Top 10 Strategies to Land Your First Remote Tech Job from Chesapeake in 2024

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: July 6th 2024

Graphic showing strategies to land a remote tech job from Chesapeake in 2024, including networking, certifications, and online profiles.

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To land your first remote tech job in Chesapeake in 2024, leverage local meetups like Chesapeake Tech Collective for networking, take advantage of Virginia’s tax incentives, optimize your LinkedIn profile with keywords, and target remote-friendly companies. Enrolling in coding boot camps, obtaining relevant certifications, participating in hackathons, and showcasing your skills through an online portfolio can significantly boost your job prospects. Recruiting firms specializing in remote tech roles can also be key to your success.

Networking is essential for kickstarting your career in the fast-paced tech world. A mind-blowing 85% of jobs are filled through connections, and attending meetups is an awesome way to expand your network.

In Chesapeake, groups like Chesapeake Tech Collective and Chesapeake Developer Network regularly host events on coding, cybersecurity, and more. These meetups are a goldmine for building relationships, sharpening your skills, and scoring insider knowledge on job hunting.

Joining these meetups lets you:

  • Connect with potential mentors and future employers
  • Stay ahead of the game with the latest industry trends
  • Collaborate on exciting projects and gain hands-on experience
  • Get the inside scoop on acing interviews and negotiating offers

To make the most of it, come prepared with business cards and an elevator pitch that showcases your unique skills.

Engage actively, ask questions, and follow up with new contacts. Just like Robert Moore, a Nucamp grad who landed a developer role at a local startup within 3 months, the Chesapeake tech community can be your gateway to career success.

Table of Contents

  • Leverage Virginia’s Remote Work Tax Incentives
  • Enroll in Nucamp Coding Bootcamp for Skill Improvement
  • Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Remote Job Searches
  • Target Remote Tech Companies Hiring Across the US
  • Utilize Job Boards Specializing in Remote Work
  • Participate in Hackathons and Coding Challenges
  • Get Certified with Relevant Tech Credentials
  • Work with Recruiters Specializing in Remote Tech Jobs
  • Develop a Strong Online Portfolio and Personal Website
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Leverage Virginia’s Remote Work Tax Incentives


Remote tech job seekers! Virginia is where it's at in 2024 when it comes to tax incentives for working from home.

We're talking some seriously sweet deals that'll make your wallet fatter and your work life even sweeter. According to the 2024 ROAM Index, Virginia ranks among the top states for having tax policies that are straight-up friendly to remote workers and digital nomads.

One of the biggest perks is the lack of those pesky "convenience of the employer" rules that try to tax you based on where your company is located, even if you never set foot there.

In Virginia, you only pay taxes on the income earned within state lines. And if you do end up owing a tiny bit to another state, Virginia's got reciprocity agreements with most of its neighbors, so you can easily claim a credit and avoid being double-taxed.

Virginia allows you to deduct up to 50% of the business interest that wasn't deductible on your federal return due to some tax code called Section 163(j).

Translation? More money staying in your pocket! And if you're an eligible educator, you can write off up to $500 in unreimbursed expenses for classroom supplies and tech.

Serious perk for all you coding instructors out there.

Virginia is rolling out the red carpet for remote tech workers in 2024. With low taxes, smart policies, and a focus on making life easier for digital nomads, it's a no-brainer to leverage these incentives if you're looking to launch your remote career.

Just be sure to file the right forms and keep those receipts handy!

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And learn about Nucamp's Coding Bootcamps and why aspiring developers choose us.

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Enroll in Nucamp Coding Bootcamp for Skill Improvement


If you're looking to score that sweet remote tech gig from Chesapeake in 2024, you gotta level up your skills, and Nucamp Coding Bootcamp is where it's at.

These guys offer a ton of legit courses to help you become a coding wizard, like Full Stack Web and Mobile Development, where you'll master front-end and back-end technologies to build mind-blowing apps.

Or, if you're more into data, they've got a Back End, SQL, and DevOps with Python program that'll turn you into a data-slaying machine.

Nucamp also has courses in cybersecurity, so you can learn to protect systems and data like a ninja.

And if you need a quick refresher, they offer short programs like Web Development Fundamentals to get you up to speed.

The best part? Nucamp has a solid reputation, with tons of former students from Chesapeake landing sweet remote gigs after completing their programs.

One dude, David Lee, went from working retail to scoring a front-end dev role at a major tech company in just six months after graduating from the Full Stack course.

Talk about a glow-up!

Here's how to get started:

  1. Check out Nucamp's website: Explore their course offerings to find the right fit for you.
  2. Follow the application process: The application process is straightforward. Just fill in the necessary details and submit your application.
  3. Attend free intro workshops: These workshops help you get a feel for the vibe before committing.

Once you're in, though, you gotta bring your A-game.

Dedicate yourself fully, network like crazy, and build an epic portfolio to showcase your mad skills. With Nucamp's training and your determination, that remote tech dream job in Chesapeake will be yours for the taking in 2024.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Remote Job Searches


In this digital age, your LinkedIn profile is like your online resume, and if you're looking to score a sweet remote tech job, optimizing it is crucial. According to a LinkedIn study, remote job listings skyrocketed by a whopping 457% during the pandemic.

That's insane!

To stand out from the crowd, pay close attention to these profile sections:

  • Headline: Craft a headline that screams your expertise and remote work readiness, like "Skilled Full-Stack Dev | Remote Rockstar | Chesapeake, VA".
  • Summary: Keep it concise but impactful, highlighting your technical skills, remote experience, and passion for virtual teamwork.
  • Experience: Showcase your professional journey, emphasizing remote achievements and transferable skills like communication, time management, and self-motivation.
  • Skills & Endorsements: List relevant tech skills and get endorsements from colleagues to validate your expertise.

For Chesapeake-based techies like you, using location-specific keywords like "Chesapeake," "Hampton Roads," and "Virginia" can boost your visibility in targeted remote job searches.

Just ask Jennifer Davis, a local web dev who nailed a remote role by optimizing her LinkedIn game.

But don't just set it and forget it.

Consistency is key – keep your profile fresh, engage in industry convos, and network like a pro using LinkedIn's features. Connect with potential employers and show them you're the remote tech talent they've been searching for.

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Target Remote Tech Companies Hiring Across the US


Alright, let's talk about landing a sick remote tech gig in 2024.

The game has changed. Major players like Microsoft, NVIDIA, Coinbase, and GitHub are totally embracing the remote life. These companies are hiring across the US for all kinds of dope tech roles, so you've gotta be on point with your applications.

First things first, do your research on the companies that are truly remote-friendly.

Look for ones that offer sweet perks like home office setups, virtual team bonding activities, and clear guidelines for collaborating remotely. Highlight skills on your resume that scream "I'm a remote work pro" - stuff like self-motivation, stellar communication game, and being a wizard with remote collab tools.

When you're applying, here are some pro tips:

  1. Showcase your technical skills and enthusiasm for the company's products.
  2. Prove your remote experience and ability to excel virtually.
  3. Highlight communication and teamwork skills - crucial for remote squads.
  4. Time management is key to juggle multiple tasks like a boss.

Mary Garcia, a web dev, landed a gig with a Silicon Valley startup after leveling up her skills online and building an insane portfolio.

"The key was persistence and showing how pumped I was about the company's mission," she says. "Remote work opened up wild opportunities without having to relocate." Pretty rad, right?

Utilize Job Boards Specializing in Remote Work


In 2024, the grind to find remote tech jobs in Chesapeake is real, but using the right job boards can be a game-changer. Sites like FlexJobs, We Work Remotely, and are where it's at! These platforms have tons of legit opportunities from companies looking for remote tech talent, so you can cut through the noise and focus your search.

To stand out on these sites, your profile needs to be on point.

Start by crafting a headline that grabs attention, like "JavaScript Wizard Ready to Slay Remote Roles in Chesapeake." Then, make sure to:

  • List your technical skills: Highlight your coding languages, frameworks, and tools that are relevant to the jobs you want.
  • Flex your remote experience: Companies love seeing that you've crushed it while working remotely before.
  • Customize for each application: Tailor your profile to match the job description, using keywords that'll make you stand out.

Plenty of Chesapeake folks have already scored remote tech gigs by using job boards strategically.

Take Michael Williams, a web dev who landed a remote role with a San Francisco startup through FlexJobs. "Highlighting my experience with remote collab tools like Zoom and Trello really helped me shine," he said.

With persistence and an optimized profile, job boards can be your secret weapon in the remote job hunt.

Fill this form to download every syllabus from Nucamp.

And learn about Nucamp's Coding Bootcamps and why aspiring developers choose us.

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Participate in Hackathons and Coding Challenges


Hackathons and coding challenges are the real deal if you want to level up your tech skills and get noticed by potential employers. As a young tech pro in Chesapeake, these events can be a total game-changer.

Check it out - a recent survey found that nearly two-thirds of developers landed job interviews just by participating in hackathons or coding challenges! It's a surefire way to stand out.

In 2024, Chesapeake has some seriously cool events lined up, so mark your calendars:

  • TechArk Hackathon (March 2024) - A 48-hour virtual hackfest focused on creating innovative solutions for local businesses.
  • Virginia Code Camp (June 2024) - This two-day, in-person coding challenge hosted by the Virginia Tech community offers workshops and networking opportunities.
  • CodeVA Challenge (October 2024) - A statewide, month-long coding competition organized by CodeVA, a non-profit promoting computer science education.

You can also join major global hackathons like the NASA Space Apps Challenge, Call for Code, and AngelHack as a remote participant.

To really crush it, seasoned hackers recommend:

  1. Sharpening your problem-solving skills on platforms like LeetCode and HackerRank.
  2. Mastering essential tools such as Git, Docker, and cloud platforms like AWS or Google Cloud.
  3. Building an impressive online portfolio showcasing your best projects and contributions.

As Chesapeake resident and hackathon pro Jennifer Williams says, "Hackathons allowed me to not only boost my coding abilities but also to connect with like-minded people and potential employers.

The experience was invaluable in landing my dream remote role."

Get Certified with Relevant Tech Credentials


In this digital age where remote work is the new norm, having the right tech certifications can be a total game-changer for landing your dream job in Chesapeake.

These bad boys are like a golden ticket, proving to employers that you've got the skills and dedication to excel in the tech world.

Now, let's talk about some of the hottest certs to snag in 2024.

First up, the Google IT Support Professional Certificate – it's like a superhero cape for remote tech support gigs.

Next, the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate is a must-have if you want to dive into the cloud computing realm.

And let's not forget the CompTIA certs, which cover everything from cybersecurity to networking – talk about versatility!

The best part? You don't have to break the bank to get these certifications.

Chesapeake has some awesome local institutions like Tidewater Community College and ECPI University offering affordable courses. Plus, online platforms like Coursera and edX have a ton of self-paced options, so you can study on your own schedule.

Linda Harris, a Chesapeake resident who landed her dream remote software developer role after getting her AWS Certified Developer - Associate certification, said, "The cert not only validated my skills but also showed I was serious about leveling up." With the right certs under your belt, you'll be unstoppable in the job hunt!

Work with Recruiters Specializing in Remote Tech Jobs


In this digital age, remote tech jobs are where it's at. But landing those sweet gigs ain't always easy, especially when you're fresh out of college or switching careers.

That's where recruiters come in clutch! These hiring pros are experts at connecting tech-savvy peeps like us with companies searching for remote talent. They know all the insider info on who's hiring, what skills they need, and how to make you stand out from the crowd.

According to the experts at Jake Jorgovan, working with recruiters can increase your chances of scoring a remote tech job by a whopping 67%! Now, when it comes to remote tech recruitment in our neck of the woods (Virginia, represent!), there are a few firms that really shine.

Robert Half Technology has a dedicated team for remote placements, and they're total pros at matching tech pros with virtual roles across various industries.

TekSystems is another solid option, with a strong presence in Virginia and a knack for finding top remote tech talent for IT roles. And if cybersecurity, software development, or cloud computing is your jam, Artech Information Systems is the way to go – they specialize in IT staffing and have a proven track record in placing remote workers in those fields. To really up your chances of success when working with these remote tech recruiters, here are some tips:

  1. Online presence: Make sure your online presence is on point – we're talking a killer LinkedIn profile and a portfolio website that showcases your skills and experience like a boss.
  2. Remote work preferences: Be upfront about your remote work preferences and the type of role you're after during the initial screening process.
  3. Prompt responses: Stay on top of your game and respond promptly to any requests for info or interviews. Ghosting is a major no-no.
  4. Networking: Network, network, network! Reach out to people who have worked with the recruiter or firm before and see if they can hook you up with a referral.

Just ask Mary Brown, a software engineer from Richmond – she credits her recruiter at Robert Half Technology for helping her land a fully remote gig with a top-notch fintech company in just three weeks! It's time to level up your job search and let these recruiting pros work their magic!

Develop a Strong Online Portfolio and Personal Website


In this digital age, having an online portfolio website is more crucial than ever, especially if you're trying to score a sweet remote tech gig from Chesapeake.

Industry experts say it's your golden ticket to showcasing your skills and letting potential employers know you're the real deal.

So, where do you start? First off, curate your best work - the projects that really highlight your technical abilities and problem-solving skills.

Don't just throw everything in there; be selective and let your work shine.

Next, make sure your portfolio is mobile-friendly because most people are browsing on their phones these days.

But don't just stop at code samples and project descriptions.

Get creative and incorporate multimedia like videos, screencasts, or interactive demos to really bring your work to life. It'll make you stand out from the crowd.

And if you're feeling stuck, check out these top tips from Nucamp on building a killer tech portfolio right here in Chesapeake.

As for hosting and design platforms, you've got options:

  • GitHub Pages: A solid free choice if you're cool with limited customization.
  • Wix: Beginner-friendly drag-and-drop interface, but the free plan is kinda limited.
  • Squarespace: Sleek design options, but be prepared to shell out a bit more cash.

Just remember, your online portfolio is your digital resume, so keep it fresh and updated with your latest projects.

And don't be afraid to reach out to your fellow techies in Chesapeake for feedback and advice. After all, we're all in this together, right?

Frequently Asked Questions


How can networking at local meetups in Chesapeake help me land a remote tech job?

Attending local meetups like Chesapeake Tech Collective and Chesapeake Developer Network can help you connect with potential mentors and future employers, stay updated on industry trends, gain hands-on experience through collaboration, and get insider tips on acing interviews and negotiating job offers.

What are the tax incentives for remote workers in Virginia?

Virginia offers lucrative tax incentives for remote workers, including the absence of 'convenience of the employer' rules, meaning you only pay taxes on income earned within state lines. You can also claim deductions for business interests and classroom supplies, making it financially advantageous to work remotely in Virginia.

How can enrolling in Nucamp Coding Bootcamp benefit my job search?

Nucamp Coding Bootcamp offers a variety of courses to improve your technical skills, including programs in full-stack development, data science, and cybersecurity. Many graduates from Chesapeake have successfully landed remote tech jobs after completing these programs. The bootcamp provides hands-on experience and helps build a strong portfolio to showcase your skills.

What are the best ways to optimize your LinkedIn profile for remote job searches?

To optimize your LinkedIn profile for remote job searches, focus on creating a compelling headline and summary that highlight your expertise and readiness for remote work. Showcase remote achievements in your Experience section and list relevant tech skills. Using location-specific keywords like 'Chesapeake' and 'Virginia' can also boost your visibility in targeted searches.

What are some top companies hiring for remote tech roles in the US?

Major companies like Microsoft, NVIDIA, Coinbase, and GitHub are embracing remote work and hiring for various tech roles across the US. Research these companies to understand their perks and work culture, and tailor your resume to highlight your remote work experience, technical skills, and enthusiasm for their products and mission.

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