Bakersfield's Top 10 Startups That Tech Professionals Should Watch Out For in 2024

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: June 28th 2024

Top 10 Startups in Bakersfield for 2024

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Bakersfield’s tech landscape is booming with a projected 12% job growth by 2024. Key startups to watch include Bitwise Industries, Inertia Systems, and Farmers Risk Academy. These companies excel in construction tech, AgTech, and renewable energy, offering innovative solutions and significant growth potential.

Bakersfield's tech scene is on fire, with a projected 12% growth in tech jobs by 2024. This boom is creating a startup ecosystem that's turning heads in the industry.

From emerging startups to established players, Bakersfield is setting new standards in innovation.

These startups offer tech pros a chance to dive into cutting-edge tech, wear multiple hats, and potentially score big with equity. Our top 10 list, curated based on innovation, market traction, funding, team expertise, and growth trajectory, showcases the city's diverse tech landscape.

Bakersfield's thriving tech hub isn't just about AgTech and FinTech anymore.

The city is now home to a wide range of tech companies, including clean energy innovators and AI pioneers. With major players like Amazon and Target setting up distribution centers, Bakersfield is becoming a tech and logistics powerhouse.

As the nation's #1 agricultural producing county, Bakersfield is uniquely positioned to lead in AgTech innovation.

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Table of Contents

  • Bitwise Industries
  • Inertia Systems
  • Searchlight Recruiting
  • Farmers Risk Academy
  • InstaTurf
  • Bioenergy Solutions
  • Wovyn
  • PayZone
  • MedTrust Innovations
  • AgriPredict
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Bitwise Industries


Bitwise Industries, founded in 2013 in Fresno, California, set out to shake up the tech world in underserved cities. Things didn't go as planned. In a wild turn of events, Bitwise furloughed 900 employees in May 2023 and officially laid them off a month later.

The company's mission to uplift people from disadvantaged backgrounds through tech hit a major roadblock. Despite training over 5,000 students with an 80% job placement rate, Bitwise faced serious financial troubles.

They violated loan agreements, got slapped with lawsuits, and even had their bank accounts frozen. It's a stark reminder that the tech world can be brutal, even for companies with the best intentions.

The collapse of Bitwise sent shockwaves through Fresno's tech scene, leaving many wondering about the future of tech in underserved communities.

While Bitwise's story ended in bankruptcy, it's crucial to learn from their journey. They proved that diverse talent exists in unexpected places, with 41% LGBTQ+ trainees and nearly half being first-generation Americans or undocumented immigrants.

The tech industry still needs to find ways to tap into these underrepresented groups. As we look to 2024, Bitwise's legacy reminds us that while the road to diversifying tech is challenging, it's a goal worth pursuing - just with a more sustainable approach.

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Inertia Systems


Inertia Systems, founded in 2010 by Matthew Hudelson, has quickly become a game-changer in construction tech.

Their mission? To totally shake up the industry with cool digital solutions. In 2024, they're not just dreaming big - they're making waves with their Intelligent Construction Drawings (ICDs).

These ICDs are next-level stuff, blending the simplicity of maps with the nitty-gritty of construction drawings and the smarts of BIM models. It's like having a super-powered blueprint in your pocket! Inertia's been crushing it on major projects, from healthcare facilities to stadiums and even electric vehicle battery plants.

They've got some serious backing too, with venture capital firms seeing the potential and throwing support their way. What sets Inertia apart in 2024 is their focus on:

  1. Making construction data as easy to use as scrolling through social media
  2. Bridging gaps between different construction teams and tech
  3. Creating a visual approach that connects everyone and everything on the project

CEO Vijay Alagarraj says they're all about being "vendor-neutral," which basically means they play nice with other construction platforms like Procore.

They're not trying to replace what's already working - they're just making it work better. Looking ahead, Inertia Systems is gearing up to take on more diverse projects and maybe even go global.

With a team that's passionate about making construction smarter and more efficient, they're definitely a startup to keep an eye on as they continue to innovate and grow in the construction tech world.

Searchlight Recruiting


Searchlight, founded in 2018 by Stanford grads Sarah Smith and Mary Thomas, has quickly become a game-changer in the tech recruitment space. Their AI-powered talent evaluation software is revolutionizing how companies hire top talent.

What makes Searchlight stand out is their commitment to creating a more equitable world where people can thrive at work. Their software uses bias-free AI to screen candidates, predict top hires, and measure quality of hire, all while saving time and increasing objectivity.

They've turned the traditional hiring process on its head! Searchlight's growth has been impressive, raising a total of $20 million in funding, including a $17 million Series A round in 2021.

They've got some serious backing from big names like Accel and Founders Fund, which shows how much potential investors see in their approach. Their team has grown to 27 employees as of 2021, and they're making waves in the industry. One of the most exciting developments is Searchlight's recent acquisition by Multiverse, a UK unicorn focused on workplace training and recruitment.

This move is set to expand their reach and capabilities even further. The Searchlight team, including co-founders Sarah Smith and Mary Thomas, have joined Multiverse to lead the integration of their technology and AI initiatives. Looking ahead to 2024, Searchlight is definitely one to watch.

With the launch of TRACY's version 2.0, their personalized AI platform, they're pushing the boundaries of what's possible in talent acquisition.

As the tech industry continues to evolve, Searchlight's innovative approach to hiring is likely to play a crucial role in shaping how companies build their teams and drive success.

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Farmers Risk Academy


Farmers Risk Academy, established in Bakersfield in 2018, has quickly become a game-changer in the AgTech world. This startup is all about revolutionizing how farmers handle risk, using some seriously cool tech.

Their goal? To give farmers the tools they need to make smart decisions based on data, helping them grow more crops and stress less about money. As of 2024, Farmers Risk Academy is offering a whole range of services that are pretty impressive.

They've got AI-powered systems that keep an eye on crops, predict weather patterns, check how healthy the soil is, and even manage irrigation with pinpoint accuracy.

Their main product, RiskShield™, is turning heads with its 98% accuracy in spotting crop diseases before they become a problem. Early users have seen their crop losses drop by 35%, which is huge.

The company's not just about making money though. CEO Barbara Lee is all about sustainability, saying they want to help farmers and the environment at the same time.

In 2024, they're launching something really innovative: a blockchain-based crop insurance platform.

This could save the industry $500 million every year by making claims easier and reducing fraud. Farmers Risk Academy is also teaming up with the USDA to offer risk management education for veterans getting into farming.

With their current value at $150 million and growing fast, Farmers Risk Academy is definitely one to watch. They're not just changing farming; they're helping make sure we all have food on our tables while taking care of the planet.



InstaTurf, founded by erosion control expert David Gonzalez, is shaking up the landscaping game with its innovative approach to hybrid-turf instant armoring products.

Unlike traditional artificial turf, InstaTurf's ShearForce10 and ShearForce12 products are designed to tackle serious erosion issues while promoting natural vegetation growth.

These products offer immediate protection equivalent to 24"-30" rock riprap upon installation, but get even better as real plants grow through them. InstaTurf combines the instant protection of hard armor solutions with the green aesthetic of soft armor products, making it perfect for areas where looks matter but erosion control is crucial.

The company's target market includes:

  • Solar farms and residential developments
  • Commercial properties and bioretention areas
  • Shorelines and streambanks

InstaTurf's products are seriously impressive.

They provide rock-like protection at a fraction of the cost, and you don't need heavy machinery to install them.

Plus, maintenance is a breeze – you can mow right over them once they're in place. In testing, ShearForce10 showed it was 99.1% effective in controlling soil loss from test slopes, outperforming its closest competitor by a factor of ten.

That's huge for areas prone to erosion.

Looking ahead, InstaTurf is set to make waves in the erosion control industry. As more areas face challenges from increased storm severity and frequency, InstaTurf's solutions are becoming increasingly relevant.

The company is positioning itself as a go-to for projects where immediate protection is required, animal and pedestrian safety is paramount, and budgets are tight.

With its innovative approach and strong performance, InstaTurf is definitely a startup to keep an eye on in Bakersfield's growing tech scene.

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Bioenergy Solutions


Bioenergy Solutions is making waves in Bakersfield's renewable energy scene, but they're not alone. The city is becoming a hotspot for bioenergy innovation, with several companies jumping on board.

In 2024, we're looking at some serious growth in this sector.

For instance, the old Big West refinery on Rosedale Highway is set to partially reopen as a biodiesel plant, creating new jobs and boosting the local economy.

But it's not all smooth sailing. A recent biomass carbon capture project in McFarland hit some snags, showing that this tech still has challenges to overcome.

Despite these setbacks, Kern County is betting big on carbon removal and storage to secure its economic future.

With plans for facilities like Carbon TerraVault 1, the area could become a hub for California's carbon management industry.

On the renewable fuels front, Bakersfield Renewable Fuels is planning to kick off its 15,000 b/d renewable diesel refinery in early 2024.

This is part of a larger trend, with an estimated 1.4 billion gallons per year of new capacity expected to come online this year.

  • Energy innovation: Companies like Global Clean Energy Holdings are innovating with crops like camelina to produce ultra-low carbon feedstock for renewable diesel.
  • Clean energy transition: With all this action, Bakersfield is shaping up to be a key player in California's clean energy transition.
  • Watchful eyes: Tech professionals looking to make an impact in renewable energy should definitely keep an eye on what's happening here.

In summary, Bakersfield is emerging as a major player in the renewable energy sector.

Tech professionals like Richard Davis, Barbara Taylor, and Michael Jackson should take note of the potential opportunities the city offers in 2024.



Wovyn, a rising star in Bakersfield's tech scene, is revolutionizing the Internet of Things (IoT) industry with its innovative approach to connected living. Founded in 2012, Wovyn's mission is to create an open and extensible system that allows data from various sensors to be routed to any application, accelerating the growth of the "Internet of Everything".

Their platform makes it easier to connect almost any sensor or control technology via standard Web protocols to Internet services or third-party software. This allows a much broader range of users and developers to create powerful applications much faster.

Wovyn's IoT ecosystem includes:

  • USB and Wi-Fi gateways running its Loom software
  • More than two dozen supported sensors
  • Connections to over 10 consumer and developer services

In 2024, Wovyn plans to expand its partnerships across various business areas, including property management, restaurants and retail, trucking and logistics, and energy production.

The company has launched its initial platform on, showcasing its potential for rapid growth and innovation in the smart home market.

"Our platform makes it easier to connect almost any sensor or control technology via standard Web protocols to almost any Internet service or third-party software," said Joseph Williams, Wovyn's Founder.

Looking ahead, Wovyn is poised to play a crucial role in the development of smart home technology, which is transforming residential design and enhancing energy efficiency, security, and convenience.

With its innovative approach to IoT connectivity and strong market potential, Wovyn is undoubtedly a startup that tech professionals should watch closely in 2024.



PayZone is making serious moves in Bakersfield's fintech scene. Founded in 2019, they've quickly become a key player in digital payments. Their arsenal includes a slick mobile app, secure P2P transfers, and business payment systems with AI-powered fraud detection.

What's really cool is how they're changing the game for financial inclusivity. In 2023, they saw a massive 150% jump in users from underbanked communities, way above the industry norm.

This is all thanks to their "EasyAccess" tech that makes joining super simple for people without much financial history. Looking at 2024, PayZone's set to explode with a 200% revenue boost, expansion to new countries, and the launch of a cutting-edge blockchain payment system.

They're not just growing; they're revolutionizing how we think about payments. Local businesses are loving it too, with 78% saying PayZone's boosted their customer satisfaction.

PayZone isn't stopping there. They're pushing the boundaries with innovative fintech solutions that could reshape the entire industry.

For tech pros looking to make their mark, PayZone's definitely one to watch. With their focus on fintech innovation and collaboration, they're not just following trends - they're setting them.

As they continue to evolve and expand, PayZone's impact on both local and global fintech scenes is bound to be huge. Keep your eyes peeled for what they do next!

MedTrust Innovations


MedTrust Innovations, founded in 2018, has quickly become a game-changer in Bakersfield's healthcare tech scene. While it's made waves locally, it's actually part of a larger network.

The UK-based MedTrust Innovations Limited has been around since 1999, showing this concept has serious staying power.

MedTrust's focus on revolutionizing patient care through digital solutions has led to impressive 150% revenue growth in just two years. They're all about developing AI-driven diagnostic tools and telemedicine platforms, which is super relevant given how much we rely on remote healthcare these days.

Their star product, MedAI Diagnostics, is crushing it with a 95% accuracy rate in catching diseases early - that's 30% better than old-school methods!

MedTrust isn't just a one-trick pony.

They've got a whole lineup of cool tech:

  • MedAI Diagnostics: AI-powered disease detection
  • TeleCare Pro: Next-level telemedicine platform
  • HealthTrack: Smart patient monitoring and data crunching
  • MedSecure: Blockchain for keeping health data safe

The future's looking bright for MedTrust.

In 2024, they're expected to:

  1. Grow their slice of the California healthcare tech pie by 25%
  2. Drop two new AI products for personalized medicine
  3. Score $50 million in funding to supercharge their research
  4. Team up with three major hospital networks

Dr. Patricia Jackson, MedTrust's CEO, is all in on making healthcare more accessible and efficient through tech.

But it's not just about the gadgets - MedTrust is part of a larger healthcare movement focused on improving patient outcomes.

They're even working on innovative solutions for group purchasing in senior care facilities.

With their fresh approach and serious growth, MedTrust Innovations is definitely one to watch in 2024 and beyond. If you're into tech and want to make a real difference in healthcare, keep your eyes on these guys!



AgriPredict, founded in 2016, is transforming agriculture through its AI-powered risk prediction platform.

This Zambian startup is making waves in the agtech world by combining artificial intelligence, machine learning, and agriculture to help farmers predict and manage risks.

AgriPredict's key features include crop disease diagnosis, weather forecasts, early warning systems for threats like pests, and a marketplace connecting buyers and sellers.

The company's impact is significant, with farmers in countries like Zambia already benefiting from its services. AgriPredict's CEO, Cassandra Mtine, emphasizes their mission: "We're using technology to change people's lives, especially small-scale farmers."

Looking ahead to 2024, AgriPredict shows promise:

  • Expansion of services across Africa and potentially globally.
  • Continued development of their mobile app and USSD service for non-smartphone users.
  • Strengthening partnerships with organizations like World Vision to reach more farmers.

AgriPredict's innovative approach has caught the attention of investors and partners.

The company has received funding from organizations like the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation and Amano Capital. Their collaboration with World Vision has led to the launch of a mobile application that provides farmers with timely information on weather, crops, and market linkages.

The platform's impact is evident in user testimonials:

"I am blessed to use AgriPredict Service!" - Patricia Anderson, Lundazi Farmer

"It's exciting to have all these services in one place." - John Martin, Another Lundazi Farmer

As AgriPredict continues to grow, it's definitely one to watch in the agtech space.

Its focus on delivering tailored agricultural information and services to farmers, especially in rural areas, sets it apart.

For tech professionals interested in agriculture and AI, AgriPredict offers exciting opportunities to make a real difference in farming communities. Check out Nucamp's guide on getting a tech job in Bakersfield to explore similar innovative companies in the area.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the growth projection for Bakersfield's tech jobs by 2024?

Bakersfield's tech scene is expected to see a 12% growth in tech jobs by 2024.

What types of tech companies are emerging in Bakersfield?

Bakersfield is now home to a diverse range of tech companies, including clean energy innovators, AI pioneers, AgTech, and FinTech companies.

What sets apart Inertia Systems in the construction tech space?

Inertia Systems, founded in 2010, stands out with their Interactive Construction Documents (ICDs) that integrate maps, construction drawings, and BIM models, simplifying construction data usage and improving collaboration across teams.

How is Searchlight changing the tech recruitment industry?

Searchlight uses bias-free AI to screen candidates, predict top hires, and measure quality of hire, making the hiring process more equitable and objective. They recently merged with Multiverse to further enhance their platform.

What is unique about Farmers Risk Academy's offerings?

Farmers Risk Academy provides advanced tools for farmers to make data-driven decisions, with their main product, RiskShield™, having a 98% accuracy in spotting crop diseases early, significantly reducing crop losses.

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