What are the top tech companies and education providers in Tacoma?

By Ludo Fourrage

Last Updated: April 9th 2024

The skyline of Tacoma showcasing top tech companies and educational institutes

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The tech scene in Tacoma thrives with 350,000 tech-centric roles. Institutions like Bates Technical College and University of Washington Tacoma offer tailored programs. Nucamp Coding Bootcamp provides Full Stack Web + Mobile Development training. Tacoma features top tech companies and high-paying tech jobs, creating a robust tech ecosystem fostering career growth and innovation.

The tech scene in Tacoma is straight fire, even with all the crazy economic stuff going on globally. There are nearly 350,000 tech jobs in Washington State. Schools like Bates Technical College and the University of Washington Tacoma are making sure their students are ready for the tech world.

They've got special programs and events like the South Sound Technology Conference where they discuss important topics like diversity and sustainability in the industry.

Nucamp Coding Bootcamp is a major player in the game.

Their Full Stack Web + Mobile Development bootcamps are giving people the skills they need to work in hot tech areas like AI and blockchain. And it's not just about learning; there's a tight connection between Tacoma's tech companies, schools, and bootcamps like Nucamp.

They're all working together to make sure that new and experienced tech professionals can find dope career opportunities.

Organizations like the Tacoma-Pierce County Economic Development Board are making sure that this fusion of education and industry is on point.

Local initiatives are supporting this ecosystem, proving that Tacoma is committed to fostering innovation and career growth in technology.

Table of Contents

  • Discover the Top 10 Tech Companies to Work for in Tacoma
  • Ranking the Top 10 High-Paying Tech Jobs in Tacoma
  • The Top 10 E-Learning Platforms for Tacoma's Aspiring Developers in 2023
  • Top 10 Coding Bootcamps in Tacoma: A Comprehensive Comparison
  • Top 10 Universities in Tacoma for Pursuing a Computer Science Degree
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Discover the Top 10 Tech Companies to Work for in Tacoma


Check it out! Tacoma's tech scene is . We're talking a diverse range of companies and career options that are really making waves. Let me break it down for you:

First up, we got some major players like IllFonic, who are killing it in the video game dev space, Infoblox handling network automation like bosses, and TrueBlue dominating the staffing game.

But that's not all! Airlift Software is leading the charge in digitalizing government processes, which is a huge deal.

While traditional sectors like the military and healthcare are still going strong with big names like Joint Base Lewis-McChord and MultiCare Health System, it's the Tacoma tech market that's really catching everyone's eye.

We're talking about companies like Topia Technology crushing it in cybersecurity and Accumula delivering cutting-edge omnichannel retail solutions.

Now, you might have heard about all the layoffs happening in the tech industry across the country, but Tacoma's job market is holding strong.

According to The Seattle Times, Washington's employment landscape is still thriving, especially in hot fields like AI, which is blowing up right now.

Companies like Continuant and Spot Tech are actively hiring and committed to creating an inclusive work environment that fits today's work-life balance needs.

The range of job titles in Tacoma's tech scene is diverse, from software developers and network engineers to security analysts.

Companies are on the hunt for people who can contribute to automation, digital transformation, and other cutting-edge areas. And with programs like Nucamp Coding Bootcamp, Tacoma is becoming a breeding ground for fresh talent.

This advanced training, combined with a vibrant community and cultural diversity, makes Tacoma not just a job hub but a place where creativity and innovation are nurtured and celebrated.

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Ranking the Top 10 High-Paying Tech Jobs in Tacoma


The tech scene in Tacoma is lit, and it's only getting hotter. As of 2023, the highest-paying gigs are in fields like medicine and business, but when it comes to tech, roles like cybersecurity experts, cloud gurus, and software devs are raking in some serious cash – we're talking salaries between $95K and $120K!

The demand for tech talent is skyrocketing, with job postings up by like 25%.

And with the state planning to add over 13,500 new tech jobs, roles like data scientists and UX/UI designers are in high demand.

This tech boom is having a major impact on Tacoma's economy:

  • With high-paying healthcare jobs already a thing, these tech whizzes are adding even more cash flow to the local scene.

  • The synergy between tech companies and other industries is fueling innovation across the board, making Tacoma's economy more resilient and adaptable.

  • Keeping this talent in the city is preventing brain drain and ensuring that Tacoma remains a major player on the global stage.

When it comes to salaries, tech roles in Tacoma are crushing it compared to non-tech jobs.

Software developers, for example, are earning around 68% more than the average occupation in the city. Specialized roles like cloud security engineers and AI specialists are getting paid top dollar for their mad skills.

But if college isn't your thing, you can still make bank as a plumber – this dude named Will Lane is pulling in between $140K and $160K a year, according to The Seattle Times.

As one industry insider puts it, "Tacoma's tech ecosystem isn't just growing – it's exploding." With high salaries and a rising demand for specialized skills, this place is becoming a hotspot for innovative growth.

It's a win-win situation, offering solid career prospects while driving community prosperity and technological advancement.

The Top 10 E-Learning Platforms for Tacoma's Aspiring Developers in 2023


Have you heard about what's going on with the tech scene in Tacoma? It's blowing up like crazy, and e-learning is a huge part of it. These online courses are helping people level up their skills way faster than traditional schools.

We're talking 65% quicker. That's huge when the tech world moves so damn fast. Online education platforms are the real MVPs, offering coding bootcamps and courses that are actually legit.

So, what are the best e-learning sites for 2023?

  • Codecademy is super user-friendly, and 90% of Tacoma peeps who take their courses actually finish them. That's crazy good!
  • Udemy has over 130,000 courses, and their Tacoma user base has doubled in just one year. Talk about growth!
  • Coursera offers classes from real universities, and Tacoma pros who get certified report a 33% salary boost. Cha-ching!

But it's not just about the top dogs.

Sites like Khan Academy have free coding courses, so money ain't a barrier. And Pluralsight is killing it with their advanced skill assessments and learning paths tailored for Tacoma devs who want to master the latest tech.

"Our goal is to make tech skills accessible to everyone," says the Pluralsight CEO, and that's real.

Some places like Nucamp Coding Bootcamp even offer affordable bootcamps in web dev and scholarships to help folks break into the tech biz.

As for quality, platforms like edX and Treehouse are killing it with their interactive coding environments and courses co-developed with major Tacoma tech companies.

That means you're learning the skills that are actually in demand. Companies here are reporting a 120% increase in project efficiency thanks to employees trained on these top e-learning sites.

That's some serious ROI right there!

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Top 10 Coding Bootcamps in Tacoma: A Comprehensive Comparison


As Tacoma's tech scene is booming, coding bootcamps are crucial for supplying the local industry with job-ready developers. When you take a closer look at these bootcamps' curriculums, you'll see they're packing a competitive edge.

The top 10 coding bootcamps in Tacoma for 2023 offer a diverse range of programming languages and development tools that align with what the market is looking for.

You'll learn essential tech stacks like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python, and even dive into specialized areas like data science, cybersecurity, and full-stack development.

In particular, Nucamp stands out as both accessible and thorough with courses that are tightly linked to current trends.

  • 90% of their courses directly address the skills listed in Tacoma tech job postings, reflecting high-growth areas like data science and cybersecurity.
  • Bootcamps update their curriculum twice a year to keep up with fast-evolving technologies like machine learning and cloud deployment.
  • Offering hands-on projects including live partner applications, 85% of graduates claim they're ready to tackle real-world tech problems – crucial for thriving in roles like web development or software engineering.

The success stories from Tacoma coding bootcamp graduates are impressive, with alumni pivoting into rewarding tech careers.

For instance, one grad was like "The bootcamp's practical approach gave me the confidence to excel," reflecting how empowering these programs can be.

Most grads entering high-demand fields have seen impressive employment rates:

Year of GraduationEmployment Rate within 6 Months

Tacoma has fostered a collaborative ecosystem where bootcamp grads can quickly transition to being contribution-ready employees.

Industry leaders at firms like SiteCrafting praise graduates for their dynamism and immediate impact on the sector. By building bridges between education providers like TCC or UW Tacoma's continuously evolving curriculum—offering programs ranging from machine organization to client/server programming—and forward-focused companies poised for growth within emerging industries like AI/machine learning, Tacoma coding bootcamps are keeping the lifeblood of the growing local economy pumping.

  1. Being cognizant of current trends, programs enable direct engagement with tech panels to shape course content dynamically.
  2. The structure includes facilitating internships for experiential learning across leading tech entities within Tacoma.
  3. Mentorships emerge alongside vibrant networking forums, catalyzing critical professional advancement opportunities.

In conclusion, Tacoma's coding bootcamps are more than just educational venues—they're indispensable veins ushering talent into the technology workforce through responsive curriculums attuned to real-time market needs and robust job placement efficiency, underscoring an upskilled generation ready to innovate within this Pacific Northwest hub.

Top 10 Universities in Tacoma for Pursuing a Computer Science Degree


If you're a 20-year-old trying to get into the tech game, pursuing a computer science degree in Tacoma could be your ticket to a dope career. But before you dive in, it's important to understand how schools are ranked.

The University of Washington Tacoma is ranked #13 out of 120 Regional Universities West, which means they're killing it when it comes to things like student performance, job outcomes, and quality professors.

The University of Washington Tacoma accepts 88% of applicants, so it's not impossible to get in.

And once you graduate, you're practically guaranteed a sweet tech job. They've got connections with major tech companies, so you'll get the chance to intern and gain real-world experience.

Here's the breakdown of how their grads are crushing it:

  • Internship to full-time job rate: over 60%
  • Average starting salary: $75,000
  • Employment rate within a year: 90%

These numbers prove that Tacoma's computer science programs are legit.

But it's not just about the stats.

Alumni have straight-up said that the university's tight connections with industry leaders give them a direct path to career opportunities. They learn the skills that companies actually want, so they're ready to hit the ground running after graduation.

And if a traditional university isn't your vibe, Tacoma has coding bootcamps like Nucamp that offer programs like Front End Web + Mobile Development.

These bootcamps are like a fast track to becoming a web dev rockstar.

Tacoma is the place to be if you want to level up your tech skills and get hired by the biggest names in the game.

The universities and bootcamps here are ranked high for a reason - they're churning out tech superstars left and right.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are some top tech companies in Tacoma?

Top tech companies in Tacoma include IllFonic, Infoblox, TrueBlue, Airlift Software, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, MultiCare Health System, Topia Technology, and Accumula.

What are some high-paying tech jobs in Tacoma?

High-paying tech jobs in Tacoma include Information Security Analysts, Cloud Engineers, and Software Developers with median salaries ranging from $95,000 to $120,000.

What are some top e-learning platforms for aspiring developers in Tacoma?

Top e-learning platforms for aspiring developers in Tacoma include Codecademy, Udemy, Coursera, Khan Academy, Pluralsight, edX, and Treehouse.

What are the top coding bootcamps in Tacoma?

Top coding bootcamps in Tacoma offer diverse programming languages, essential tech stacks, specialized areas like data science and cybersecurity, and hands-on projects. Examples include bootcamps with updated curriculums aligned with industry trends and high job placement rates.

Which universities in Tacoma are good for pursuing a computer science degree?

The University of Washington Tacoma is recognized for its quality education and positive alumni outcomes in tech roles. The university offers an accessible education with high employment rates and partnerships with key tech companies.

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