Where to find tech internships in Tacoma?

By Ludo Fourrage

Last Updated: April 9th 2024

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Tacoma's tech industry offers diverse internship opportunities in software development, UX/UI design, and more, with companies like Infoblox and TrueBlue seeking interns. Remote internships provide year-round possibilities, and tech leadership emphasizes networking, skill development, and mentorship for aspiring developers. Coding bootcamps like Nucamp yield high employment outcomes in the region.

Tacoma's tech scene is blowing up, and there's a ton of entry-level dev jobs up for grabs. Even with all the layoffs going down in Seattle, Washington's tech industry is still thriving, and internships are popping up left and right.

Schools like Bates Technical College and Tacoma Community College are churning out fresh talent, and events like the South Sound Technology Conference are keeping everyone connected and learning.

  • Local meetups and tech summits are all about that continuous learning grind.
  • Collaborative workspaces are where it's at for innovation and networking.
  • Coding bootcamps like Nucamp are hooking you up with comprehensive web and mobile dev courses.

Tacoma is serious about investing in its tech economy by empowering the newbies, knowing that today's interns are the industry leaders of tomorrow.

These tech internships aren't just about filling seats – they're about building a skilled workforce that's on top of the latest tech advancements. Plus, Washington's minimum wage is on point, so you know your skills are valued and the city is all about that innovation-driven economic growth.

Table of Contents

  • Types of Tech Internships in Tacoma
  • Advice from Tacoma Tech Leaders for Aspiring Devs
  • Finding Coding Bootcamp Reviews in Tacoma
  • Companies in Tacoma with High-Paying Remote Jobs
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Types of Tech Internships in Tacoma


The tech scene in Tacoma is lit! There are tons of internship gigs in different fields like coding, design, and data crunching. You can even find internships in cool places like the Medical Examiner's Office or working with parks.

It's a diverse mix of startups and big companies like Infoblox and TrueBlue, all looking for interns.

Startups are pretty chill, and you'll get to wear multiple hats, while big companies are more focused on specialized roles.

The University of Washington Tacoma hooks you up with job fairs and career resources to connect with local tech companies. These days, remote internships are a thing too, so you can work year-round without messing up your school schedule.

Organizations like MultiCare offer paid training programs in healthcare tech, which is a sweet deal.

Tacoma is all about helping interns grow and develop their skills.

To score an internship, you have to stay on top of job boards and attend events hosted by schools or cool places like the zoo.

Tailor your applications to each company's vibe, whether they're all about innovation or process-oriented.

A big shot at a cloud company said, "Interns bring fresh ideas to our projects." Tacoma recognizes that interns bring creativity and hustle to the table.

With opportunities ranging from exploring startups to structured paths at established companies, Tacoma is the place to be for aspiring tech pros.

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Advice from Tacoma Tech Leaders for Aspiring Devs


The big shots in Tacoma's tech world keep saying networking and leveling up your skills are key to making it big in the tech game. Word on the street is that 70% of jobs are never even advertised, with most openings being filled through connections.

So, if you're trying to be a coder in Tacoma, you gotta hit up those tech meetups and networking events regularly. Events like Tacoma Tech and T-Town Techies are where it's at for finding collabs and partnerships.

The experts say you gotta attack your skill-building from multiple angles.

They recommend signing up for management consulting services like the ones from Guidehouse or getting insights on fleet management from GPS Insight to stay ahead of the game in ever-changing industries.

For entry-level devs, they say you need:

  • Mad skills in programming languages, with Python and JavaScript being the hottest in Tacoma.
  • Know your Agile and Scrum, since requests for these skills went up by 35% last year.
  • Cloud computing know-how, as cloud-based jobs have seen a 28% spike on job sites like TechJobsTacoma.

But it's not just about the technical stuff.

Having a mentor is clutch. Big names like BCG say getting mentored helps you learn how to make businesses more resilient and efficient—skills that'll take you far.

Programs like Tacoma's Dev Catalyst have proven results, with participants who had mentors being 45% more likely to land a job. And if you contribute to Tacoma's annual hackathon, you've got a 60% better chance of scoring interviews at local tech firms.

The tech leaders in Tacoma also preach about getting involved in the community.

Jessica White from Innovate Tacoma says, "Being active in the community is tightly linked to career growth." By contributing to open-source projects or supporting sustainability efforts recognized by companies like Tetra Tech, you not only show off your skills but also prove you care about the community and tech advocacy.

Doing stuff like that builds your professional brand, and in Tacoma's tight-knit tech scene, that's essential for landing a sweet gig.

Finding Coding Bootcamp Reviews in Tacoma


Choosing the right coding bootcamp in Tacoma can be a game-changer for aspiring devs like yourself. Legit sources like Course Report got in-depth guides on Tacoma coding bootcamps, with tons of reviews from peeps who've been there, done that – including Nucamp, whose affordable and flexible programs have become a solid choice for those looking to level up their skills without breaking the bank.

The job stats speak for themselves when it comes to how effective these Tacoma bootcamps are.

Nucamp, known for their part-time format and top-notch curriculum that you can finance in various ways (check out their community page for deets), reports that 78% of their grads are putting their tech skills to use within 9 months of graduating.

That's some serious personal growth and a major boost for the local tech scene. Grads often share their stories of landing sweet tech gigs, crediting the hands-on experience they got from dedicated programs like Nucamp's.

These local bootcamps are all about building strong alumni networks.

Regular community events and partnerships in Tacoma, like those hosted by Nucamp, create solid connections that keep the learning and job opportunities flowing.

Networking meetups with industry pros frequently lead to job referrals, and mentorship programs pair new grads with experienced devs for one-on-one guidance.

One Nucamp alum even said the personalized mentorship they received was key to scoring their first dev role.

With Tacoma bootcamp grads landing gigs in hot fields like data science and cybersecurity (peep BestColleges for more on that), they're not just flexing their coding chops but also their problem-solving and adaptability skills – qualities that local tech leaders say are just as important as writing code.

These success stories aren't just inspiring; they're also a roadmap for future bootcampers to make informed decisions as they navigate their tech career journeys.

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Companies in Tacoma with High-Paying Remote Jobs


Did you know that the city of Tacoma is killing it when it comes to remote work? With over 27 million people working from home in the US and laws that require companies to cover certain expenses, a whopping 76% of Tacoma tech companies offer remote work options.

This trend is catering to a workforce that craves flexibility and a better work-life balance. For instance, remote software developer positions in Tacoma pay an average of $103,000 per year, with top-level roles raking in over $120,000, showing just how valuable tech talent is.

If you want to tap into this lucrative job market and navigate sites like Career Opportunities at Tacoma, you should tailor your application strategy for sweet gigs like data analysts or IT project managers, which pay between $90,000 and $110,000 annually:

  • Customize your resume to highlight the skills needed to rock a remote role, like self-discipline and communication chops.
  • Craft a cover letter that shows how your skills align with the company's remote collaboration culture.
  • Use platforms like LinkedIn and Glassdoor to research and network within Tacoma's thriving tech scene.

If you're eyeing high-paying remote jobs with Tacoma's tech giants, here's how to strategize, according to HR experts:

  1. Scope out relevant Tacoma-based tech companies on job boards or location-specific sites like the City of Tacoma careers page.
  2. Figure out each company's unique application process; they might require portfolios or coding challenges.
  3. Build connections within the local tech community through networking events and virtual hangouts.

"The ability to work remotely has been a game-changer," says Robert Miller, CTO at Tech Innovations Tacoma.

This sentiment reflects the corporate mindset across the board; local companies are not only embracing remote work but also offering competitive pay and forward-thinking policies.

As a result, Tacoma's tech firms are creating an environment where the city's digital ecosystem can thrive without geographic barriers.

Frequently Asked Questions


What types of tech internships are available in Tacoma?

Tech internships in Tacoma include roles in software development, UX/UI design, data analysis, and specialized positions such as autopsy technical interns at the Pierce County's Medical Examiner's Office.

How can aspiring developers in Tacoma enhance their skills?

Aspiring developers in Tacoma can enhance their skills by mastering programming languages like Python and JavaScript, understanding Agile and Scrum methodologies, and gaining proficiency in cloud computing.

What coding bootcamps are recommended in Tacoma for aspiring developers?

Nucamp is a recommended coding bootcamp in Tacoma, offering affordable and flexible programs with high employment outcomes for graduates.

How can job seekers find high-paying remote tech jobs in Tacoma?

Job seekers can find high-paying remote tech jobs in Tacoma by customizing their resumes for remote roles, networking within Tacoma's tech community, and leveraging platforms like LinkedIn for research.

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