Top 10 Must-Attend Tech Meetups and Conferences in Billings

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: July 1st 2024

Collage of Billings, Montana tech meetups and conferences featuring dynamic speakers and engaged audiences.

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Discover Billings' top tech meetups and conferences in 2024, including Big Sky Dev Con, Montana Cloud Computing Expo, and Billings AI and Machine Learning Symposium. Enhance your skills, network, and stay updated on trends from AI to blockchain and cloud computing. Don't miss keynotes from industry leaders and hands-on workshops.

Let's be honest, in this fast-paced tech world, attending meetups and conferences isn't just a smart move, it's an absolute must. These events are like a playground for networking, learning the latest tech trends, and staying ahead of the game.

And you know what? Billings, Montana is totally killing it as an emerging tech hotspot, attracting techies from all around.

Seriously, did you know that 85% of jobs are landed through networking? That's insane! Montana Programmers, a thriving community of coders and entrepreneurs, hosts regular events in Billings where you can connect with like-minded folks and pick up some serious skills.

Nucamp's article on networking strategies highlights how attending coding bootcamps like theirs can amplify your chances of breaking into Billings' booming tech scene.

With top-notch companies like GTUIT, Zoot Enterprises, and KOA headquartered here, the opportunities are endless.

Table of Contents

  • Code Montana Summit
  • Big Sky DevCon
  • Billings Tech Meetup
  • Montana Cloud Computing Expo
  • Future Innovators Conference
  • Billings AI and Machine Learning Symposium
  • Montana Blockchain and FinTech Conference
  • Techstars Startup Weekend Billings
  • Billings UX/UI Design Meetup
  • Montana Cybersecurity Conference
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Code Montana Summit


The Global Leadership Summit taking place on August 8-9, 2024, is going to be remarkable! This epic two-day event happens in South Barrington, IL, but you can also join at a local site nationwide.

Get ready to be inspired by some prominent figures like Marcus Buckingham, Joni Eareckson Tada, and Craig Groeschel.

They are going to share valuable insights on leadership, overcoming challenges, and unlocking your full potential. Additionally, the Code for America Summit from May 29-30, 2024, is a transformative event.

This immersive experience in Oakland, CA, brings together the most brilliant minds in digital government to tackle some of the biggest challenges we face. You'll gain insights on breaking through barriers, finding real solutions, and making a positive impact.

Moreover, you'll have the chance to connect with fellow changemakers and expand your network. It's an opportunity you can't afford to miss!

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Big Sky DevCon


Big Sky Dev Con is the place to be if you're into tech, coding, and all things geeky. It's a huge conference that happens every summer in Bozeman, Montana, and it's like a giant party for developers and techies from all over.

They've got sessions on everything from programming languages like JavaScript and Python to the latest trends in cloud computing and DevOps.

But Big Sky Dev Con isn't just about sitting and listening to talks (even though there are some pretty sick ones).

It's also a chance to connect with other coders, swap stories, and maybe even find your next job or business partner. Plus, you get to hang out in beautiful Montana, which is a major bonus if you're used to being cooped up in an office all day.

The 2024 schedule is looking absolutely stacked.

You've got sessions on cutting-edge stuff like AI and machine learning, but also more practical topics like building HTML frontends and improving your developer experience.

And if you're trying to break into the gaming industry, there's even a whole stage dedicated to that.

One of the coolest things about Big Sky Dev Con is that it's not just a bunch of talks – there are also open discussions and workshops where you can really dive in and get your hands dirty.

And with so many different tracks to choose from, you can totally customize your experience based on your interests and skill level.

If you're looking to level up your coding skills, make some new connections, and have a blast while doing it, Big Sky Dev Con is definitely the move.

Just be prepared to geek out hard.

Billings Tech Meetup


The Billings Coders crew is where it's at for all you techies in the area. These guys know how to throw epic meetups every month, bringing devs, hackers, and tech nerds together for some serious coding sessions and geeky discussions.

Whether you're just starting or a total pro, they've got your back.

From game dev and web coding to programming languages and more, the topics they cover are fire. You'll definitely level up your skills in:

  • Front-end magic like React, Angular, and Vue.js
  • Back-end beasts like Node.js and Ruby on Rails
  • Mobile app wizardry for iOS and Android
  • Python for data analysis and machine learning
  • Cloud services from AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud
  • Autonomous mobile robots (yeah, it's as cool as it sounds)

But here's the best part: the squad at Billings Coders is all about supporting newbies.

The experienced coders will be your mentors, guiding you through the madness. Just ask Susan Lee, who said joining was a "game-changer" that accelerated her learning like crazy.

Stay in the loop by joining their Meetup page.

With a welcoming vibe, epic topics, and knowledgeable mentors, this group is a must for anyone looking to level up their tech skills and connect with fellow code warriors in Billings.

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Montana Cloud Computing Expo


You don't wanna miss out on the Montana Cloud Computing Expo this August! It's like the ultimate cloud party for all you tech geeks out there.

Get ready to dive deep into the latest cloud trends, challenges, and innovations that are shaping the game.

They've got sessions covering everything from cloud migration strategies to hybrid cloud architectures, and even the integration of cutting-edge tech like edge computing and serverless computing.

And you'll be covered on best practices, data privacy regulations, and risk mitigation strategies to keep your cloud environments locked down tight.

The expo is bringing in some heavy hitters for the keynote speeches.

We're talking Charles Davis, the Chief Technology Officer at CloudFlare, who's an absolute boss when it comes to cloud infrastructure and scalability.

Then there's Lisa Thompson, the Vice President of Cloud Engineering at Netflix, who's a legend in the world of cloud-native application development.

And if that's not enough to get you hyped, they're also hosting panel discussions with industry titans tackling hot topics like multi-cloud strategies, cloud cost optimization, and cloud-native app development.

Seriously, this expo is gonna be the place to be if you're looking to level up your cloud game.

Past attendees have raved about the invaluable insights, networking opportunities, and hands-on workshops at the Montana Cloud Computing Expo.

One attendee even said,

"The expo not only equipped me with cutting-edge cloud knowledge but also connected me with a vibrant community of cloud enthusiasts and experts."

So, mark your calendars and get ready to immerse yourself in the world of cloud computing!

Future Innovators Conference


The Future Festival AI-Infused World Summit 2024 in Toronto is going to be absolutely insane! From October 1-3, this epic event is bringing together the brightest minds in tech to explore how AI is revolutionizing every industry.

We're talking mind-blowing keynotes, interactive workshops, and exclusive networking opportunities that'll make your head spin.

One of the main highlights is going to be the keynote speeches from total rockstars like Jeremy Gutsche on "How to Innovate in an Era of AI" and David Gonzalez on "Adapting to AI with Future Tech." These visionaries are going to drop some serious knowledge bombs on leveraging AI for game-changing innovation.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg! The summit is packed with sessions covering everything from AI's impact on marketing and retail to cultivating an AI-driven office culture.

And let's not forget the insane networking potential – you'll get to rub elbows with industry titans, potential mentors, and maybe even land your dream gig.

If that's not enough to convince you, there are going to be mind-blowing Trend Safaris, where you'll witness cutting-edge tech in action.

Plus, the FuturistU Masterclass program is a must-attend for anyone serious about becoming a real-deal futurist. It's an opportunity to level up your skills under the guidance of Jeremy Gutsche and his team of experts.

So, if you're ready to dive headfirst into the AI revolution and future-proof your career, the Future Festival AI-Infused World Summit 2024 is an absolute must.

Just be prepared to have your mind blown into the next dimension!

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Billings AI and Machine Learning Symposium


Check this out! The Billings AI and Machine Learning Symposium is where it's at for anyone who's into that cutting-edge tech stuff.

This year's lineup is straight fire, with big names like Dr. Emily Richards from Stanford and Michael Thompson, the Chief AI Officer at Google, dropping some serious knowledge bombs.

Dr. Richards is going to break down her mind-blowing work on explainable AI, while Thompson is set to give us the scoop on where machine learning is headed in the tech world.

They've got expert panels covering everything from AI in Healthcare to AI and Cybersecurity, and even AI for sustainability.

It's a chance to hear straight from the pros about how AI is changing the game in all kinds of industries.

If you're new to this whole AI thing, no worries! They've got workshops and sessions that'll break it down for you, like Intro to Machine Learning Algorithms and Hands-on Python for AI. And for the seasoned vets out there, they're diving deep into the nitty-gritty with sessions on reinforcement learning, natural language processing, and computer vision.

It's a perfect opportunity to level up your skills and connect with other AI enthusiasts.

Past attendees have been raving about this symposium, saying it opened their eyes to the insane potential of AI across different fields.

One person even said,

"The symposium was a true eye-opener, exposing me to the vast potential of AI and machine learning across various industries. I left feeling inspired and equipped with practical knowledge to apply in my work."

So if you're looking to stay ahead of the curve and get a glimpse of the future, you have to check out the Billings AI and Machine Learning Symposium.

It's going to be lit!

Montana Blockchain and FinTech Conference


The Global Fintech & Blockchain Conference happening in June 2024 is gonna be insane. This massive event, led by university folks, is the place to be if you wanna dive into the mind-blowing world of blockchain, crypto, and fintech.

Get ready for some heavy-hitting speakers like Philip Belamant (Zilch CEO), Joel Perlman (OakNorth Co-Founder), and Nicolas Cary ( Co-Founder). They'll be dropping knowledge bombs on everything from blockchain applications and smart contracts to regulatory implications and challenges for young entrepreneurs trying to make it big.

The Montana Digital Government Summit in May is where you'll catch the latest on how tech is shaking up the government scene.

Speakers like Dustin Haisler (e.Republic President) and Patricia Thompson (Montana's Chief Innovation Officer) will be breaking down the coolest digital trends impacting public services.

And if you're more into the cutting-edge biotech and quantum computing spaces, then the 2024 Innovate Here Conference is a must.

This virtual event hosted by Montana innovators will have you geeking out over the latest breakthroughs in photonics, quantum tech, and bioscience. Expect some mind-melting presentations from industry leaders and research gurus.

Techstars Startup Weekend Billings


The Techstars Startup Weekend is rolling into Billings, and it's gonna be a wild ride! From November 1-3, 2019, aspiring entrepreneurs are gathering at the MSU Billings Student Union for a crazy 54-hour marathon of brainstorming, building, and hustling.

Here's the deal:

  1. Pitch Night: Lay out your game-changing idea and let the squad formation begin!
  2. Business Grind: Teams dive deep into customer research, testing ideas, and crafting a killer business model.
  3. Coach Mode: Seasoned pros share their wisdom, keeping you on the path to startup glory.
  4. Prototype Flex: It's crunch time! Teams build and test their minimum viable products with real customers.
  5. Final Showdown: Teams pitch their startups to a panel of judges, aiming for that sweet, sweet feedback (and maybe some investment too).

This event has a track record of launching success stories like FarmTech Solutions, an ag-tech startup that scored over $500K after the 2021 event.

And let's not forget EcoVentures, an eco-friendly outdoor gear company that crushed it with $100K in revenue within a year of the 2022 event. Serious inspo, right?

Beyond the startup hustle, Techstars Startup Weekend is a prime networking hotspot.

As Christopher Martinez put it, "The connections I made were invaluable. I met like-minded entrepreneurs, potential investors, and mentors who continue to support my startup journey." So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to pitch, build, and make those game-changing connections at the Techstars Startup Weekend Billings!

Billings UX/UI Design Meetup


In this digital age, crafting dope user experiences is the key to success. The Billings UX/UI Design Meetup knows what's up, bringing together designers, devs, and tech geeks to level up their skills.

According to the big brains at Forrester, companies that prioritize UX see a whopping 16.6% higher return on investment compared to those that sleep on it.

This Meetup is all about collaboration and staying fresh.

They've covered everything from human-centered design principles to wireframing tools and accessibility.

Members have even gotten their hands dirty with projects like revamping a non-profit website for better usability and testing mobile app prototypes.

With the world going digital, seamless user experiences are a must.

Mary Wilson, a UX designer who's a regular, says,

"The Meetup has been instrumental in fostering a strong community of designers in Billings. It's a space where we can learn from each other, discuss challenges, and collectively push the boundaries of what exceptional UX/UI design can achieve."

Montana Cybersecurity Conference


The Montana Cybersecurity Conference happening this Fall is gonna be lit! This event is all about staying ahead of those pesky cyber threats and learning the sickest defense strategies out there.

It's a must-attend for anyone who's into cybersecurity or just wants to level up their game. These days, cyber attacks are getting crazy sophisticated, putting businesses and regular folks at major risk.

But fear not, because the Montana Cybersecurity Conference has got your back. They're packing a punch with a lineup of sessions tailored for everyone, from newbies to cyber ninjas:

  • For the noobs: Workshops on cybersecurity basics like network security, risk assessment, and incident response.
  • For the intermediate crew: Advanced topics like cloud security, threat hunting, and secure coding practices.
  • For the elite hackers: In-depth panels discussing the latest threats, like ransomware, supply chain attacks, and nation-state cyber espionage.

The speaker lineup is stacked! We're talking big names like Jessica Moore, the Chief Information Security Officer at XYZ Corp, and Daniel Perez, a legendary security researcher known for his malware analysis skills.

These peeps are dropping some serious knowledge bombs that you don't want to miss. Cybersecurity is a never-ending battle, and staying ahead of the game requires constant hustle.

The Montana Cybersecurity Conference is your chance to gain the inside scoop on industry best practices, like implementing robust security frameworks, fostering a security-conscious culture, and using the latest tools and tech.

Don't sleep on this opportunity to level up your cybersecurity game and protect your digital assets like a boss!

Frequently Asked Questions


What are some must-attend tech meetups and conferences in Billings?

Some must-attend tech meetups and conferences in Billings include the Code Montana Summit, Big Sky DevCon, Billings Tech Meetup, Montana Cloud Computing Expo, and the Future Innovators Conference.

What can attendees expect at the Code Montana Summit?

Attendees at the Code Montana Summit can expect to hear from prominent figures like Joni Eareckson Tada, gain valuable insights on leadership, overcoming challenges, and unlocking their full potential.

What kind of topics are covered at Big Sky DevCon?

Big Sky DevCon covers topics such as JavaScript, Python, cloud computing, DevOps, AI, machine learning, gaming industry trends, HTML frontends, and developer experience improvements.

What is the focus of the Montana Cloud Computing Expo?

The Montana Cloud Computing Expo focuses on the latest cloud trends, challenges, and innovations, including hybrid cloud architectures, edge computing, serverless computing, best practices, data privacy regulations, and risk mitigation strategies.

Who are some key speakers at the Billings AI and Machine Learning Symposium?

Key speakers at the Billings AI and Machine Learning Symposium include Dr. Emily Richards from Stanford and Michael Thompson, the Chief AI Officer at Google, who will discuss explainable AI and the future of machine learning.

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