What are the top tech companies and education providers in Orlando?

By Ludo Fourrage

Last Updated: June 5th 2024

Orlando city skyline illustrating its thriving tech industry

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Orlando's tech scene is thriving with top companies like Relativity Space and The Walt Disney Company offering high-paying tech jobs. E-learning platforms and coding bootcamps, such as Nucamp, prepare learners for tech careers. Universities like UCF provide comprehensive computer science programs. Orlando is a premier tech hub with a projected 20% tech job growth by 2025.

Orlando's tech scene is poppin'! It's like the Silicon Valley of the South, a hotbed for dope companies and schools that'll set you up for success in the digital world.

By 2024, you'll be rubbing shoulders with big shots like Relativity Space, who're making waves with their 3D-printed rockets, and The Walt Disney Company, where they're cooking up some seriously cool entertainment tech.

These places aren't just about the groundbreaking work, they're also all about creating a rad work environment and paying you the big bucks.

But what if your tech skills need a little polishing? No sweat! Orlando's got your back with e-learning platforms and coding bootcamps like Nucamp, offering courses like Cybersecurity Fundamentals and Full Stack Development to keep you ahead of the game.

And if you're looking to build a solid foundation, the universities in town have got you covered with their top-notch computer science programs, priming you for a kickass tech career.

Here's the lowdown on what we'll be covering:

  1. Top Tech Companies: The heavy hitters like Relativity Space and The Walt Disney Company, known for treating their employees like royalty.
  2. High-Paying Tech Jobs: The gigs that'll have your bank account looking plump and juicy.
  3. E-Learning Platforms: Keep those tech skills on fleek with these online resources.
  4. Coding Bootcamps: Learn by doing and get job-ready lightning fast.
  5. Universities: Where you can get the 411 on computer science and lay the foundation for your tech journey.

Consider this your roadmap to navigating Orlando's thriving tech scene and setting yourself up for success.

Table of Contents

  • Discover the Top 10 Tech Companies to Work for in Orlando in 2024
  • Ranking the Top 10 High-Paying Tech Jobs in Orlando in 2024
  • The Top 10 E-Learning Platforms for Orlando's Aspiring Developers in 2024
  • Top 10 Coding Bootcamps in Orlando: A Comprehensive Comparison in 2024
  • Top 10 Universities in Orlando for Pursuing a Computer Science Degree in 2024
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Discover the Top 10 Tech Companies to Work for in Orlando in 2024


Orlando's tech scene in 2024 is attracting many people eager to work with a variety of excellent companies and startups. The city's tech sector is packed with organizations making waves in different industries and offering great workplace environments.

You have Disney, the innovators, bringing their best in entertainment tech and giving us global experiences that'll blow your mind.

And then there's Relativity Space, excelling in aerospace with the launch of Terran 1, setting a new standard for 3D-printed reusable rockets.

Electronic Arts Tiburon is enhancing the gaming experience and fostering a collaborative environment that keeps employees engaged.

And the healthcare sector is strong too, with Orlando Health offering a wide range of medical services. Don't forget Liberty Mutual Insurance, using AI to innovate in marketing tech.

And let's acknowledge Lockheed Martin, the defense tech leaders keeping the nation safe with their cutting-edge solutions and giving employees chances to enhance their skills through continuous learning.

The startup scene in Orlando is thriving.

Stax by Fattmerchant (formerly Fattmerchant) is making waves in fintech and investing in their team's growth. The city's startup environment encourages agility and innovation to flourish.

Check out these companies: Stax by Fattmerchant, Pandera Systems, SimBlocks.io, AssistRx, Finexio, EcoSPEARS, FlexEngage, Viewpost, IZEA, and UniKey Technologies.

And if you're looking to enhance your tech skills, Nucamp Coding Bootcamp is mentoring aspiring techies, ensuring a steady supply of skilled individuals to drive innovation.

These companies are just a glimpse of Orlando's tech excellence.

It's a region that's focused on tech growth and educational opportunities. Deloitte deserves recognition for their work-life balance philosophy, showing that you can innovate and progress without sacrificing your personal well-being.

And when you consider Orlando's great lifestyle, it's evident that the city is a premier tech hub ready to achieve even bigger goals by 2025, with the Orlando Economic Partnership projecting a 20% growth in tech jobs.

In summary, Orlando's tech scene is the future.

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Ranking the Top 10 High-Paying Tech Jobs in Orlando in 2024


Orlando's tech scene is thriving in 2024! The money flow for devs and techies is substantial, with some hefty paychecks and excellent career opportunities.

The demand for Software Developers is off the charts, raking in an average of $105K per year.

And the IT Managers aren't far behind, pocketing nearly $100K. With all the cyber threats going around, Cybersecurity Specialists are securing the bag, averaging $95K. Solid!

The tech world in Orlando is expanding rapidly, and the salaries across different fields reflect that.

Data Scientists are cashing out over $90K, while Cloud Computing Experts are riding the wave with an average of $92K. And the Network Engineers and Systems Analysts are earning around $87K and $82K yearly, respectively.

Even tech interns are getting a taste of the good life with their monthly stipends. Not too shabby for some hands-on experience.

Orlando is keeping up with the cutting-edge tech too.

We're talking Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineers and Machine Learning Specialists – the real MVPs of the future. Their skills are so hot right now, with job postings up by 14% year-over-year.

Talk about being in high demand!

Alright, let's break down the top dogs in Orlando's high-paying tech gigs for 2024:

  1. Software Developer - $105,000
  2. IT Manager - $100,000
  3. Cybersecurity Specialist - $95,000
  4. Data Scientist - $90,000
  5. Cloud Computing Expert - $92,000
  6. Network Engineer - $87,000
  7. Systems Analyst - $82,000
  8. AI Engineer – Paid according to projects and expertise, but you know it's good money
  9. Machine Learning Specialist – Same deal, the more skilled you are, the fatter the paycheck

As Patricia Jackson put it,

"The tech ecosystem in Orlando is constantly evolving, always favoring the sharp, high-tech skills needed to drive innovation and business success."

From UX Designers to Full-Stack Developers, Orlando's tech job market is thriving.

Looking ahead, the 2024 report promises a robust and adaptive job climate, packed with top-notch positions that not only pay well but also let you be part of the digital future.

The Top 10 E-Learning Platforms for Orlando's Aspiring Developers in 2024


Orlando in 2024 is where it's at for anyone tryna level up their tech game. With a ton of e-learning platforms popping up, you got plenty of options to get your learn on.

Digitec Interactive and FETC's dope resources are leading the charge, helping Orlando become a tech powerhouse.

Based on the stats and what people are saying, here's the top 10 e-learning portals for aspiring devs in the city:

  1. CodeCamp Orlando: With a 97% user satisfaction rate, CodeCamp is killing the game with their adaptive learning paths and chances to work on real projects.
  2. Orlando Dev Academy: These peeps are no joke, with a 95% job placement rate. They'll hook you up with the skills tech companies are thirsty for.
  3. TechTree: Their AI-powered personalized learning is a total game-changer, earning a 93% approval rating from the local tech fam.
  4. ByteQuest: Recognized for their interactive coding bootcamps, ByteQuest is the spot for mobile and web dev wizardry.
  5. DevPro Streamline: Staying ahead of the curve is their jam, with continuous learning opportunities to keep your skills fresh.
  6. Digital Forge: Their user interface courses are fire, helping Orlando become a UX/UI design hub.
  7. CodeEd Online: Practical coding challenges are their thing, boosting the city's code literacy by 15%.
  8. CyberNest: Cybersecurity is their focus, equipping learners with the skills to take down digital threats.
  9. IT ProLearn: All about that IT life, with courses on cloud computing and network infrastructure.
  10. CreativeTech Hub: Aspiring devs looking to get creative can learn game dev and VR here.

These platforms are catering to over 25,000 learners, with an 89% course completion rate on average.

Plus, events like the Training 2024 Conference in Orlando are keeping the professional development vibes going strong.

After using these e-learning sites, tech pros in the city have seen a 20% boost in their career game, proving they're the real deal. As TechTrends Orlando puts it, "Investing in e-learning expands your tech skills exponentially," making sure you're ready for whatever the future throws at you.

It's no wonder there's been a 30% spike in e-learners participating in local tech events and hackathons, creating a tight-knit community of learners and doers.

Orlando's 2024 e-learning scene isn't just about gaining knowledge, it's about building a solid network and putting those skills to the test.

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Top 10 Coding Bootcamps in Orlando: A Comprehensive Comparison in 2024


Let me break it down for you - Orlando's coding bootcamp game is straight fire! With heavy hitters like Nucamp, Thinkful, and General Assembly leading the pack, you're spoilt for choice when it comes to getting your tech skills on point.

By 2024, there'll be nine major players in the field, each one trying to stand out with their unique curriculums and industry connections.

But it's not just about the syllabus, you understand? These bootcamps are all about landing you a dope job after graduation.

Code Orlando is killing it with a 92% employment rate within six months of finishing up, while TechLaunch Orlando is hot on their heels with an 89% success rate.

And they're teaching you the real deal, like JavaScript, Python, React, Node.js, and Git, so you'll be ready to hustle in the tech scene.

Now, let's talk cheddar.

NewWave Developers is a solid pick if you're watching your wallet, charging around $9,000 for their full-stack dev program. But if you're looking for the cream of the crop, check out this list:

  1. Code Orlando - Employment rate: 92%, Average cost: $11,000
  2. TechLaunch Orlando - Employment rate: 89%, Average cost: $10,500
  3. NewWave Developers - Employment rate: 85%, Average cost: $9,000
  4. CodeX Academy - Employment rate: 83%, Average cost: $8,500
  5. Orlando Code School - Employment rate: 80%, Average cost: $7,500

But don't just take my word for it - the reviews are lit! One grad from Code Orlando said,

"The bootcamp's intimate cohort size and individualized attention were pivotal to my learning experience and subsequent job placement."

That's what I'm talking about! These bootcamps are the real deal, setting you up for success in Orlando's booming tech scene.

And they're keeping it fresh too, adding modules on cybersecurity, data science, and AI to keep you ahead of the game.

So, if you're looking to level up your coding skills and land a sick gig, Orlando's bootcamp scene has got your back.

Don't sleep on it - with options like UCF and a ton of tech companies hiring, this city is the place to be for aspiring coders like you!

Top 10 Universities in Orlando for Pursuing a Computer Science Degree in 2024


Let's talk about 2024 and the awesome tech education scene in Orlando. UCF is killing it with their computer science programs, prepping students for high-paying jobs straight outta college.

Like, 92% of their grads land jobs within six months, which is insane! Plus, they've got some seriously cool professors working on mind-blowing projects like building habitats on other planets and pushing the boundaries of medicine.

But UCF ain't the only game in town.

USF is a total powerhouse too, known for their cutting-edge research and churning out Fulbright Scholars like nobody's business. And let's not forget FIU – they're killing it with their vast array of degree programs, including some killer online options for students worldwide.

These schools aren't messing around – they've got prestigious accreditations like ABET, so you know their degrees are legit and industry-approved.

If you're looking for a more hands-on approach, check out coding bootcamps like Nucamp.

They'll hook you up with real-world projects and a tight-knit community to help you master the latest tech. Their grads are ready to shake up the industry, armed with practical experience and a solid grasp of cutting-edge tools.

Orlando is a hotbed for tech innovation, and these schools are at the forefront.

Whether you're down for a traditional university or a more immersive bootcamp experience, you'll be surrounded by brilliant minds and groundbreaking research.

This city is churning out not just coders, but tech visionaries who are reshaping the digital landscape.

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Orlando's tech scene has been poppin' off lately, and it's only gonna keep getting better by 2024. Data crunching shows that tech jobs have grown by like 10% compared to previous years, bringing in billions of dollars to the city.

Major tech companies have been setting up shop here, creating all sorts of jobs and shaping Orlando into a legit tech hub. Lake Nona's 'smart city' project is the talk of the town, with companies doing cutting-edge stuff in IoT, simulations, and aerospace tech.

Orlando's also stepping up its tech education game to help you get skilled up and ready for these tech careers.

We've got coding bootcamps like Nucamp and Ironhack that'll teach you the real-world skills employers want in just a few months.

Online platforms like Udemy and Coursera offer specialized courses tailored to industry needs, too. And universities like UCF have solid computer science programs that combine theory with practical applications.

This educational ecosystem is crucial for creating a workforce that can keep up with the tech industry's shift towards AI, machine learning, and cloud computing by 2024.

"The connection between Orlando's tech companies and the academic scene is what's driving our city's economic success," says this industry expert.

High-paying jobs like software developers, data analysts, and cyber security pros are in high demand, with median salaries over $90K. Nucamp's Cybersecurity Fundamentals and Front End Web + Mobile Development bootcamps can help you get the skills to snag one of these gigs.

Orlando's booming tech industry and focus on education have turned it into a major tech hub.

By 2024, this city will be leading the tech revolution and offering plenty of opportunities for anyone ready to dive into this exciting field. With events like I/ITSEC 2024, FABTECH Expo, and ATIA 2024 Conference happening here, Orlando is cementing its status as a tech powerhouse while keeping it inclusive for people with disabilities.

If you're looking to start a tech career, Orlando's where it's at.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are some of the top tech companies in Orlando?

Top tech companies in Orlando include Relativity Space, The Walt Disney Company, Electronic Arts Tiburon, Orlando Health, and Liberty Mutual Insurance.

What are some of the high-paying tech jobs in Orlando?

High-paying tech jobs in Orlando include Software Developers, IT Managers, Cybersecurity Specialists, Data Scientists, and Cloud Computing Experts.

What e-learning platforms are popular among aspiring developers in Orlando?

Popular e-learning platforms for aspiring developers in Orlando are CodeCamp Orlando, Orlando Dev Academy, TechTree, ByteQuest, and DevPro Streamline.

Which are the top coding bootcamps in Orlando in 2024?

Top coding bootcamps in Orlando include Code Orlando, TechLaunch Orlando, NewWave Developers, CodeX Academy, and Ironhack.

Which universities in Orlando offer a strong program for pursuing a computer science degree?

Universities in Orlando offering strong programs for computer science degrees include the University of Central Florida (UCF), Rollins College, and Florida International University (FIU).

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