Top 10 Tech Companies to Work for in Chesapeake in 2024

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: July 6th 2024

A collage of logos from the top 10 tech companies in Chesapeake, VA 2024.

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Chesapeake's tech industry is projected to grow by 15% by 2024. Top employers include Canon, STM Research, INIT, Prism Maritime, Epsilon Systems, LifeNet Health, Valkyrie Enterprises, ECI, ASSETT, and Mythics. These companies offer competitive salaries averaging $85,000, stellar benefits, and strong work-life balance, attracting talent nationwide.

Chesapeake's tech world is blowing up, and it's only going to get crazier by 2024! As a city by the coast of Virginia, Chesapeake has transformed into a major tech hotspot, pumping serious cash into the local scene.

Check this out - recent projections show the tech industry in Chesapeake is set to explode by a massive 15% in just two years! Here are some mind-blowing stats that prove tech companies are crushing it in this region:

  • In 2022, tech firms raked in over $3.2 billion in revenue and employed nearly 25,000 people in Chesapeake.
  • The average paycheck for tech workers in Chesapeake is a whopping $85,000, which is 30% higher than the overall average salary in the city.
  • Major tech titans like Canon, STM Research, and INIT have set up shop in Chesapeake, attracting top talent from all over the country.

This article is all about shining a spotlight on the absolute best of Chesapeake's tech scene, giving you an insider's peek at the top 10 companies to work for in 2024.

From employee perks and workplace vibes to major projects and contributions, we've got the full scoop covered. Get ready, because this is going to be an epic journey through the heart of Chesapeake's tech wonderland! And don't forget to check out these essential tech skills that Chesapeake employers are seeking, according to Nucamp Coding Bootcamp.

Table of Contents

  • Methodology for Selecting the Top Tech Companies
  • 1. Canon Information Technology Services
  • 2. STM Research Inc.
  • 3. INIT Innovations in Transportation, Inc.
  • 4. Prism Maritime
  • 5. Epsilon Systems Solutions, Inc.
  • 6. LifeNet Health
  • 7. Valkyrie Enterprises
  • 8. ECI (Electronic Systems)
  • 9. ASSETT, Inc.
  • 10. Mythics, Inc.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Methodology for Selecting the Top Tech Companies


Picking the top tech companies to work for in Chesapeake in 2024 was no easy task. We had to do some serious digging to make sure we got it right. First off, we hit up Forbes' list of the World's Best Employers for 2023.

These guys surveyed over 170,000 employees across the globe to rank companies based on things like talent development, remote work options, and work-life balance.

Next, we checked out Fairygodboss, a site that shares real talk from current and former employees on everything from company culture to compensation.

They've got reviews on all the major players, so you know it's the real deal. But we didn't stop there! We also looked into Break Into Tech's guide on choosing the right companies.

These guys break it down based on your preferences, like whether you want a small team or a massive operation, and whether you're all about the mission or just focused on your role. Of course, we considered the usual suspects like Glassdoor, Indeed, and Comparably for those anonymous employee reviews.

And we checked out industry publications like Fortune and Entrepreneur for their take on the best companies to work for. But we also dug deeper, looking at independent research firms that really get into the nitty-gritty of workplace policies, employee engagement, and overall job satisfaction. Ultimately, our rankings weren't just about the fat paychecks and fancy perks (although those definitely mattered).

We wanted companies that prioritized work-life balance, professional growth, diversity and inclusion, and actually gave a damn about their employees. Because at the end of the day, happy employees mean a thriving company.

Just ask Gallup – their study showed that companies with engaged workforces outperformed their competitors by a whopping 147% in earnings per share. So treating your people right is kind of a big deal.

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1. Canon Information Technology Services


Topping our list of the sickest tech companies to work for in Chesapeake in 2024 is Canon Information Technology Services.

This IT powerhouse has leveled up their rep with an awesome workplace culture, solid employee benefits, and a track record of dishing out innovative solutions.

With a customer-first approach, Canon IT Services has become the go-to partner for businesses seeking next-level tech services.

The key to their success? Keeping it real with an inclusive and supportive work environment.

Employee reviews give Canon IT Services a 4.2/5 rating on Glassdoor, with 82% of workers down to recommend the company to their crew. Notable perks include competitive salaries, solid health benefits, and generous paid time off.

Plus, the company's commitment to professional development through training programs and mentorship opportunities means employees can level up their careers.

Canon IT Services' portfolio is straight fire, showcasing their skills across various industries, like:

  • Cloud-based document management: Implementing a cloud-based document management system for a major healthcare provider, boosting efficiency and compliance.
  • Secure IT infrastructure: Developing a secure, scalable IT infrastructure for a top financial institution, locking down data integrity and business continuity.
  • Cybersecurity solutions: Deploying a cutting-edge cybersecurity solution for a government agency, protecting sensitive data from evolving threats.

These epic projects prove Canon IT Services' dedication to delivering innovative solutions that drive operational excellence and digital transformation for their clients.

With a strong focus on teamwork, continuous learning, and work-life balance, Canon IT Services has consistently ranked among Chesapeake's top tech employers to work for.

As the city's tech scene keeps heating up, Canon IT Services' unwavering commitment to its employees and clients makes them a major player in shaping the region's technology landscape.

2. STM Research Inc.


Securing the second spot on our list of top tech companies in Chesapeake for 2024 is STM Industries, Inc., and let me tell you, these guys are killing it! This employee-owned company has been straight-up crushing it with their innovative solutions for the paper manufacturing industry, and they're known for their wicked workplace culture and commitment to excellence.

Here's why STM Industries is a total vibe:

  • Employee Satisfaction on Point: STM Industries gets that happy employees = successful company. They're all about fostering a supportive and collaborative environment where their workforce can grow and thrive. From robust training programs to dope career advancement opportunities, they make sure their people are always leveling up. Plus, the work-life balance, solid benefits, and tight-knit crew make it a sweet gig.
  • Cutting-Edge Tech Game Strong: These guys are pioneers in their field, developing game-changing tech for the paper manufacturing sector. Some of their standout innovations include:
  1. Pressure-sensitive products that are next-level.
  2. Advanced data analytics platforms for optimizing operations and efficiency.
  3. Innovative paper manufacturing solutions that prioritize sustainability and safety.
  • Industry Cred for Days: STM Industries' dedication to pushing boundaries has earned them major props from the industry. Just last year, they nabbed the coveted STM Open Research Award for their groundbreaking work in developing eco-friendly paper manufacturing processes. The judges were straight-up impressed, calling STM Industries' solutions "a game-changer for sustainable manufacturing."

With a talented squad, a relentless drive for innovation, and a deep understanding of the paper manufacturing game, STM Industries, Inc. is cementing its status as a tech powerhouse in Chesapeake and beyond.

These guys are the real deal, and you'd be lucky to snag a spot on their team.

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3. INIT Innovations in Transportation, Inc.


Check it out - INIT Innovations in Transportation, Inc. is one of the dopest tech companies to work for in Chesapeake this year.

These guys are totally crushing it in the transportation game, always coming up with sick new ideas to make public transit more efficient and user-friendly.

Real talk, INIT knows how to treat their employees right.

They've got a dope benefits package with solid health insurance, retirement plans, the whole nine yards. But it's not just about the perks - they really encourage personal growth and a healthy work-life balance with flexible schedules and remote options.

It's like they actually care about their people, you know?

And their projects? Straight fire. They're developing cutting-edge intelligent transportation systems for major cities, making public transit a breeze.

Not to mention their real-time passenger info apps that keep commuters in the loop. Plus, they're working with local governments to tackle traffic jams and road safety issues.

Truly next-level stuff.

One longtime employee spilled the tea on Glassdoor, saying

"INIT values innovation, creativity, and teamwork. It's an environment where ideas can thrive."

That's what's up, right? An employer that lets you spread your wings and make moves.

INIT has been racking up awards left and right.

They've scooped up the "Innovator of the Year" from the Virginia Chamber of Commerce and the "Project of the Year" from the Hampton Roads Association for Commercial Real Estate.

These guys are legit pioneers in their field, and the accolades prove it.

4. Prism Maritime


Prism Maritime is the real deal when it comes to maritime tech companies in Chesapeake! These guys are killing it with their top-notch engineering and R&D services.

Just check out the 2023 Chesapeake Business of the Year Award they snagged - that's how you know they're legit.

These guys are on a whole other level, expanding their operations with two new 12,000-square-foot facilities and creating 166 new jobs. Talk about growth!

But it's not just about the money - Prism Maritime treats their employees like royalty.

Flexible schedules, dope benefits, and a chill work environment? Sign me up! And let's not forget the sweet government contracts they're raking in, like that $2.45 billion IDIQ deal with the Navy for some next-level C4ISR installation work.

These techies are making waves in the maritime world, no doubt.

From cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions to slick vessel tracking systems, Prism Maritime has their hands in all the hot tech trends.

They're the real MVPs when it comes to keeping America's maritime ops running smoothly. So if you're looking to level up your career in 2024, Prism Maritime should definitely be on your radar.

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5. Epsilon Systems Solutions, Inc.


Epsilon Systems Solutions, Inc. is straight-up killing it in Chesapeake! This company has been around since 1998, and they're a total powerhouse when it comes to technical services, ship maintenance, and software development for the government and big-name clients.

No wonder they landed a spot in the top 10 tech companies to work for in Chesapeake next year!

What makes Epsilon so dope? For starters, they've got their hands in all sorts of cool projects, like developing cybersecurity solutions for the Department of Defense, building custom software for healthcare companies, and even providing cloud computing services.

Plus, they've got locations all over the U.S., so you know they're a big deal.

But it's not just about the work - Epsilon's history is pretty rad too.

It all started with a Navy vet and Korean immigrant, Bryan B. Min, who launched the company from a tiny office in San Diego. Now, they've grown into a massive employee-owned business with over 1,200 skilled professionals on board.

And if you're lucky enough to score a job at Epsilon, you'll be treated like royalty.

We're talking competitive salaries, sweet health benefits, and a 401(k) plan that'll have you set for life.

Plus, they're all about that work-life balance, so you can expect paid time off and opportunities for professional development.

Seriously, with a leadership team that includes decorated military officers and industry veterans, you know Epsilon is the real deal.

So, if you're looking for a tech job that'll challenge you while also treating you right, keep an eye out for openings at Epsilon Systems Solutions, Inc. in 2024.

It's worth checking out.

6. LifeNet Health


Coming in at #6 on our list of the sickest tech companies to work for in Chesapeake in 2024 is LifeNet Health. These guys are totally crushing it in the healthcare and biotech game.

They're a non-profit organization leading the charge in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering solutions, changing lives with their cutting-edge research and development.

The work culture at LifeNet Health is seriously on point.

They've got an awesome benefits package that covers all the bases, like competitive salaries, healthcare coverage for you and your family, retirement plans with that sweet employer match, paid time off for vacays and sick days, and opportunities for professional development and tuition assistance.

But that's not all! LifeNet Health has made some major waves in the health and biotech sectors.

They've been developing advanced biomaterials for wound care, surgical applications, and regenerative medicine.

They've also pioneered techniques for tissue preservation and transplantation, improving patient outcomes like nobody's business. And to top it off, they collaborate with top-notch research institutions and universities to drive innovation in regenerative medicine.

As the CEO of LifeNet Health put it,

"Our mission is to save lives, restore health, and provide healing through the gift of donated human tissue and cells."

With a strong focus on scientific excellence and a commitment to improving patient care, LifeNet Health offers a rewarding and meaningful work environment for tech pros looking to make a real impact.

7. Valkyrie Enterprises


Alright folks, check this out - Valkyrie Enterprises is totally killing it as one of the hottest tech companies to work for in Chesapeake this year! These guys are like the superheroes of cybersecurity, with their badass solutions protecting everyone from the government to major corporations.

But it's not just about the work, they're all about that work-life balance too!

Here's the scoop: Valkyrie is crushing it with an insane 4.7/5 rating on Glassdoor.

That's some serious employee satisfaction right there! We're talking full coverage for health insurance, generous time off (hello, vacays!), and even tuition reimbursement for those looking to level up their skills.

It's like they're invested in our growth or something!

This is more! These guys are tackling some seriously cutting-edge projects. From developing top-secret threat detection systems for the big guys at the Department of Defense to migrating Fortune 500 companies to the cloud (securely, of course), they're always pushing the boundaries.

And let's not forget their AI-powered network monitoring tools that are keeping our critical infrastructure safe and sound.

With their diverse range of services, from cybersecurity consulting to secure software development and managed security services, Valkyrie is catering to clients across industries.

They're like a one-stop shop for all your cyber needs! And let's be real, with the way cyber threats are evolving, having these experts on your side is a total game-changer.

So, if you're looking to make your mark in the tech world and work for a company that values its people as much as its cutting-edge solutions, Valkyrie Enterprises should definitely be on your radar.

These guys are on a mission to dominate the Mid-Atlantic cybersecurity scene, and they're taking their employees along for the ride. Time to level up, my friends!

8. ECI (Electronic Systems)


At number 8 on our list of the sickest tech companies to work for in Chesapeake, Virginia in 2024, we got ECI (Electronic Systems).

These guys have been killing it since 1998, providing next-level electronic systems and IT solutions. Here's why they made the cut:

  • Work Culture on Point: With a solid 4.2/5 rating on Glassdoor, ECI's all about that collaborative vibe, work-life balance, and helping you level up your skills. One employee was like, "The people at ECI make it a great place to work. There's a real team atmosphere, and everyone's got your back."
  • Benefits that Slay: Along with paychecks that won't disappoint, ECI hooks you up with a stacked benefits package, including:
    • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
    • 401(k) retirement plan with company matching
    • Paid time off and holidays
    • Professional development to keep your skills fresh

  • Game-Changing Projects: These guys have had a hand in some major projects, cementing their status as leaders in electronic systems and IT solutions. We're talking developing cutting-edge radar systems for the U.S. Navy and designing secure communication networks for government agencies.

With a team of brilliant engineers and a commitment to staying ahead of the curve, ECI (Electronic Systems) is constantly pushing boundaries and delivering top-notch results for their clients.

If you're a tech pro looking for a dynamic workplace that values teamwork, growth, and working on game-changing projects, ECI should definitely be on your radar in Chesapeake's thriving tech scene.

9. ASSETT, Inc.


ASSETT, Inc. is at number 9 on our list of top tech companies to work for in Chesapeake in 2024.

These guys are pioneers in undersea warfare and unmanned systems tech, using AI and machine learning to develop some seriously next-level solutions. They were just acquired by VTG, an industry leader in force modernization and digital transformation.

But it's not just about the cutting-edge tech they're creating.

ASSETT has been around since 1957, and they've built a reputation for being an awesome place to work.

Their employee benefits game is on point – we're talking comprehensive health insurance, a solid 401(k) plan, paid time off, and opportunities for professional growth.

It's like they've got your back, ya know?

And let's not forget about the work they're doing. These guys are developing some seriously innovative solutions for government and commercial clients, like secure cloud platforms, next-level cybersecurity systems, and data analytics that'll blow your mind.

One of their senior engineers said,

"At ASSETT, we're not just solving problems; we're shaping the future of technology."

That's the kind of energy you want to be around, am I right? ASSETT's acquisition by VTG is about to take them to a whole new level, and you better believe they're gonna keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

10. Mythics, Inc.


Mythics is one of the tech companies to work for in Chesapeake come 2024. This IT solutions provider has the whole package - benefits, opportunities for growth, and a workplace vibe.

  • Health coverage with medical, dental, and vision services.
  • Retirement plans where they match your contributions, allowing you to save more effectively.
  • Tons of paid time off for vacations, sick days, and holidays to ensure work-life balance.
  • Education assistance to continuously improve your skills and certifications.
  • Wellness programs to keep your mind and body in top shape.

It's not just about the perks.

Mythics has this collaborative culture where they actually respect diversity and give you room to grow your career.

One employee even said, "They really value their people and hook us up with whatever we need to crush it."

In 2024, Mythics is going to keep performing well with major partnerships and innovative projects.

They just landed a massive contract with the Department of Defense for next-level cybersecurity solutions. They're teaming up with a major cloud computing player to develop data analytics tools for big businesses.

Mythics is definitely one to watch.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is driving the tech industry growth in Chesapeake?

Chesapeake's tech industry is set to explode by 15% over the next two years due to increasing investment and the presence of major companies like Canon, STM Research, and INIT. In 2022, tech firms in Chesapeake generated over $3.2 billion in revenue and employed nearly 25,000 people, with the average tech worker salary being $85,000, which is 30% higher than the city's overall average salary.

What factors were considered in selecting the top tech companies in Chesapeake?

The rankings were based on employee satisfaction, workplace culture, benefits, opportunities for professional growth, work-life balance, and the company's commitment to diversity and inclusion. Data was gathered from sources like Glassdoor, Indeed, Comparably, and various industry publications. Special attention was given to companies that prioritized their employees' well-being and offered innovative solutions.

What makes Canon Information Technology Services a top company to work for in Chesapeake?

Canon Information Technology Services is lauded for its inclusive workplace culture, professional development programs, and robust employee benefits. The company boasts a 4.2/5 rating on Glassdoor, with 82% of employees recommending it. Canon IT Services excels in cloud-based document management, secure IT infrastructure, and cybersecurity solutions, making it a major player in Chesapeake's tech landscape.

How does STM Research Inc. maintain high employee satisfaction?

STM Research Inc. focuses on creating a supportive and collaborative work environment, offering robust training programs and career advancement opportunities. Their innovative projects in the paper manufacturing industry—including pressure-sensitive products and advanced data analytics—coupled with a solid work-life balance and great benefits, contribute to high employee satisfaction.

What innovative projects are INIT Innovations in Transportation, Inc. known for?

INIT Innovations in Transportation, Inc. is recognized for its cutting-edge projects that improve public transit efficiency and user-friendliness. This includes real-time passenger information apps, traffic jam solutions, and road safety improvements. They have a strong focus on employee benefits, professional growth, and have received accolades like 'Innovator of the Year' from the Virginia Chamber of Commerce.

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