Top 10 Tech Internships Offered in Chattanooga

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: July 6th 2024

Skyline of Chattanooga, Tennessee with tech icons representing internships.

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Discover the top 10 tech internships in Chattanooga, a city with a 28% tech industry growth over 5 years. Opportunities at EPB, CoLab, UTC SimCenter, Text Request, and others offer hands-on experience, learning from industry pros, and potential for full-time positions. Enhance your resume, skills, and network for a promising tech career.

Chattanooga is the place to be if you're all about that tech life! This city is like a magnet for startups and tech companies, thanks to its lightning-fast internet and chill vibe for businesses.

As a student or recent grad, scoring a tech internship here is an absolute game-changer for getting that real-world experience and giving your resume a massive boost.

According to the Chattanooga Chamber, the tech industry in this town has grown by a whopping 28% in just five years! Landing an internship means you get to:

  • Get your hands dirty with the latest and greatest tech
  • Learn from the pros who've been there and done that
  • Connect with the movers and shakers in the thriving tech scene
  • Potentially score a full-time gig after graduation

As one former intern at a top Chattanooga tech company put it, "My internship was like a masterclass in the industry and helped me level up the skills that employers are looking for."

We'll be diving into the top 10 tech internships in Chattanooga, your gateway to an epic career in the world of technology.

And don't forget to check out the Nucamp guide on landing a tech job in Chattanooga for even more insider knowledge!

Table of Contents

  • Methodology Used for Selection
  • 1. EPB Tech Internship Program
  • 2. CoLab Internship Program
  • 3. The Enterprise Center Internship
  • 4. UTC SimCenter Internships
  • 5. Bellhops Internship Program
  • 6. CodeScience Internship
  • 7. Variable Internship Program
  • 8. Text Request Internship
  • 9. FreightWaves Internship
  • 10. Skuid Internship Program
  • Conclusion and Additional Resources
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Methodology Used for Selection


To figure out the top tech internships in Chattanooga, we went all in with our research game. We looked at key factors that make an internship legit, like the company's street cred, the learning opportunities on offer, and whether they pay decent cash or just expect you to work for free (yeah, no thanks!).

We scoured career sites, company pages, and even hit up past interns to get the inside scoop.

It was all about that data grind. We crunched numbers like average ratings, pay ranges, and the variety of projects you'd get to work on.

But we didn't just stop at the stats. We brought in industry experts and former interns to give us the real deal on things like mentorship quality and how much you'd actually level up your skills.

One recent grad summed it up perfectly, saying, "The hands-on experience I got at [Company X] was a total game-changer.

It equipped me with the technical know-how and soft skills to crush it in today's fast-paced tech world." You know we had to include that company on our list!

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1. EPB Tech Internship Program


Let's talk about EPB, one of the coolest tech companies in Chattanooga! These guys offer amazing internship opportunities for anyone looking to get some hands-on experience in the tech world.

From coding to cybersecurity, network engineering to data analysis, EPB has got you covered. Imagine working with fiber optic networks, smart grid systems, and advanced network tech – that's the kind of cutting-edge stuff you'll get to play with as an EPB intern.

You'll level up your programming skills with languages like Python, Java, and SQL. Plus, you'll learn the ins and outs of network administration, like designing, configuring, and troubleshooting networks. EPB is also big on cybersecurity, so you'll get to explore ways to keep those networks and systems secure from cyber threats.

And let's not forget about project management – you'll collaborate with different teams and contribute to real-world projects, which is a game-changer for your resume. Of course, scoring an EPB internship isn't easy.

You'll need to bring your A-game with a solid academic record, relevant coursework, and a genuine passion for tech. But it's worth the effort! Just check out their job listings for the latest openings and application details. One of EPB's former interns, Sarah, had this to say:

"My internship at EPB provided invaluable experience working with cutting-edge fiber optic networks. The mentorship and guidance from seasoned professionals were invaluable in shaping my career path."

With EPB's commitment to nurturing talent and fostering innovation, their internship program is the perfect way to kickstart your tech career and gain real-world experience in a dynamic and forward-thinking environment.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to level up!

2. CoLab Internship Program


Let's talk about the CoLab Internship Program, which is honestly a sweet gig. CoLab is a nonprofit startup accelerator in Chattanooga that's all about helping entrepreneurs take their ideas to the next level.

Their internship program is the real deal, giving you a chance to dive headfirst into the startup world and gain mad skills.

Imagine working alongside some of the brightest minds in tech, learning how to code dope web apps or mobile apps using languages like Python, Java, or JavaScript.

You could be crunching numbers and creating slick data visualizations that blow minds. Or, maybe you're more into the marketing side of things, crafting killer social media campaigns and branding strategies that make startups pop.

But it's not just about the hard skills.

At CoLab, you'll also level up your soft skills, like teamwork, problem-solving, and developing that entrepreneurial mindset. These skills are game-changers when it comes to launching your own venture down the line.

To snag an internship here, head over to their website and shoot them your resume and a cover letter that showcases your talents.

They'll likely want to see some of your work, too, so have a project or coding sample ready to impress. Once you're in, get ready to work your butt off and soak up all the knowledge you can from mentors and industry experts.

Just ask Elizabeth Thomas, a former CoLab intern, who said, "My internship at CoLab gave me an insider's view into the exciting world of startups.

I not only gained hands-on experience in web development but also learned invaluable lessons in teamwork, problem-solving, and entrepreneurial thinking."

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3. The Enterprise Center Internship


Alright, let's talk about The Enterprise Center and their internship program. This place is all about uniting people, organizations, and tech to build an advanced and inclusive future for Chattanooga.

As an intern, you'll be right in the mix, getting hands-on experience with real projects and initiatives across various departments.

  • Event Planning: Assist with entrepreneurial workshops and gain experience in organizing events.
  • Market Research: Conduct market research to support business development and understand market trends.
  • Marketing Collaboration: Work with the marketing team on social media and promotional campaigns.
  • Operations Support: Manage facilities and day-to-day activities by supporting the operations team.

The opportunities are endless, and you'll gain invaluable practical skills along the way. But it's not just about the work experience.

The Enterprise Center hooks you up with professional development workshops, networking events, and mentorship programs to elevate your understanding of entrepreneurship, innovation, and business operations.

Past interns have worked on projects like developing business plans and pitch decks for startups, creating marketing materials and website content, organizing community outreach initiatives, and conducting user research and testing for new products or services. To apply for this internship, check out their website and follow the application process.

You'll typically need to submit a resume, cover letter, and any relevant work samples you have. Don't just take my word for it, though. Here's what past interns have to say:

"The internship at The Enterprise Center was invaluable. I gained hands-on experience in various aspects of entrepreneurship, from ideation to marketing and beyond. The mentorship and networking opportunities were truly exceptional." - Christopher Hernandez, Marketing Intern

"My time at The Enterprise Center taught me the importance of collaboration, creativity, and perseverance in the world of innovation. The projects I worked on challenged me to think critically and develop practical skills that will undoubtedly benefit my future career." - Mary Thompson, Business Development Intern

With its community of entrepreneurs, startups, and industry experts, The Enterprise Center offers a dynamic and enriching environment for interns to learn, grow, and make a real impact.

If you're looking for an internship that'll give you a head start in the world of tech and innovation, this is the place to be.

4. UTC SimCenter Internships


Check this out - the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC) has this dope research facility called the SimCenter that's all about advanced computing, simulation, and visualization.

They've got these sick summer research internships where you get to work on cutting-edge projects alongside legit researchers and industry pros.

As an intern at the SimCenter, you're diving into a world of computational fluid dynamics, high-performance computing, data analytics, and virtual reality simulations.

You'll level up your skills in programming languages like Python, C++, and MATLAB, and become a pro at data analysis, visualization tools, and simulation software.

It's an immersive experience where you collab with brilliant minds and gain mad experience.

Landing one of these internships ain't a cakewalk - they want the best of the best.

You gotta bring your A-game with solid grades, relevant coursework, and a burning passion for research. They're looking for problem-solving wizards, detail-oriented ninjas, and team players who can rock it in interdisciplinary squads.

Here's what past interns had to say:

  • "The SimCenter internship was an invaluable research experience. I got to work on mind-blowing projects with total geniuses." - Thomas Martin, Computer Science Major
  • "I leveled up my skills in high-performance computing, data viz tools, and advanced sims. It set me up for success in the real world." - Robert Johnson, Computational Engineering Major

To throw your hat in the ring, hit up for the details on open positions, deadlines, and how to apply.

This is your chance to level up.

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5. Bellhops Internship Program


Bellhops is this tech company in Chattanooga that's all about making moving easier with their awesome online services.

They've got an internship program that sounds like a total game-changer! As an intern, you'd get to work with the latest tech tools and platforms, like React, Node.js, and Python, helping them build their slick web and mobile apps.

Plus, you'd get to play around with data analysis and machine learning algorithms to help optimize their operations - talk about cutting-edge stuff!

Applying for the internship is pretty straightforward - just hit up their website, submit your resume and cover letter, and maybe share some cool projects you've worked on.

If you make the cut, you'll go through interviews to show off your skills and prove you're a good fit for their company culture.

It's totally worth it, because former interns have raved about how supportive and collaborative the team is, and how they got to work on real projects that actually made a difference.

One intern even said,

"My internship at Bellhops was truly transformative. I gained technical skills and learned how to work in a fast-paced environment. The mentorship was unreal, and I feel ready to crush any challenge in my future career."

- Matthew Martinez.

6. CodeScience Internship


Let's talk about CodeScience. These guys are seriously cool - they're all about putting their people first and creating a chill work environment.

And their benefits? Next level! They're currently looking for a Senior Salesforce Lightning Developer to join their squad in Chattanooga.

But that's not all - they've got strong ties with the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, offering internship opportunities to students there.

Imagine getting hands-on experience with a company that values work-life balance, personal growth, and making a positive impact. Sounds like a dream gig, right?

7. Variable Internship Program


Have you heard about this Variable internship program in Chattanooga? It's like a tech paradise! These guys are seriously killing it with their flexible labor solutions, and their internship is the perfect way to get a taste of that sweet, sweet tech life.

Interns get to work on all kinds of dope projects, from software development to data analysis and project management.

It's like a buffet of tech goodness!

You'll get to play with the latest toys like cloud computing, AI, and machine learning. Imagine flexing those skills on your resumé, impressing all the tech bros and coding babes out there.

And let's not forget about the agile methodologies, problem-solving techniques, and communication skills you'll pick up—essential tools for navigating the tech jungle.

To get your foot in the door, you'll need to bring your A-game.

Slap together a killer resumé, craft a cover letter that screams "hire me!", and don't forget those transcripts or enrollment proof in a relevant program. Once you're in, prepare for a wild ride of interviews and technical assessments, but it'll be worth it to join the Variable crew.

Past interns have nothing but praise for this gig.

Robert Wilson said it was a "game-changer" that taught him technical skills and how to collaborate like a boss. And Sarah Harris raved about stepping out of her comfort zone and tackling real-world problems, prepping her for a killer tech career.

If that doesn't sell you on the Variable internship, I don't know what will!

8. Text Request Internship


Have you heard about Text Request? This Chattanooga-based startup is making waves in the biz text messaging game, and their internship program is a sweet opportunity for any tech-savvy young gun.

According to their company profile, Text Request is a legit player, with 50 employees and zero outside funding - talk about bootstrapped success! As an intern, you'll get to work with cutting-edge technologies like React, Node.js, Python, AWS, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL, leveling up your skills and prepping you for that dream career.

But it's not just about coding.

The Text Request internship is a chance to explore different roles like software engineering, product management, and data analytics. You'll collaborate with cross-functional teams, driving product strategy, analyzing data for insights, and contributing to their text messaging platform.

It's a hands-on experience that'll teach you how to navigate a professional work environment while honing your communication and teamwork skills.

To land this gig, you'll need to bring your A-game.

Submit your resume, cover letter, and a portfolio showcasing your best work. Be ready to rock those technical assessments and interviews, proving you're the real deal.

And if you make the cut, prepare for an experience that'll set you up for success. Past interns have raved about the mentorship, guidance, and supportive culture at Text Request, praising the opportunities to contribute to meaningful projects and grow personally and professionally.

9. FreightWaves Internship


At number 9, we got the FreightWaves Internship, offered by a leading data analytics and news platform for the freight industry.

These guys provide real-time market insights, trends, and data-driven intel to help companies make smart decisions in the logistics game.

Their internship program is a solid opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the fast-paced world of freight and supply chains.

You could land gigs like:

  • Data Analytics Intern: Dive into massive datasets, crunch numbers, and create visualizations that reveal mind-blowing insights.
  • Marketing Intern: Help with content creation, social media management, and marketing campaigns that spread the word about FreightWaves' offerings.
  • Software Engineering Intern: Contribute to building and enhancing the cutting-edge tech solutions that power FreightWaves' platforms.

Through their internship, FreightWaves equips you with valuable skills in data analysis, market research, content creation, and software dev, among others.

You'll have the chance to work alongside industry pros, gain real-world experience, and expand your professional network. Here's what a former FreightWaves intern had to say:

"The FreightWaves internship gave me a deep understanding of the freight industry and its complexities. I sharpened my data analytics skills while working on projects that made a real impact." - Mary Lopez, Former Data Analytics Intern

To apply for FreightWaves internships in Chattanooga, check out their careers page and follow the steps to submit your application.

With a focus on nurturing talent and providing a supportive learning environment, FreightWaves offers a unique internship experience for those eager to kickstart their careers in the dynamic freight industry.

10. Skuid Internship Program


We're gonna talk about the Skuid Internship Program, which is definitely one of the coolest tech internships you can score in Chattanooga.

These guys are all about creating rad cloud-based software that helps businesses build custom web apps and streamline their processes like a boss.

If you land an internship with Skuid, you'll get to work on some seriously cool projects, like developing apps, designing user experiences, and integrating data from different sources.

You'll pick up mad skills in areas like the Skuid no-code platform, front-end development with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and even data integration. Plus, you'll get to work in an agile environment and learn all the industry best practices.

To apply, you'll need to be enrolled in a relevant degree program and show that you're super stoked about software development or related fields.

You'll have to submit your resume, a cover letter, and maybe even crush a coding challenge or project. But it'll be worth it!

Past interns have raved about the awesome culture at Skuid, where everyone is super supportive and inclusive.

Plus, you'll get to work on real-world projects and gain some seriously valuable skills. One former intern even said,

"The Skuid internship was an incredible learning experience. I not only improved my technical skills but also learned how to collaborate effectively in a professional setting."

Sounds like a win-win situation to me!

Conclusion and Additional Resources


Chattanooga is seriously the place to be if you're looking for a sweet tech internship. This city has been killing it recently, becoming a total hub for tech companies and opportunities.

An internship here isn't just about getting experience - it's about setting yourself up for a killer career. Just check out these stats:

  • Unlock Career Opportunities: A mind-blowing 98% of students with internships get job offers after graduation. Talk about increasing your chances!
  • Expand Your Network: Internships allow you to connect with industry pros, mentors, and potential employers. It's like building your own career cheat code.
  • Boost Those Paychecks: Students who complete paid internships can expect to earn up to 20% higher starting salaries than those without internship experience. That's a serious financial boost right out of the gate.

But landing that dream internship takes some hustle.

Utilize resources like UTC's Career and Student Employment Services, hit up career fairs, and keep polishing your resume and interview skills.

And don't sleep on checking out these top internship opportunities in Chattanooga: Companies like Coca-Cola, Cracker Barrel, and BlueCross BlueShield offer incredible business and HR internships through UTC's Rollins College of Business.

Or if tech is more your vibe, major companies like Amazon, FedEx, and Volkswagen partner with UTC's College of Engineering and Computer Science for top-tier tech internships. Don't let these opportunities pass you by! As Thomas Brown, a former EPB intern, said, "My internship opened up a world of possibilities and gave me the skills to crush it in tech." It's time to take that leap and apply - your future self will thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is Chattanooga a great place for tech internships?

Chattanooga is a hub for startups and tech companies due to its rapid internet speeds and business-friendly environment. The tech industry in Chattanooga has seen a 28% growth in the past five years, according to the Chattanooga Chamber. An internship here provides real-world experience, networking opportunities, and a potential pathway to full-time employment after graduation.

What opportunities do EPB Tech Internships offer?

EPB offers a variety of tech internships in areas such as coding, cybersecurity, network engineering, and data analysis. Interns work with cutting-edge technologies like fiber optic networks, smart grid systems, and advanced network tech, while acquiring skills in programming languages such as Python, Java, and SQL. These internships also provide experience in network administration and cybersecurity.

What can interns expect at the CoLab Internship Program?

Interns at CoLab, a nonprofit startup accelerator in Chattanooga, gain hands-on experience in web and mobile app development, data visualization, and marketing. They also develop soft skills like teamwork, problem-solving, and entrepreneurial thinking. The program offers mentorship from industry experts and opportunities to work on real-world projects.

What types of projects do interns work on at The Enterprise Center?

At The Enterprise Center, interns participate in a variety of projects across departments such as event planning, market research, marketing collaboration, and operations support. The program includes professional development workshops, networking events, and mentorship opportunities.

What are the key features of the UTC SimCenter Internships?

UTC SimCenter Internships focus on advanced computing, simulation, and visualization. Interns work on projects involving computational fluid dynamics, high-performance computing, data analytics, and virtual reality simulations. The program requires strong academic performance, relevant coursework, and a passion for research.

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