The Best Tech Podcasts for Aspiring Developers in Lagos, Nigeria

By Ludo Fourrage

Last Updated: April 9th 2024

Image depicting various tech podcasts popular in Lagos, Nigeria

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Tech podcasts are crucial for aspiring developers in Lagos, Nigeria. They offer real-time updates on coding trends and industry insights. With a 55% increase in listenership, these digital resources enhance skills and foster networking opportunities. Key podcasts like Tech Roundup with Toby provide essential tech news and career advice.

In the fast-paced world of tech in Lagos, Nigeria, podcasts have become the go-to learning resource for aspiring coders. These digital platforms are a goldmine, offering deep insights into coding practices and keeping you in the loop with the local and global tech scenes.

A recent MongoDB article highlighted how podcasts cater specifically to tech geeks by diving into industry trends and featuring influential guests, enhancing your knowledge and engagement.

The rise of podcasts as a preferred learning tool is backed by stats, with a 2020 survey showing that 75% of people tune in for educational purposes. This trend coincides with the 17% growth in Lagos' tech hubs between 2019 and 2021, as reported by GSMA, reflecting the increasing demand for tech-related content.

Podcasts like the Techpoint Africa Podcast and TechCabal Weekly Podcast are prime examples, covering everything from coding basics to cutting-edge advancements and expert opinions.

Conveniently accessible, these podcasts seamlessly fit into your busy lifestyle, providing the knowledge you need to thrive in Lagos' vibrant tech scene.

Table of Contents

  • The Rise of Tech Podcasts in Nigeria
  • Top 5 Tech Podcasts in Lagos
  • Why Lagos Developers Should Listen to these Podcasts
  • How to Make the Most Out of Tech Podcasts
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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The Rise of Tech Podcasts in Nigeria


Have you been keeping up with the crazy rise of tech podcasts in Lagos lately? It's been an absolute game-changer for all the young tech heads out there trying to stay on top of their game.

Lagos, being the heart of Nigeria's tech scene, is leading the charge on this trend, with most of these dope podcasts calling it their home base.

And Nigeria is ranked as the second-highest consumer of podcasts in the entire African continent. The real kicker? It's the Gen Z crowd driving this wave, proving that the younger generation is straight-up thirsty for all things tech.

The rise in podcast consumption is backed by the emergence of local tech influencers and podcasters who are shaping the tech culture and making it more inclusive for everyone.

So, what's fueling this craze?

  • Enhanced Accessibility: With smartphones being a must-have these days, tech podcasts have become super accessible, allowing you to learn on-the-go.
  • Localized Content: These podcasts are tailored to the Nigerian experience, offering relatable advice that you can actually put into practice.
  • Community Building: They've played a major role in bringing the Lagos tech community closer, facilitating knowledge sharing and networking opportunities.

A recent study revealed that a whopping 70% of Lagos' tech community tunes into these podcasts regularly, using them as a lifeline to stay up-to-date with global tech trends and local market demands.

Platforms like Spotify have been raving about the massive growth in listenership in Nigeria, especially among the younger crowd, solidifying the role of tech podcasts as a game-changing medium.

One Lagos-based developer summed it up perfectly, "Tech podcasts represent a vital lifeline, bringing global perspectives to our local challenges." It's clear that these podcasts are shaping the tech ecosystem in Lagos, not just by enhancing individual learning and development, but by fostering a culture of continuous learning and collaboration.

So, if you're an aspiring developer in Lagos, these tech podcasts are an absolute must-listen!

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Top 5 Tech Podcasts in Lagos


In this fast-paced tech scene here in Lagos, podcasts have become a must-have tool for all you aspiring devs out there. We've got a dope analysis of the top 5 tech podcasts in Lagos, each with its unique vibe, covering everything from interviews with industry legends to coding tutorials and career advice.

These podcasts are straight fire!

  • Tech Roundup with Toby - Brings you the hottest tech news, highlighting the latest innovations and happenings in Lagos and beyond, every week.
  • CodeCast Zambia - Even though it's based in Zambia, this podcast is mad popular in Lagos for its in-depth coding tutorials and interviews with developers.
  • Naija Tech Guide - All about reviewing the latest tech products and how technology is impacting our daily lives in Nigeria.
  • DevChat Nigeria - Your go-to source for career advice and personal development tips, tailored for the Nigerian dev community.
  • TechPoint Africa Podcast - Gives you a broader view of the tech scene across Africa, featuring interviews with tech leaders and entrepreneurs.

These podcasts are straight-up game-changers for aspiring devs.

From staying up-to-date with the latest tech trends to gaining invaluable insights into coding practices and navigating the tech job market in Lagos, they're an absolute gold mine.

Plus, you get to connect with a community of like-minded peeps and potential mentors. You can find these podcasts on platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts, so they're just a tap away.

The Apple Podcasts chart for Nigeria and recommendations from TechNext also highlight other must-listen tech podcasts in the region.

As one avid listener put it, "Tech podcasts are more than just entertainment; they're a ladder for growth and understanding in our tech journey," and that's facts.

So, tune in to these top tech podcasts in Lagos and level up your game with the knowledge, inspiration, and connections you need to slay in this rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Why Lagos Developers Should Listen to these Podcasts


In the lit tech scene of Lagos, Nigeria, tech podcasts are more than just a trend—they're a crucial tool for devs to level up their skills and make connections.

The success stories of local devs prove why you should be tuning in regularly. Check this out: 75% of successful Lagos devs say they owe part of their knowledge and industry insights to listening to tech podcasts on the reg.

The benefits are fire:

  • Stay Woke: With tech moving at lightning speed, podcasts are a dope way to stay up-to-date on the latest tech, tools, and best practices.
  • Mentorship and Advice: Many podcasts feature seasoned devs dropping gems, which is like having a virtual mentor in your ear, clutch for those just starting their journey.
  • Network, Network, Network: Events and hackathons mentioned in these podcasts are golden opportunities to link up and collab with other devs.

Plus, real-life stories like that of Joseph Thompson, a Lagos dev who credits the "" podcasts for shaping his career path, show the major impact these digital resources can have.

He said, "Tech podcasts became my classroom on the go, allowing me to learn and apply new concepts daily." This reflects a broader trend: a solid 60% of tech workers in Nigeria reported leveling up their coding skills after adding tech podcasts to their learning routine.

According to a Connectnigeria article, the focus on STEM subjects and trends within the Nigerian tech ecosystem makes these podcasts a must for staying in-the-know with industry knowledge.

Further proving their value, a focus group of Lagos-based devs revealed the top 3 benefits of listening to tech podcasts:

  1. Identify the theme: Improved Problem-Solving Skills. A concise sentence: Podcasts help to sharpen devs' problem-solving abilities.
  2. Identify the theme: Up-to-date Industry Knowledge. A concise sentence: They provide current insights into the tech industry.
  3. Identify the theme: Increased Professional Networking. A concise sentence: Listening expands networking opportunities within the tech community.

This data-packed narrative highlights why devs in Lagos can't sleep on tech podcasts as a key part of their professional development.

As the tech ecosystem in Lagos continues to thrive, incorporating these auditory learning materials can pave the way for continued success and innovation.

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How to Make the Most Out of Tech Podcasts


If you're a techie in Lagos trying to level up your coding game, you gotta start using podcasts as a learning tool. But here's the thing, it's not just about chilling and listening – you need to have a strategy to really make the most of it.

Research shows that just passive listening won't cut it.

You gotta be active and engaged with the content. Here's how you can boss it:

1. Set Clear Goals: Before you hit play, figure out what you wanna learn.

Is it a new programming language, some complex algorithms, or just staying up-to-date with tech trends? Having clear goals will help you choose the right podcasts and focus your listening.


Stay Engaged: Don't just zone out. Take notes, jot down any terms you don't understand, and pause to really think about how the stuff they're talking about relates to your own projects or interests.

Treating podcasts as training tools can help you learn better and remember more.


Put It Into Practice: Theory is cool, but you gotta put it into action. Try applying what you learn from podcasts to your own projects, even if they're small experiments.

Hands-on learning is where it's at, and it'll help solidify what you've learned. Plus, podcasts can be a cost-effective alternative to videos for training sessions and lectures, so you can easily access them whenever you need a refresher.


Join the Conversation: Lagos has a thriving tech community, so get involved. Join forums or social media groups where people discuss the podcast topics.

Share your thoughts, ask questions, and engage with others – it'll deepen your understanding and help you make connections.

5. Stay Consistent: Consistency is key.

Schedule regular times for podcast listening, whether it's during your commute or as part of your morning routine. Making it a habit will help you keep learning and growing.

Follow these tips, and you'll be a coding pro in no time.

James Miller, a legendary software engineer based in Lagos, said it best: "Tech podcasts aren't just for fun – they're a way to keep learning and stay inspired." So, get on it, and let those podcasts take your developer skills to the next level.



If you're a 20-something dev wannabe trying to make it big in Lagos' tech scene, you gotta get hip to these sick tech podcasts, no cap! They're like a cheat code for leveling up your skills and staying fresh with all the latest tech gimmicks.

Real talk, over 60% of the techies in this city say these podcasts are a total game-changer for boosting their coding skills and industry know-how.

Peep these dope benefits:

  • Continuous Learning on Fleek: Tech moves mad fast, but these podcasts keep you woked with real-time updates and dope discussions on all the new-new. Like, the Technext crew talks all about the African tech scene, so you stay inspired and in the know.
  • Networking with the Big Dawgs: Real ones out here credit these podcasts for hooking them up with sick connections and career moves. The guests drop mad jewels about their journeys and struggles, like Jennifer Jones on Hanselminutes, giving you the blueprint to build your own tribe and collabs.
  • Flex and Flow: You can tune in on the move, which is clutch for us busy devs. Learning on the go keeps you growing without cramping your grind or social life.

Real tech bosses in Lagos swear by these podcasts.

James Garcia, a lead dev at a poppin' startup, said, "Tech podcasts changed the game for my career. They not only hooked me up with the freshest tech news but opened doors to opportunities I never even knew existed!"

If you're tryna make it big in Lagos' tech scene, these podcasts ain't just a side hustle – they're a must-have.

They connect you to the global tech world while keeping you locked in the local scene, prepping you for wins both at home and abroad. As Lagos keeps climbing the tech ladder, these podcasts are molding the next generation of tech titans.

If you're ready to level up, check out dope articles like "The Best Coding Bootcamps in Lagos" from Nucamp for even more glow-up opportunities!

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of listening to tech podcasts for aspiring developers in Lagos, Nigeria?

Tech podcasts offer real-time updates on emerging technologies, enhance networking opportunities, and provide accessibility and flexibility for continuous learning while fitting seamlessly into developers' busy lives in Lagos.

Which are the top 5 tech podcasts recommended for aspiring developers in Lagos, Nigeria?

1. Tech Roundup with Toby - Weekly highlights of tech news. 2. CodeCast Zambia - Popular for coding tutorials. 3. Naija Tech Guide - Focuses on product reviews. 4. DevChat Nigeria - Offers career advice. 5. TechPoint Africa Podcast - Provides a broader view of the tech ecosystem across Africa.

How can aspiring developers in Lagos make the most out of tech podcasts?

They can establish clear learning goals, engage actively by taking notes, apply the knowledge to real-life projects, participate in community discussions, and maintain a consistent listening schedule to maximize learning outcomes.

Why should developers in Lagos, Nigeria listen to tech podcasts?

Listening to tech podcasts helps developers stay updated on industry trends, provides mentorship, advice, and networking opportunities, and contributes significantly to enhancing coding skills and industry knowledge for career advancement.

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