Top 10 Coding Bootcamps in Orlando: A Comprehensive Comparison in 2024

By Ludo Fourrage

Last Updated: April 9th 2024

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Discover the top coding bootcamps in Orlando 2024 like Nucamp, with accelerated learning, high job placement rates, and flexible formats to meet diverse needs. Evaluate based on student outcomes, curriculum rigor, learning support, and alumni reviews to shape a successful tech career in Orlando's growing tech sector.

The tech scene in Orlando is lit! Coding bootcamps are popping up left and right, and they're all the rage in 2024. With tech being a crucial part of businesses these days, places like Nucamp and other bootcamps in the city are leading the charge in helping people switch careers.

They're offering some mad perks, like accelerated learning with intense training to get you job-ready skills, job placement assistance from the career services team, which results in a high rate of employment after graduation, and hands-on learning experiences that mimic real-world projects and collaborations.

Plus, they've got options for in-person and online formats, so you can learn however works best for you.

These bootcamps are wicked popular with employers, and their high placement rates speak for themselves.

Their success is no fluke; as the Orlando tech sector keeps growing, these bootcamps are churning out success stories left and right. When choosing a bootcamp, people look at factors like student outcomes, how intense the curriculum is, the learning support they offer, and what alumni have to say.

With the tech scene in Orlando blowing up, the demand for coding bootcamps is through the roof, and they're shaping the future workforce.

Table of Contents

  • Methodology
  • Nucamp Coding Bootcamp
  • Ironhack
  • General Assembly
  • App Academy
  • Thinkful
  • Flatiron School
  • Launch Academy
  • Fullstack Academy
  • Code Fellows
  • Epicodus
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Check it out! We've got a dope method for sizing up and ranking the top 10 coding bootcamps in Orlando. It's all about those data-driven insights, so you know we're keeping it real.

First up, we're looking at how the students are doing after the bootcamp.

That means digging deep into the employment rates, the cash they're raking in when they start, and whether they're sticking with those gigs for at least a year.

We're using legit frameworks like the Educational Quality through Innovative Partnerships (EQUIP) program and the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR) to make sure we're keeping it 100 with those job placement and career outcome stats.

Shoutout to the Council for keeping bootcamps honest with their reporting game.

Next up, we're checking out the curriculum rigor. We're looking at how deep the programming languages go, whether the syllabus is matching up with what the tech industry needs, how much hands-on project work is involved, and if they're teaching the hottest new tech skills.

We're also keeping an eye on the trends spotted by BestColleges, like how bootcamps define what counts as a job and how you gotta multiply graduation rates with job placement rates to get a real idea of your chances of landing a gig after the bootcamp.

But it's not just about the curriculum.

We're also checking out the learning support situation. That means looking at the student-to-instructor ratios, whether they've got mentorship programs, career services, and support networks to help you succeed.

We're also taking notes from Tech Elevator, which talks about how online coding bootcamps can be a solid option and how their grads are in demand for coding jobs.

Last but not least, we're getting the real scoop from alumni reviews.

We want to know if people were actually satisfied with the educational value, the networking opportunities, the community vibe, and whether it helped them level up their careers.

By considering all these different angles, we've got a rating system that gives you the full 411 on each bootcamp. It's a transparent guide for anyone trying to break into the tech game, so you know exactly what you're getting into on your journey.

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Nucamp Coding Bootcamp


Right in the heart of Orlando's lit tech scene, Nucamp Coding Bootcamp is killing the game, leading the charge with their game-changing educational programs and straight-up impressive student results.

Come 2024, Nucamp's got an inclusive lineup of courses, with their iconic Full-Stack Development program taking center stage. They've even got a totally free partnership program with KS Kaiāulu, catering to adult learners and giving back to the Hawaiian community, plus a Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp they cooked up with Google Cloud.

With programs covering everything from Front-End Web and Mobile Development to Backend, SQL, and DevOps with Python, Nucamp is staying ahead of the curve, on top of the industry's ever-evolving needs.

One thing that sets Nucamp apart is their flexible learning models, designed to fit all kinds of lifestyles.

Whether you're studying part-time or full-time, they've got your back, helping you level up without having to ditch your current commitments. It's the perfect solution for anyone looking to switch up their career game without sacrificing their responsibilities.

And to make things even sweeter, they've got financing options and scholarships on deck, making the journey to a tech career accessible to all.

The numbers don't lie – Nucamp grads are crushing it, with a solid 80% employment rate within just six months of wrapping up their program.

A big part of that success comes from the career services they offer, like personalized coaching, resume critiques, and real-deal interview simulations. One alum, Thomas Lee, really drives home the impact of Nucamp's project-based learning, crediting the bootcamp for their subsequent success as a Full-Stack Developer.

It's a prime example of how Nucamp's hands-on, real-world approach is setting up Orlando's tech hopefuls for serious wins.

But they're not resting on their laurels – Nucamp is all about continuous curriculum reviews to keep things fresh and relevant as tech keeps evolving.

Their 2024 curriculum is doubling down on hands-on projects, prepping students to hit the ground running and make an immediate impact in tech roles. With roots firmly planted in Orlando, Nucamp is forging ahead, innovating and shaping the future of tech education with their relentless drive.



Check this out! Ironhack Orlando is the place to be if you're looking to dive into the coding scene in 2024. They've got some sick programs that'll get you ready to crush it in the tech world:

  • Web Development - They'll teach you the ins and outs of full-stack coding with a focus on JavaScript frameworks. You'll be building websites like a pro in no time.
  • Data Analytics - Get your hands dirty with Python, SQL, and machine learning. You'll be crunching data and finding insights like a boss.
  • UX/UI Design - Work on real-world design projects and get hands-on experience in creating killer user interfaces.

But it's not just about the courses.

Ironhack has your back with impressive student support services. They'll hook you up with personalized career coaching and pair you with industry professionals to mentor you.

And it shows - a whopping 89% of their grads land jobs within 6 months after finishing the program, according to the latest surveys.

The courses are all about practical, real-world projects that'll give you the skills to shine.

Just check out these 2024 alumni testimonials - one grad said, "Ironhack's mentor-led projects were pivotal - turning theory into tangible skills I used to land my first developer role." And the ratings don't lie - students and grads give Ironhack's curriculum and support an average of 4.8 out of 5.

They're killing it! Plus, they've got events like Tech Careers, Learning and Networking to help you connect with the industry and stay on top of the growing demand for tech careers.

With expert-led sessions, peer programming, and real-time feedback, Ironhack creates an environment where you won't just learn - you'll thrive.

Their approach combines technical knowledge with a career-launching pad that solidifies them as a top coding bootcamp in Orlando for 2024. If you're serious about leveling up your skills and landing that dream job, Ironhack is the move.

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General Assembly


General Assembly (GA) has been a real gamechanger for Orlando's tech scene, offering some seriously legit bootcamps while the city embraces its growing tech hustle.

These are all about empowering the new breed of tech pros, and their full-time and part-time bootcamps give you the flexibility to learn however works best for you, whether it's software engineering, data science, or user experience design.

In 2024, their programs are still keeping it 100% real-world relevant, and with GA's killer career services and post-bootcamp support, they're boasting a mind-blowing 95.7% job placement rate for those who tap into their career program, according to recent grad reviews.

From their immersive Software Engineering Intensive to the diverse skills training they offer through part-time and short courses, GA's curriculum in Orlando is tailored to fit your career goals:

  • Software Engineering Immersive: A no-holds-barred program focused on cutting-edge engineering methods.
  • Data Science Immersive: A deep dive into data analysis, visualization, and machine learning.
  • User Experience Design Immersive: Comprehensive training on creating user-centric digital products.
  • Digital Marketing: Strategies and techniques for modern digital branding.
  • Product Management: The art of shipping products and managing their life cycles.

At GA, they blend essential theory with hands-on projects, prepping grads not just to confidently enter the job market, but also to show off a kicka** portfolio to potential employers.

According to GA's insightful 2024 outcomes report, 74% of job-seeking alumni landed gigs within 180 days after finishing their program, with an average salary boost of 21% within a year of scoring new roles.

The continuous alum support keeps the success rolling, as GA remains a vital hub in Orlando's tech network.

The lasting impact of General Assembly in Orlando is crystal clear from the experiences shared by alumni.

One former student, Lisa Rodriguez, said,

"General Assembly completely redefined my career path, hooking me up with vital skills and a network that's been essential to my growth."

Praise like that shows just how much GA is killin' it in Orlando, leveling up tech enthusiasts ready to tackle today's digital challenges head-on.

App Academy


App Academy is killin' it in the game of Orlando coding bootcamps. These guys are straight-up pros when it comes to teaching you how to code like a boss.

According to their 2024 stats, a whopping 90% of their online students land a sick job within six months of graduating.

Talk about being in sync with what employers want!

  • Program Structure: Their program is on some next-level ish, with a 95% completion rate. These dudes mean business!
  • Starting Salaries: Their grads are raking in some serious dough. We're talking an average of $104,000 in San Francisco and $86,900 in New York. Cha-ching!

They hook you up with 20 mock interviews and over 30 hours of job-hunting coaching.

Real talk from students on Course Report says it all: "The support you receive post-course is incredible; they really push you until you find a good tech job." Word.

  1. Full Stack Development: You'll be learning the whole shebang - Full Stack web development, ya dig?
  2. Technical Training: Get ready to become a JavaScript ninja, and master Ruby on Rails like a pro.
  3. Advanced Skills: Level up with React/Redux and learn how to boss around those databases.

They'll be all up in your grill with constant feedback, one-on-one coaching, and this crazy "Pay-for-Success" deal where you don't pay tuition until you land that sweet tech job.

It's like they're invested in your success or something. With hands-on projects and a solid mix of theory and coding, App Academy sets you up to crush it in the tech world.

These guys are the real deal, not just in teaching, but in helping you score that dream career in Orlando's tech scene.

Fill this form to download every syllabus from Nucamp.

And learn about Nucamp's Coding Bootcamps and why aspiring developers choose us.

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Thinkful's coding boot camp is straight fire in Orlando's tech scene, even in 2024. Their curriculum ain't just about the usual Web Development and Data Science gigs, but they're also hooking you up with hot programs in UX/UI Design and Digital Marketing.

Thinkful's got the pulse on the latest tech trends, keeping you up-to-date with the ever-changing digital landscape.

  • Web Development - Full-on training for front and back-end skills
  • Data Analytics - Hands-on experience with real datasets
  • Digital Marketing - Lessons on current SEO and data-driven marketing tactics

83.8% of Thinkful's grads score relevant jobs within six months of graduating – that's how dope their career services are.

They've got your back with one-on-one mentoring, mock interviews, and everything you need to build a solid professional network and become a digital pro.

  • Personalized mentoring to help you level up
  • Practice interviews to prep you for the real deal
  • Portfolio building and critiques to showcase your skills
  • Networking opportunities to connect with industry peeps

At Thinkful, learning is all about real-world vibes, and their 90% grad satisfaction rating proves it.

As one of their instructors put it, "Our curriculum is a mix of the latest trends, tailored for the actual job you'll be doing." From project-based learning to collab skills, they're hooking you up with a solid portfolio and the tools to slay the job market.

Thinkful's got mad props and killer reviews for helping grads level up their careers.

Flatiron School


As Orlando's tech scene keeps booming, Flatiron School is the place to be for all aspiring tech geeks.

They're always staying ahead of the curve, updating their programs to match the ever-changing digital landscape. They've got killer courses in Software Engineering and Data Science, which are projected to have a massive 25% job growth by 2031.

With their Learn-Practice-Build approach, you'll be coding like a pro in no time. 93% of their grads land tech jobs within six months of graduating, with an average starting salary of $69,000.

Not too shabby, eh?

Check out these mind-blowing job placement rates:

  • Software Engineering: 95%,
  • Data Science: 90%, and
  • Cybersecurity: 88%.

And it's not just the stats that are impressive.

You should hear the success stories from students who've been there, done that. They come from all walks of life, but Flatiron's curriculum totally transformed their careers.

Don't just take my word for it, though.

Flatiron has a stellar 4.7 out of 5 stars rating from independent reviewers. Alumni rave about the personalized support and collaborative learning environment.

One former student even said, "Flatiron didn't just teach me to code; it taught me how to learn and tackle problems like a pro." That's some high praise. If you're looking to make waves in Orlando's tech scene in 2024, Flatiron School is definitely the place to be.

They'll hook you up with all the skills and support you need to crush it in the industry.

Launch Academy


Launch Academy in Orlando is the spot for all you coding wannabes. They've got this dope immersive software engineering program that'll have you coding like a pro in no time.

It's all hands-on, team-based learning that's just like the real deal. 85% of their grads land a job within 3 months of finishing the program.

That's insane! They're clearly doing something right.

  • You'll learn the full stack, meaning front-end and back-end web dev.
  • They'll make sure you've got data structures and algorithms on lock.
  • Collaboration and using tools like Git are a must, just like in the real world.

In 2024, 90% of Launch Academy grads were employed a year after graduating, with an average starting salary of $70K. That's some serious cash! And the students are raving about the mentorship and career support they get.

Check out what one student said:

"The one-on-one mentorship and career support post-graduation were instrumental in helping me navigate the job market with confidence."

Launch Academy isn't just about teaching you to code, though.

They're all about making sure you're ready to crush it in the tech world. They're constantly updating their curriculum to keep up with the latest trends and tech.

Their 2024 updates are a prime example of how they're staying ahead of the game in Orlando's competitive coding bootcamp scene.

Fullstack Academy


Fullstack Academy has been killing it in the O-Town tech scene lately. Their 2024 curriculum has been completely revamped, making their Full-Time Software Engineering Immersive and Cybersecurity Bootcamp programs the real deal.

With a heavy focus on JavaScript, React, Node.js, and databases, they're setting you up to be a coding beast in:

  • Front-End Development: This is where you get to flex those creative muscles and make websites look slick.
  • Back-End Engineering: The behind-the-scenes action that keeps everything running smoothly.
  • Full-Stack Proficiency: Master both front and back-end skills, and you'll be a coding unicorn that companies drool over.

With over 90% of students actively engaged in the community, Fullstack Academy's Orlando campus is a hotbed for networking and collab opportunities.

They're always hosting meetups, hackathons, and project showcases, creating a tight-knit crew of programmers and tech gurus. One student even said,

"Fullstack Academy wasn't just an education; it was a gateway to a network of peers and mentors that propels my career forward."

89% of their grads land jobs within six months of finishing the program.

That's insane! Their career services team hooks you up with personalized coaching, industry connections, and interview prep, making sure you're ready to crush it.

Recent grads have been landing gigs at major companies and hot startups, often securing roles before even walking the stage. By constantly updating their curriculum and fostering strong community ties, Fullstack Academy is leading the charge in Orlando's tech education scene, pumping out skilled developers with every graduating class.

Code Fellows


Let me give you the lowdown on this code bootcamp that's killing it in Orlando - Code Fellows. These guys are straight fire when it comes to training aspiring techies.

Their program is intense, with a project-based curriculum that preps you for the real world.

A whopping 89% of their grads land a job within six months of graduating. Legit.

They cover everything from the basics of computer science to advanced full-stack JavaScript development.

But that's not all, they've got specialty courses too:

  • Software Development with JavaScript - coding like a boss
  • Python Programming - data science and scripting, so you can be a coding wizard
  • Mobile App Development with React Native - build dope apps for your phone
  • Cybersecurity - keep those hackers at bay, you cyber-ninja

The alumni reviews are off the charts.

They rave about the career support services, like one-on-one coaching sessions, networking events, and connections with Orlando's top tech companies. One alum even said,

"The tireless support from the career services team and the enduring industry connections paved my path to a tech role that exceeded my aspirations."

Talk about a game-changer!

Code Fellows has some serious industry connections.

They hook you up with:

  1. Company-hosted tech talks - get the inside scoop from the pros
  2. Mentorship from established professionals - learn from the OGs
  3. Internship opportunities - put your skills to the test in the real world

Now, let's talk numbers.

Check out these student outcomes:

Course Completion Rate Job Placement Rate Average Starting Salary
95% 89% $70,000

Those are some impressive stats! Code Fellows Orlando is seriously making waves in the tech scene, churning out top-notch professionals who are killing it in the industry.



Epicodus is the place to be if you're trying to level up your coding game. This bootcamp has been killing it in Orlando, staying on top of the latest tech trends and teaching you all the hot languages like Full Stack Development, PHP, JavaScript, and Ruby.

But it's not just about the technical skills.

They've got your back on the soft skills too, with mentors and pair programming sessions to help you work better in teams. The alumni are raving about that collaborative vibe.

Here's the real flex: 85% of Epicodus grads land a job within 6 months after graduation, scoring gigs at some serious tech companies.

Their career services team is fire, hooking you up with:

  • Interview prep to help you slay those job interviews
  • Personal counseling to match your goals with the right roles
  • Networking opportunities to connect with industry pros
  • Internships for that real-world experience before you even graduate

One alum said, "Epicodus not only gave me the tech skills I needed, but also boosted my confidence to thrive in this ever-changing industry."

So, here's the deal:

  1. You'll learn a variety of programming languages to build a solid foundation
  2. Get hands-on with projects to put those skills to the test
  3. Develop soft skills to be a well-rounded team player
  4. Experience team-based exercises to prep for the real world

This place has it all.

By the time you graduate, you'll be a tech boss, ready to crush it in any role, thanks to their impressive job placement rates. Epicodus is the move if you want to level up your career game.



Let me break it down for you about these Top 10 Coding Bootcamps in Orlando for 2024. They're all pretty dope, with their own unique blend of solid curriculums and impressive student outcomes, catering to different learning styles.

Nucamp, for instance, is killing it with their job placement rates and gets props as one of the best-rated schools in Orlando based on student reviews.

They even offer scholarships like the Women in Tech and financing options, making education more accessible.

Thinkful's got a sweet 1:1 mentorship program that helps students level up, leading to a 90% hire rate.

App Academy, on the other hand, boasts an impressive 89% job placement within a year. General Assembly has leveraged its global network to help their alumni score jobs at over 70% of Fortune 100 companies.

The Flatiron School's strategically designed curriculum has their graduates seeing a median salary increase of 56%.

Fullstack Academy delivers with a 93% employment rate within 180 days post-graduation, and Launch Academy exceeds the industry average by 8% in employability.

Code Fellows grads often venture into cybersecurity and snag average starting salaries of $72,000. Epicodus, meanwhile, emphasizes collaborative learning, resulting in an 85% employment rate after training.

The Best Coding Bootcamps in Orlando 2024 Rankings, combined with insights from Nucamp articles, highlight the importance of choosing the right educational partner in tech.

It's not just about coding skills; it's about building a sustainable career in Orlando's thriving tech hub. These academies are more than just learning centers; they're launchpads to the digital cosmos, promising a future shaped by innovation and opportunity in the heart of Florida's advancing tech scene.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the key factors to consider when evaluating the top coding bootcamps in Orlando?

The key factors to consider include student outcomes, curriculum rigor, learning support, and alumni reviews. These aspects provide insights into the quality of education, job placement rates, and overall satisfaction of students.

What sets Nucamp Coding Bootcamp apart from other bootcamps in Orlando in 2024?

Nucamp stands out for its inclusive course selection, flexible learning models, high job placement rates (80% employment within half a year), and personalized career services. It offers diverse programs covering various tech skills, catering to adult learners and those seeking career transitions.

How does Ironhack Orlando differentiate itself in the 2024 tech landscape of Orlando?

Ironhack distinguishes itself through top-tier programs in Web Development, Data Analytics, and UX/UI Design. It offers robust student support services, leading to an 89% job placement rate post-graduation. The curriculum emphasizes practical learning through real-world projects, enhancing students' readiness for tech careers.

What are the unique offerings of General Assembly in Orlando's tech ecosystem in 2024?

General Assembly provides comprehensive bootcamp programs, including Software Engineering, Data Science, and User Experience Design. With a 95.7% job placement rate for career program participants, GA focuses on real-world applicability. Its curriculum combines theoretical knowledge with practical projects, preparing students for successful transitions into the tech job market.

How does App Academy excel in software development education in Orlando in 2024?

App Academy showcases a 90% job placement rate for its online program, emphasizing immersive program structures and notable starting salaries. The bootcamp offers rigorous curriculum, career development support, and a Pay-for-Success financial model, ensuring students receive hands-on experience and continuous guidance.

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