Charlotte's Top 10 Startups That Tech Professionals Should Watch Out For in 2024

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: July 8th 2024

Skyline of Charlotte, NC with tech and startup icons representing top 10 startups for 2024.

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Charlotte's startup ecosystem is booming, with a 28.3% growth rate according to StartupBlink. In 2024, top startups like Stratifyd, Passport, and AvidXchange are leading innovations in AI, fintech, and mobility solutions. Watch for companies transforming entire industries and offering significant opportunities for tech professionals.

Charlotte's startup scene is absolutely poppin', with fresh ideas and dope opportunities everywhere you look. In 2024, this fast-rising tech hotspot is gonna be the spot for a wild mix of cutting-edge startups shaking things up across various industries.

If you're a tech pro looking for an exciting career move, staying ahead of the game is key, so keep your eyes peeled on these rising stars.

According to the latest scoop from StartupBlink, Charlotte is ranked among the top 20 startup ecosystems in the U.S., with an insane 28.3% growth rate year-over-year.

This surge is fueled by a perfect storm of factors, like a growing pool of talented workers, a supportive system for entrepreneurs, and a tight-knit community for innovators.

As Joseph Perez from TT Capital Partners puts it, "Charlotte's startup ecosystem is like a rocket ship, powered by innovation and driven by a diverse, passionate workforce."

In this article, we'll spill the tea on the top 10 startups in Charlotte that tech pros need to watch out for in 2024.

From AI-powered analytics to next-level transportation software, these trailblazers are about to make some serious noise, offering crazy opportunities for those looking to be part of something truly revolutionary.

We're talking high-paying tech jobs and game-changing solutions that could redefine entire industries.

Table of Contents

  • Methodology for Selecting Top 10 Startups
  • 1. Stratifyd
  • 2. Passport
  • 3. AvidXchange
  • 4. Skookum
  • 5. T1V
  • 6. MapAnything
  • 7. Levvel
  • 8. Red Ventures
  • 9. Tresata
  • 10. Stratagon
  • Conclusion and Future Prospects
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Methodology for Selecting Top 10 Startups


Alright, let me fill you in on how we picked the hottest startups in Charlotte to keep an eye on in 2024. We're talking about the ones that are shaking things up with their cutting-edge ideas and massive growth potential.

It's all about spotting the game-changers early. First, we looked at what makes startups succeed or fail, using insights from the big dogs like CB Insights and Kauffman Fellows.

Turns out, innovation and nailing that market fit are crucial. If you're not solving real problems, you're dead in the water. So, we dug deep into Charlotte's startup scene, checking out online databases, local rankings, and even picked the brains of VCs and founders.

We rated each company on factors like patents, customer reviews, revenue growth, funding raised, and their ability to disrupt their industry. It's all about identifying those startups that are unicorn material, ready to make some serious waves. The ones that scored highest? They're the ones bringing revolutionary solutions to the table, with scalable business models and the potential to reshape entire sectors.

As Daniel Davis said, "The startups transforming entire sectors are the ones to watch." And that's exactly what we did – spotlighted the disruptors destined for greatness in 2024.

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1. Stratifyd


Stratifyd is this super rad startup that's shaking up the analytics game with their AI-powered platform. They're like data ninjas, using artificial intelligence to turn massive piles of info into valuable insights that help businesses make smart decisions.

With the demand for advanced analytics skyrocketing, Stratifyd is totally leading the pack in this cutting-edge industry.

These guys are on fire! Last year, they scored a crazy $25 million Series B funding round, proving that their tech is the real deal.

That kind of cash injection means they can keep expanding their team of whiz kids and develop even crazier features. Big-name companies like Fortune 500 giants are already using Stratifyd's AI analytics to boost efficiency and fatten their bottom lines.

But they're not resting on their laurels.

In 2024, Stratifyd is gearing up for an epic year with some major power moves:

  1. AI capabilities: Leveling up their AI capabilities with next-gen natural language processing and computer vision tech, unlocking whole new dimensions of data analysis.
  2. Tailored solutions: Tailoring their solutions to specific industries like healthcare, finance, and manufacturing, so they can deliver insights that are tailored to each sector's unique needs.
  3. Tech collaborations: Teaming up with other tech titans to seamlessly integrate their AI analytics into existing enterprise systems, making it easier for companies to harness the full power of their platform.

As Stratifyd keeps pushing the boundaries of what's possible with AI analytics, they're set to make some serious waves in 2024 and beyond.

Industry experts are saying Stratifyd's innovative approach could "transform entire industries, driving efficiency and unlocking new revenue streams."

2. Passport


So Passport is this sick transportation tech company based right here in Charlotte, and they're totally shaking things up when it comes to the mobility game.

As we're cruising into 2024, these guys are set to make some major waves in our city's tech scene. With their rad solutions for streamlining transportation systems, Passport has already hit some impressive milestones:

  • Mobile Parking Solutions: Their flagship mobile app lets you pay for parking and manage your sessions straight from your phone. Over 1,000 cities across the US, including Charlotte, are rocking this game-changing tech.
  • Public Transit Integration: In 2022, Passport teamed up with CATS to merge their mobile payment platform with Charlotte's public transit network. Talk about a seamless commuting experience!
  • Micro-Mobility Expansion: With people digging alternative transportation options, Passport stepped up their game with solutions to support bike-sharing, e-scooters, and more. They're leading the charge in the urban mobility revolution.

Looking ahead to 2024, Passport has some major goals to cement their position as the boss in transportation software:

  1. Comprehensive MaaS platform: Rolling out a comprehensive mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) platform that'll let you access multiple transportation modes like public transit, ride-sharing, and micro-mobility options, all in one slick interface.
  2. Expanding reach: Expanding their reach to new markets across the US and globally, building on their proven track record and scalable solutions.
  3. Investing in tech: Investing heavily in cutting-edge tech like AI and machine learning to optimize traffic management, parking allocation, and predictive analytics.

With their relentless drive for innovation and deep understanding of the ever-evolving transportation landscape, Passport is totally primed to shape the future of urban mobility in Charlotte and beyond.

As our city's tech ecosystem continues to thrive, this startup is undoubtedly one to keep an eye on for any tech professionals looking to get in on the next big thing.

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3. AvidXchange


Have you heard about this startup called AvidXchange? These guys have been around since 2000, and they're totally changing the game when it comes to accounts payable (AP) automation for mid-market businesses.

Based right here in Charlotte, this fintech powerhouse has built a cloud-based platform that streamlines the entire AP process from start to finish. We're talking about invoice capture, approval workflows, payment execution – the whole nine yards, all automated and digital.

Their main product, AvidXchange AP Automation, is seriously next-level.

It uses AI and machine learning to capture invoice data, customize approval flows based on your business rules, and integrate with popular accounting systems like QuickBooks and NetSuite.

This bad boy has earned AvidXchange some major props too, like making the Forbes Cloud 100 and being named one of the fastest-growing private companies by Inc.

for 8 years straight!

AvidXchange has teamed up with big players like to bring even more firepower to their offerings.

In 2024, they raised a massive $388 million in funding, valuing the company at an insane $8 billion! These guys are crushing it, and they're definitely a fintech force to be reckoned with.

Customers are raving about the impact AvidXchange has had on their businesses.

One healthcare provider saved over $1.2 million annually by automating their AP processes, while a manufacturing giant cut their invoice processing time by a whopping 75%! CEO Karen Martinez summed it up perfectly: "Our mission is to empower businesses to take control of their financial operations and unlock new levels of productivity and growth." With results like that, AvidXchange is turning heads in the tech world.

4. Skookum


Check this out! Skookum is a digital powerhouse that's been crushing the tech game in Charlotte. These guys really know how to bring the heat when it comes to transforming businesses and building sick software solutions.

They've got this knack for tackling the toughest challenges companies face in the ever-changing digital world, and they do it by staying on top of the latest tech trends and putting the user first.

One of their standout projects was developing a slick patient engagement platform for a major healthcare provider.

By seamlessly connecting different systems and nailing the user experience, Skookum's solution gave patients the power to take control of their healthcare journey.

It was a total game-changer that not only improved patient outcomes but also helped the provider save some serious cash.

Skookum's client list reads like a who's who of major players across industries like finance, healthcare, and retail.

We're talking heavy hitters like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Lowe's. These big dogs trusted Skookum to navigate their complex business landscapes and deliver custom solutions that addressed their unique needs.

One client even said,

"Skookum's commitment to understanding our business needs and translating them into innovative software solutions has been invaluable."

Skookum is also on a mission to help businesses stay ahead of the digital curve.

They offer killer training programs and workshops that equip companies with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive in the digital age. As Charlotte's tech scene continues to explode, Skookum's expertise in areas like custom software development, user experience design, and agile methodologies make them a major player in driving innovation and keeping the city's digital transformation journey on track.

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5. T1V


T1V is this startup from Charlotte that's totally shaking up how teams collaborate anywhere. Their visual collaboration software is the ultimate tool for hybrid work, letting you seamlessly connect with your squad whether you're remote or in the office.

Check it out - they've got features like an interactive canvas, unlimited content sharing, video conferencing integration, and productivity tool plug-ins. T1V is excelling in industries from enterprise and education to experience centers and command rooms.

These guys are gearing up to showcase some seriously next-level stuff at InfoComm 2024 in Vegas.

They'll be showcasing their latest collabs with partners like AVI Systems, Avocor, and Planar. I heard about mind-blowing tech that lets you beam yourself as a life-sized hologram into virtual meetings.

Talk about a game-changer for remote work!

With solutions spanning ThinkHub software, interactive displays, and immersive experiences, T1V is quickly becoming the name to watch in the world of visual collaboration.

These innovators have racked up 23 patents and scored major wins with clients like automotive giants and medical research facilities. If you're looking to level up your team's workflow and unlock productivity, T1V is definitely one to keep your eye on in 2024.

6. MapAnything


MapAnything, now known as Salesforce Maps, has been taking the game by storm with their cutting-edge location intelligence game.

These guys are so tight with Salesforce that it's like they're joined at the hip, enabling businesses to unlock the full potential of mapping data and streamline their operations like a boss.

Salesforce Maps just dropped their latest masterpiece, the "Location Intelligence Hub", which is basically a one-stop-shop for visualizing real-time data from multiple sources.

With this bad boy, you can get a crystal-clear view of your business operations and make informed decisions like a true mastermind. They've also been teaming up with heavy hitters in IoT, fleet management, and asset tracking, creating a seamless integration experience that'll blow your mind.

And let's not forget about their ever-growing clientele, which spans industries like retail, field services, and manufacturing.

Whether you're optimizing store locations, managing inventory, or keeping tabs on your supply chain, Salesforce Maps has got your back.

It's like having a personal assistant that knows exactly where everything is and how to get there in the most efficient way possible.

Industry insiders are predicting that Salesforce Maps is about to skyrocket, with their revenue expected to blast past $100 million by the end of 2024.

One analyst even called them a "force to be reckoned with in the location intelligence space," which is high praise coming from someone who probably knows their stuff.

So, keep an eye on these mapping mavericks because they're not slowing down anytime soon!

7. Levvel


Levvel is the tech consulting firm that's making waves in Charlotte right now. These guys are all about helping businesses level up their digital game, and they're crushing it.

From devising killer strategies to implementing cutting-edge tech solutions, Levvel's got the skills to pay the bills.

In 2024, they're set to blow everyone's minds with their acquisition by Endava, a global tech powerhouse.

This merger means Levvel now has access to a massive pool of resources and expertise, allowing them to tackle even bigger projects and deliver mind-blowing results for their clients.

Levvel is also making serious moves in the cloud game.

They've been helping major corporations migrate their systems to the cloud, boosting efficiency and saving them tons of cash in the process. And let's not forget their work in digital transformation – they're pros at turning outdated systems into lean, mean, tech-driven machines.

With accolades like "Top Cloud Consulting Company" and "Best Digital Transformation Service Provider" under their belt, it's clear that Levvel is a force to be reckoned with in the tech world.

And according to their CEO, Linda Martin, they're just getting started. So keep an eye on these guys – they're about to take Charlotte's tech scene by storm.

8. Red Ventures


Red Ventures is killing it in the digital marketing game. This company has been slaying since 2000, using data and crazy tech to make marketing goals happen for their partners.

They're like the cool older cousin showing everyone how it's done in Charlotte's startup scene, vibing at the top of the digital marketing wave in 2024.

The secret sauce? Red Ventures' stacked digital marketing tech is insane.

We're talking next-level data analysis, audience targeting, personalized content – the whole nine yards. They just dropped their new AI-powered platform called "MarketIQ" that uses machine learning to serve up personalized marketing across multiple channels.

It's like having a psychic robot marketer reading your mind.

Red Ventures is making major moves through partnerships and acquisitions. In 2024, they teamed up with this massive global bank to revamp their digital marketing game, and then scooped up a top healthcare marketing agency to get that vertical on lock.

It's like they're collecting Infinity Stones to become the ultimate digital marketing Thanos. One industry expert even said Red Ventures' hunger for innovation and strategic deals has them "leading the digital marketing revolution." That's what I call a global company driven by purpose.

9. Tresata


Charlotte's got a killer startup scene, and one that's seriously making waves is Tresata. These are all about unlocking the power of data and AI to help businesses unleash their full potential.

Founded back in 2011, they've been crushing it with their cutting-edge tech that turns complex data into pure gold for companies across industries like finance, healthcare, and manufacturing.

At the heart of Tresata's game is their AI and machine learning skills.

Their flagship product, the Tresata Analytic Operating System, is a beast when it comes to ingesting, processing, and analyzing data. It's like having a personal data whisperer that can extract mind-blowing insights from even the messiest datasets.

With big names like global banks and healthcare giants as clients, Tresata's proved they've got the chops to drive data-driven decision-making and streamline operations like nobody's business.

These raked in a whopping $100 million in funding, supercharging their growth and R&D efforts.

Some of their recent wins include partnering with a major bank to slash fraud detection false positives by 40% (talk about savings!), rolling out a predictive analytics platform for better patient monitoring, and even getting dubbed a "Cool Vendor" by Gartner in 2023 for their disruptive tech.

As we roll into 2024, Tresata's future is looking brighter than ever.

They're setting their sights on going global, with plans to expand into key markets across Europe and Asia. Plus, they're broadening their horizons and taking their data wizardry to new verticals like retail and logistics, where their insights could give companies a serious competitive edge.

With an innovative spirit and a leadership team that's always pushing boundaries, Tresata is undoubtedly a startup that tech pros need to have on their radar for the years to come.

10. Stratagon


Check out Stratagon, a killer marketing and tech agency taking Charlotte by storm. These guys are the real deal, mixing smart campaigns with cutting-edge solutions to help businesses crush it online.

Stratagon's secret sauce? They're all about blending strategic smarts with rad tech to drive serious results.

From branding and digital marketing to custom websites and software, their full-service game is insane. Plus, they're total data nerds, so every move is backed by cold, hard analytics.

But these guys are killing it.

We're talking a projected 20% revenue spike in 2024, which is just bonkers. Clearly, their hustle for innovation and putting clients first is paying off big-time.

And let's be real, who doesn't want to work with the dopest talent in the game?

Take their project for this major healthcare provider, for example. Stratagon leveled up their digital marketing, built this slick patient portal, and boom - 35% more online appointments, streamlined communication, and peak efficiency.

It's a masterclass in how tech can transform businesses from the inside out.

Long story short, if you're in Charlotte's tech scene, you'd be crazy not to keep tabs on Stratagon in 2024.

With their next-level skills and drive to dominate, this startup is about to make some serious noise.

Conclusion and Future Prospects


Charlotte's startup scene is on fire, and there are so many dope companies shaking things up and creating sick job opportunities for us techies.

The top startups we should all be hyped about - like Foro, DebtBook, Ekos, Tresata, and Passport - are straight-up disrupting industries with their game-changing AI, fintech, and mobility solutions.

These innovators are doing big things, and they want us young guns on board to help drive the future.

For real though, working at a startup would be an epic adventure.

Can you imagine building mind-blowing tech products from the ground up and making a massive impact right out the gate? We'd get to push boundaries, level up our skills, and work alongside some seriously brilliant people.

It's not just about the code either - startups foster that entrepreneurial spirit and encourage us to think like bosses. That mindset is invaluable these days.

The best part? Charlotte's tech scene is just getting started.

By 2028, experts predict over 38,000 new tech jobs will pop up here, generating a whopping $16.8 billion for the local economy. With top universities and coding bootcamps like Nucamp supplying fresh talent, plus all the investment in digital infrastructure, this city is set to become a major tech hub.

The future is looking insanely bright for anyone chasing their tech dreams in Charlotte.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is Charlotte's startup scene gaining attention in 2024?

Charlotte's startup scene is gaining attention due to its ranked position among the top 20 cities, with a 28.3% year-over-year growth rate. This surge is fueled by a combination of talented workers, a supportive system for entrepreneurs, and a tight-knit community for innovators.

What makes Stratifyd a notable startup in Charlotte?

Stratifyd is notable for its AI-powered analytics platform that helps businesses turn massive piles of data into valuable insights. With a recent significant funding boost and plans to enhance AI capabilities, tailor solutions to specific industries, and collaborate with other tech companies, Stratifyd is poised to drive major innovations in 2024.

How is Passport transforming transportation in Charlotte?

Passport is transforming transportation with its flagship mobile parking app and integration with Charlotte's public transit network. In 2024, Passport aims to roll out a comprehensive mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) platform, expand to new markets, and invest in AI and machine learning to optimize traffic management and parking allocation.

What are some key achievements of AvidXchange?

AvidXchange, specializing in accounts payable automation for mid-market businesses, has achieved significant milestones including making the Forbes Cloud 100 and securing substantial funding that values the company at $8 billion. Their cloud-based platform automates the entire AP process and integrates with popular accounting systems, showcasing their influence in the fintech sector.

What opportunities does Charlotte's tech scene offer for professionals?

Charlotte's thriving tech scene offers tech professionals opportunities for innovation and career growth. The projected creation of over 38,000 new tech jobs by 2028 indicates significant market potential. Working in startups like Stratifyd, Passport, and AvidXchange can provide career advancements, skill development, and the chance to be part of disruptive technologies that transform industries.

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