Which New York City Companies Offer High-Paying Remote Jobs?

By Samantha Anderson

Last Updated: April 9th 2024

New York City skyline symbolizing the city's companies offering high-paying remote jobs

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The New York City job market is witnessing a surge in high-paying remote jobs across sectors like tech, finance, and healthcare. Companies like Policygenius, VidMob, and memorial Sloan Kettering are at the forefront, offering competitive salaries. Remote work trend is reshaping NYC's economic and job landscape.

The way people work in NYC has been flipped on its head thanks to the rise of remote jobs, especially after all the crazy stuff that went down in recent years.

As of 2023, the numbers show a major spike in remote gigs across various industries in the city. Even though only 9% of employees in Manhattan are hitting the office five days a week, it's still tough to get a real grasp on just how widespread remote work has become.

But one thing's for sure, sectors like tech are not only gaining a competitive edge by hiring remotely but are also among the top dogs offering remote roles, with finance, marketing, and healthcare industries hot on their heels.

NYC employees who have embraced the remote life are digging the perks like better work-life balance, no more brutal commutes, and boosted productivity. In this ever-changing job market, companies offering high-paying remote opportunities are the real winners.

We're talking about tech giants leading the charge in remote job hotspots, established financial powerhouses, and up-and-coming startups – a trend that's only going to keep growing as flexibility becomes a must-have for modern workers.

This article gives you the inside scoop on the companies dishing out these lucrative remote roles, plus a guide on how to score one for yourself.

Table of Contents

  • The Rise of Remote Work
  • Top High-paying Remote Companies
  • Company Profiles
  • Job Seeker's Guide
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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The Rise of Remote Work


The way people work in NYC has gone through a wild change since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Before the pandemic, remote work was slowly gaining traction, especially in the tech and creative industries, with just a 3% increase in remote job postings between 2018 and 2019.

But when the pandemic struck, remote work went from being a perk to an absolute necessity. After the pandemic, reports show a massive 12.2% of workers staying remote—that's a 4x increase from before!

Job listing platforms tell the story of this shift:

  • In 2020, when lockdowns hit, remote job listings skyrocketed, with subway ridership dropping by over 90% as people started working from home.
  • In 2021, there was a big jump in remote job listings, showing that companies were making a long-term strategic shift to remote work, and rents went up as a result.
  • As we enter 2023, remote work has become super popular, with 35% of job postings in NYC offering remote options. Over a quarter of full-time workdays in the US are now being done remotely.

Big-shot industry leaders have acknowledged this change, with the CEO of a major NYC tech company saying,

"Remote work has undoubtedly become the new normal, and we're embracing it as a core part of our strategy."

As we check out the companies offering high-paying remote jobs, it's clear that this isn't just a temporary pandemic thing—it's a major shift in how the city's workforce operates, with huge impacts on NYC's economy, culture, and social scene for years to come.

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Top High-paying Remote Companies


New York City has always been the place to be for hot tech and finance jobs, but with everyone working from home these days, the game has changed. Now you can score a dope remote job and make some serious cash without ever stepping foot in a fancy office tower.

A bunch of companies like Policygenius, VidMob, and even Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center are offering sick remote gigs with fat paychecks.

We're talking tech giants, healthcare innovators, you name it.

But it's not just the big dogs in the game. Startups like Peloton and Andela are also bringing the heat with their remote opportunities and competitive pay.

Even companies like Solomon Page in the service industry and ConsenSys in the blockchain world are getting on board with the remote life.

Oh, and let's not forget Verizon – they're proving that even the telecom giants are down with the flexible work grind.

Thanks to new laws, companies have to be upfront about their pay ranges, so you know you're getting a sweet deal.

And the numbers don't lie – remote job salaries in New York are on the rise, solidifying the city's rep as a place where you can ball out, no matter where you clock in from.

Here's a quick rundown of some NYC companies that are killing it with high-paying remote jobs:

  1. Policygenius is bringing the heat in the insurance tech world with remote opportunities.
  2. VidMob is where creativity meets tech, and they're offering flexible marketing roles.
  3. Memorial Sloan Kettering is setting the bar for cancer care and remote hiring.
  4. Trying to stay fit? Peloton is all about the work-from-home life in the interactive fitness game.
  5. Andela is hooking you up with remote connections to skilled global tech talent.
  6. Solomon Page is keeping it flexible in the staffing and recruitment services game.
  7. The blockchain revolution is real, and ConsenSys is offering competitive remote jobs to be a part of it.
  8. Verizon is proving that even the big telecom players are down with the flexible work arrangements.

"The diversity of high-paying remote opportunities in New York is a testament to the city's resilience and its ability to adapt to the changing work landscape."

Company Profiles


New York City is still the place to be if you want a remote job that pays well. Companies like Datadog and Grubhub, which are successful in tech and food delivery, have roles like AI engineering and connectivity jobs that come with high salaries.

If finance is your area, JPMorgan Chase's remote jobs in risk management and data science can secure you a six-figure salary. Living in NYC is not cheap, so these companies have to compensate well to attract the best talent.

Major companies like IBM and Deloitte are also excelling in remote work.

They have excellent cultures focused on learning and inclusivity, making them top remote employers. Their remote workers receive great benefits like solid health coverage and ample vacation time, which demonstrates how much they value their employees and compensate them well.

According to LinkedIn's 2023 report, startups like Ramp and Whatnot are offering six-figure salaries for remote roles in engineering, product design, and customer service.

The reason these companies are offering high compensation is multifaceted.

Besides the high cost of living in NYC, these companies are at the top of their respective industries, so they need to attract and retain the best talent by paying them appropriately.

Additionally, they are consistently featured on lists of companies with the highest remote salaries, with tech giants like Google and Facebook offering remote jobs that average over $100K.

The remote job market in New York City is thriving, with companies competing to secure the best workers by offering high salaries and flexible work-life balance through remote work.

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Job Seeker's Guide


If you're a young gun lookin' to land a dope remote gig in the Big Apple, you gotta step up your game. Pimpin' your resume is key, cuz LinkedIn says employers are 75% more likely to hit you up if you tailor that bad boy.

To really level up, try networkin' and volunteerin' - it's a solid way to link up with peeps in your field and get the scoop on fresh opps.

Plus, bein' open to different 'hoods and flexible roles can open up more doors, per Indeed.com. Here's the real deal:

  • Customize That Resume: Match it up with the job deets, flossin' the skills and accomplishments that matter. Sprinkle in those keywords from the listing to up your chances of gettin' that interview.
  • Network Like a Boss: Gotta connect, cuz around 85% of jobs are filled through networkin'. Hit up LinkedIn, FlexJobs, and get your face out there at job fairs or virtual meetups.
  • Level Up Your Skills: Get stacked with the skills that high-paying remote NYC companies are thirsty for. Global Workplace Analytics says cloud computing, data analytics, and cybersecurity are where it's at.

When it comes to interviews, practicin' mock sessions can really take your game to the next level.

Lay out how your accomplishments vibe with the company's culture and values. Remote companies want ballers who can handle workin' solo but still bring that team spirit, which is clutch for crushin' it in a flexible environment.

And don't sleep on your digital footprint - most employers are checkin' your social media, so keep it professional. Follow these tips, scope out those remote gigs from top dogs like FlexJobs, and you'll be a prime candidate for a high-payin' remote role in NYC's competitive scene.



Let's talk about these remote gigs in the Big Apple. It's a wild ride out there, but remote work is sticking around and shaking up the job scene in NYC. Whether you're into boosting the city's economy or just want that sweet, sweet paycheck, there are some dope perks but also some downsides to consider.

Here's the 411:

  • No More Commute Hassle: With remote work, you can kiss those costly commutes goodbye and save a cool $2K per year on average. Downside? The city loses out on a whopping $12.4 billion annually from reduced spending in places like Manhattan.
  • Productivity Rollercoaster: Some people swear they're way more productive working remotely, but other reports show productivity can drop by up to 19% for some workers, with individual efficiency taking a 4% hit.
  • Work-Life Balance Wins: Around 80% of remote workers say their work-life balance is on point. But this new way of working could make it tougher for women to climb the career ladder, and it's also changing the game for the city's economic patterns.

The remote work train is picking up steam, and by 2028, experts predict 30% of jobs in NYC might offer that sweet remote flexibility.

Companies in the city are already hopping on board, seeing the benefits of a satisfied and diverse remote workforce. But Mayor Eric Adams and the money experts say we need to strike a balance, with policies that support both remote and in-office work.

NYC is at the forefront of this remote work revolution, with a tech-savvy workforce and companies leading the charge.

The city is committed to an inclusive and thriving economy, so navigating this remote work era is all about finding that sweet spot between growth and sustainability.

The future is about balancing the perks of remote work with the vibrant energy of the city, ensuring everyone gets a slice of that economic pie.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Which sectors in New York City are witnessing a rise in high-paying remote jobs?

Tech, finance, and healthcare sectors in New York City are experiencing a surge in high-paying remote job opportunities.

What are some companies in New York City offering high-paying remote jobs?

Companies like Policygenius, VidMob, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Peloton, Andela, Solomon Page, ConsenSys, and Verizon are among those providing high-paying remote job options in New York City.

What are the benefits reported by employees in New York City who have embraced remote work?

Employees in New York City enjoying remote work mention benefits like improved work-life balance, reduced commuting times, and increased productivity.

How has the landscape of employment in New York City been reshaped by the remote work trend?

The rise of remote work in NYC has led to a paradigm shift in the workforce, with a notable increase in remote job opportunities, especially post-pandemic, altering the economic and job market landscape of the city.

What are some key strategies for job seekers aiming to land high-paying remote jobs in New York City?

Job seekers should focus on resume optimization, networking, acquiring in-demand skills, practicing mock interviews, and maintaining a professional digital footprint to increase their chances of securing high-paying remote jobs in a competitive market like NYC.

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