Ranking the Top 10 High-Paying Tech Jobs in Chattanooga

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: July 6th 2024

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Top 10 high-paying tech jobs in Chattanooga include Software Architect ($130,000), Data Scientist ($109,800), and DevOps Engineer ($105,000). Factors like Chattanooga’s first quantum network, a booming startup scene, and the presence of tech giants contribute to growing opportunities. The tech job market in Chattanooga is predicted to grow 15% by 2024.

Chattanooga's tech game is straight-up fire right now, and it's only getting hotter! Just check out these stats - Business leaders are predicting that AI, quantum computing, and smart city tech are about to blow up in the city.

With the nation's first quantum network already live, and major players like EPB Fiber Optics leading the charge, Chattanooga is gearing up to be a global tech powerhouse.

The startup scene here is absolutely thriving too! Companies like FreightWaves and WorkHound are making major waves, and they're just the tip of the iceberg.

With all this growth, landing a high-paying tech gig in Chattanooga is becoming easier than ever. Here are some of the roles killing it in terms of salary:

  • Cybersecurity Specialist (Average salary: $130,000)
  • Machine Learning Engineer (Average salary: $125,000)
  • Cloud Architect (Average salary: $118,000)

As the job market continues to heat up, now is the perfect time to level up your skills and snag one of these sweet gigs.

With top-notch coding bootcamps like Nucamp based right here in Chattanooga, you've got all the resources you need to get started on your dream tech career.

Table of Contents

  • Methodology for Ranking High-Paying Tech Jobs
  • #1: Software Architect
  • #2: Data Scientist
  • #3: DevOps Engineer
  • #4: Cloud Solutions Architect
  • #5: Information Security Analyst
  • #6: Full Stack Developer
  • #7: Machine Learning Engineer
  • #8: Mobile Application Developer
  • #9: IT Project Manager
  • #10: Systems Analyst
  • Conclusion and Future Outlook
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Methodology for Ranking High-Paying Tech Jobs


Alright, let's get into how we ranked the top tech gigs in the Chattanooga area. We tapped into data from legit sources like the Bureau of Labor Statistics to get the scoop on average salaries for different tech roles nationwide, including in the Nooga.

But we didn't stop there - we cross-checked that info with local deets from sites like PayScale's Chattanooga salary reports and job listings from major tech players in the area.

Just looking at paychecks wasn't enough though.

We considered three key factors: First, how many openings there were for each role in Chattanooga's job market.

Second, the presence of tech giants like Amazon, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, and Unum in the city, since they heavily influence the job scene. And third, the long-term growth potential and advancement opportunities for each role, based on insights from industry pros.

Speaking of growth, a recent Techtown report revealed that "the number of tech jobs in Chattanooga has grown by 28.8% since 2015." That's a serious upswing, and it played a part in our rankings.

As Joseph Williams from the Chattanooga Area Manager's Association put it,

"The tech job market in Chattanooga is booming, driven by major investments from both established players and innovative startups."

With that kind of momentum, landing a high-paying tech gig in Nooga could be a smart move for anyone looking to level up their career.

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#1: Software Architect


The #1 high-paying tech job in Chattanooga is the Software Architect role, and it's a biggie. These professionals are the masterminds behind an organization's software solutions, making crucial calls on designing, building, and maintaining complex systems.

They analyze requirements, come up with brilliant architectures, work closely with dev teams, and ensure everything follows industry standards to a T.

The average salary for Software Architects in Chattanooga is expected to hit a whopping $113,061 by 2024, according to the latest predictions.

That's some serious cash flow! Major players like BlueCross BlueShield, Unum Group, and Freightwaves are on the hunt for top-notch Software Architects to drive their digital transformation game.

The career outlook for Software Architects in Chattanooga is positively lit, thanks to the city's thriving tech scene and the rapid adoption of cutting-edge technologies like cloud computing, AI, and big data analytics.

Here's what's fueling the demand:

  • Healthcare and insurance industries are booming, relying heavily on robust software solutions.
  • Chattanooga is becoming a logistics and supply chain powerhouse, requiring scalable and secure software architectures.
  • Startups and established tech companies are battling it out for skilled Software Architects, creating a talent war.

As a Software Architect, you'll have the opportunity to lead teams, mentor junior devs, and shape the technological direction of your organization.

With the right skills and experience, you could even level up to roles like Chief Technology Officer (CTO) or Chief Architect, leaving a lasting impact on the region's tech landscape.

With Chattanooga's tech industry firing on all cylinders, the demand for Software Architects is only going to skyrocket, making it a highly lucrative and rewarding career path to explore.

Check out these job listings and get your game on!

#2: Data Scientist


Let me break it down for you on this rad Data Scientist gig in Chattanooga. It's the #2 high-paying tech job in the city, and these whiz kids are straight-up ballers when it comes to data.

Companies need their skills to turn complex data into money-making insights, and they're paying top dollar for it.

As a Data Scientist, you'd be juggling some serious responsibilities like:

  • Gathering and processing insane amounts of data, both structured and unstructured
  • Building advanced statistical models and machine learning algorithms that make the magic happen
  • Spotting patterns and trends in the data that drive a company's strategies
  • Turning those findings into slick visualizations and presentations for the big wigs to understand

The average Data Scientist salary in Chattanooga for 2024 is a staggering $109,800 per year.

That's some serious coin for these data whisperers. And the best part? With the right skills, the opportunities are endless.

Major players like BlueCross BlueShield, Unum, and Volkswagen are all hunting for top-notch Data Scientists.

Even startups and smaller firms in industries like healthcare, finance, and manufacturing are fighting for these data ninjas. As Chattanooga's tech scene keeps growing, the demand for Data Scientists is only going to skyrocket.

It's a golden opportunity for anyone who's got the coding chops and a knack for making sense of mind-boggling datasets.

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#3: DevOps Engineer


If you're looking to make some serious cash as a DevOps Engineer in Chattanooga, you're in for a treat.

This high-paying tech gig is all about keeping the development and operations squads in sync, ensuring smooth software delivery from start to finish. With an average annual salary of $105,000 in Chattanooga for 2024, according to Glassdoor, you'll be raking in the big bucks.

Major players like BlueCross BlueShield, Unum, and Volkswagen are on the hunt for DevOps talent, recognizing the value of streamlining software delivery while maintaining quality.

With a projected 25% job growth by 2030, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the career prospects for DevOps Engineers in Chattanooga are looking seriously promising.

To crush it in this role, you'll need to get your hands dirty with tools and tech like:

  • Infrastructure as Code tools like Terraform, CloudFormation, or Ansible.
  • Containerization platforms like Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines with tools like Jenkins, CircleCI, or GitLab.
  • Cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform.
  • Scripting languages like Python, Bash, or PowerShell.

As Chattanooga's tech scene keeps booming, the demand for skilled DevOps Engineers is set to skyrocket.

"DevOps is the backbone of modern software development, enabling organizations to deliver high-quality products quickly and efficiently,"

says Joseph Brown, a DevOps expert in Chattanooga.

With the right skills and experience, you can expect incredible growth opportunities and a rewarding career in this dynamic field.

#4: Cloud Solutions Architect


The #4 high-paying tech gig in Chattanooga is being a Cloud Solutions Architect! With businesses going all-in on cloud computing, these people are in crazy demand for designing and optimizing that cloud infrastructure.

Here's the deal:

  • Cloud Strategy: They develop strategies for adopting the cloud, design killer cloud architectures, and make sure it aligns with the company's goals.
  • Migration and Deployment: Moving apps and workloads to the cloud? They plan and execute that seamless transition, integrating with existing systems like bosses.
  • Cost Optimization: These wizards analyze cloud usage and implement strategies to keep costs down without compromising performance or reliability.
  • Security and Compliance: Data protection and cybersecurity are top priorities, so they ensure cloud solutions meet industry standards and regulations.

The average annual salary for a Cloud Solutions Architect in Chattanooga is a whopping $132,129 in 2024! That's some serious cash for their mad cloud skills.

Major companies like BlueCross BlueShield and Unum are actively hiring these pros to drive their digital transformation.

With Chattanooga being the "Gig City" known for its blazing-fast internet, it's the perfect playground for cloud computing.

Job prospects for Solutions Architects are looking fire, with a projected 20% growth nationwide by 2028.

This city is where the action's at for cloud computing, and these architects are the ones making it happen. Talk about a future-proof career path!

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#5: Information Security Analyst


Keeping computer networks and systems secure from cyber threats is a major priority, and that's where Information Security Analysts come in. In Chattanooga's booming tech scene, these professionals are in high demand to protect companies' digital assets and sensitive info.

Their main responsibilities involve monitoring for security breaches, conducting vulnerability tests, developing security policies, and staying ahead of the latest cybersecurity trends.

According to the salary data, Information Security Analysts in Chattanooga are raking in some serious cash.

The average annual pay is around $82,905, with top earners scoring over $125K per year.

That's a pretty sweet deal, especially considering the job growth is projected to skyrocket by 33% from 2020 to 2030, way faster than most other occupations.

Major companies like BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, CBL & Associates Properties, and Unum are actively seeking skilled cybersecurity professionals.

An entry-level Information Security Analyst I position in Chattanooga can fetch around $65,706 annually, with salaries increasing steadily based on experience and certifications.

With the city's tech industry rapidly expanding, the demand for experts who can secure digital infrastructures and mitigate cyber risks will only continue to rise.

#6: Full Stack Developer


Full Stack Developers are like coding rockstars, and Chattanooga's tech scene can't get enough of 'em! These multitalented pros ain't just one-trick ponies – they're masters of both front-end and back-end development, creating slick user interfaces and powering seamless data flow between clients and servers.

Their skills are off the charts, from designing responsive web and mobile apps to integrating APIs and optimizing performance. Plus, they're total team players, collaborating with designers, project managers, and stakeholders to make magic happen.

According to the latest buzz, Full Stack Developer salaries in Chattanooga are projected to hit $92,000 by 2024 – that's some serious cash! Top companies like BlueCross BlueShield, Unum, and Propex are all over these coding wizards, and the job market is set to grow by 18% in the next five years.

As businesses double down on digital transformation, the demand for pros who can seamlessly blend front-end and back-end tech is only gonna skyrocket.

To slay in this role, Full Stack Devs need to be fluent in programming languages like JavaScript, Python, and Ruby, plus frameworks like React, Angular, and Node.js.

They're like coding polyglots, able to weave together multiple languages and tools to create unbeatable web experiences. Top skills include JavaScript for front and back-end magic, React and Angular for building killer user interfaces, and Node.js for server-side scripting.

With this arsenal of tech superpowers, Full Stack Developers are truly the MVPs of Chattanooga's digital frontier.

#7: Machine Learning Engineer


If you're into that whole tech grind, then being a Machine Learning Engineer is where it's at.

These coding wizards are straight-up revolutionizing how businesses operate by unleashing the full potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning models.

In Chattanooga, the demand for these tech rockstars is skyrocketing, with an average paycheck of $112,000 expected to roll in by 2024, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

So, what's the deal with Machine Learning Engineers in Chattanooga? Well, they're the ones who get to:

  • Gather and clean up data from all sorts of sources: Machine Learning Engineers focus on collecting and preprocessing diverse data.
  • Design and code cutting-edge machine learning algorithms and models: This role requires developing innovative and effective algorithms.
  • Optimize these models for peak performance: Engineers work on enhancing and tuning models for maximum efficiency.
  • Collaborate with different teams to integrate ML solutions: Integration is key, involving cross-team collaboration to deploy solutions.
  • Stay ahead of the game by keeping up with the latest ML techniques: Continuous learning and updating skills are essential to stay current.

Now, if you're looking to snag a gig as a Machine Learning Engineer in Chattanooga, you've got some solid options.

Companies like BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, Unum Group, SkyView Partners, Volkswagen Chattanooga, and EPB (Electric Power Board of Chattanooga) are all on the hunt for these tech geniuses.

Lisa Johnson, the CEO of SkyView Partners, summed it up perfectly:

"Machine Learning Engineers are the driving force behind our ability to harness the power of data and deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients. Their expertise is invaluable in our pursuit of innovation."

The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development predicts a jaw-dropping 20% job growth for Machine Learning Engineers in Chattanooga over the next decade.

Sounds like a future-proof career move to me!

#8: Mobile Application Developer


Mobile Application Developers are killing it in the Chattanooga tech scene! These rad coders are all about crafting sick apps that'll blow your mind, whether it's for iOS or Android.

They team up with diverse squads to get the vibe of what users want, then design slick interfaces that are easy on the eyes. But it's not just about looks - they write clean code that's smooth and scalable, integrate dope APIs, and put those apps through rigorous testing to ensure they run flawlessly.

The average paycheck for Mobile App Devs in Chattanooga is projected to be around $86K in 2024 - not too shabby, right? Top dogs like BlueCross BlueShield, Volkswagen, and PlayCore are all hiring these coding wizards.

But it's not just the big names - even startups like Freightwaves and Branch Technology are hungry for mobile talent to build their cutting-edge solutions.

The mobile app game in Chattanooga is booming, with more businesses jumping on the digital transformation bandwagon.

Freelance Mobile App Devs are in high demand too, offering their skills to companies looking for fresh perspectives.

And with the rise of mobile commerce and apps infiltrating every industry, the opportunities for growth and specialization are endless.

Linda Thompson, a seasoned Mobile App Dev at a top tech firm, sums it up: "Mobile is the future, and Chattanooga is at the forefront of this revolution.

With its vibrant tech community, competitive pay, and chances to level up your career, it's a sweet spot for mobile devs looking to make their mark."

#9: IT Project Manager


If you're looking to make some serious cash in the tech scene here in Chattanooga, then becoming an IT project manager might just be the move for you.

These peeps are like the quarterbacks of the digital world, calling all the shots to ensure tech projects go off without a hitch. And the average salary for IT project managers in Chattanooga is expected to hit around $92,000 by 2024 - not too shabby, right?

So, what's the deal with these IT project manager gigs? Well, they're basically in charge of keeping everyone on the same page, from collaborating with cross-functional teams to define project goals and deliverables, to developing detailed plans and timelines, and even monitoring progress to identify potential risks and come up with solutions.

It's like being the conductor of a tech orchestra, making sure everyone's playing their part in harmony.

These project management wizards also have to keep a close eye on budgets, quality standards, and compliance regulations.

It's like juggling a bunch of balls while walking a tightrope, but hey, that's what makes it exciting, right?

Now, if you're looking to land one of these sweet gigs in Chattanooga, you'll want to keep an eye out for openings at some of the city's hottest tech companies.

We're talking big players like BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, Unum Group, EPB (Electric Power Board), FreightWaves, and Reliance Partners.

These companies are always on the hunt for skilled project managers to help drive their tech initiatives forward.

According to Lisa Thomas, the prez of the Chattanooga Technology Council,

"The role of an IT Project Manager is crucial in bridging the gap between technology and business objectives. Their ability to lead cross-functional teams, mitigate risks, and deliver projects on time and within budget is invaluable in today's fast-paced digital landscape."

So, if you've got what it takes to herd cats and keep everyone on track, then an IT project manager role might just be your ticket to the big leagues.

#10: Systems Analyst


Ranking at #10 for high-paying tech jobs in Chattanooga is the Systems Analyst role.

As a Systems Analyst, your core responsibilities involve analyzing an organization's computer systems and procedures, identifying areas for improvement, and designing efficient solutions.

This means conducting research to understand system and business process requirements, evaluating existing systems for optimal performance and security, developing and implementing new systems or enhancing current ones, testing and monitoring system functionality, and collaborating closely with stakeholders, developers, and other IT professionals.

According to our latest research, the average salary for a Systems Analyst in Chattanooga in 2024 is projected to be around $78,000 to $109,000 per year.

Several major companies in the area actively recruit for this role, including EPB Fiber Optics, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, and Unum.

With businesses across industries relying heavily on technology, the career outlook for skilled Systems Analysts in Chattanooga looks promising. Job openings are expected to grow faster than the average pace, with demand increasing by an estimated 9% from 2021 to 2031.

"A Systems Analyst bridges the gap between an organization's business needs and its technological capabilities. They ensure systems operate efficiently while aligning with overall goals." - Patricia Garcia, Lead Systems Analyst at Tech Innovators LLC.

Conclusion and Future Outlook


Chattanooga's tech scene is totally on fire, with a ton of high-paying gigs up for grabs in the coming years. Our ranking of the top 10 best-paid tech jobs in the area showcases the diverse range of roles available, from coding rockstars to data wizards and DevOps ninjas.

As tech keeps disrupting every aspect of our lives, the demand for skilled pros is only going to skyrocket.

Industry experts predict that Chattanooga's tech job market is set to grow by a whopping 15% by 2024, leaving the national average in the dust.

This surge is fueled by major tech giants planting roots in the region, as well as a thriving startup ecosystem. Some of the hottest industries driving this boom include:

  • Cybersecurity and IT services
  • Data analytics and AI/machine learning
  • Cloud computing and software development

For tech-savvy go-getters in Chattanooga, the future looks brighter than ever.

But staying ahead of the game is crucial. Here are some pro tips:

  1. Level up your skills with online courses, certs, or coding bootcamps like Nucamp Coding Bootcamp.
  2. Build a killer portfolio that showcases your projects and real-world experience.
  3. Network like a boss within the local tech community, hit up meetups, and find mentors like Charles Taylor.
  4. Stay informed on emerging techs and industry trends to stay valuable and in-demand.

As Chattanooga's tech ecosystem keeps soaring, embracing a growth mindset and a commitment to continuous learning will be the secret sauce to scoring rewarding, high-paying careers in this fast-paced field.

"The future belongs to those who keep stacking skills and combining them in creative ways," said tech titan John Sculley, driving home the importance of adaptability in the ever-changing tech landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the top high-paying tech jobs in Chattanooga?

Some of the top high-paying tech jobs in Chattanooga include Software Architect, Data Scientist, DevOps Engineer, Cloud Solutions Architect, and Information Security Analyst, among others.

What is the average salary of a Software Architect in Chattanooga?

The average salary for a Software Architect in Chattanooga is expected to be very competitive, with major companies like BlueCross BlueShield, Unum Group, and Freightwaves offering lucrative packages projected to hit a substantial amount by 2024.

Which companies are hiring for high-paying tech jobs in Chattanooga?

Major companies hiring for high-paying tech jobs in Chattanooga include BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, Unum Group, FreightWaves, and Propex, along with many others.

What factors were considered in ranking the top tech jobs?

Three key factors were considered in ranking the top tech jobs: average salaries, the presence of major tech companies in Chattanooga, and the long-term growth potential and advancement opportunities for each role.

How can I prepare for a high-paying tech career in Chattanooga?

To prepare for a high-paying tech career in Chattanooga, you should consider leveling up your skills with online courses, certifications, or bootcamps, building a strong portfolio, networking within the local tech community, and staying informed about emerging technologies and industry trends.

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