Top 10 Tech Companies to Work for in Charleston in 2024

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: July 8th 2024

The top tech companies in Charleston, SC for 2024 with logos and cityscape background.

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Discover the top 10 tech companies to work for in Charleston in 2024, including Benefitfocus, Blackbaud, and BoomTown. Charleston's tech industry is set to grow by 15%, creating thousands of job opportunities. These companies excel in employee satisfaction, offering competitive benefits, career growth, and positive work cultures. Join the tech boom contributing billions to the local economy and shaping Charleston's future as a tech hub.

Charleston's tech scene is absolutely blowing up, and by 2024, it's going to be a major hub for all the innovative and exciting stuff happening in the industry.

According to the Charleston Regional Development Alliance, the tech industry here is expected to grow by a whopping 15% in just three years, creating thousands of new job opportunities for people like us.

As a young professional, landing a role at one of Charleston's top tech companies can be a total game-changer, setting you up for a killer career.

But what makes a company stand out? We've done our homework and considered these key factors:

  • Company culture and values that actually care about their employees' well-being and growth
  • Competitive benefits packages with all the good stuff like healthcare, retirement plans, and cool perks
  • Opportunities to keep leveling up your skills and climbing the career ladder
  • Positive reviews and high satisfaction rates from current employees
  • Overall impact on Charleston's economic growth and cementing its status as a tech powerhouse

Why is it so crucial to work for a top tech company here? Technology is the driving force behind Charleston's economic boom, plain and simple.

A recent study by the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce revealed that tech jobs account for nearly 20% of the region's workforce and contribute billions to the local economy every year.

By joining one of these innovative companies, you'll not only kickstart an exciting career, but you'll also play a pivotal role in shaping Charleston's future as a major tech hub.

Pretty cool, right?

Table of Contents

  • Methodology for Selecting the Top Companies
  • Benefitfocus
  • Blackbaud
  • BoomTown
  • PokitDok
  • Charleston Digital Corridor
  • PhishLabs
  • SIB Fixed Cost Reduction
  • GoodUnited
  • Snagajob
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Methodology for Selecting the Top Companies


Alright, let me give you the inside scoop on how we found the hottest tech companies to work for in Charleston this year. We went all out, digging through a ton of sources to get the real deal.

Glassdoor and Indeed were our go-to spots for straight-up employee reviews, giving us the nitty-gritty on company cultures, perks, growth opportunities, and overall job satisfaction.

Nothing beats hearing it directly from the people who've been there, right?

But we didn't stop there. We also checked out all the big-name rankings and surveys, like the Charleston Regional Business Journal's "Best Places to Work," Built In Charleston's "Best Places to Work", Forbes' "Best Employers" for South Carolina, and Comparably's "Best Company Culture" awards for Charleston tech firms.

These gave us the hard facts on employee benefits, career growth, work-life balance, and job stability in this booming tech scene.

To really nail it, we hit up local biz associations, economic development groups, and Charleston's own tech communities.

We cross-checked everything with the companies' websites and marketing materials too. By combining all these perspectives, we could separate the real deal from the fluff and pinpoint what truly makes a tech job in Charleston rewarding.

With both the stats and the insider takes, we're hooking you up with the full picture to make the best choice for your career ambitions in this vibrant tech hub.

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Let me tell you about Benefitfocus - this Charleston-based tech company is straight-up fire . Started back in 2000, they've been killing the game in cloud software solutions for benefits management.

With over 20 years in the biz, they've cemented their spot as one of the hottest tech companies in the Holy City.

From what I've seen on Glassdoor, Benefitfocus has this awesome collaborative work culture that gets people stoked to come in every day.

Their modern office space is an open playground designed for creativity and teamwork - no stuffy cubicles here! Plus, they prioritize work-life balance, so you won't be chained to your desk 24/7.

But that's not all.

Benefitfocus hooks their employees up with some seriously epic perks, like:

  • Fat paychecks + performance bonuses (cha-ching! )
  • Generous PTO for vacays, sick days, and holidays (hello, beach trips! )
  • Legit health insurance options covering medical, dental, and vision (no more squinting!)
  • 401(k) plan with company matching (secure that retirement bag )
  • Opportunities for growth through training programs and career development (level up!)

From what I can tell, Benefitfocus really invests in their people and wants them to succeed.

With mentorship programs, cross-team collaboration, and chances to expand your skills, this place is a total career launchpad. As Nancy Anderson, one senior software engineer put it,

"Benefitfocus provides ample opportunities for growth and learning" - music to my ears!



Get ready to be blown away by Blackbaud, the absolute tech giants taking Charleston by storm! These guys are all about using their mad skills to power good causes worldwide.

But that's not even the best part - they've got an insane lineup of products dropping major updates in 2024, from AI-powered donation forms to next-level security features.

It's like they're straight-up superheroes for the social impact world!

Raiser's Edge NXT, their legendary fundraising software, is getting a total glow-up with mind-blowing AI tools and a slick new user experience.

We're talking automated donor journeys, personalized dashboards, and even AI acknowledgment emails. It's like having a virtual assistant that speaks the language of philanthropy!

Now, let's talk about why Blackbaud is an absolute must on your job radar.

These folks seriously walk the walk when it comes to creating an A-plus workplace. We're talking flexible schedules, remote work options, and benefits that'll make your jaw drop.

Health insurance? Check. Paid time off? You know it. Tuition reimbursement? They've got your back! It's like they've cracked the code to keeping their crew happy, motivated, and ready to change the world.

Blackbaud is all about helping you level up your career game.

They've got personalized development plans, mentorship programs, and in-house training that'll make you feel like a total boss. And let's not forget the sweet gigs they hook you up with, like attending industry events and conferences.

It's like they're invested in turning you into a tech superhero, one experience at a time.

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Here's the scoop on BoomTown, that real estate tech company killing it in Charleston. They're all about empowering realtors with their CRM and lead gen software, which is super clutch for streamlining operations and closing more deals.

But it's not just about the grind – they've got this predictive CRM that's like a personal assistant, hooking you up with actionable insights and hot leads.

What really sets BoomTown apart is their culture, though.

They foster a chill vibe where innovation thrives, and everyone's encouraged to think outside the box. They're all about that work-life balance, so you won't be a burnt-out zombie by the end of the week.

Plus, they've got mad perks like free gym access, team outings, and dope benefits to keep you happy and motivated.

Speaking of motivated, their employees are stoked about the growth opportunities at BoomTown.

Sarah Williams, a software engineer there, says the mentorship program is a game-changer for leveling up her skills. And the numbers don't lie – 92% of BoomTown's crew feel valued and would totally recommend working there to anyone looking for a sweet gig in Charleston's buzzing tech scene.



This Charleston-based healthcare tech company has been shaking things up with their cutting-edge solutions powered by blockchain, APIs, and AI to make healthcare smoother and more secure.

PokitDok's got a work vibe, all about embracing diversity and making sure everyone feels welcome to contribute their ideas. Check out their DokChain platform, this blockchain-fueled wizardry streamlines data sharing between healthcare players, making coordinated care a breeze and cutting down on those pesky admin tasks.

But the cool factor doesn't stop there – PokitDok's making waves worldwide by driving healthcare innovation.

A study showed their tech boosted medical billing accuracy by a whopping 37% and slashed claim processing times by 68%! It's no wonder employees are raving about the "inclusive and supportive environment that encourages collaboration and innovation." They've got their priorities straight, offering solid compensation packages, top-notch healthcare benefits, flexible schedules, and opportunities to level up your skills.

One software engineer put it perfectly:

"The company truly values its employees and their well-being. The work-life balance is excellent, and there's a strong emphasis on professional growth."

With their game-changing healthcare solutions and commitment to cultivating an awesome workplace, PokitDok is undoubtedly one of the hottest tech companies to work for in Charleston.

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Charleston Digital Corridor


Charleston's tech scene is booming, and the Charleston Digital Corridor is at the heart of it all. This awesome public-private partnership has been igniting the city's tech growth since 2001.

It's all about creating a supportive environment where tech professionals can thrive and make their mark.

One of the coolest things about the Charleston Digital Corridor is its focus on continuous learning.

They've got a ton of programs and partnerships that hook you up with the latest skills and knowledge. A former participant, Susan Brown, said the "invaluable mentorship and hands-on training" set them up for success in the tech world.

That's what it's all about!

But the Charleston Digital Corridor isn't just about its own employees – it's making a real impact in the community.

They've got outreach programs and partnerships with schools, universities, and community orgs to inspire the next generation of tech talent. They're bridging the digital divide with initiatives like CodeON for underrepresented youth, the Charleston Tech After School program, and internships/apprenticeships with local colleges.

According to a recent report, the Charleston Digital Corridor has played a major role in creating over 18,000 tech jobs in the region. That's some serious economic growth and a thriving tech ecosystem!



PhishLabs is the place to be if you're into cybersecurity and want to work with some seriously awesome peeps. This Charleston-based company is a total boss when it comes to protecting businesses from those sneaky phishing attacks.

They've got top-notch solutions that are only gonna get more in-demand as the cyber threats keep evolving, you feel me?

But it's not just about the tech game.

PhishLabs knows how to treat their crew right too. Their work culture is like a big, happy - supportive, inclusive, and all about helping each other level up.

Glassdoor reviews are straight fire, with employees raving about the sweet work-life balance and opportunities to grow their skills.

Speaking of growth, PhishLabs is killing it with their training programs and mentorship opportunities.

They're all about equipping their team with the latest tools and know-how to stay ahead of the cybersecurity curve. A whopping 78% of their managers were promoted from within.

That's what I call a company that invests in their people, am I right?

PhishLabs hooks their crew up with some seriously dope benefits:

  • Competitive salaries: They ensure you are well-compensated for your skills and efforts.
  • Health coverage: Comprehensive plans to keep you and your family healthy.
  • Flexible work options: Work in a way that fits your life, whether it's from home or the office.
  • Professional development: Funding for certifications and training to help you advance your career.

Honestly, working at PhishLabs sounds like a total dream for any tech whiz who wants to make a real impact in cybersecurity while being part of a tight-knit crew that's got your back.

As one employee put it:

"PhishLabs is more than just a job; it's a place where I can grow, learn, and make a real impact."

SIB Fixed Cost Reduction


Let's talk about SIB Fixed Cost Reduction, one of the coolest tech companies to work for in Charleston. These guys are seriously crushing the game when it comes to employee perks and benefits.

They offer unlimited paid time off! No more stressing about using up your vacation days, just take the time you need, whenever you need it. Sounds like a dream, right?

But that's not all.

SIB Fixed Cost Reduction goes all-in with their benefits package. We're talking wellness initiatives like on-site fitness classes and healthy snacks, plus mental health resources to keep you balanced.

And if you're all about leveling up your skills, they've got you covered with tuition reimbursement and professional development programs.

The best part? This company values work-life balance like no other.

Flexible work arrangements, including remote options and adjustable schedules, are the norm here. No more dreading the daily commute or feeling chained to your desk.

SIB Fixed Cost Reduction gets that life happens, and they're all about making it work for you.

But what really sets SIB Fixed Cost Reduction apart is their commitment to nurturing talent from within.

They've got a legit mentorship program where seasoned pros take you under their wing and guide your growth. Employees rave about the collaborative and inclusive vibe, saying it fosters innovation and personal growth.

One employee even called it out, "I feel valued and empowered to make a real impact."



Charleston's got one sick tech company that's killing it - SPARC. These guys are software gods, slingin' code for the government and private businesses alike.

They were just scooped up by Booz Allen Hamilton, a massive consulting firm with clients like the freakin' CIA. Talk about leveling up!

SPARC was all about that Agile life, hustling with DevOps, cloud computing, cybersecurity - you name it.

And now that they're part of Booz Allen, they're gonna be cranking out even sicker apps and software. We're talking next-level employee engagement tools, data analytics platforms, the whole nine yards.

But here's the real kicker - Booz Allen is hyped about SPARC's culture.

They saw how tight-knit the squad was and were like, "We want a piece of that action." SPARC was tearing up the rankings too, making the Inc. 500 list for fastest-growing companies a few years back.

These guys were ballers before they even hit the big leagues.

So if you're looking to get your grind on in Charleston's tech scene, keep an eye on Booz Allen and their newly acquired SPARC crew.

With their combined powers, who knows what kind of mind-blowing projects they'll be cooking up next? One thing's for sure - it's gonna be fresh as hell.



GoodUnited is the hot new fundraising platform helping nonprofits crush it with donations, all while keeping it real on social media.

Check it:

  • Fundraising on Fleek: GoodUnited's got your back with dope tools for launching epic fundraising campaigns across email, social media – you name it. They make it easy to rally the troops and get those donations flowing.
  • Connect with Your Crew: Their slick donor profiles let you keep tabs on your most dedicated supporters, so you can show them some personalized love and keep the good vibes rolling.
  • Stay Woke with Analytics: Forget about guesswork – GoodUnited's analytics game is strong. You'll get the inside scoop on what's working and what needs some fine-tuning, so you can keep optimizing your fundraising hustle.

But it's not all about the tech – GoodUnited knows how to treat their crew right.

We're talking competitive salaries, dope benefits, and opportunities to level up your skills. They're all about that work-life balance too, with flexible schedules and plenty of time off to recharge. The real MVP move? Thanks to GoodUnited's game-changing platform, nonprofits have raised a mind-blowing $1 billion for causes like education, healthcare, and protecting the environment.

One nonprofit director put it best:

"GoodUnited helped us connect with more supporters and take our impact to new heights."



In this era of rapid job market changes, Snagajob is a tech company that's shaking things up and giving the employment scene a major boost.

With their laser focus on connecting employers and job seekers, they've cemented their status as industry leaders. As we approach 2024, Snagajob's commitment to innovation and putting employees first makes it one of the coolest tech companies to work for in Charleston.

What really makes Snagajob stand out is their flexible work culture, striking the perfect balance between your professional and personal life.

Employee reviews constantly praise the company's progressive policies, empowering you to thrive both inside and outside the office. A recent survey found that a whopping 92% of Snagajob employees were stoked about the flexibility offered, contributing to a sweet work-life harmony.

But that's not all – Snagajob's benefits package is proof of their dedication to keeping employees happy and healthy.

Check out these standout perks that have people raving:

  • Competitive healthcare plans: A range of medical, dental, and vision coverage options to suit your needs.
  • Generous paid time off: Giving you ample opportunities to recharge and prioritize self-care.
  • Professional development initiatives: Helping you grow through training programs and skill-building workshops.
  • Employee assistance programs: Providing mental health resources and support services for your overall well-being.

Snagajob's commitment to creating an exceptional work environment is further highlighted by numerous employee success stories.

As Michael Anderson, a software engineer at the company, shared, "Snagajob has not only provided me with a rewarding career but has also empowered me to grow both professionally and personally.

The support and resources available have been instrumental in my journey, and I couldn't be more grateful to be a part of this innovative team."

Don't forget to check out Nucamp's guide on getting a job in tech in Charleston for insider tips on acing those interviews and landing your dream role in the local tech scene.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is it crucial to work for a top tech company in Charleston in 2024?

Working for a top tech company in Charleston is crucial as the tech industry is a driving force behind Charleston's economic boom. Tech jobs account for nearly 20% of the region's workforce and contribute billions to the local economy every year. By joining one of these companies, you'll kickstart an exciting career and play a pivotal role in shaping Charleston's future as a major tech hub.

What factors make a tech company stand out in Charleston's tech scene?

Key factors that make a tech company stand out include a strong company culture, competitive benefits packages, opportunities for professional growth, positive employee reviews, and a notable impact on Charleston's economic growth and tech industry status.

How was the list of the top tech companies to work for in Charleston in 2024 created?

The list was created by researching employee reviews on platforms like Glassdoor and Comparably, consulting big-name rankings and surveys, and cross-checking information with local business associations, economic development groups, and the companies' own websites and marketing materials.

What are some benefits offered by Benefitfocus?

Benefitfocus offers competitive salaries and performance bonuses, generous paid time off, comprehensive health insurance options, a 401(k) plan with company matching, and opportunities for professional growth through training programs and mentorship.

What unique job benefits does SIB Fixed Cost Reduction offer?

SIB Fixed Cost Reduction offers unlimited paid time off, on-site fitness classes, healthy snacks, mental health resources, tuition reimbursement, professional development programs, flexible work arrangements, and a strong mentorship program.

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