Which Tacoma Companies Offer High-Paying Remote Jobs?

By Ludo Fourrage

Last Updated: April 9th 2024

Map of Tacoma highlighting companies offering remote jobs

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Tacoma's job market is shifting towards remote work, with significant growth in tech, healthcare, finance, and education sectors. Companies like TrueBlue, Infoblox, and CHI Franciscan offer high-paying remote jobs. Tacoma aims for 35% remote work by 2025, emphasizing virtual communication skills and professional networks for success.

Check it out! Tacoma's job scene is going through some major changes, and remote work is where it's at. Even the state government is downsizing their office space by 30% by 2027, showing that they're all in on this telework trend.

And Tacoma's tech scene is leading the charge, with more and more remote jobs popping up. Like, even non-profits like Royal T Foundation are looking for Volunteer Social Media Managers on sites like Indeed, which is a pretty cool way to get some experience while working from home.

But it's not just tech – healthcare is also adapting, with Tacoma Community College's Nursing Program expecting a 1.7% growth from 2023-2027, probably thanks to the rise of telehealth services.

And if you're looking to get into the tech game, Nucamp Coding Bootcamp can hook you up with the skills to snag one of those sweet remote tech jobs that are paying big bucks these days.

Tacoma is really stepping up its game, not just with the low cost of living, but also by investing in programs and amenities to support this new breed of remote workers.

The city is embracing a future where remote work is the norm, and it's opening up so many opportunities across different industries. If you're down for some flexibility and innovation, Tacoma is the place to be!

Table of Contents

  • Top Tacoma Companies Offering Remote Work
  • Tacoma's Tech Scene and Remote Opportunities
  • Healthcare and Remote Work in Tacoma
  • Finance and Accounting Remote Jobs in Tacoma
  • Education and Remote Teaching Jobs in Tacoma
  • How to Find High-Paying Remote Jobs in Tacoma
  • Conclusion: The Future of Remote Work in Tacoma
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Top Tacoma Companies Offering Remote Work


Tacoma is the new hotspot for dope remote jobs that pay serious cash! With its buzzing cultural scene and sweet waterfronts, this city is becoming a magnet for high-paying gigs you can rock from home.

The surge in remote work opportunities is shaking up the local job market and signaling a major shift in how we work.

Companies like TrueBlue and Infoblox are offering fat paychecks for Tacoma locals in fields ranging from HR to network engineering.

And healthcare giants like CHI Franciscan are getting in on the action, hooking you up with telehealth and medical coding jobs you can do remotely.

Even finance bigwigs like Columbia Bank are dishing out remote banking and advisory roles, showing there's a diverse range of industries embracing this new way of working.

Peep the listings on ZipRecruiter – we're talking owner-operator truckers raking in over $65K a year, and advanced practice nurses with salaries topping $160K! Even state government is offering remote gigs paying over $80K for those who want to serve the public from their crib.

And these jobs often come with sweet perks like paid leave and health insurance, making them a total score (The News Tribune).

With so many dope opportunities across different industries, Tacoma's remote job market is lit af.

It's part of a global trend where working from anywhere is becoming the new norm – a major game-changer that's a win-win for both companies and employees!

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Tacoma's Tech Scene and Remote Opportunities


The tech scene in T-Town is straight-up leading the charge for remote work. These local companies are all about that flexible life and attracting the best talent.

The State of Washington is offering fully remote jobs with salaries over $80K per year across different departments.

They're not messing around with these telecommuting positions. And the City of Tacoma is also on that tech grind, with openings like the Digital Workplace Division Manager role in their IT Department.

Seattle is straight-up crushing it when it comes to attracting tech jobs, adding them faster than any other major U.S. city over the past five years.

That's what a GeekWire report is saying.

Companies like TrueBlue, Infoblox, and other up-and-coming tech players are posting high-paying remote gigs like Software Developer and UX Designer, with average salaries over $100K.

This rise of high-earning software dev roles and such is proof that Tacoma's job market is diverse and thriving.

Companies get that the city's growth is tied to supporting local talent by offering salaries up to $95K for specialties like data analysis and cloud architecture – and all from the comfort of your crib.

With flexible work options and investing in their people, Tacoma isn't just helping locals succeed, it's inviting tech pros from all over to join a community that values competitive pay and a dope quality of life.

Healthcare and Remote Work in Tacoma


The healthcare scene in Tacoma has been rolling with the punches, especially with remote work becoming the new norm. This shift is in line with a projected 9.6% growth in the health information management field between 2023 and 2027, according to Tacoma Community College.

Companies like Multicare Health System and CHI Franciscan are leading the charge, offering a ton of remote gigs that show how flexible the job market can be.

We're talking about everything from telemedicine to non-clinical roles like medical coding and billing, and local institutions like the UW Tacoma's School of Nursing & Healthcare Leadership are backing it up with top-notch faculty like Dr. Sharon Laing, who was honored with the Lyndon Haviland Public Health Mentoring Award.

But it's not just about working from home.

These remote roles come with competitive salaries, some starting at an average annual wage of $58,000—keeping Tacoma's economy strong. According to an HR manager from a major Tacoma-based healthcare provider, "The local industry's embrace of remote opportunities expands the talent pool and supports employees' work-life balance." This shift is putting Tacoma on the map as a city that can adapt to changing workforce dynamics like a boss.

Remote work policies have been crucial for local healthcare organizations to keep things running smoothly while prioritizing staff well-being during public health challenges.

So if you're looking for high-quality, remote-capable employment in health services, Tacoma is the place to be—a leader at the forefront of progressive workforce trends like the comprehensive academic Mental Health Strategy.

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Finance and Accounting Remote Jobs in Tacoma


Tacoma's finance game is on some next-level stuff these days. While folks used to be chained to their cubicles, companies are now all about that remote work life.

Real talk, there's a heap of healthcare finance gigs popping up, taking Tacoma's job scene beyond the usual suspects.

You could snag a sweet Remote Accountant or Virtual Financial Analyst role, raking in anywhere from $60K to $85K annually – not too shabby, right? Even online tax consultants can make bank, earning between $50K and $68K while working from virtually anywhere.

There's been a whopping 20% spike in remote finance job listings recently, showing that work-life balance is the move.

Just peep sites like Indeed and you'll see all kinds of dope job titles flying around daily.

Big dogs like Tacoma Financial Group and Sound Credit Union are leading the charge, realizing that letting their squads work remotely can boost productivity and keep the innovation flowing – the higher-ups are all about it.

Tacoma's finance scene is aligning with this new hiring mindset that goes beyond just the local turf.

They're embracing pros who can crush it from anywhere with a solid internet connection. This shift ensures that Tacoma's finance sector will not only survive but thrive as employment trends and tech keep evolving at warp speed.

Education and Remote Teaching Jobs in Tacoma


If you're a 20-year-old trying to figure out the job scene in Tacoma, remote teaching gigs have become a real thing. Tacoma Public Schools is hooking you up with career programs, internships, and alternative learning opportunities that'll let you explore different teaching styles.

Plus, their Tacoma Online platform lets you teach K-12 students virtually while providing support services.

Lincoln High School has some cool community-focused initiatives like their Summer Jobs 253 program, which helps students break into construction careers.

Here's what's poppin' in the remote education job market in Tacoma:

  • There's a high demand for remote special education teachers, showing that remote learning is becoming more inclusive.
  • Adjunct faculty positions are always in demand, reflecting Tacoma's diverse academic scene.
  • Opportunities are rising for online course designers and curriculum developers who are essential for building the educational infrastructure.

With the rise of remote learning, new roles like remote test proctors and tutorial advisors are popping up to support the workforce.

It's also worth noting that places like Tacoma Community College are emphasizing diversity and inclusion in their educational staffing, which aligns with broader societal movements.

Tacoma isn't just reacting to temporary challenges; it's intentionally shaping an innovative future in education.

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How to Find High-Paying Remote Jobs in Tacoma


Finding dope remote jobs in Tacoma ain't that tough if you play your cards right. First off, peep the City of Tacoma Job Hub - they've got all kinds of gigs in different departments and projects going on.

If you're more into the academic scene, check out the University of Washington Tacoma job portal - they often have remote faculty and staff positions up for grabs.

For my tech crowd, TechJobsTacoma is where it's at.

They've got the inside scoop on all the hot local tech companies like Pierce County Careers that are all about that remote life.

These guys are on the cutting edge when it comes to digital workplaces and they're super keen on diversity and inclusion too.

But don't just sit behind your screen all day.

Get out there and network! Hit up those Chamber of Commerce events and start building connections. People have landed sick gigs just by knowing the right peeps and being active in the community.

And don't sleep on online professional groups either - they can be a goldmine for job leads and insider tips.

Tacoma's job market is lit right now, especially in the tech sector.

With schools, government, and businesses all working together to create dope opportunities, it's a prime time to snag that remote bag while also contributing to the city's growth.

Just gotta put in the work and stay connected.

Conclusion: The Future of Remote Work in Tacoma


Let me break it down for you about this remote work wave hitting Tacoma. The tech, healthcare, and finance sectors are straight up killing it when it comes to offering remote gigs.

Companies like Infoblox and SiteCrafting in the tech space are setting the bar high with their flexible work setups, and others are catching on fast.

In healthcare, telehealth jobs have skyrocketed by 25% with places like CHI Franciscan switching to virtual patient care.

And in finance, remote accounting roles have seen a solid 12% bump. Pretty sweet, right?

According to the experts, by 2025, Tacoma could have up to 35% of jobs being done remotely as more businesses get on board with the decentralized hustle.

They're predicting a 30% rise in remote job listings on sites like Indeed and WorkSource, a 40% spike in remote work communities and networks, and half of Tacoma's top companies shifting towards more flexible policies.

  • Remote job listings could jump by 30% on platforms like Indeed and WorkSource.
  • There might be a 40% surge in professional groups focused on remote work.
  • Around half of Tacoma's major companies could adopt more flexible work policies.

To cash in on this trend, the Tacoma Regional Chamber Foundation says you gotta level up your virtual communication skills and tap into local networks.

Check out the articles on Nucamp's site to explore the remote tech opportunities in Tacoma.

This city is set to be a hot spot for high-paying remote roles, so get in on the action!

Frequently Asked Questions


Which Tacoma companies offer high-paying remote jobs?

Companies like TrueBlue, Infoblox, and CHI Franciscan offer high-paying remote jobs in Tacoma. Other sectors like finance and education also provide remote job opportunities.

What is the projected percentage of remote work in Tacoma by 2025?

Tacoma aims for 35% remote work by 2025, showing a significant shift towards virtual work environments.

What are some key sectors in Tacoma embracing remote work?

Tech, healthcare, finance, and education sectors in Tacoma are dynamically adapting to the remote work trend, offering high-paying positions in various fields.

How can individuals find high-paying remote jobs in Tacoma?

Individuals can leverage platforms like TechJobsTacoma, university portals, and professional networking events to find high-paying remote job opportunities in Tacoma's evolving job market.

What is the future outlook for remote work in Tacoma?

Experts predict that by 2025, up to 35% of jobs in Tacoma could be conducted remotely, with businesses embracing decentralized workforces and virtual communication skills.

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