Top 10 Best Paid Tech Job in Bakersfield in 2024

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: June 28th 2024

Tech professionals working in an office in Bakersfield, California.

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Bakersfield's tech scene sees significant growth in 2024, with a 12% increase in tech jobs and median salaries rising to $92,500. Top positions include Software Development Managers at $120,000-$165,000, IT Directors up to $200k, and high-demand roles in AI, cybersecurity, and cloud computing.

Bakersfield's tech scene is exploding in 2024, with a 12% growth rate that's totally changing the game. Tech jobs now make up 15% of the workforce, up from 10% in 2020.

These roles are seriously boosting the local economy, with median household income jumping 8% since last year. Big players like Wonderful Citrus and Aera Energy are driving innovation, but there's more to the story.

Emerging startups like Cloud Ten Labs and Second Star Technologies are shaking things up too.

The city's becoming a legit tech hub, attracting talent from all over. But it's not just about the big companies. Bitwise Industries, a local startup, just scored $80 million in funding and is growing fast while tech giants are downsizing.

They're all about uplifting talent from underestimated communities, which is pretty cool. DevOps engineers are in high demand, especially if you know your way around Kubernetes.

If you're looking to level up your skills and get in on this action, check out Nucamp's coding bootcamps. They've got options for every level, from Web Development Fundamentals to Full Stack.

Time to ride this tech wave!

Table of Contents

  • Methodology: How We Ranked the Top 10 Best Paid Tech Jobs
  • 1. Software Development Manager at Wonderful Citrus
  • 2. IT Director at Adventist Health Bakersfield
  • 3. Data Scientist at Grimmway Farms
  • 4. Cloud Engineer at Kaiser Permanente
  • 5. Solutions Architect at Aera Energy
  • 6. DevOps Engineer at The Wonderful Company
  • 7. Systems Security Manager at Nestlé
  • 8. Network Architect at Bakersfield City School District
  • 9. Mobile Applications Developer at Bitwise Industries
  • 10. UX/UI Designer at Dignity Health
  • Conclusion: Preparing for a High-Paying Tech Career in Bakersfield
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Methodology: How We Ranked the Top 10 Best Paid Tech Jobs


Ranking the top 10 best-paid tech jobs in Bakersfield for 2024 was no small feat. We used a mix of salary data, job demand, and growth potential to create our list.

According to Techopedia, the tech job market is still growing, with cybersecurity, AI, and cloud computing leading the pack.

We dug into job boards, company reports, and government stats to get the full picture. The average tech salary in Bakersfield is expected to hit $92,500 in 2024, up 5.2% from last year.

We also noticed a 15% jump in tech job postings over the last 6 months, which is a good sign for job seekers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 12% growth rate for tech jobs in Bakersfield through 2030, so the future's looking bright.

We used a scoring system that gave the most weight to salary (40%), followed by demand (35%), and growth potential (25%). This way, we're not just looking at who pays the most right now, but also which jobs have staying power.

BetterUp's research shows that roles like DevOps Engineers and Software Engineering Managers are among the highest-paying tech jobs nationwide, with salaries reaching up to $165,000.

It's worth noting that Bakersfield's tech scene might have its own unique trends. As Coursera points out, education requirements vary by role, with most high-paying tech jobs requiring at least a bachelor's degree.

So, if you're eyeing these top-paying gigs, you might want to consider leveling up your skills or education. This ranking isn't just about the money - it's about finding a tech career in Bakersfield that's both lucrative and has long-term potential.

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1. Software Development Manager at Wonderful Citrus


The Software Development Manager role at Wonderful Citrus is crushing it in Bakersfield's tech scene for 2024. This job is all about leading a team of developers and making sure software projects go from idea to reality without a hitch.

The average salary for this position nationally is $146,550, but in Bakersfield, you could be looking at $120,000 to $165,000 annually.

If you're really killing it, you might even hit $200,000! The role's responsibilities are no joke - you'll be strategizing software development, keeping projects on track and on budget, and making sure the code is top-notch.

You'll also be the go-between for your team and other departments. To nail this job, you need to be a tech wizard and a people person. Employers are looking for 9-12 years of experience working on international projects, knowledge of multiple programming languages, and solid skills in database management.

If you've got certifications like PMP or Prince2, that's a major plus. Wonderful Citrus is all about innovation in agriculture tech, so you'll be working on some cutting-edge stuff.

They're big on sustainability and giving back to the community, which is pretty cool if you want your work to make a real difference.

With the tech industry in Bakersfield on the up and up, landing this gig could set you up for some serious career moves in the future.

2. IT Director at Adventist Health Bakersfield


The IT Director role at Adventist Health Bakersfield is a game-changer in healthcare tech. This position is all about running the show when it comes to technology across the hospital.

According to Adventist Health Bakersfield's career page, they're not just looking for someone to keep the lights on - they want a tech visionary.

The job involves everything from planning big IT moves to keeping patient data locked down tight. You'll be the boss of a whole team of tech wizards and work with all sorts of cool vendors.

To land this gig, you need to be a tech genius with serious leadership chops. We're talking master's degree, tons of healthcare IT experience, and some fancy certifications to boot.

The pay is pretty sweet too, with salaries hitting up to $200k, plus Adventist Health hooks you up with some solid benefits. What's really exciting is how much this field is growing.

The U.S. government says healthcare IT jobs are set to boom by 15% in the next few years. It's not just about fixing computers anymore - Adventist Health's leadership team is looking for someone who can use cutting-edge tech like AI to make healthcare better for everyone.

Adventist Health Bakersfield isn't just any hospital. They've got a 254-bed acute care setup, over 20 specialty clinics, and even some high-tech stuff like robotic surgery.

So as an IT Director here, you'd be working with some seriously advanced equipment. Plus, Adventist Health's broader mission is all about "inspiring health, wholeness and hope," which means your tech skills could literally be saving lives.

If you're into tech and want to make a real difference, this job is where it's at.

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3. Data Scientist at Grimmway Farms


Data Scientists at Grimmway Farms are revolutionizing agriculture in Bakersfield, making it the third best-paid tech job in 2024. These tech wizards are using their skills to boost crop yields and automate farming processes.

According to recent industry reports, a typical day for a Data Scientist involves everything from data discovery to implementing complex machine learning models.

At Grimmway, they're applying these skills to predict market trends and optimize farming operations. The job requires a solid foundation in stats, programming, and machine learning, with Python being the go-to language mentioned in 78% of job postings last year.

While an advanced degree is often preferred, what really counts is your ability to turn data into actionable insights. The salary range is looking sweet, with Data Scientists in the U.S. pulling in an average of $157,000 annually.

But it's not just about the money - this role is perfect for tech enthusiasts who want to make a real difference in sustainable agriculture. The job market for Data Scientists is on fire, with a projected 35% increase in openings from 2022 to 2032.

At Grimmway, you'll be working with cutting-edge tech like TensorFlow for crop predictions and IoT sensors for real-time data collection. It's a challenging gig that requires you to stay on top of the latest tech trends, but it's also incredibly rewarding.

As Grimmway's career page emphasizes, you'll be part of a team making a global impact while enjoying great benefits and growth opportunities.

If you're passionate about using tech to solve real-world problems, this could be your dream job.

4. Cloud Engineer at Kaiser Permanente


Cloud Engineers at Kaiser Permanente are set to be in high demand in Bakersfield for 2024. This role is crucial for managing the healthcare giant's cloud infrastructure, ensuring smooth operations and data security.

At Kaiser, Cloud Engineers are responsible for leveraging DevOps practices to design, develop, and deliver resilient, secure, multi-channel, high-volume cloud-based solutions.

They also play a key role in troubleshooting complex systems and collaborating with various IT teams.

To excel in this position, candidates need a strong skill set.

Required qualifications typically include:

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field
  • 8+ years of experience in an IT operations environment
  • Proficiency in cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, or GCP
  • Strong knowledge of DevOps practices and tools
  • Experience in web-based application development

The salary range for Cloud Engineers at Kaiser Permanente is impressive, with positions like Principal IT Engineer Infrastructure - Cloud Hosting offering between $144,300 - $186,670 per year.

This reflects the high value placed on cloud expertise in the healthcare sector.

For those looking to break into this field, Kaiser also offers entry-level positions like Associate IT Engineer - Cloud, with salaries ranging from $80K to $100K. These roles focus on assisting in the implementation and maintenance of cloud-based business solutions.

To stand out in this competitive field, aspiring Cloud Engineers should focus on developing a range of skills.

Key responsibilities often include designing modular cloud-based systems, ensuring data security, and interacting with clients to provide cloud support.

Continuous learning is crucial, with certifications from major cloud providers like AWS, Azure, or GCP being highly valued.

As Kaiser Permanente continues to expand its digital health initiatives, Cloud Engineers will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of healthcare delivery in Bakersfield and beyond.

The growth potential in this field is huge, making it an exciting career path for tech-savvy individuals passionate about healthcare innovation.

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5. Solutions Architect at Aera Energy


At Aera Energy, a leading California-based energy company, the Solutions Architect role is shaping up to be a game-changer in 2024. This position is all about creating cutting-edge tech solutions to boost energy production and distribution.

Solution architects are the masterminds behind translating business needs into tech specs, designing scalable solutions, and making sure everything runs smoothly.

They're not just tech wizards; they need to be business-savvy too. The job market for these pros in Bakersfield is heating up, with a projected 12% growth in 2024 - that's faster than average! Salary-wise, we're looking at a sweet $145,000 - $175,000 annually, plus the potential for bonuses.

But it's not just about the cash. Aera Energy hooks you up with some serious perks, like top-notch health coverage, a 401(k) with a 6% company match, and flexible work options.

The coolest part? Aera is diving into the low-carbon energy space, so you'll be part of something big. They're on the hunt for innovative minds to join their team as they tackle new energy challenges.

If you're into stuff like cloud computing, data analytics, AI, and IoT, this could be your perfect gig. Plus, there's room to grow - you could end up as an IT Director or even CTO down the line.

As a Solutions Architect, you'll be the go-to person for designing tech solutions, working with different teams, and making sure everything aligns with Aera's goals.

It's a mix of tech skills and people skills, perfect for those who love a challenge. If you're ready to make a real impact in the energy world while working with cutting-edge tech, this Aera Energy role could be your ticket to an awesome career in 2024.

6. DevOps Engineer at The Wonderful Company


The Wonderful Company is making waves in Bakersfield's tech scene, offering a killer opportunity for DevOps Engineers. This role, sitting pretty at number 6 on our list of top-paying tech jobs in Bakersfield for 2024, is all about bridging the gap between coding wizards and IT pros.

The Wonderful Company's career page highlights their commitment to innovation and employee growth, making it a sweet spot for tech enthusiasts.

As a DevOps Engineer here, you'll be diving into some seriously cool stuff:

  • Building and maintaining CI/CD pipelines that are smoother than butter
  • Automating infrastructure like a boss
  • Cranking up system performance to 11
  • Teaming up with devs and ops folks to make magic happen

To crush it in this role, you need to level up your skills.

The most in-demand abilities for DevOps Engineers in 2024 include:

  1. Cloud platform mastery (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  2. Container tech wizardry (Docker, Kubernetes)
  3. Next-level scripting (Python, Bash, PowerShell)
  4. Infrastructure as Code sorcery (Terraform, Ansible)
  5. Monitoring and logging tool expertise (ELK stack, Prometheus)

The salary game is strong too.

DevOps Engineers in Bakersfield are looking at an average of $115,000 - $135,000 in 2024, up 12% from last year. That's some serious cheddar! Simplilearn's article on DevOps roles breaks down why these skills are so valuable.

The job market is on fire, with a projected 25% increase in demand across California by 2026.

What's really cool is the growth potential. SmartVault's job posting shows how companies are looking for DevOps talent to drive innovation.

At The Wonderful Company, you could level up to Senior DevOps or even Cloud Architecture roles. If you've got the tech chops and business smarts, you're looking at a career path that's only going up.

It's an awesome time to jump into DevOps in Bakersfield!

7. Systems Security Manager at Nestlé


As a Systems Security Manager at Nestlé in Bakersfield, you'll be at the forefront of protecting the company's digital assets. This role is all about keeping Nestlé's info safe and sound.

According to Nestlé's career page, you'll have a direct impact on ensuring millions of customers can enjoy their products safely.

Your day-to-day will involve developing security procedures, implementing comprehensive management plans, and evaluating solutions to keep the bad guys out. You'll need to be on top of the latest cyber threats and risks, working closely with the IT teams to make sure everything's locked down tight. The job market for this role is hot, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting a 31% growth rate nationwide from 2019-2029.

Salary-wise, you're looking at an average of around $135,000 in Bakersfield for 2024, with top performers potentially pulling in up to $160,000. To land this gig, you'll need a solid tech background, typically including a Bachelor's in Computer Science or similar, and about 5+ years of experience in cybersecurity management.

Certifications like CISSP or CISM will definitely give you an edge. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) outlines key responsibilities for this role, including advising senior management on risk levels and implementing security improvements.

It's a challenging job, but if you're into tech and want to make a real difference, this could be your calling. Plus, with Nestlé being such a huge company, there's tons of room to grow your career.

You might even end up as the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) one day. As Charles Johnson from TechHire Bakersfield puts it,

Companies like Nestlé are investing big time in cybersecurity talent. It's all about protecting their assets and keeping customers' trust.

So if you're ready to level up your tech career and take on some serious responsibility, Nestlé's Information Systems Security Manager role could be your next big move.

8. Network Architect at Bakersfield City School District


Network Architects at Bakersfield City School District are the unsung heroes shaping the digital landscape of our schools. In 2024, these tech wizards are all about creating and maintaining epic network systems that power modern learning.

The role is seriously gaining traction, with a projected 15% growth in Bakersfield's education sector over the next five years. These pros are responsible for some pretty cool stuff, like designing advanced network infrastructures that can handle the massive data needs of today's tech-savvy students and teachers.

They're also the guardians of our digital realm, implementing top-notch cybersecurity to keep everyone's info safe from hackers and other digital nasties. Network Architects are the bridge between IT and education, working with teachers to bring awesome tech-driven learning experiences to life.

To rock this job, you need to be a tech genius with a passion for education. Most positions ask for a Computer Science degree and at least 5 years of experience in network architecture, preferably in schools.

Certifications like CCNA or CCNP are a big plus, and you've got to be fluent in network protocols, virtualization, and cloud tech. The pay is pretty sweet too, ranging from $95,000 to $130,000 a year, depending on your skills and experience.

As one expert puts it, these aren't just IT nerds; they're the folks making digital learning possible and prepping students for the jobs of tomorrow. With all the cool tech like IoT, AI, and VR hitting classrooms, Network Architects are looking at a bright future in Bakersfield's schools.

It's an awesome career path for tech-loving individuals who want to make a real difference in education. Plus, with the field evolving so fast, there's always something new to learn, keeping the job exciting and challenging in all the right ways.

9. Mobile Applications Developer at Bitwise Industries


At Bitwise Industries in Bakersfield, Mobile Applications Developers are at the forefront of tech innovation. These pros craft the apps we use daily, working with iOS and Android platforms.

According to recent job descriptions, they're not just coders - they're problem solvers and innovators.

They collaborate with teams to bring app ideas to life, write clean code that won't give future developers headaches, and make sure the apps run smoothly and look great.

To rock this role in 2024, you need some serious skills.

A computer science degree is cool, but what really counts is your ability to code like a boss in languages such as Swift, Kotlin, or React Native. You've got to be comfortable with Git for version control and know your way around APIs.

The pay is getting better too.

In 2024, Mobile App Developers in Bakersfield could be looking at $95,000 to $120,000 a year. That's a sweet 15% bump from last year! Everyone wants mobile solutions these days, and Bitwise is riding that wave.

Bitwise is all about tech education and development, and they're seriously ramping up their mobile dev team in Bakersfield.

They've posted 30% more job openings for mobile developers compared to last year. It's not just a job - it's a chance to shape how people use tech every day.

Looking ahead, the future's bright for Mobile App Developers.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says this field is growing way faster than average. Bitwise is always on the lookout for fresh talent, and with Bakersfield's tech scene blowing up, there's room to grow into cool areas like AR/VR or IoT. If you're into creating the next big app that everyone's talking about, this could be your chance to make it happen in Bakersfield.

10. UX/UI Designer at Dignity Health


At Dignity Health in Bakersfield, UX/UI Designers are seriously shaking things up in healthcare tech. These creative minds are all about making digital health solutions that actually make sense for patients and staff.

In 2024, they're not just designing pretty interfaces; they're building personalized user journeys that set Dignity Health apart from the competition.

Their job is way more than just making things look good - it's about understanding what users really need and making it happen. Key responsibilities now include conducting in-depth user research, creating wireframes that tell a story, and working closely with different teams to make sure everything clicks.

They're also big on accessibility, making sure everyone can use these digital tools easily. To rock this job, you need to be a pro with design software like Adobe XD or Figma, have a solid grasp of coding basics, and really get the whole healthcare regulations thing.

But it's not just about tech skills - being able to communicate well and put yourself in users' shoes is huge. The coolest part? UX/UI Designers at places like Dignity Health can make between $85,000 to $120,000 a year, which is pretty sweet for Bakersfield.

Plus, the demand for these roles is expected to jump by 13% in just a couple of years. It's a field that's growing fast and pays well. As healthcare keeps going digital, UX/UI Designers at Dignity Health are becoming super important.

They're not just making apps and websites; they're changing how people experience healthcare.

It's a chance to do something that really matters, all while working with cutting-edge tech. If you're into design and want to make a real difference, this could be your calling.

Conclusion: Preparing for a High-Paying Tech Career in Bakersfield


As we wrap up our look at Bakersfield's top-paying tech jobs in 2024, it's clear the city's tech scene is on the rise. While many roles need a college degree, there's a growing emphasis on practical skills and certifications.

To get ready for these high-paying jobs, consider these steps:

  1. Get a relevant degree. Obtaining education and credentials can significantly affect your salary and job prospects.
  2. Earn key certifications. Certifications in in-demand areas like cloud computing and cybersecurity can make a big difference.
  3. Gain hands-on experience. Internships, bootcamps, and personal projects are great ways to get practical experience.
  4. Network like crazy. Participating in local tech events can open doors to new opportunities.

The tech job market in Bakersfield is set to grow faster than the national average, especially in software development, data science, and cybersecurity.

This growth is driven by Bakersfield's evolving industries, particularly in ag-tech and renewable energy.

To stay competitive, focus on mastering in-demand skills like Python, Java, data analysis tools, and cloud computing platforms.

Also, keep an eye on emerging tech like AI and blockchain. Interestingly, tech hubs are booming across the US, offering exciting careers and great places to live.

While Bakersfield might not top the list, it's making strides.

For instance, the average salary for Data Scientists in Bakersfield is competitive, making it an attractive option.

To boost your chances, consider participating in local events, meetups, and conferences tailored for tech professionals.

These networking opportunities can be game-changers.

With the right skills and attitude, you can definitely find rewarding tech careers right here in Bakersfield.

And if you're looking to level up your skills quickly, check out Nucamp's Full Stack Web + Mobile Development bootcamp - it's a great way to get job-ready in just 22 weeks!

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the highest paying tech jobs in Bakersfield in 2024?

Some of the highest paying tech jobs in Bakersfield in 2024 include Software Development Manager at Wonderful Citrus, IT Director at Adventist Health Bakersfield, Data Scientist at Grimmway Farms, Cloud Engineer at Kaiser Permanente, and Solutions Architect at Aera Energy.

What qualifications are needed for top tech jobs in Bakersfield?

Qualifications for top tech jobs in Bakersfield often include a bachelor's or master’s degree in Computer Science or a related field, years of relevant experience, and certifications such as PMP, Prince2, CISSP, or CISM. Specific job roles may also require proficiency in programming languages, cloud platforms, machine learning, and relevant tools.

How is Bakersfield's tech job market growing?

Bakersfield's tech job market is growing rapidly, with a 12% growth rate. Tech jobs now represent 15% of the workforce, and there has been an 8% increase in median household income since last year. Jobs in cybersecurity, AI, and cloud computing are particularly in demand.

What is the salary range for tech jobs in Bakersfield?

In 2024, salaries for top tech jobs in Bakersfield vary widely based on role and experience. For example, Software Development Managers can earn between $120,000 and $165,000 annually, with high achievers potentially reaching $200,000. Cloud Engineers can earn between $144,300 and $186,670 per year, while Data Scientists might earn around $157,000 annually.

How can I prepare for a high-paying tech job in Bakersfield?

To prepare for a high-paying tech job in Bakersfield, get a relevant degree, earn industry-recognized certifications (like those in cloud computing and cybersecurity), gain hands-on experience through internships or bootcamps, and actively network through local tech events. Programs like Nucamp's coding bootcamps can help quickly develop the necessary skills.

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