How Alex Ignited His Will To Learn To Code

By Samantha Anderson

Last Updated: February 8th 2023

Sometimes your passion is laying dormant and it just takes the right circumstances to spark so you can see it.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to transition from a completely different industry into tech?

It usually starts with a small curiosity that grows until you can’t ignore it any longer.

If you're considering a career change, you probably started off just like our recent graduate Alex Bowman.

Ask yourself, what was the moment of inspiration that sparked your desire to make a change?

For Alex the world of video games was his inspiration and it had always been a source of excitement.

Alex and his friends would spend their time together building their own games.

They needed to know a bit of coding, but this was only something they did for fun.

At the time, Alex was a baggage handler and viewed coding as only a hobby.

However, that all changed when Alex’s grandmother lost her income.

This was the spark that ignited his love for coding and set him on the path to make a difference for himself and his family.

With the help of his friends, Alex looked into career options and recognized that the technical skills required for game development were way beyond what he had picked up so far on his own.

He investigated coding bootcamps to avoid years of traditional schooling while still gaining accountability and support.

Alex chose Nucamp because of the Complete Software Engineering Path’s curriculum and the program’s flexibility.

“The bootcamp format was right in between traditional schooling and self-taught. School would take too long, and a self-taught route doesn’t have accountability. I thought I might fall off the program if I was on my own. The bootcamp gave me the right amount of flexibility with accountability.”

As he progressed through the bootcamp, Alex discovered a world of possibilities and the satisfaction that came with each new concept he learned.

He was surrounded by instructors who were dedicated to helping him succeed, and a community of students who brought a unique perspective to the learning experience.

Like the sound of a symphony coming together, the bootcamp allowed Alex to find the perfect balance of flexibility and accountability he needed to stay on track and achieve his goal.

At times, Alex faced moments of doubt, but he never let them hold him back.

When he found himself behind, he doubled down on his work and leaned on his Nucamp support network.

“The instructors left a great impression on me, they were really great, all of them. They always did what was necessary to help us solve our problems.”

After the back end course Alex knew that is what he wanted to specialize in.

A friend of his offered an amazing opportunity for Alex to help her with a project her company was building.

With the sweet taste of victory, Alex's hard work paid off when that experience landed him an offer to contract with the company.

Through his journey, Alex discovered a newfound confidence in himself and his abilities.

He realized that with enough time and dedication, nothing is impossible.

Alex is using his contractor position to build up his resume so he can level up his career and begin applying for his next role.

Alex's advice for those considering a coding bootcamp is simple: if you need structure and support, a bootcamp is the way to go.

Alex's journey from video games to tech is a reminder that with hard work and the right support system, anything is possible.


Samantha Anderson

Marketing Manager

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