How to Stay Updated with Tacoma's Evolving Tech Industry Trends?

By Ludo Fourrage

Last Updated: June 6th 2024

The bustling tech hub of Tacoma

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Tacoma's tech industry is thriving, with cybersecurity's job increase by 15%, cloud computing driving 10% sector growth, and Data Analytics expanding by 20%. HealthTech startups received $50 million funding, and FinTech grew by 12% in employment. The tech sector contributes over $300 million to local GDP. Stay updated to leverage Tacoma's tech opportunities.

Tacoma's tech scene is thriving! You got schools like the University of Washington Tacoma's Institute of Technology pumping out over 250 grads every year into fields that are crucial for the region's growth.

Even with all the layoffs happening elsewhere in 2023, Washington's tech industry is still strong with nearly 350,000 jobs. They expect tech job openings to grow by almost 4% this year! Cloud computing, cybersecurity, and software dev are where it's at right now.

But it's not just about the jobs. Washington's minimum wage in 2023 is $15.74 an hour, so they're trying to keep it inclusive and make sure everyone's getting paid.

Tacoma's tech companies are attracting all kinds of talent and fostering a startup ecosystem.

Events like the South Sound Technology Conference are keeping the innovation game strong by bringing industry players together to talk shop. Staying on top of the local trends isn't just for the professionals looking for opportunities, but also for businesses trying to stay competitive in this fast-moving landscape.

The numbers don't lie – tech employment is up 4.2% year-over-year, and the median salaries are higher than the national average. Tacoma is quickly becoming the place to be for industry prospects.

This blog is gonna take us through how this city is being reshaped by entrepreneurial fire, government support, and academic pathways that are pushing it to the forefront of the tech frontier.

Table of Contents

  • Key Industries Driving Tacoma's Tech Growth
  • Essential Sources for Tech News in Tacoma
  • Networking Opportunities in Tacoma's Tech Scene
  • Educational Resources for Tacoma Tech Professionals
  • Innovative Startups and Companies in Tacoma
  • Government and Policy Impact on Tacoma's Tech Industry
  • Forecasting the Future of Tech in Tacoma
  • Conclusion: Staying Ahead in Tacoma's Tech Industry
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Key Industries Driving Tacoma's Tech Growth


Check it out! Tacoma's tech scene is on fire, and some sectors are blowing up like crazy. Cybersecurity is killing it, with a 15% jump in jobs this past year, thanks to everyone wanting to keep their digital shit secure.

Cloud computing is another big player, driving innovation and keeping businesses running smoothly, with a 10% growth in the sector. Data Analytics is the new hotness, with its market size in Tacoma growing a whopping 20% annually, as companies are all about crunching that big data.

But that's not all.

HealthTech and FinTech are also diversifying Tacoma's tech game:

  • HealthTech startups pulled in $50 million in funding last quarter, which means investors are betting big on their potential.
  • FinTech, fueled by digital transformations in banking, has seen a 12% increase in local jobs.

The economic impact is massive, with the tech sector contributing over $300 million to the local GDP.

Big players like Amazon and Microsoft are here, along with up-and-comers like Infoblox and NewCold, so there are opportunities galore. Tacoma is killin' it too, with the Toyota Tacoma winning the 2023 SEMA Best Midsize Truck award (highlighting industry partnerships and design leadership), and Washington state being ranked as having the top economy (powered by high-tech industries).

With schools like Bates Technical College prepping students for tech careers and collaborations between universities and tech companies, the future looks bright.

If you're a tech pro or investor, you better keep an eye on Tacoma's tech landscape, 'cause it's only going to keep rising.

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Essential Sources for Tech News in Tacoma


Staying up-to-date with the latest tech buzz in T-Town is a must for all you techies and workaholics out there. We've got the scoop on the dopest local news sources that'll keep you in the loop on all things tech.

Aside from the obvious like TechTacoma and TacomaTech Newsletters, you gotta check out the deets on local platforms like KING 5. They've got the lowdown on everything from local tech startups to the mad science going down at UW Tacoma with badass profs like Dr. Huatong Sun.

Here's how you can stay plugged in:

  • Subscribe to T-Town's top news channels like KING 5 to get the 411 on local tech initiatives and how academia is influencing the game.

  • Keep tabs on informative sites like City of Tacoma's official webpage, where you can peep city developments and score gigs in the public sector.

  • Get involved in community convos hosted by spots like Bates Technical College, especially when they drop updates on campus happenings due to weather or emergencies.

The right tools can help you streamline all these resources, sending alerts straight to your device – clutch for the 70% of Tacoma's tech workers who credit real-time updates with staying on their grind.

Plus, local influencers like Karen Jones say it's all about actively participating in these convos. As she puts it, leveling up your knowledge and building community ties ain't just about consuming content but also about contributing to the dialogue in these digital forums.

Networking Opportunities in Tacoma's Tech Scene


The Tacoma tech scene is lit AF, bro! There are hella events and meetups to help you network and level up your skills.

The 2023 calendar is stacked with dope shit for techies like you, like the virtual Seattle Tech Career Fair and workshops like "Plan, React, and Recover: A Cybersecurity Incident Response" to prep you for real-world challenges.

Tacoma's got a mix of in-person and virtual gatherings, like:

  • The Tacoma Public Library hosts regular sessions and programs with tech-focused educational events.
  • Organizations like New Tech Northwest connect you with meetups and learning opportunities.
  • Career fairs organized by colleges like UW Tacoma's annual Technology Career & Internship Fair, helping aspiring techies like you break into the job market.

Networking in this vibrant community is key.

Past surveys show that three-quarters of people say these events are game-changers for their career growth. Jordan Lee, a tech enthusiast, says Tacoma's collaborative vibe is dope, especially at forums where industry bosses meet up-and-comers like you.

To really make moves in Tacoma's tech world, you gotta be active: engage in thoughtful discussions, share knowledge, and keep the connections going after events.

This could lead to collab projects or job opportunities. With more sponsors investing in these events, staying plugged into Tacoma's collaborative experiences isn't just a smart move – it's a strategic play for your goals and the future of our community.

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Educational Resources for Tacoma Tech Professionals


If you're in Tacoma and wanna stay on top of the tech game, you gotta keep learning, ya dig? That's why the University of Washington Tacoma's (UWT) Computer Literacy Seminars, funded by the Student Tech Fee, are clutch.

They teach you all about cloud computing and cybersecurity, which are mad skills for any IT pro these days. And Bates Technical College is no slouch either, with over 600,000 square feet of space for their dope STEM and other programs.

But that's not all.

MultiCare just launched a new nursing assistant training program, which is a game-changer for the healthcare industry.

With more nursing assistants on deck, registered nurses can focus on their main gig and provide even better patient care. Talk about a win-win!

Now, if you wanna get your code on, Tacoma's got plenty of software development training programs to choose from.

Nucamp's coding bootcamps are a solid option, with syllabi and registration links that break it down for you. You'll learn all the hot skills like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and more.

And studies show that folks who complete these programs see a 30% increase in employment in software fields. That's what I call a serious glow-up!

But it's not just about the classroom grind.

Tacoma's calendar is packed with tech events where you can soak up knowledge and network like a boss. Check out the CodeTacoma Unconference and the PuPPy Meetup.

Last year, these events were lit, with peeps making mad professional connections left and right.

As one local tech CEO put it, "Stagnation is the enemy of innovation." And Tacoma ain't playing with that.

This city is investing in an education system that'll have you ready to take on the future like a champ, armed with all the latest tech advancements. So, get out there and start leveling up!

Innovative Startups and Companies in Tacoma


Tacoma is becoming a total tech hub, fostering a fertile ground for innovative startups to thrive. Among the companies making waves this year is Aquagga, with their game-changing solution to blast those pesky "forever chemicals" polluting our waters.

These rising stars, coupled with educational titans like the UW Tacoma's School of Engineering & Technology, are the driving forces behind Tacoma's blossoming tech scene.

The startup ecosystem here is getting love from local initiatives and events like New Tech Tacoma, hooking up entrepreneurs with crucial networking opportunities.

Companies like SoundTech Inc. and IllFonic are fueling job growth and pushing the boundaries in areas like big data analytics, IoT, and game development. This diversity is allowing Tacoma to break free from its traditional industrial mold, creating new job opportunities that are growing by 10% annually.

Investors are showing confidence in Tacoma's startups, with venture capital funding surging by a whopping 30%.

Industry insiders are saying, "Tacoma's tech sector is on an accelerated upswing," and it's clear that the synergy between homegrown innovators and established firms is paving the way for Tacoma to become a major player on the global tech stage.

This city is not just contributing to the region's economic boom but is also emerging as a force to be reckoned with in the tech world.

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Government and Policy Impact on Tacoma's Tech Industry


Let me break it down for you about Tacoma's tech scene. It's getting hotter by the day, thanks to all the people working hard to boost the economy.

While the city itself doesn't have a specific tech policy page, they've got a whole office dedicated to environmental sustainability that provides resources on economic development and green initiatives.

Basically, they're giving the tech industry a boost.

The University of Washington Tacoma campus is also doing its part by offering classes on tech and government programs, so you'll be prepared to tackle the growing tech market.

Looking for a job? The city's Job Hub has all the details on openings in tech-focused departments like environmental services and sustainability.

You could score a position as an eMobility Program Manager or Systems Engineer, among other roles.

Tacoma is teaming up with private companies to work on smart city tech and cybersecurity projects.

They're even dishing out grants and tax breaks to keep the innovation flowing, just like how the feds have invested billions into integrating nutrition and healthcare.

Talk about forward-thinking!

The Tech Growth Council knows what's important – investing in tech means money for the economy. With education, job opportunities, and public-private collaborations, Tacoma is cementing itself as a tech powerhouse and economic hotspot.

Forecasting the Future of Tech in Tacoma


The tech scene in Tacoma is about to get lit! Peep this - according to the Seattle Times, tech jobs in WA are projected to skyrocket this year, with a 4% increase in job openings statewide.

The hottest tech trends that are gonna shake things up in the city are:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI is taking over! From healthcare to retail, AI is making things more efficient and personalized for consumers. Even Tacoma's public services like treatment courts are embracing AI to make a positive impact on society.
  • Cybersecurity: With digital threats on the rise, cybersecurity is a top priority. Tacoma is focused on beefing up the security of critical infrastructures to protect our data.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): Smart city initiatives are about to flood Tacoma with IoT devices, enhancing municipal services and making our lives easier. Even the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is leveling up with biometric facial recognition tech, showing the region's commitment to staying connected.

Industry experts are saying these sectors are the future, and economies are shifting towards being tech-driven.

To stay ahead of the game, professionals are upskilling in areas like data analysis and machine learning. Coding bootcamps like Nucamp are offering programs to help people level up their web and mobile development skills to meet the market demands.

If you want to be a part of Tacoma's tech scene, you gotta stay on top of these upcoming trends and get your skills right.

Conclusion: Staying Ahead in Tacoma's Tech Industry


The tech scene in Tacoma is poppin' off like crazy! If you're a techie or trying to break into the game, you gotta stay on top of your grind.

The city is blowing up in areas like software development and cybersecurity. According to the Tacoma-Pierce County tech profile, it was ranked #2 Best Place to Work in Tech by SmartAsset in 2020.

That's lit!

If you're trying to level up your skills, the University of Washington Tacoma has a dope Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program that'll set you up for success in various IT roles.

They're hooking you up with all the hot skills employers are looking for.

To stay in the loop and make connections:

  • Check out local news sources like GeekWire Tacoma and hit up conferences like the annual South Sound Technology Conference hosted by UW Tacoma's engineering school.
  • Slide through networking events where you can link up with other techies and industry leaders. These events are seeing a 25% spike in attendance, so people are definitely getting hype!
  • Dive into online forums where the buzz around Tacoma's tech scene is lit, and you can learn from the convos.

The community's energy is fueling innovation like crazy – a whopping 80% of local startups credit their success to the dope support from tech meetups and seminars.

The motto is, "Tacoma's tech strength comes from our collective hustle and teamwork." Getting involved doesn't just elevate the city's tech game; it'll also boost your career.

Whether you're looking to switch careers or take things to the next level, there are options galore – from degree programs to intensive coding bootcamps like Nucamp Coding Bootcamp.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the key industries driving Tacoma's tech growth?

Cybersecurity, cloud computing, and Data Analytics are key industries driving Tacoma's tech growth. Cybersecurity has seen a 15% job increase, cloud computing contributes to a 10% sector growth, and Data Analytics has expanded by 20% annually.

Where can I find essential sources for tech news in Tacoma?

For essential sources for tech news in Tacoma, consider subscribing to local platforms like KING 5, TechTacoma, and TacomaTech Newsletters. Engage with educational institutions like Bates Technical College for industry insights and news updates.

What networking opportunities are available in Tacoma's tech scene?

Networking opportunities in Tacoma's tech scene include events like Seattle Tech Career Fair, workshops on cybersecurity, sessions at Tacoma Public Library, and career fairs hosted by educational institutions like UW Tacoma. These events are crucial for building professional networks and fostering growth.

What educational resources are available for Tacoma tech professionals?

Educational resources for Tacoma tech professionals include programs offered by institutes like Student Technology Fee, Bates Technical College, and Nucamp Coding Bootcamp. These programs teach essential skills like cloud computing, cybersecurity, software development, and offer networking opportunities to enhance career prospects.

What innovative startups and companies are thriving in Tacoma?

Innovative startups and companies thriving in Tacoma include Aquagga in environmental tech, SoundTech Inc. in big data analytics, and IllFonic in IoT and game development sectors. Tacoma's tech ecosystem supports job growth, technological advancements, and economic diversification.

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