."

These ventures like Flock Safety and GROUNDFLOOR are networking at events like the Venture Atlanta conference, taking advantage of the booming investment landscape.

The achievements and projections of these startups strongly suggest that they're key players in the future of tech, both in Atlanta and globally. It's an exciting time for tech pros and enthusiasts to keep an eye on and potentially join forces with these industry-shaping forces.

The Top 10 Best Colleges in Atlanta for Tech Enthusiasts in 2024


Atlanta's the place to be for all tech geeks out there! The city's got a bunch of top-notch colleges that'll hook you up with some serious skills for landing a sweet gig in the industry.

In 2024, these schools aren't just killin' it in the rankings, but they're also getting you hella hands-on experience with the real deal.

Georgia Tech, or Georgia Institute of Technology if you're feeling fancy, is the OG when it comes to engineering and computer science in Atlanta.

With their rockstar professors and state-of-the-art facilities, they churn out grads who are ready to slay in the workforce. It's no wonder they made a massive jump to #33 overall in the nation according to the U.S. News & World Report's best colleges rankings for 2024!

Not too far behind is Georgia State University, with its massive web of seven campuses offering programs like big data and cybersecurity.

Thanks to their tight connections in the Atlanta metro area, you'll get loads of opportunities to get your hands dirty with real-world projects.

And let's not forget Emory University, which may not have made the latest research cut, but they're still legit when it comes to their interdisciplinary approach to computer science.

If you're looking for something more hands-on, check out Georgia Piedmont Technical College and Gwinnett Technical College.

They've got over 100 diploma and certificate programs, and some of them are even tuition-free thanks to Georgia's HOPE Career Grant. These schools are all about teaching you the skills that employers are thirsting for, so you'll be a hot commodity in DeKalb, Newton, Rockdale, and beyond.

Here's a quick rundown of the top tech colleges in Atlanta for 2024, based on their programs, industry connections, and how well they'll set you up for success:

According to one industry vet, these colleges are basically "talent incubators for a city rapidly defining the southern techscape." With schools like these churning out fresh talent left and right, Atlanta's tech scene is going to keep growing for sure!

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What Networking Events Should Atlanta Tech Enthusiasts Attend?


Atlanta's tech scene is lit! The city has become a major hub for some dope networking events that cater to all sorts of tech peeps. In 2024, you can check out major conferences like Devnexus 2024 and SQL Saturday, where you can dig into Java and database management.

Events like the Atlanta Tech Summit are a must for IT pros looking to make connections and stay up-to-date with the latest tech trends.

While the big conferences get all the hype, Atlanta also has niche events like the Women + Tech Meetup at Atlanta Tech Village, which empowers women in a male-dominated industry.

Smaller events like the Atlanta Startup Crawl can also be a game-changer for startups, giving them more visibility and increasing their chances of scoring investments after attending.

But the networking fun doesn't stop there.

You can find all sorts of events, from cybersecurity forums to cloud computing workshops. Check out Atlanta Technology Professionals, they host events that bring the tech community together and help with mentorship and advocating for tech growth.

Atlanta Tech Village's 'It Takes a Village' series is all about that community vibe, as they put it:

"At Atlanta Tech Village, we're not just hosting events; we're cultivating an ecosystem where tech professionals and entrepreneurs can grow, connect, and succeed together."

When planning your networking agenda, make sure to mark these key events:

  • Java Development: Devnexus 2024 – Level up your Java skills (April)
  • Women in Technology: Women Who Code Atlanta and Women + Tech Meetup – Empowering women in tech (Monthly)
  • Startup Visibility: Atlanta Startup Crawl – Get your startup noticed (August)
  • Community Building: It Takes a Village – Bi-Monthly at Atlanta Tech Village

These events cater to different interests and goals, like those looking to boost their data analytics game – a field that's seen a major spike in attendance.

As Atlanta's tech scene keeps growing, these events are essential for staying ahead of the game, collaborating with innovative minds, or taking your career to the next level.

Which Atlanta-Based Tech Companies Are Known for Their Work Culture?


Atlanta's tech scene is thriving! It's not just about the innovative solutions, but also the outstanding work culture. Top tech companies in Atlanta like Mailchimp, Partpic, and Calendly are recognized as "Best Places to Work" by the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

Mailchimp, the email and web marketing powerhouse, excels in employee satisfaction, offering wellness programs, gyms, and creative freedom, while also enhancing brand awareness with their exceptional solutions.

When it comes to diversity and inclusion, companies like Kabbage (acquired by American Express) are taking concrete steps to build diverse teams.

Kabbage, along with other Atlanta-based firms like Fiserv and Vonage, are being recognized for their inclusive hiring practices, with workforce diversity levels higher than the national average.

Even the tech giant Accenture has been awarded by the Human Rights Campaign for their inclusive work environment, demonstrating their commitment to equality.

Award-winning work environments are a major draw for professionals, and Salesforce excels with their "Ohana" culture, creating a sense of belonging for every employee.

Their high rankings on Fortune's Best Workplaces in Technology™ demonstrate their success in creating a supportive and exceptional workplace.

Another notable example is NCR Corporation, recognized for helping brands adapt to digital transactions with their innovative software solutions.

By examining work culture reviews and data from platforms like Indeed and LinkedIn, it's evident that Atlanta's tech companies are not only thriving in business but also fostering progressive work cultures.

Insights from the Atlanta Tech Village, which supports innovation and reshapes traditional workplace dynamics with their community-oriented workspace, are a testament to this.

They even showcase success stories like BitPay, Terminus, and prominent residents like Lisa Anderson, and Calendly, all demonstrating the impact of collaborative workspaces.

These aspects of Atlanta's tech work culture emphasize empowerment, autonomy, inclusive and diverse teams, work-life balance, and flexibility, alongside a strong community vibe enabling collaboration, employee recognition, and career growth opportunities.

In summary, these data points indicate that Atlanta is a hub for a thriving, modern work environment where the tech industry excels in work culture, attracts top talent, and nurtures innovation with dynamic and employee-focused workspaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How Are Women in Tech Shaping Atlanta’s Tech Ecosystem?

Women in Technology (WIT) and initiatives at Atlanta Tech Village are empowering women in tech. Atlanta hosts events like 'Women in Tech and Analytics: The Path to Leadership' at Georgia Tech to support women's participation and success in tech.

Atlanta's Top 10 Startups That Tech Professionals Should Watch Out For in 2024

Top startups in Atlanta for 2024 include DataSeers, Greenzie, Cloverly, PadSplit, Krystal Biotech, BitMinutes, Flock Safety, Springbot, Telescope Health, and GROUNDFLOOR, revolutionizing various sectors with innovative technologies and solutions.

The Top 10 Best Colleges in Atlanta for Tech Enthusiasts in 2024

Georgia Tech, Georgia State University, Emory University, Georgia Piedmont Technical College, and offer top-tier tech programs, industry links, and strong student outcomes, nurturing the next generation of tech professionals.

What Networking Events Should Atlanta Tech Enthusiasts Attend?

Atlanta offers diverse networking events like SQL Saturday, Atlanta Tech Summit, Women + Tech Meetup, Atlanta Startup Crawl, It Takes a Village, and more, providing opportunities for professionals to connect, learn, and stay current with industry trends.

Which Atlanta-Based Tech Companies Are Known for Their Work Culture?

Companies like Mailchimp, Kabbage, Salesforce, Fiserv, Vonage, and others are recognized for their exceptional work culture, diversity initiatives, and inclusive environments that foster innovation and employee well-being in Atlanta's tech industry.

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