Ranking the Top 10 High-Paying Tech Jobs in Chesapeake

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: July 6th 2024

Skyline of Chesapeake, Virginia with tech icons representing various high-paying jobs overlayed.

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Discover the top high-paying tech jobs in Chesapeake with average salaries for 2024: Software Development Manager ($142K), Network Architect ($120K), Data Scientist ($112K), DevOps Engineer ($112K), and IT Manager ($134.3K). The city’s tech industry is booming with major growth in cybersecurity, data analytics, and cloud computing, promising a 15.7% increase in job openings by 2024.

Chesapeake is turning into a prime spot for those looking to make some serious cash in the tech world! This list of top companies and startups shows the city is absolutely killing it with innovative businesses like Style Magnet, RepTalk, and Premier Health + Wellness Consulting.

The whole region is on fire, with major players like AMP, Leesa, and USAA setting up shop and creating a ton of high-paying tech gigs.

But Chesapeake isn't just riding off the coattails of others – they're prepping a massive 1,400-acre industrial park to attract even more cutting-edge companies, especially in the semiconductor and microchip game.

With all this growth, the city is quickly becoming a hotbed for lucrative tech careers. Just check out some of these average salaries from Nucamp's report on top-paid tech roles in 2024: software developers raking in $92K, computer systems analysts at $88K, and network architects clearing $105K! The future's looking bright and loaded with cash for techies in Chesapeake.

Table of Contents

  • Methodology for Ranking the Top 10 Tech Jobs
  • Software Development Manager
  • Data Scientist
  • IT Manager
  • Computer and Information Research Scientist
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Network Architect
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Methodology for Ranking the Top 10 Tech Jobs


We wanted to find the top high-paying tech jobs in Chesapeake, and this is how we did it.

We looked at salary data, job demand, and growth potential - the stuff that really matters when choosing a career path. We checked out legit sources like the Bureau of Labor Statistics and PayScale's 2024 Salary Survey to get the scoop on salaries.

For job demand, we scoped out all the active job postings on major job boards and the Virginia Employment Commission's reports. As for growth, we used the BLS's projections for tech occupations over the next decade.

Here's the step-by-step process we followed:

  1. Listing popular tech roles: First, we made a list of all the tech roles that are big in Chesapeake.
  2. Analyzing salary data: Then, we dug into the salary data, focusing on the top 25% earners in each role.
  3. Job openings check: Next, we checked how many job openings were out there for each role.
  4. Growth projections: We also looked at the BLS's growth projections to see which roles have a bright future.
  5. Scoring and ranking: Finally, we scored each role based on these factors and ranked them to get our top 10.

With this data-driven approach, you can be sure we're giving you the real scoop on the best-paid tech jobs in Chesapeake for 2024.

As Jennifer Rodriguez, a Career Coach at Virginia Tech, puts it, "Understanding the local job market is key to setting yourself up for a high-paying, in-demand career."

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Software Development Manager


The tech scene in Chesapeake is, and one role that's crushing it is the Software Development Manager. These tech-savvy leaders are like the maestros of the coding world, overseeing the entire software development process from start to finish.

Their gig involves laying out the game plan for software projects, coordinating teams of developers, designers, and testers, and ensuring everything runs smoothly.

They're the ones making sure the code meets standards, deadlines are hit, and risks are tackled head-on. Talk about a crucial role in delivering top-notch software products!

In Chesapeake, landing a Software Development Manager role is a major flex, with an average annual salary of a whopping $130,770.

With the tech industry booming in the area, the demand for these coding masterminds is expected to skyrocket by 20% in the next five years. That's some serious growth potential right there.

Chesapeake is all about nurturing that tech hustle, attracting major players and supporting homegrown startups.

As businesses prioritize digital transformation and software solutions, the need for skilled Software Development Managers who can deliver the goods will only continue to rise.

These coding gurus bridge the gap between technical complexity and business goals, making them an invaluable asset for any tech company looking to stay ahead of the game.

Data Scientist


Being a Data Scientist in Chesapeake is all about making sense of massive amounts of data to help businesses make better decisions. Your main responsibilities would be gathering and analyzing complex datasets, creating predictive models using machine learning, and explaining your findings to the higher-ups using charts and reports.

To crush it in this role, you'll need to be a coding wizard with languages like Python and R, have a firm grasp of statistics and math, and know your way around data mining and machine learning techniques.

Here are the key skills you'll need to have on lock as a Data Scientist in Chesapeake:

  • Programming: Being a pro at Python, R, SQL, and other data analysis tools.
  • Statistical Analysis: Understanding statistical methods inside and out.
  • Machine Learning: Knowing how to implement and work with machine learning algorithms.
  • Data Visualization: Ability to clearly communicate insights through visuals.
  • Problem-Solving: Critical thinking skills to tackle complex business challenges.

According to recent salary surveys, the average yearly pay for a Data Scientist in Chesapeake is expected to be around $115,000 in 2024, which is pretty sweet.

The demand for Data Scientists in the area is also projected to grow by 15% over the next five years, thanks to more companies recognizing the value of data-driven decision-making.

With Chesapeake's booming tech industry and the increasing importance of data analytics, there's a ton of potential for growth as a Data Scientist in the region.

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IT Manager


We're talkin' about the IT Manager gig in Chesapeake - it's a big deal.

These tech bosses are like the conductors of the digital orchestra, keeping all the systems in harmony. They're responsible for managing the IT squad, developing strategies to keep the tech game strong, ensuring cybersecurity is on point, and aligning the tech moves with the company's goals.

The average yearly paycheck for an IT Manager in Chesapeake is a cool $134,341 - not too shabby, right?

But it's not just about the cash.

IT Managers are the MVPs of the tech world, overseeing the implementation and maintenance of the entire IT infrastructure. From managing budgets and resources to enforcing security protocols and mentoring their teams, they've got their hands full.

And with businesses going all-in on digital transformation, the demand for these tech wizards is only gonna rise. The job market for IT Managers in Chesapeake is heating up, with companies seeking skilled professionals to drive innovation and stay ahead of the game.

So, if you're a tech-savvy hustler with a knack for leadership and a passion for staying on top of the latest digital trends, the IT Manager role might just be your calling.

Just remember, it's not a walk in the park – you'll need to be a master of multitasking, problem-solving, and keeping your team motivated. But hey, that's what makes it exciting, right?

Computer and Information Research Scientist


Computer and Information Research Scientists are like the rockstars of the tech world in Chesapeake. These brainiacs spend their days designing innovative uses for new and existing computing tech, and solving complex problems in fields like business, science, and medicine.

It's their job to explore the boundaries of what's possible and develop fresh theories and models to push those limits.

According to the number crunchers, the average annual pay for these coding wizards in Chesapeake is projected to skyrocket to a mind-blowing $125,479 in 2024.

That's some serious cash! With industries like cybersecurity, AI, and big data exploding, the demand for these research masterminds is through the roof.

Chesapeake is a total hotspot for Computer and Information Research Scientists, thanks to heavy-hitters like NASA Langley Research Center and Jefferson Lab setting up shop here.

These epic facilities are where the real magic happens – developing solutions for mind-bending challenges like:

  • Cybersecurity: Fortifying systems against cyber attacks from shady hackers
  • Artificial Intelligence: Training AI to think and learn like a human brain (scary, but cool!)
  • Quantum Computing: Harnessing quantum computing to crunch data at lightning speeds
  • Aerospace Technology: Crafting next-gen aerospace tech for deep space exploration

With Chesapeake rapidly becoming a tech paradise, stuffed with innovative companies and research powerhouses, the future looks brighter than ever for these coding masterminds.

Like that industry report stated,

"The future of innovation lies in the hands of those who can conceptualize and bring to life the technologies of tomorrow."

That's where Computer and Information Research Scientists come in, leading the charge.

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DevOps Engineer


Check it out! DevOps Engineering is the way to go if you're looking to make some serious cash in Chesapeake. It's all about combining software development and operations to streamline the delivery of apps and services.

According to the stats, the average yearly paycheck for a DevOps Engineer in Chesapeake is a whopping $112,930 as of 2024. That's some serious bank!

The demand for DevOps Engineers in Chesapeake is off the charts, thanks to the region's booming tech industry.

The Virginia Employment Commission predicts a 17% growth in DevOps roles by 2028, leaving the national average in the dust. This surge is fueled by the increasing adoption of cloud computing, automation, and agile methodologies across various sectors.

It's the future!

But to crush it as a DevOps Engineer, you gotta have a well-rounded skill set that covers both the technical and people aspects. You'll need to be a coding and scripting ninja, with languages like Python, Ruby, and Bash in your arsenal.

Cloud computing expertise is a must, whether it's AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

Plus, you gotta be a pro at containerization tools like Docker and Kubernetes for packaging and scaling apps like a boss.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines and tools like Jenkins, GitLab, or CircleCI should be your best buds.

And here's the kicker: you gotta be a team player, able to collaborate and communicate effectively with developers, ops teams, and cross-functional squads. It's all about teamwork!

With Chesapeake's tech scene blowing up and the DevOps mindset taking over, the job market for DevOps Engineers is looking hotter than ever.

As Elizabeth Thomas put it, "Organizations are recognizing the value of streamlined software delivery and efficient infrastructure management." If you're aspiring to make it big in Chesapeake, a career in DevOps Engineering is where it's at.

Get on board before it's too late!

Information Security Analyst


The world of cybersecurity is straight-up wild these days, my friends. In Chesapeake, the Information Security Analyst gig is where it's at, keeping those sneaky hackers at bay and protecting the digital goods.

These badass tech ninjas are like the digital bodyguards of the internet age, safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring businesses stay afloat amidst all the cyber chaos.

Their daily grind is a whirlwind of risk assessments, network monitoring, and incident response, all while rocking some serious coding skills and analytical prowess.

It's like being a cybercrime detective, but with way cooler gadgets and zero police brutality. And let's not forget the fat paychecks – we're talking an average of around $70K for entry-level positions in Chesapeake, according to Salary.com.

That's some serious cash to fuel your Netflix binge sessions and avocado toast cravings.

But it's not just about the money. The job outlook for Cyber Security Analysts in Chesapeake is hotter than a fresh batch of cinnamon rolls straight outta the oven.

With cyber threats multiplying faster than rabbits on Viagra, these tech wizards are in high demand, and their skills are worth their weight in Bitcoin. So, if you're a coding connoisseur with a knack for problem-solving and a burning desire to be a digital superhero, this might just be the career path for you.

Database Administrator


Check this out - being a Database Administrator in Chesapeake, VA is where it's at! These tech ninjas are raking in some serious cash, with an average salary of $98,720 predicted for 2024, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Their job is all about keeping the data game strong - designing, building, and maintaining those massive database systems that hold all the juicy info. But it's not just about storage, they're the guardians of data integrity, security, and availability too.

When things go sideways, they're the ones who swoop in and save the day, optimizing performance and troubleshooting issues like bosses.

The demand for these database dynamos in Chesapeake is off the charts, thanks to the region's booming tech scene and the fact that every business these days is all about that data-driven life.

According to the Virginia Employment Commission, the need for Database Admins in the Hampton Roads area (which includes Chesapeake) is expected to grow by a whopping 9.6% between 2020 and 2030, leaving the national average growth rate of 8% in the dust.

This upward trend is no surprise when you consider the explosion of big data, cloud computing, and the constant need for top-notch data management solutions.

As the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) put it in a recent report,

"With the ever-increasing volume of data generated by businesses, the role of Database Administrators has become indispensable in maintaining data integrity, security, and accessibility across organizations."

So if you're a tech-savvy hustler looking to make some serious bank while keeping the data world spinning, becoming a DBA in Chesapeake might just be your golden ticket.

Full Stack Developer


If you're looking to rake in some serious cash in Chesapeake as a Full Stack Engineer, you're in luck.

These tech wizards are raking in an average annual salary of $127,025 as of May 2024, which is pretty insane! And if you're just starting out, entry-level Full Stack Web Developer jobs in Chesapeake pay between $82,066 to $98,575 per year, not too shabby.

So, what does it take to be a Full Stack badass? You gotta be a coding ninja, mastering languages like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Python, while also getting your hands dirty with frameworks like React, Angular, and Node.js.

But it's not just about the coding skills, you need to have some serious problem-solving skills and an eye for detail that would make a hawk jealous. Plus, you gotta understand databases, version control systems, and cloud computing platforms like the back of your hand.

The demand for Full Stack devs in Chesapeake is hotter than a fresh batch of fries.

Tech giants like Anthem, Dollar Tree, and Ferguson Enterprises are on the hunt for these coding masterminds.

And the best part? You've got mad opportunities for growth, with the chance to specialize in cutting-edge tech like AI, machine learning, and blockchain. The future is yours, my friend!

So, why is everyone losing their minds over Full Stack developers in Chesapeake? Here's the deal:

  1. Web apps are taking over the world, and every industry wants a piece of that action.
  2. Users demand seamless experiences across all their devices, and Full Stack devs make that happen.
  3. Having one person handle both front-end and back-end development is just plain efficient.
  4. Agile development is the name of the game, and Full Stack developers are the MVPs.

Chesapeake's tech scene is on fire, and if you've got the skills to be a Full Stack rockstar, the opportunities (and the cash) are waiting for you!

Network Architect


Being a Network Architect in Chesapeake is straight-up one of the coolest tech jobs out there! These bosses design and manage the crazy networks that keep businesses connected.

It's all about building systems that can handle mad data traffic while staying secure as hell.

The average hourly pay for a Network Architect in Virginia Beach is an insane $64.22! Top earners are pulling in around $179k per year, which is just bonkers.

A quick search on ZipRecruiter shows over 170 open Network Architect roles in Chesapeake alone.

The demand is off the charts!

But it's not just about the Benjamins. As a Network Architect, you get to work with cutting-edge tech like cloud computing, cybersecurity, and even AI. Companies need experts who can build networks that can adapt to new trends while keeping data secure from hackers and breaches.

It's like being a digital architect, designing the internet highways of the future.

And if you're into job security, this gig has it locked down. With businesses relying more on online services and remote work, Network Architects are essential for keeping the whole operation running smoothly.

Major companies like Dollar Tree are constantly hiring Network Security Architects to protect their networks from cyber threats.

It's a career with infinite potential for growth and new challenges.



Alright, let's wrap up this deep dive into the top 10 highest-paying tech gigs in Chesapeake, VA. This city's tech scene is stacked with high-roller opportunities for anyone looking to score a sweet career.

We're talking software development managers raking in an average of $142,070 and network architects pocketing around $120,520 on the regular.

But that's just the beginning.

Chesapeake's tech sector is set to blow up, with projections pointing to a 15.7% growth spurt by 2024— that's way higher than the national average.

This surge is fueled by the region's cybersecurity, data analytics, and cloud computing industries going off. According to the Hampton Roads Workforce Council, the number of tech job openings in Chesapeake is expected to skyrocket by a massive 27% in the next three years.

Beyond the fat paychecks, a tech career comes with a ton of perks:

  • Endless opportunities to level up your skills and knowledge
  • Potential for remote work and flexible schedules that let you live your best life
  • Collaborating with innovative teams and cutting-edge tech that'll make you feel like a total boss
  • Job security in an ever-evolving digital world that's always hungry for fresh talent

As Chesapeake's tech ecosystem continues to thrive, now's the time to jump on these rewarding career paths.

Like Nancy White, a fellow Chesapeake resident, said,

"The future is an infinite succession of presents, and to live this succession is to make yourself vastly the richer."

Seize the moment and invest in a future that promises both financial stability and personal growth within Chesapeake's booming tech industry.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the top high-paying tech jobs in Chesapeake for 2024?

The top high-paying tech jobs in Chesapeake for 2024 include Software Development Manager, Data Scientist, IT Manager, Computer and Information Research Scientist, and DevOps Engineer.

How were the top tech jobs in Chesapeake ranked?

The ranking was based on salary data, job demand, and growth potential. Sources like the Bureau of Labor Statistics and PayScale's 2024 Salary Survey were consulted for salary information. Job demand was assessed through active job postings and Virginia Employment Commission reports. Growth potential was evaluated using BLS projections.

What is the average annual salary of a Software Development Manager in Chesapeake?

The average annual salary for a Software Development Manager in Chesapeake is approximately $142,070.

What is the expected job market growth for IT Managers in Chesapeake?

The demand for IT Managers is expected to grow significantly, driven by the increasing focus on digital transformation. The average annual salary for IT Managers is around $134,341.

What skills are essential for becoming a Data Scientist in Chesapeake?

Essential skills for a Data Scientist in Chesapeake include proficiency in programming languages such as Python and R, expertise in statistical analysis, machine learning, data visualization, and problem-solving abilities. The average annual salary for a Data Scientist in Chesapeake is around $120,000.

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