This Nucamp Instructor Combines Her Multiple Passions Into One Career

By Samantha Anderson

Last Updated: September 12th 2023

Bootcamp instructor continues her career after facing life-threatening disease

How Adversity And Perseverance Shaped Natalie’s Unique Path In Tech Education

There are many paths to take to become a software developer.

There are also many avenues to take in your career once you have software development skills.

Nucamp instructor, Natalie Childs, found this out firsthand.

She had to put her creativity and problem-solving skills to the test when adversity blocked the career path she had dedicated years of her life to.

But to start from the beginning, Natalie first got into programming when she was a teenager.

She enjoyed it so much that she devoted her summers to teaching herself all she could about coding.

As much as Natalie enjoyed making projects, she equally loved sharing what she discovered with friends.

Without even realizing it, as a teen Natalie had planted the seeds of a strong passion for teaching.

She loved seeing others get just as excited about the possibilities of building with code.

After high school, Natalie went on to earn a computer science degree and worked as a developer throughout college.

After graduating she completed an internship and landed a software development role at a start-up.

Throughout the beginning of her career, Natalie enjoyed the collaborative side of development most.

Unfortunately, the nature of her specific roles left her wanting more human interaction throughout her day.

Then the unthinkable happened.

Natalie’s health forced her out of her full-time job as a software developer.

Diagnosed with Chronic Mono, she was left bedridden for about a year.

While her employer was flexible with her and she had the ability to work remotely when her energy levels allowed, her symptoms got the best of her.

It wasn’t possible to focus on both her health and a full-time career.

So Natalie made the difficult decision to leave her job to take care of herself.

After being out of the workforce for some time, Natalie worried she wouldn’t be able to work again since she didn't have the stamina to work the hours most tech jobs require.

That thought didn’t last long though!

Natalie being a natural problem solver, tasked herself with helping her brother look for a programming role.

During the search, she came across an opening for Nucamp coding bootcamp instructors.

It was the perfect opportunity for her: part-time, good pay, and an opportunity to teach others about what she was most passionate about.

At the start of 2020, Natalie taught her first class and absolutely loved it.

She was thrilled about all aspects of being a coding instructor.

Natalie was able to take care of her health, teach others programming, and was able to get more human connection in her career than she previously ever had.

Looking back Natalie realized teaching others how to code was her ultimate passion all along.

Natalie specializes in React; focusing on teaching Nucamp’s React course and working on her own projects with it as well.

When asked what her favorite project was, Natalie said with a smirk that it’s always her most recent one.

Her latest project was a calculator for the Star Wars board game Imperial Assault, which involves a lot of mental calculations within the game.

Natalie embodies the essence of the ever-evolving tech industry.

Switching career paths is a journey that demands perseverance, patience, and a willingness to embrace challenges.

What is your teaching philosophy?

“My classes are not just about code; they're also about using metaphors to simplify complex concepts. I’m a firm believer in making things visual, giving students more familiar examples to grasp the intricacies of coding. I also believe that learning involves a degree of discomfort. Like a puzzle that initially baffles, coding challenges are meant to be frustrating. It's in those moments of struggle and perseverance that true understanding is created. As a bootcamp instructor, I focus on preparing her students for these challenges, guiding them toward solutions instead of handing them the answers. It's the journey of self-discovery that truly matters.” - Natalie Childs, Nucamp Instructor

What makes a great bootcamp instructor?

“A great bootcamp instructor needs the ability to lead with patience and be willing to handle frustration from students as they get through the learning process. You have to be willing to slow down to listen and help.” - Natalie Childs, Nucamp Instructor

What is one piece of advice you would give bootcamp students (future or current)?

“Learning programming is not a spectator sport. It's not about memorizing facts or watching tutorials. It's about rolling up your sleeves, diving in, and writing code. It's about spending those countless hours dancing clumsily with code as a novice until you find your rhythm.” - Natalie Childs, Nucamp Instructor

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