Top 10 Top London Tech Companies Hiring Developers Now

By Ludo Fourrage

Last Updated: April 9th 2024

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London's tech hub is thriving with a $1 trillion tech scene. Fintech shines globally, creating unicorns like Revolut and ASOS. London boasts over 300,000 developers. Top companies hiring include Revolut, DeepMind, Deliveroo, ASOS, Babylon Health, Improbable, Monzo, Wise (TransferWise), and Graphcore, fueling tech innovation.

London's killin' it as Europe's top tech hub, and that's no surprise considering its history of being innovative AF and bridging the gap between Eastern and Western tech markets, as Entrepreneur pointed out.

With a tech scene valued at a staggering $1 trillion, the city's lit ecosystem is home to a diverse range of sectors, from fintech to edtech, according to Robert Half.

The fintech sector is crushing it on a global scale, fostering innovation and attracting mad investments. This thriving environment has given birth to numerous high-growth companies, cementing the UK's position as third globally in producing unicorns, like Revolut and ASOS. The tech sector's massive contribution to the economy, raking in around £149 billion annually, just proves how crucial it is.

And with over 300,000 developers, as reported by Hackajob, London's tech industry is a breeding ground for talent, offering endless opportunities for innovation and career growth.

The city's sustained growth and the digital transformation of industries highlight the expanding horizon for tech professionals, making London not just a workplace but a dynamic landscape to shape the future of technology.

Table of Contents

  • Methodology Behind the List
  • Revolut
  • DeepMind
  • Deliveroo
  • ASOS
  • Babylon Health
  • Improbable
  • Monzo
  • TransferWise (now Wise)
  • Graphcore
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Methodology Behind the List


So, I'm here to break down how we compiled this list of the Top 10 London Tech Companies Hiring Developers Now. We didn't just wing it. We put in the work to make sure these companies are legit and have a bright future ahead.

First off, we looked at company growth.

We checked out financial reports and data from sites like Crunchbase and Tech Nation to see how their revenue, employee count, and funding rounds are doing. If a company is blowing up, it's a good sign.

Next up, innovation.

We checked out their patent filings, new product launches, and any tech awards they've won. Spots like Wired UK and the British Computer Society are always highlighting the cutting-edge stuff.

But it's not just about the numbers and tech.

We also looked at their impact on the London tech scene. We scoped out social media buzz, customer reviews on sites like Trustpilot, and coverage from major publications like The Guardian and Financial Times.

We even looked at the UK Tech Competitiveness Study to get a bigger picture of what's going on in the UK tech sector.

Of course, we hit up job boards like CWJobs and Stack Overflow to see what developers are in demand and what tech these companies are working with.

We even checked out tips from Flinder on how to hire and keep top talent.

And we didn't just look at their commercial success.

We also considered how these companies are shaping the future of tech in London and beyond. We even looked at the Tech Cities report to see how they're making London a hot spot for tech professionals worldwide.

As one industry analyst put it, "The true measure of a tech company's worth isn't just in its commercial success, but in how it innovates and impacts the wider ecosystem."

So, there you have it.

We did our homework to make sure this list is on point. These companies are killing it, and they're shaping the future of tech in London and beyond.

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Have you heard of Revolut? This fintech startup is killing it. Founded in 2015, they've already got over 35 million customers across 38 countries.

Talk about growth! They're on a mission to shake up the finance game, and they need some tech wizards to join the squad.

Devs! Revolut is hiring like crazy, and they've got a ton of dope roles up for grabs.

Whether you're a:

  • Frontend pro, slaying those user interfaces
  • Backend beast, handling servers and databases
  • Full Stack juggernaut, doing it all
  • Mobile magician, crafting slick apps for iOS and Android
  • Data Scientist, crunching numbers like a boss

Revolut's got a spot for you! They're building a killer tech team to drive their fintech revolution.

If you land a gig at Revolut, you'll be part of a fast-paced, innovative crew.

They've got 304 open positions, and they're offering sweet perks like competitive pay, equity options, and the freedom to work from anywhere.

Plus, you'll get to learn and grow while working with cutting-edge tech that impacts millions worldwide.

Revolut's all about making a real difference in people's lives, and they're looking for trailblazers who share that vision.

According to their recruitment page, they're big on inclusivity and solving problems head-on.

If you want to leave your mark on the fintech world, Revolut is the place to be!



Have you heard of DeepMind? It's this AI company founded in London back in 2010. These days, they're owned by Alphabet Inc. (the Google parent company).

Their whole deal is merging cutting-edge tech with serious brainpower to solve some of society's biggest challenges. They've set this goal of cracking the code of intelligence itself and using it to make the world a better place.

They're focusing on areas like healthcare, energy efficiency, and more.

They created AlphaGo, an AI system that beat a world champion at Go, which is like the most complex board game ever.

That achievement alone showed how AI can tackle insanely intricate problems. DeepMind is all about pushing the boundaries of human knowledge through AI. Just check out their massive research portfolio.

They've got projects like AlphaFold, which is revolutionizing protein folding analysis, and AI systems that can diagnose eye diseases as well as human experts.

But it's not just about the tech – they're also super focused on AI safety, ethics, and considering the broader impacts of their work.

By tackling issues in healthcare and environmental sustainability, they're using AI to do some serious good in the world, like reducing energy consumption and helping us understand natural intelligence better.

If you're a developer or AI researcher, working at DeepMind would be a sweet gig.

You'd get to contribute to cutting-edge projects that bridge the gap between theoretical research and real-world applications. They've got openings for AI Research Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, and more, so it's a prime opportunity for anyone who wants to push the boundaries of AI and machine learning.

The culture at DeepMind is all about innovation, learning, and using tech to tackle global issues. With offices in London and other research centers around the world, DeepMind has a global presence, which just shows how far-reaching their vision and influence is in the AI space.

If you're passionate about using AI to make the world a better place, DeepMind could be your dream workplace.

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I'm about to lay down some dope info on Deliveroo, the food delivery game-changer that's been shaking up the scene since 2013.

This bad boy was founded by Will Shu, an ex-banker who said "peace out" to the corporate grind and decided to revolutionize how we get our munch on.

What started as a mission to bring top-notch eats to your doorstep faster than you can say "hangry" has now blown up into a global powerhouse.

We're talking connections with over 140,000 restaurants and groceries, all at your fingertips through their slick digital platform. They've got some serious tech wizardry going on behind the scenes.

These guys are rocking AI, machine learning, and their own custom algorithm called Frank, which is like a crystal ball that predicts order times, maps out the most efficient delivery routes, and even personalizes your experience.

Talk about next-level service!

Deliveroo keeps expanding their tech infrastructure like it's nobody's business, creating a smorgasbord of dev roles for code ninjas like you.

From full-stack devs to data scientists, they've got openings galore to keep their innovation machine firing on all cylinders.

Now, let's talk tech stack, 'cause that's what really gets you tech nerds all hot and bothered:

  • Backend Wizardry: Python and Ruby for server-side logic, keeping the whole shebang running smoothly.
  • Frontend Finesse: React and Redux for crafting user interfaces that'll make your eyes pop.
  • Data Domination: SQL, NoSQL for data storage, and Spark for large-scale data processing, giving them all the juicy insights they need to stay ahead of the game.
  • Infrastructure Insanity: AWS for scalable cloud services and Docker containers for streamlined deployment, ensuring everything runs like a well-oiled machine.

This tech stack is like a symphony of coding brilliance, and it's all in service of Deliveroo's mission to give you the ultimate delivery experience.

This place is like a breeding ground for dev talent, where you can push boundaries, innovate like a boss, and leave your mark on how the world gets its grub.

In the words of Deliveroo's CTO, Dan Winn, "Our aim is to create a cutting-edge technical environment where developers can thrive and push boundaries, impacting how food is delivered across the globe." So, if you're a dev who's all about disrupting the food delivery game and making your mark on the tech world, Deliveroo might just be your calling.



ASOS has been killin' the game since '00. What started as a humble British gig has turned into a global e-commerce beast, hooking all you young'uns up with the freshest fashion and beauty gear.

Word on the street is, by '24, they'll have a mind-blowing 30 million active customers worldwide, shipping to over 200 countries.

That's some serious reach, and it's all thanks to their sick tech game. They've got virtual fitting rooms, an AI-powered recommendation engine, and a slick mobile experience that'll make your head spin.

As one of their reps put it, "Our investment in tech powers every touchpoint with our customers." Talk about a personalized shopping spree!

For all you code slingers out there eyeing the e-commerce tech scene, ASOS is where it's at.

In '24, they'll be on the hunt for talent across the board, backed by their insane £3.93 billion revenue in '22 and heavy investments in digital innovation.

At ASOS, you'll be part of a squad that's constantly innovating the customer experience, whether it's souping up the website's responsiveness or integrating the latest AI and ML magic for personalized shopping.

Here's what they're looking for:

  • Frontend Development: React and Redux ninjas
  • Backend Development: .NET and Node.js wizards
  • Data Science and Analytics: Insightful analysis gurus
  • Machine Learning Engineering: AI innovation masterminds
  • Mobile App Development: Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS specialists
ASOS's tech stack is a prime example of their commitment to cutting-edge tech, making it an epic spot for devs to level up their skills, tackle game-changing projects, and shape the future of online retail.

Speaking of the future, ASOS's latest plan involves allocating 45% of their revenue from their UK home base, showing a solid demand for tech-driven solutions to boost growth and customer engagement both locally and globally.

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Babylon Health


Have you heard of Babylon Health? This company has been seriously shaking up the healthcare game since 2013. They're like the cool kids on the block when it comes to using AI and medical expertise to make healthcare more accessible and affordable for everyone, no matter where you live.

They've been integrating rad stuff like AI chatbots, video consultations, and predictive analytics into their healthcare model.

It's not just about fixing your current issues; they're also trying to stay ahead of the curve and anticipate any potential health problems you might face down the line.

Seriously innovative stuff, right?

But being a trailblazer isn't always easy. Babylon Health has faced some major financial struggles, which led them to go private and even file for bankruptcy in the US. They ended up selling their assets to a US company called eMed Healthcare through the bankruptcy process.

The company grew like crazy, reaching a valuation of over $4 billion when they went public in 2021.

But they ran into some issues, like relying too much on unprofitable contracts and some management hiccups. It's a tough game out there, even for the coolest kids on the block.

But here's the thing: Babylon Health's tech stack is still seriously impressive.

Their AI for symptom checking, machine learning for diagnosis refinement, and cloud computing for data storage are legit game-changers in the health tech world.

Right now, they're restructuring and focusing on their innovative tech.

If you're a developer who wants to be part of the cutting-edge health tech scene, Babylon Health might have some rad opportunities for you, like:

  1. AI Research Scientist: Develop cutting-edge AI technologies that could change the game.
  2. Mobile App Developer (iOS and Android): Design user-friendly healthcare apps that look and feel awesome.
  3. Backend Developer: Work with cloud technologies to streamline data management and keep everything running smoothly.

Working at Babylon Health gives you a chance to merge technology with healthcare, creating tools that could genuinely impact people's health around the world.

Sure, they've hit some bumps in the road, but their recent financial and structural shifts haven't dampened their pioneering spirit.

They're still focused on transforming healthcare through innovative solutions.

As the CEO says, "Our mission to place accessible, affordable health services in the hands of every person on earth underpins every project here." It's a mission-driven, tech-first vibe that continues to guide Babylon Health, even through the ups and downs.

So if you're into cutting-edge health tech and want to make a real impact, Babylon Health might be worth checking out.



What's up! Improbable is this dope tech company in London that's like, totally changing the game when it comes to gaming and simulations. Founded in 2012, they're all about making it possible to create these insane simulations on a massive scale that would've been straight-up impossible before.

Their SpatialOS platform is where the real magic happens.

It lets developers go ham on building these crazy complex virtual worlds, which is super dope for gaming, but also has tons of applications in other industries like defense, emergency response, and even urban planning.

Imagine being able to simulate real-world situations and see how things would play out – it's a total game-changer for decision-making and operational efficiency in critical situations.

But Improbable isn't just about gaming.

They're making moves in sectors like defense, energy, health, and entertainment, spreading their influence far and wide.

It's like they're everywhere, low-key taking over the world with their cutting-edge tech.

If you're a developer looking to push the limits of what's possible with spatial computing and simulations, Improbable is the place to be.

They've got roles like Software Development Engineer in SpatialOS, Spatial Simulation Designer, and 3D Graphics Programmer, where you can flex your coding muscles and work on projects that are redefining what's possible in virtual spaces.

It's not just about making games – you'll be building entire worlds that are so intricate and massive, it'll blow your mind.

Improbable's all about marrying scale, complexity, and authenticity in a way that's never been done before. They're the real MVPs of tech innovation, and if you're lucky enough to land a gig there, you'll be at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

So if you're a tech-savvy badass who wants to be part of something truly groundbreaking, check out Improbable's company profile and see what it's all about.

Trust me, you won't be disappointed.



Check it out, there's this dope fintech company called Monzo that's killing it in the London tech scene. They're like the OG digital bank! Founded in 2015, they've gone from a startup to one of the biggest digital banks in the UK, with a massive 9 million customers as of 2024.

That's some serious growth!

Their revenue jumped up by a whopping 130% in 2023, which just goes to show how tech is disrupting traditional banking. Monzo is all about using data analytics, machine learning, and cybersecurity to give their users the sickest banking experience ever.

It's like they're revolutionizing finance, one app at a time.

And they're on a hiring spree for developers! If you're into frontend (React, JavaScript), backend (Go, Python, PostgreSQL), mobile app dev (Swift for iOS, Kotlin for Android), data science, or cybersecurity, Monzo is the place to be.

Their tech environment is lit – it's all about collaboration, innovation, and solving problems like a boss.

The CEO, TS Anil, says their goal is to be the top dogs in fintech by staying agile and listening to what their customers want.

And with a valuation of 5 billion bucks after raising 430 million, and hitting profitability in March 2023, it's clear they're on the right track.

So, if you want to be part of the fintech revolution and work on some seriously dope tech that's changing the game for banking, Monzo is where it's at.

It's your chance to make a real impact on people's financial lives while flexing your coding skills!

TransferWise (now Wise)


This Wise (formerly TransferWise) is the real deal. Founded in 2011 by a couple of tech-savvy dudes, Taavet Hinrikus and Kristo Käärmann, it's gone from a small idea to a fintech powerhouse handling over £4.5 billion in transactions every month for 10 million customers.

That's some serious cash flow!

The real game-changer with Wise is their transparent, low-cost model. No more hidden fees like those shady traditional banks.

This innovation shows how fintech is the future, not just for managing your personal finances but also for tackling complex financial challenges with cutting-edge tech.

Wise, along with other fintech giants, has made London a major hub for financial technology, boosting the city's tech scene and contributing to the UK's overall economy.

Wise has saved its users a whopping £1.5 billion compared to those crazy bank fees.

That's what happens when you're dedicated to making international money transfers cheap, fair, and simple. They're true innovators in the fintech world.

If you're a developer looking to make waves in the tech-meets-finance space, Wise is where it's at.

They're always on the hunt for talented coders in areas like Frontend Development, Backend Development, Mobile App Engineering, Data Science and Analytics, and Product Management.

Their tech stack includes Java, Kotlin, and React, so you know they're all about seamless integration and enhancing user experience.

But it's not just about the tech.

Wise has a culture of transparency, autonomy, and continuous learning. They're all about innovation and excellence in fintech, as the co-founder Käärmann says, "By working at Wise, you're given the chance to make a real difference." Building money without borders - instant, convenient, transparent, and eventually free - that's their mission.

So if you want to be part of the future of finance, Wise is the place to be.



Check this out! Graphcore is this AI and machine learning company that's been shaking things up since 2016. They were founded in Bath but now they're making waves in London too.

These guys are all about pushing the limits of AI hardware to keep up with the crazy growth of data-driven apps.

At the heart of what they do is this Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU) that they built from scratch.

This beast is designed to handle the intense computations required for top-tier AI and ML like a boss. It's way more efficient and faster than your regular CPU or GPU, giving AI systems the power to crunch insane amounts of data, solve complex problems, and make groundbreaking scientific discoveries.

Graphcore's IPU is being used in a wide range of industries and applications, so it's kind of a big deal.

Graphcore is also all about nurturing talent, especially when it comes to hardware-software integration.

If you're into hardware engineering and software design, their developer roles are where it's at. You could be working on software that unleashes the IPU's full potential or even designing the next generation of IPUs.

It's like being at the intersection of hardware and software, pushing the boundaries of what's possible with AI and ML tech. The goal? To make AI accessible to everyone and amplify human potential, as you can see from their founding story and investors.

If you're pumped about being part of the AI revolution and want to be a trailblazer in this tech renaissance, Graphcore is the place to be.

They've got a culture that values creativity, teamwork, and technical skills – which means you'll be surrounded by other like-minded geeks who are just as stoked about this stuff as you are.

And if you're looking to level up your tech game, check out the Cybersecurity Fundamentals bootcamp at Nucamp.

It'll give you the skills to land a killer job at places like Graphcore and be part of the future of computing.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is London considered a top tech hub in Europe?

London is considered a top tech hub due to its historical innovations, its bridge between Eastern and Western tech markets, and its vibrant tech scene valued at $1 trillion.

What are the key sectors in London's tech ecosystem?

London's tech ecosystem comprises diverse sectors such as fintech and edtech, with the fintech sector excelling globally and contributing significantly to the economy.

What was the methodology used to compile the list of Top 10 London Tech Companies Hiring Developers Now?

The methodology included factors like company growth rate, innovation in technology, and impact on the tech scene in London. Data was sourced from financial reports, industry analyses, patent filings, social media buzz, and job boards.

What job opportunities are available for developers at Revolut?

Revolut offers diverse roles for developers including Frontend Developers, Backend Developers, Full Stack Developers, Mobile Developers, and Data Scientists.

What are some key technologies used at Deliveroo and ASOS in their tech stacks?

Deliveroo's tech stack includes Python, Ruby, React, Redux, SQL, NoSQL, Spark, and AWS. ASOS uses React, Node.js, .NET, Kotlin, and Swift.

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