Which Las Vegas Companies Are Hiring Remote Workers in Tech?

By Ludo Fourrage

Last Updated: April 9th 2024

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Las Vegas tech companies are actively hiring remote workers, with over 60% implementing remote work policies. Companies like Outschool and Crypto.com are leading this shift, offering diverse tech roles. Remote job listings have surged by 25%, signaling a growing trend towards remote careers in the Las Vegas tech scene.

Vegas is wild these days! With over 900 startups getting their hustle on, the tech scene is straight-up poppin'. Companies out here are all about that remote grind, going hard for that digital talent in 2023.

We're talking big names like the NFT bosses and edtech innovators, not just following the wave but straight-up leading it.

It's not just about remote jobs anymore.

These companies are redefining what it means to have a remote career, where you can level up your skills and keep growing without being chained to a cubicle. Education providers like Outschool are hooking you up with dope e-learning roles, while crypto kings like Crypto.com are on the hunt for digital asset savants.

The stats don't lie – this remote revolution is no joke.

Companies are tapping into that remote talent to expand their reach and bring in some fresh perspectives. Our little tech oasis in Vegas is a microcosm of this whole ambition and adaptation vibe.

Soon enough, the traditional office will be a relic, and flexibility will be the name of the game.

Company Remote Hiring Status
Outschool Actively Hiring
Crypto.com Actively Hiring
Zappos Actively Hiring

We're gonna break down how you can snag those sweet tech roles in Vegas and beyond, so you can secure that remote career bag and live your best life without boundaries.

Table of Contents

  • The Tech Industry in Las Vegas
  • Remote Work: A New Norm in the Las Vegas Tech Scene
  • Las Vegas Companies Hiring Remote Tech Workers
  • How to Land a Remote Tech Job in Las Vegas Companies
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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The Tech Industry in Las Vegas


The tech scene in Vegas is blowing up lately, turning into a legit tech hub. With some 9.4 million tech jobs projected in the US, Vegas is making moves to cash in on that action.

They've got over 300 startups calling the city home already, and investors have poured in a whopping $7.5 billion into the local tech sector since 2010.

High-tech manufacturing, cybersecurity, and healthtech are leading the charge, diversifying Vegas' rep beyond just casinos and hotels.

With software developers in high demand, Vegas is being hyped as a top city for tech talent growth.

They're investing a solid $569 per person into the tech scene, showing they're serious about nurturing this industry. The Innovation District downtown is ground zero for testing out all the latest smart city tech and projects.

Major players like Switch's massive renewable energy-powered data centers and the Downtown Project incubator are creating a dope ecosystem for startups and innovation to thrive.

Industry experts are calling it a "tech renaissance" for Vegas, with collaborative vibes between startups, established companies, and supportive government policies.

This tech boom is redefining Vegas' identity, making it a beacon for tech nerds worldwide who wanna get in on the action in this vibrant desert tech oasis.

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Remote Work: A New Norm in the Las Vegas Tech Scene


The tech scene in Vegas is getting lit with all these companies going remote. It's like a whole new wave. With more people working from home now, Vegas tech companies aren't just following the trend, they're leading the charge.

Studies show that over 60% of tech firms in Vegas are letting their employees work remotely. That's a lot of dope tech companies offering remote gigs, which is a game-changer for the job market here.

It's part of a bigger movement in the tech world, where remote jobs have increased by around 20% nationwide.

In Vegas, specifically, the remote work opportunities are booming with a 25% growth in tech jobs over the past couple of years.

Start-ups and big dogs alike are all about that remote life, cashing in on the perks of having a distributed team. According to the Nucamp Coding Bootcamp blog, these companies are saying "Remote work is a total gamechanger, allowing us to tap into a wider talent pool," says the CEO of a up-and-coming Vegas tech startup.

It's a win-win situation – employees are more productive, and companies save on operational costs.

Some of the top Vegas tech companies offering remote positions are:

  • ZapTech - A software dev company that's all about that remote-first life.
  • CodeStream Studios - This gaming company is embracing remote work to attract top-notch game devs.
  • Digital Wager - They specialize in cybersecurity, offering remote roles for IT security gurus.

This whole remote work thing isn't just about filling job openings; it's about creating a company culture that values flexibility, freedom, and employee happiness.

Vegas tech companies are all about staying agile and modern when it comes to hiring, making themselves super attractive to candidates from all over the world.

It's a smart move to future-proof their businesses and stay ahead of the competition in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Las Vegas Companies Hiring Remote Tech Workers


The tech scene in Vegas is blowing up right now, and remote work is the hottest trend around. These days, all the major companies are getting on board with the remote life, from media giants like Comcast to e-commerce bosses like Chewy.

Even old-school companies like Copart and new kids on the block like the healthtech firm Calm are embracing the telecommuting game. And let's not forget the big dogs in entertainment like Cirque du Soleil – they're also on the hunt for tech-savvy pros to level up their shows.

If you're looking to score a dope remote tech gig in Vegas, here's what's poppin':

  • Software Devs and Engineers: These coding wizards keep the tech world spinning with their mad skills.
  • Data Analysts and Scientists: They turn raw data into pure gold for companies to make those big-brain decisions.
  • IT Project Managers: The ringmasters of tech projects, keeping everything on track and lit.
  • Cybersecurity Specialists: The digital bodyguards, protecting companies from all those sketchy hackers.
  • Tech Support Engineers: The tech whisperers, making sure everything runs smooth as butter.

The remote job listings in Vegas are through the roof, with a 25% spike compared to last year.

The money's good, the schedules are flexible, and startups are leading the charge with some seriously tempting opportunities for skilled techies.

Tech is taking over all kinds of industries, from gaming to education.

Companies like Paper (an edtech tutoring service) and gaming giant 2K are hiring remote workers like crazy. And check out this quote:

Remote work has not only enabled us to find exceptional talent beyond geographical limits, but it has also led to a 15% increase in productivity.

The remote revolution is real, and Vegas is at the heart of it all.

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How to Land a Remote Tech Job in Las Vegas Companies


If you're tryna score a sweet remote tech gig with a company from Sin City, you gotta play your cards right. It's all about balancing that online hustle with some solid networking moves and flexing those up-to-date skills.

With the remote work wave still going strong, Vegas is lit with opportunities. Right now, there are like 968 remote tech jobs up for grabs, with roles like IT Support and Technical Support Rep offering some serious cheddar and benefits on Indeed.com.

To tap into this hot market, peep job boards like Indeed, LinkedIn, and ZipRecruiter, which are stacked with remote gigs in Nevada's tech scene.

But don't sleep on networking either, 'cause that's how a lot of these jobs get filled – through connections. Get in the mix by joining online communities and checking out platforms like Built In, and you'll have a serious edge over the competition.

When you're applying, make sure you're tailoring your game to match each company's vibe, and highlight those crucial remote work skills like communication and self-discipline.

Vegas is all about software dev, data analysis, and cybersecurity, according to Nucamp.

If you need to level up your qualifications, check out their targeted courses like the Web Development Fundamentals bootcamp or the full-on Software Engineering Bootcamp Path.

These kinds of upskilling moves can help you snag those coveted credentials.

In the remote Vegas tech scene, it's all about staying on top of your game and expanding that network.

Like this senior tech recruiter said,

"The right mix of tech skills and connections can turn a solid candidate into the ideal remote hire."

Stay current with the trends, keep upgrading your skills with legit bootcamps, and get involved in the local industry scene, and you'll be a standout in the competitive Vegas tech market.

Frequently Asked Questions


What percentage of tech companies in Las Vegas have implemented remote work policies?

Over 60% of Las Vegas-based tech firms have implemented remote work policies.

Which key tech companies in Las Vegas are actively hiring for remote positions?

Key tech companies like Outschool, Crypto.com, Zappos, ZapTech, CodeStream Studios, and Digital Wager are actively hiring for remote positions.

What are some of the remote tech roles available in Las Vegas companies?

Remote tech roles in Las Vegas include software developers, data analysts, IT project managers, cybersecurity specialists, and technical support engineers.

How can one land a remote tech job in Las Vegas companies?

To land a remote tech job in Las Vegas, candidates should explore job platforms, network effectively, customize applications, enhance their skills through training programs like Nucamp Coding Bootcamp, and stay informed about market trends.

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