Top 10 Must-Attend Tech Meetups and Conferences in Charlotte

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: July 8th 2024

An enthusiastic group of young coders at a tech conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Discover the top 10 tech meetups and conferences in Charlotte to stay ahead in the vibrant tech scene. From Charlotte IoT Meetup and Queen City Fintech Meetup offering cutting-edge insights, to inclusive groups like Charlotte Women in Tech and devCLT, these events are prime for networking, learning, and career growth.

Charlotte's tech game is seriously on fire right now, and the best way to get in on the action is by hitting up those meetups and conferences. In 2024, this city is expected to have over 38,000 tech pros, making it one of the hottest tech hubs in the nation.

The key industries driving this growth are Financial Technology (FinTech) - with Charlotte being the second-largest banking center in the U.S., major players like Bank of America and Wells Fargo are leading the charge.

Then there's the Internet of Things (IoT), where companies like Honeywell and Lenovo are pushing the boundaries of connected devices and smart city solutions.

And let's not forget Cybersecurity - with a high demand for talent, firms like Fortalice Solutions are expanding their operations right here in Charlotte.

By hitting up these local meetups and conferences, you'll stay ahead of the curve on the latest trends and build valuable connections with industry pros.

As Sarah Williams, a senior UX designer at Red Ventures, says, "The meetup scene in Charlotte has been instrumental in my career growth. It's where I've found mentors, collaborated on projects, and even landed job opportunities." With so much potential, now is the perfect time to dive into Charlotte's thriving tech community.

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Table of Contents

  • 1. Charlotte IoT Meetup
  • 2. Queen City Fintech Meetup
  • 3. devCLT (Charlotte Developers)
  • 4. Charlotte Women in Tech
  • 5. Charlotte Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Meetup
  • 6. Data Science Charlotte
  • 7. Agile Carolinas
  • 8. Google Developer Group Charlotte
  • 9. Charlotte UX Design Meetup
  • 10. Charlotte IT Pro User Group
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Charlotte IoT Meetup


Check this out! The Charlotte Internet of Things Meetup is the place to be if you're into all things IoT. These guys are on fire, with over 2,000 members and a ton of sick events lined up.

They've got industry leaders like Dan Thyer from Charlotte Internet of Things dropping knowledge bombs on the latest IoT trends and tech.

Their upcoming events are insane!

  • Virtual Lunch & Learns: Topics like "From Start to Finish: IT & Cybersecurity Audit Process Demystified" and "Next-Generation Password Protection."
  • Webinars: Featuring heavy hitters like Hyperledger Charlotte breaking down game-changing stuff like cross-chain transactions and digital signing solutions for DLT applications.

But it's not all just talks and webinars.

These guys know how to party too! They've got meetups scheduled at spots like Hi-Wire Brewing Charlotte, where you can kick back, network with other IoT enthusiasts, and maybe even show off your latest IoT project.

It's a sweet deal - you get to learn from the best, connect with like-minded peeps, and have a cold one while you're at it. Talk about a win-win situation!

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2. Queen City Fintech Meetup


The Charlotte Fintech Meetup is where all the cool kids in Charlotte's fintech scene hang out. It's the place to be if you're into cutting-edge financial tech and want to stay ahead of the game.

These meetups are all about connecting with other tech-savvy folks who are shaking things up in banking, payments, and financial services.

One of the best things about these meetups is the awesome networking opportunities.

According to the meetup's website, over 75% of attendees have made some seriously valuable professional connections, leading to collabs, mentorships, and even landing cool jobs.

It's a chance to pick the brains of industry experts and get the inside scoop on the latest trends and tech that are reshaping finance as we know it.

But it's not just about networking – the Charlotte Fintech Meetup has some solid partnerships with local fintech companies, which means you get to learn directly from the ones making waves in the industry.

Companies like AvidXchange, a boss in accounts payable and payment automation, have hosted workshops and mentorship programs. Centara, a cloud software powerhouse for collections and loan management, has dropped knowledge through panel discussions and case studies.

And LendingTree, the online lending marketplace giant, has sponsored hackathons and coding challenges where you can tackle real-world fintech problems.

3. devCLT (Charlotte Developers)


Let me tell you about devCLT (Charlotte Developers) - it's like a chill hangout spot for coders in the QC. These dudes are all about creating an inclusive vibe for developers of any skill level to level up their game.

They host dope events like hackathons, coding competitions, and educational workshops where you can flex your coding muscles, link up with other tech geeks, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry.

One of the standout events they throw is the annual Charlotte Hackathon, a 24-hour coding marathon where teams battle it out to create innovative solutions to real-world problems.

Last year, some crazy projects came out, like a mobile app for easier carpooling, a platform connecting local farmers to urban shoppers, and even an AI tool for diagnosing mental health issues.

Wild, right?

But it's not just about hackathons. devCLT also hosts coding competitions where you can test your skills against other devs in different programming languages and domains.

It's a great way to flex your coding muscles and network with local tech companies on the hunt for fresh talent. Over 60% of devCLT members have landed job offers or freelance gigs through connections made at these events.

What's really cool about devCLT is that they're all about fostering an inclusive learning environment.

They actively encourage underrepresented groups like women and minorities to get involved in their events and workshops. One member, Lisa Williams, said, "devCLT has been instrumental in my growth as a developer.

The supportive community and mentorship opportunities have empowered me to overcome challenges and excel in my career." With their commitment to inclusivity and continuous learning, devCLT is definitely a vital hub for Charlotte's booming tech scene.

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4. Charlotte Women in Tech


Charlotte Women in Tech is where it's at for ladies trying to level up in the tech world. These gals have your back with dope mentorship opportunities to link you up with seasoned pros who'll show you the ropes.

Whether you're just starting out or already killing it, their mentors will keep you on point with that career grind.

But mentorship is just the tip of the iceberg.

Charlotte Women in Tech hosts lit workshops every other month to school you on coding basics, leadership skills, and more. They even have an annual "Career Bootcamp" that's a total game-changer for nailing job interviews and negotiating that pay raise you deserve.

Just ask Patricia Moore – she went from marketing to software engineering after tapping into Charlotte Women in Tech's coding workshops and mentorship program.

In her own words,

"They gave me the confidence and skills to pursue my passion for coding, and I couldn't be happier with my career change."

That's what it's all about – helping ambitious ladies like you chase their tech dreams and crush it.

With a strong emphasis on mentorship, career development, and building a supportive squad, Charlotte Women in Tech is a must-join for any girl boss trying to make moves in the tech scene.

Whether you're looking to level up your skills, land that dream job, or just surround yourself with a crew of badass women in tech, these ladies have got your back.

5. Charlotte Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Meetup


The Charlotte Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Meetup is where all the cool kids gather to dive deep into the mind-bending world of blockchain tech and digital currencies.

These individuals are serious about spreading knowledge on how Bitcoin, Ethereum, and decentralized finance (DeFi) are shaking up the financial game.

At their meetups, you'll get the inside scoop from industry pros who know their stuff.

They break down complex concepts like consensus algorithms, smart contracts, and dApps in a way that even newbies can grasp. But it's not all theory – you'll also get to get your hands dirty with blockchain tech, setting up wallets, executing transactions, and coding your own smart contracts.

It's like a crash course in becoming a blockchain wizard.

And the best part? This crew is all about fostering a supportive community. With over 2,500 members on board, you'll be surrounded by like-minded folks who are just as stoked about the potential of blockchain as you are.

As one regular attendee put it, "The Charlotte Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Meetup has been a game-changer for me, demystifying these cutting-edge technologies and providing a space for hands-on learning." So, if you're ready to level up your blockchain game, join the crew and get in on the action.

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6. Data Science Charlotte


Charlotte Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI is the place to be for all you data geeks out there.

This meetup group has got it all covered – from the newbies trying to wrap their heads around data wizardry to the seasoned pros pushing the boundaries. It's like a one-stop shop for everything data-related!

Get ready to dive deep into mind-bending topics like predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, business intelligence, big data, and more.

They've got monthly meetups lined up where you can network, learn from experts, and maybe even snag a sponsored drink or two.

This group isn't just about theory – they're all about real-world applications too.

Expect to see some seriously cool case studies and projects showcasing how data science is being used to solve real-life problems. From healthcare to social media, these presentations will blow your mind and inspire you to get creative with your own data-driven solutions.

Plus, it's the perfect opportunity to connect with other data enthusiasts, exchange ideas, and maybe even land your dream job. Charlotte Bots and AI Meetup is another group you should definitely check out if you're into the AI and ML scene.

7. Agile Carolinas


Agile Carolinas is where it's at if you wanna level up your Agile and Scrum game. This epic meetup group has a massive community of over 1,800 members, and they've been hosting some seriously mind-blowing events and workshops to keep everyone on the cutting edge.

In the past, they've dropped some serious knowledge bombs on topics like scaling Agile for the big players, diving deep into Kanban, and even tackling Agile leadership to help teams crush it.

They've had legends like Jeff Sutherland (you know, the co-creator of Scrum) and Mike Cohn (the mastermind behind "Agile Estimating and Planning") grace their events with their presence.

Talk about a major flex!

But it's not just about soaking up knowledge from the pros. Agile Carolinas is also a prime spot for networking and connecting with other Agile enthusiasts from all kinds of industries.

You can swap war stories, share tips, and maybe even land your next gig through the connections you make. One member summed it up perfectly:

"Agile Carolinas has been instrumental in my professional growth. The meetups have not only provided me with practical knowledge but also introduced me to a network of brilliant minds in the Agile space."

The second half of 2023 is shaping up to be an absolute banger.

They've got workshops lined up on agile metrics and reporting, managing distributed teams with Agile, and even integrating DevOps and Continuous Delivery into your Agile workflow.

It's gonna be insane!

  • Level up your Agile and Scrum game by joining Agile Carolinas.
  • Dive deep into topics like Kanban and Agile leadership at their events.
  • Network with other Agile enthusiasts and build valuable connections.
  • Attend workshops on agile metrics, distributed teams, and DevOps integration.

So, if you're serious about staying ahead of the curve in the Agile world, Agile Carolinas is an absolute must.

They're all about continuous learning and building a killer community of Agile ninjas. Don't sleep on this one, folks!

8. Google Developer Group Charlotte


The Google Developer Group Charlotte is where the city's tech crowd hangs out and levels up their skills.

These hosts some events to help devs learn the latest Google tech like AI, cloud computing, and more. Check out what they've got planned for 2024:

  • Build with AI by Google Developer Groups Charlotte - This hands-on workshop on April 4th is all about learning how to use Google's cutting-edge AI tools like Duet AI, Gemini, and PaLM API to build awesome apps.
  • DevFest Charlotte 2024 - The biggest community-led tech conference in the world is coming to town! DevFest is where you can explore the latest Google developer tools, learn from experts, and connect with other local devs.

But it's not just about learning new tech - the GDG Charlotte squad helps you grow your career too.

At their events, you'll hear real stories from local startups and companies like Tresata on how they're using Google tech to push boundaries and level up their products.

And through their active online community, you can get support from other devs, collaborate on projects, and share tips for nailing job interviews or launching your own startup.

9. Charlotte UX Design Meetup


The Charlotte UX Design Meetup is where all the cool designers in the city hang out. It's like a chill spot to connect with others who get just as hyped about UX/UI as you do.

These meetups are all about sharing ideas, getting feedback on your work, and leveling up your design game.

  • Sharing ideas: Engage with peers to exchange innovative concepts.
  • Receiving feedback: Obtain constructive critiques to improve your work.
  • Leveling up: Enhance your design skills through active participation.

One of the best things about this meetup is how they keep things fresh with different events.

Like, they've had design jams where you have to create an app concept in a short time - talk about putting your creativity to the test! They also do these portfolio workshops to help you make your work shine for potential employers or clients.

But it's not all just work and no play.

The Women in UX Charlotte crew brings a ton of positive vibes to the community. They host events like roundtables on dealing with toxic workplaces and sharing job-hunting tips.

It's an inclusive space for everyone to feel supported and inspired.

With big names like Richard Moore from Ally Financial and Jennifer Martinez from Lowe's dropping knowledge bombs, you know you're getting the real deal.

And the best part? Folks have actually landed their dream jobs or started their own agencies after tapping into this awesome network. If you're a designer in Charlotte, you have to check out these meetups and see what all the hype is about.

10. Charlotte IT Pro User Group


Charlotte's tech scene is lit, and the Carolina IT Pro User Group is at the heart of it all. This crew of IT geeks is obsessed with Microsoft tech, and they slay at keeping everyone updated on the latest tools and trends.

From Azure to Office 365, these folks cover it all, hosting tech talks and hands-on sessions led by certified trainers and industry pros.

But it's not just about learning – the group is also a prime spot for networking and making connections.

With over 800 members, you'll meet tons of like-minded techies who share your passion for all things Microsoft. You can even peep past events like their Office 365 reporting sesh to see what kind of content they bring.

The group's got a stacked lineup of upcoming meetups, like their monthly gatherings at the Microsoft campus.

Imagine rubbing elbows with IT legends while you level up your skills and explore mind-blowing concepts like data intelligence solutions from local startups like Tresata.

It's a surefire way to stay ahead of the game and snag that dream job at companies like Ally Financial, one of Charlotte's top tech employers.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are some must-attend tech meetups and conferences in Charlotte for IoT enthusiasts?

For IoT enthusiasts, the Charlotte IoT Meetup is a must-attend event. With over 2,000 members, they host virtual Lunch & Learns and webinars featuring industry leaders. They also organize in-person meetups at local spots like Hi-Wire Brewing Charlotte, providing ample networking opportunities.

Where can I connect with professionals in Charlotte's FinTech industry?

The Queen City Fintech Meetup is ideal for those looking to connect with other tech-savvy professionals in the banking, payments, and financial services sectors. This meetup boasts high networking opportunities and partnerships with local companies like AvidXchange, Centara, and LendingTree, offering workshops, panel discussions, and hackathons.

Are there tech meetups in Charlotte that support women in technology?

Yes, Charlotte Women in Tech is a supportive community where women in technology can find mentorship opportunities and participate in workshops. They host events focusing on coding basics, leadership skills, and career development, including an annual 'Career Bootcamp' to help women advance their careers.

What opportunities are there in Charlotte for developers to enhance their coding skills?

The devCLT (Charlotte Developers) meetup is perfect for developers looking to enhance their coding skills. They host hackathons, coding competitions, and educational workshops. Their annual 24-hour Charlotte Hackathon and coding competitions provide great opportunities to collaborate, network, and showcase your skills.

Which meetup should I join if I'm interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency in Charlotte?

For those interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency, the Charlotte Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Meetup is the place to be. The group focuses on educating attendees about Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi, and other blockchain technologies. They offer hands-on sessions for practical learning, making it an excellent community for blockchain enthusiasts.

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