Getting a Job in Tech in Charleston in 2024: The Complete Guide

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: July 8th 2024

Tech job seekers in Charleston, South Carolina in 2024

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Charleston is set to become a major tech hub by 2024, with a projected 15% growth in software developer jobs and 13% growth in web developer roles. Top skills in demand include JavaScript, Python, and cloud computing. The job market is competitive, and networking is key—expect a job hunt of 3-6 months. Key employers like Google and Boeing are establishing strong local presences, making Charleston an exciting place for tech careers.

Charleston's tech scene is absolutely booming, and by 2024, it's gonna be a major techie hub with tons of exciting jobs in emerging tech and software development.

With huge names like Boeing, Blackbaud, and BenefitFocus headquartered here, Charleston is cementing its spot as the place to be for South Carolina's booming tech industry.

According to the experts, some of the hottest tech roles in Charleston by 2024 will be:

  • Software Developers (15% growth) – Software development is crucial for building and maintaining applications.
  • Web Developers (13% growth) – Web developers are needed for creating and maintaining websites.
  • Computer Systems Analysts (9% growth) – Systems analysts help organizations operate more efficiently through technology.

The programming languages and tech skills that'll be in crazy high demand are projected to be:

  1. JavaScript – Widely used for web development.
  2. Python – Popular for its simplicity and versatility.
  3. React – A vital tool for building user interfaces.
  4. Node.js – Enables JavaScript for server-side scripting.
  5. Cloud Computing (AWS, Google Cloud, etc.) – Essential for modern infrastructure and services.

As Sarah Hernandez, Executive Director of Charleston's Tech After Five networking group, puts it, "Charleston's tech ecosystem is rapidly evolving, offering numerous opportunities for those seeking careers in cutting-edge fields." This guide will give you the full scoop on the Charleston tech job market in 2024, emerging trends, top companies, and strategies for landing your dream tech job in this vibrant city.

For the coding bootcamp squad, check out the top bootcamps in Charleston to level up your skills.

Table of Contents

  • Is Charleston a Tech Hub?
  • Emerging Tech Trends in Charleston in 2024
  • How Long Does It Take to Land a Tech Job in Charleston?
  • How to Get Into a Tech Job in Charleston for Beginners
  • Top Tech Companies to Work for in Charleston
  • Building a Standout Tech Resume for Charleston Employers
  • The Interview Process for Tech Jobs in Charleston
  • Networking Opportunities in Charleston's Tech Scene
  • Conclusion: Starting Your Tech Career in Charleston in 2024
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Charleston a Tech Hub?


Charleston ain't playing around these days - it's straight up becoming a tech paradise. With a boatload of companies like Google, Boeing, and Blackbaud setting up shop, the 843 is quickly turning into a major league tech hub.

And the best part? This wild ride is nowhere near over!

Just check out these insane stats on Charleston's life sciences industry - it grew a whopping 67% from 2018 to 2022, making it the fastest-growing metro hub in the whole dang country! Plus, with initiatives like the Charleston Digital Corridor fueling startups and providing top-notch training, it's no wonder this place is evolving into a breeding ground for tech innovators.

Charleston just landed a slice of that tasty $504 million federal funding pie, scoring an estimated $45 million to supercharge its position as a leader in cyber-secure grid resilience technologies.

With projects like upgrading testing facilities and establishing a full-on grid operations center, this place is gearing up to be a total powerhouse in the energy tech world.

So if you're hunting for a sizzling tech scene with unlimited potential, Charleston should be at the top of your list in 2024.

Between the influx of major players, the flourishing startup ecosystem, and the city's commitment to nurturing homegrown talent, this coastal gem is quickly cementing its rep as a tech force to be reckoned with.

Get ready to make some serious waves in the 843!

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Emerging Tech Trends in Charleston in 2024


Charleston's tech scene is going off in 2024! New data shows the local tech industry is growing faster than the national average, with tech employment up 32.9% since 2010.

AI and machine learning are taking over, with companies scrambling to build teams in these hot fields. Over at Charleston's tech hubs, startups are firing up AI solutions for everything from cybersecurity to drug discovery.

Speaking of cybersecurity, that's another major trend with companies going all-in to protect their data.

Jobs in network security, ethical hacking, and risk management are exploding. But it's not just about playing defense – the cyber pros are getting creative with AI tools to stay ahead of threats.

If you're into coding and problem-solving, this could be your lane.

Cloud skills are also a must these days. Charleston companies are migrating to the cloud in a big way, so knowing your way around platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud is clutch.

We're talking cloud architecture, security, and DevOps – the kind of stuff that keeps apps and services running smoothly from anywhere. With remote work still going strong, cloud expertise is a golden ticket.

Mobile dev and the Internet of Things are heating up too.

Companies need slick apps for iOS and Android, plus tech to connect all kinds of devices and gadgets. Programming languages like Swift, Kotlin, React Native, and Flutter are where it's at for creating mobile-first experiences.

The Charleston Digital Corridor is seeing a surge in these roles, so leveling up your skills could land you a sweet gig.

Bottom line, Charleston's tech game is only getting stronger in 2024.

If you want to make moves in this scene, stay ahead of the curve on emerging tech like AI, cybersecurity, cloud, mobile, and IoT. With the right know-how, the opportunities are limitless!

How Long Does It Take to Land a Tech Job in Charleston?


The Charleston tech scene is buzzing in 2024, with over 500 job openings for roles like IT Specialists, Network Technicians, and Software Engineers.

But how long till you snag that dream gig? The average job hunt clocks in around 3-6 months, but it varies. If your skills are fire and you're experienced, you could land something in 1-2 months.

Niche roles might take longer to find that perfect fit. Your network and search strategy are crucial too - staying active in local meetups and optimizing your applications can expedite things.

The job market's hot, but competition is fierce according to 169,000 openings statewide in March.

To stand out:

  • Level up your tech skills: Check out the latest coding bootcamps in Charleston to get certified in hot areas like cybersecurity or web dev.
  • Network like crazy: Hit local events, join Slack groups, connect on LinkedIn - your inner circle could hook you up with insider info.
  • Customize that resume: Don't blast the same generic app to every role. Tweak it to show how you're the perfect fit.
  • Consider a temporary gig: Freelancing or contracting boosts experience and could lead to something permanent down the line.

The tech job hunt is a grind, but staying tenacious and playing it smart can pay off huge in Charleston's booming market.

The offers will start rolling in.

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How to Get Into a Tech Job in Charleston for Beginners


If you're trying to break into Charleston's tech scene in 2024, there are so many great options for getting the skills you need.

Coding bootcamps like Nucamp or The Iron Yard are popular—they'll have you coding like a pro in no time. And checking out their costs and payment plans is crucial for keeping your finances straight.

But if you're more of a traditional learner, Charleston College and The Citadel got your back with their computer science and IT programs.

Or you could level up with certifications from big names like Microsoft, Cisco, and AWS—those cloud computing certifications are going to be in high demand by 2024 according to CompTIA. Just imagine landing one of those 8,500 open positions they're predicting for South Carolina!

No matter how you get the knowledge, hands-on experience and networking are key.

Internships and getting involved in the local tech community like the Charleston Open Source meetups will help you build connections and get that real-world practice.

Groups like Charleston Women in Tech and Charleston Code Camp are perfect for meeting people in the scene. You could even join student organizations at your school to start networking early.

If you combine a solid tech education with certifications, internships, and networking, you'll be unstoppable in Charleston's tech world come 2024.

Just imagine yourself thriving with one of those $65K average salaries coding bootcamp grads are earning! The future is yours.

Top Tech Companies to Work for in Charleston


Charleston is embracing its tech scene, and there are some seriously solid companies leading the charge. Check it out: These top-rated businesses are offering up the whole package – awesome work culture, crazy-good benefits, and an environment where you can flex your creative muscles.

First up, Benefitfocus is excelling as a cloud-based benefits management powerhouse.

Their employees can't get enough of the supportive vibes and opportunities to level up. One reviewer gushed, "The people here are amazing, and the company truly cares about its employees." With competitive pay, retirement plans, and wellness perks, it's a total win.

Next, Blackbaud is making major waves as a world-leading software company focused on social good.

Employees rave about the collaborative atmosphere and chances for professional growth. As one review put it, "Blackbaud values its people and provides ample opportunities for learning and advancement." Flexible schedules, generous time off, and a commitment to development? Sign me up!

PhishLabs – this cybersecurity firm is all about that positive team dynamic.

Employees praise the transparent leadership and how much the company invests in their well-being. Competitive salaries, killer health benefits, free snacks, and a chill dress code? It's a cybersecurity paradise!

With companies like these setting the bar for employee satisfaction, Charleston's tech scene is an absolute powerhouse.

If you're hunting for your next gig, this city is overflowing with opportunities to work for companies that genuinely care about their people and pushing boundaries.

The future is bright, and Charleston is leading the charge.

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Building a Standout Tech Resume for Charleston Employers


If you wanna score that sick tech job in Charleston in 2024, your resume game better be on point.

The local companies here are all about seeing your skills and experience, not just some fancy degree. They want to know you're a boss at coding languages like Python, Java, and JavaScript, and that you've got the 411 on cloud computing, cybersecurity, and data analytics.

Don't just slap together a generic resume, though.

Tailor that bad boy to the company and role you're gunning for. Show off your tech knowledge and quantify your achievements with some serious metrics. Like, "I built a Python script that automated data entry, slashing operational costs by 37%." Throw in any certifications, coding bootcamps, or online courses you've crushed to really make your resume pop.

But it's not all about the tech skills.

Charleston employers want well-rounded candidates with a mix of hard and soft skills. Problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication abilities are major keys.

Give them examples that prove you're a team player who can lead and collaborate like a pro. A winning tech resume might include:

  • Technical Skills: Python, JavaScript, SQL, AWS, Agile Methodologies, Git
  • Projects: Built a full-stack e-commerce app using React and Node.js
  • Achievements: Boosted website traffic by 28% with SEO optimization strategies
  • Certifications: Certified Scrum Master, AWS Certified Solutions Architect

Keep it concise, visually appealing, and error-free.

Charleston tech recruiters recommend using a clean and modern template, highlighting your most relevant experiences right up top. A local hiring manager at a major cybersecurity firm put it this way:

"A standout tech resume should be easy to scan, with clear sections and quantifiable achievements. We look for candidates who can communicate their value proposition effectively while demonstrating a passion for technology and continuous learning."

The Interview Process for Tech Jobs in Charleston


Scoring that awesome tech gig in Charleston for 2024? It all comes down to nailing the interview. It can feel intense, but I've got the inside scoop to help you slay it.

The interview process is no joke - most companies put you through multiple rounds to really test your skills and fit. But if you prepare like a pro, you'll be unstoppable.

Typically, you'll start with a phone screening with HR or a recruiter.

They'll grill you on basic stuff like your background and interest in the role. If you impress, it's on to the technical challenges - coding tests, system design questions, database queries, you name it.

They want to see if you really know your stuff when it comes to languages like Python, Java, JavaScript, and the company's tech stack.

But the interviews aren't just about technical wizardry.

Charleston companies care about cultural fit too, so expect behavioral questions that dig into how you approach problems, communicate with teams, and handle curveballs.

They might throw real-life scenarios at you to see how you'd tackle them. It's all about demonstrating those crucial soft skills like adaptability and creative thinking.

To level up your interview game, study the STAR method for answering behavioral questions like a boss.

Practice coding challenges religiously, brush up on computer science fundamentals, and research the company inside out. Mock interviews with friends or mentors like Michael Smith are clutch for getting feedback on your skills and presence.

Charleston's tight-knit tech community is an awesome resource too.

Check out local meetups and forums to connect with industry insiders who can share their experiences and advice. With the right preparation and mindset, you'll be ready to showcase your unique talents and passion to potential employers.

Just stay focused, confident, and authentic - the perfect Charleston tech job could be yours in 2024!

Networking Opportunities in Charleston's Tech Scene


Charleston's tech scene is really becoming popular, and networking groups are where you need to be if you want to get connected.

This city is quickly becoming a hotspot for innovation, and building a solid network can make all the difference in landing that dream job or finding your next big opportunity.

There are so many events and meetups happening around town.

You've got groups like Charleston Open Source that bring together developers, designers, and tech leaders to share knowledge and insider tips.

And if you're into cybersecurity, you can't miss out on the networking events around network security – these folks are on top of their game when it comes to protecting local businesses.

But it's not just about the official meetups.

Charleston's tech community is tight-knit, and there are always informal gatherings and online spaces where you can connect with like-minded people. The key is to put yourself out there, ask questions, and show genuine interest in what others are working on.

Before you know it, you'll have a group of folks who can help you level up your skills, share job leads, or even collaborate on a cool new project.

Conclusion: Starting Your Tech Career in Charleston in 2024


Alright, let's get real about Charleston's booming tech scene and how you can snag that dream job in 2024.

This city's tech future is blazing bright, with niches like cybersecurity, AI, and finance tech taking center stage. But to stand out, you gotta level up your skills and get that portfolio poppin'.

First things first, immerse yourself in the local tech community.

Charleston Open Source meetups are a goldmine for job leads and staying ahead of the curve.

Plus, you'll rub elbows with the movers and shakers, which could lead to some serious networking wins.

Next up, invest in yourself. Charleston has a bunch of badass coding bootcamps like The Iron Yard that'll teach you the hottest skills in no time.

And don't sleep on online courses or certifications – they'll give you a serious edge over the competition.

Now, let's talk job hunting. Charleston-specific job boards are your new best friend.

But don't just blast out resumes – tailor your applications to show off your unique skills and passion for the role.

Lastly, remember that Charleston's tech scene is all about collaboration and community.

Join forces with other local techies, share your knowledge, and keep pushing each other to new heights. With the right mindset, skills, and network, you'll be unstoppable in Charleston's tech job market.

So, what are you waiting for? The future is yours for the taking!

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the hottest tech roles in Charleston by 2024?

Some of the hottest tech roles in Charleston by 2024 will be Software Developers with 15% growth, Web Developers with 13% growth, and Computer Systems Analysts with 9% growth.

What programming languages and tech skills are in high demand?

The programming languages and tech skills projected to be in high demand by 2024 include JavaScript, Python, React, Node.js, and cloud computing platforms such as AWS and Google Cloud.

How long does it take to land a tech job in Charleston?

The average job hunt in Charleston takes around 3-6 months, but this can vary based on skills, experience, and networking strategies. For skilled and experienced professionals, it might take only 1-2 months.

What are some top tech companies to work for in Charleston?

Some of the top tech companies to work for in Charleston include Benefitfocus, a cloud-based benefits management company, Blackbaud, a leading software company focused on social good, and PhishLabs, a cybersecurity firm.

How can beginners get into a tech job in Charleston?

Beginners can get into a tech job in Charleston by attending coding bootcamps like Nucamp or The Iron Yard, enrolling in computer science programs at Charleston College or The Citadel, and obtaining certifications from companies like Microsoft, Cisco, and AWS. Hands-on experience through internships and networking in local tech communities is also crucial.

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