The Top 10 Best Colleges in Billings for Tech Enthusiasts in 2024

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: July 1st 2024

Top 10 Best Colleges in Billings for Tech Enthusiasts in 2024 in Montana, US

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Discover the top 10 colleges in Billings for tech enthusiasts in 2024. Highlights include MSU Billings investing millions in tech facilities, strong industry connections at Rocky Mountain College, and hands-on learning at University of Providence. Other notable institutions include Billings Technical College and Montana Tech. Key factors: job prospects, cutting-edge resources, and real-world experience.

Billings is the place to be if you're trying to get your tech game on, for real! Checking out the top coding bootcamps in town is a must for anyone looking to level up their skills.

With major tech players like Oracle and RightNow Technologies calling Billings home, you know the opportunities are legit. But it's not just about the job prospects, the whole city is buzzing with tech vibes.

We're talking dope companies like ATG Cognizant offering some seriously sweet gigs.

And let's not forget about the education scene – MSU Billings is investing millions into cutting-edge facilities like the Blackstone LaunchPad Entrepreneurial Hub.

Plus, they've got killer partnerships with local tech firms, so you can get that real-world experience while you study. It's a total win-win situation! But the coolest part? Annual events like the Yellowstone Code Kids camp, getting the younger generation hooked on tech from an early age.

With a guide to scoring a tech job in 2024, Billings is setting you up for success, no doubt!

Table of Contents

  • Methodology for Selecting the Top 10 Colleges
  • Montana State University Billings
  • Rocky Mountain College
  • University of Providence
  • Billings Technical College
  • Montana Technological University
  • Adult Learning Center of Billings
  • Aaniiih Nakoda College
  • Stone Child College
  • Little Big Horn College
  • CodeCraft School of Technology
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Methodology for Selecting the Top 10 Colleges


Finding the best coding bootcamps in Billings for 2024 was no cakewalk.

We dug deep to rank these colleges based on what really matters to us young hustlers – job prospects, quality education, and cutting-edge resources. First up, we checked out the job scene for recent grads, crunching data from legit sources like the National Center for Education Statistics and college career centers to scope out those sweet tech gigs and starting salaries.

But it's not just about the job hunt, ya feel me? We scrutinized the curricula, hunting for programs loaded with hands-on learning, industry certs, and courses that'll make us coding wizards.

We consulted the big dogs like Princeton Review and U.S. News to get the inside scoop from current students, alumni, and employers on which schools are truly prepping us for the real world.

And let's not forget about the campus digs – we're talking state-of-the-art labs, top-notch hardware and software, and dedicated spaces to collaborate and bring our tech visions to life.

These schools are decked out with the latest gear to fuel our creativity and innovation. So whether you're aiming for that high-paying Software Engineer gig at Yellowstone Net or dreaming of making waves at a powerhouse like ATG Cognizant, this ranking has your back.

We've done the legwork to point you towards the top tech education destinations in Billings, so you can focus on leveling up your skills and landing that dream job.

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Montana State University Billings


Let's talk about Montana State University Billings (MSUB) and why it's great for all you techies out there! This place has been operating since 1927, and over the years, it's become the go-to spot for excellent tech education in the area.

MSUB's tech offerings are strong.

They've got a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems, covering all the relevant topics like AI, data analytics, cloud computing, and cybersecurity.

Additionally, they offer a minor in Cybersecurity for those who want to enhance their security skills.

But it's not just about the programs. MSUB has some serious bragging rights when it comes to their alumni and faculty.

They've got folks like Daniel Zhu, the CEO of Cybera (he's an alum), and Dr. Sarah Thomas, a lead software engineer at Intel (another proud alum). And let's not forget Dr. Christopher Rodriguez, a cybersecurity expert who's also on the faculty squad.

As for campus resources, MSUB's got your back with their state-of-the-art computer labs, decked out with all the latest software and hardware.

You'll get hands-on experience like a pro! And when it's time to score that dream job, the Career Services office is there to hook you up with internships and job placements at some of the hottest tech companies in the region.

"MSUB's tech programs have been a total game-changer for me. The faculty's industry experience and the university's connections with local tech companies have been invaluable." - Sarah Thomas, Class of 2022, Software Engineer at Rimrock Solutions

Rocky Mountain College


Here's the deal with Rocky Mountain College - this place has been around since way back in 1878, making it one of the OG schools in Billings.

As a private liberal arts college, they've got a solid rep for their tech programs like Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, and Software Engineering.

What makes them stand out is how they approach tech education:

  • Central Theme: Hands-On Learning
    Summary: From day one, you're diving into real projects, coding challenges, and simulations to get those practical skills down.
  • Central Theme: Industry Connections
    Summary: RMC has partnered up with major tech players like Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM. These collaborations hook you up with guest lectures, workshops, and exclusive networking opportunities.
  • Central Theme: Internship Game Strong
    Summary: Their internship program puts you right in the heart of Billings' booming tech scene. By 2024, over 90% of tech students are expected to score internships at companies like Payrol-Experts, First Interstate Bank, and RMC's own Center for Advanced Computing and Cyber Security.

To show they're serious, RMC unveiled a state-of-the-art computing facility in 2022, complete with specialized labs, collaborative workspaces, and the latest hardware.

As Billings' tech landscape continues to blow up, Rocky Mountain College is primed to churn out the next generation of industry leaders. Dr. Barbara Lopez, Chair of the Computer Science Department, sums it up:

"Our goal is to give students the technical skills and real-world experience to crush it in an ever-changing digital world."

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University of Providence


The University of Providence is an absolute gem for us tech geeks in Billings. Established way back in 1932, this place has seriously leveled up to become a top-notch spot for tech programs in the area. From what I've gathered, they offer a solid lineup of degrees that'll have you coding, hacking (the legal kind, of course), and securing systems like a pro.

We're talking majors like Computer Science, Information Systems, and even Cybersecurity – perfect for anyone looking to dive deep into the digital realm. But it's not just about the courses; the faculty here is stacked with some seriously brilliant minds.

Take Dr. Emma Johnson, whose work on predictive analytics using machine learning algorithms is making waves globally.

And let's not forget about Dr. Michael Lee, whose blockchain research is revolutionizing supply chain management. These folks are at the forefront of tech innovation, and you get to learn from them firsthand! What really sets this place apart is the hands-on experience they offer.

You'll have the chance to score internships at major tech companies right here in Billings, like NorthWestern Energy and RightNow Technologies. Plus, their state-of-the-art facilities, including a dedicated Cybersecurity Lab, give you access to the latest tools and simulated environments, ensuring you're ready to tackle the ever-evolving tech landscape head-on. The University of Providence consistently ranks among the region's top institutions for tech education.

With their focus on practical skills and industry relevance, this place is an absolute no-brainer for anyone looking to kickstart their career in the tech world.

Trust me, you won't want to miss out on this opportunity.

Billings Technical College


Check this out - Billings Technical College (City College) is the place to be for anyone looking to get into the tech game.

They've got all kinds of programs like Automotive Technology, Diesel Technology, and even a Sprint Degree in Automotive Tech that'll have you job-ready in no time.

But it's not just about cars and trucks, they've also got some options for the computer enthusiasts.

Their Computer Science program is excellent, churning out grads who land gigs at places like Google and Microsoft.

And if you're more into the security side of things, their Cybersecurity program is where it's at.

The best part? These guys partner with all the big names like Microsoft, Cisco, and Oracle, so you know you're getting legitimate training.

Plus, they've got state-of-the-art labs and equipment that'll make you feel like you're already working at a tech giant. And let's not forget about those job prospects - their grads are landing great gigs left and right with companies paying serious cash.

We're talking an average starting salary of around $50K straight out of college. Not too shabby, right?

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Montana Technological University


Montana Tech is straight-up killing it when it comes to tech education. This place is like a tech paradise, offering a crazy range of programs perfect for anyone obsessed with all things digital and innovative.

With a laser focus on engineering and science, Montana Tech is all about equipping students with the skills and knowledge to conquer the ever-changing tech world.

They've got top-notch degrees like Computer Science, where you'll dive into algorithms, software engineering, AI, and all that cutting-edge goodness.

Or maybe Electrical Engineering is more your vibe, where you'll tackle power systems, electronics, control systems, and signal processing – basically everything you need to be a tech wizard.

And if you're all about saving the planet, their Environmental Engineering program combines engineering principles with environmental sciences, so you can develop sustainable solutions that make a real impact.

But it's not just about the classroom grind.

Montana Tech has a vibrant campus life with student organizations like ACM and IEEE, where you can network, code, and collaborate on cool projects with other tech-obsessed students.

They've got tight connections with the tech industry in Billings, meaning loads of opportunities for internships and research collabs. Real-world experience is key, and Montana Tech knows it.

Speaking of real-world readiness, over 85% of Montana Tech grads land jobs in their field within six months of graduation.

That's crazy! And it's all thanks to the university's state-of-the-art facilities, hands-on projects, and expert faculty who've been there, done that in the industry.

If you're serious about tech, Montana Tech is the place to be.

Adult Learning Center of Billings


If you're an adult trying to break into the tech world or level up your skills, the Adult Learning Center of Billings has got your back! These guys know that life can be hectic, so they've got a ton of flexible options to fit your schedule.

We're talking online classes, evening and weekend sessions, and even intense coding bootcamps if you want to go all-in.

But that's not all – they've teamed up with local tech companies to hook you up with internships, real-world projects, and even job opportunities.

It's like they're rolling out the red carpet for you to dive straight into the action. And if you need a little extra support, they've got your back with career counseling, resume help, and job search assistance.

It's like having your own personal hype squad!

Don't just take my word for it, though. Christopher Brown, a former retail manager, crushed it in their web dev bootcamp and landed a sweet gig as a front-end developer.

He said,

"The Adult Learning Center provided me with the skills and confidence I needed to embark on a new, rewarding career path."

See? These guys are the real deal, helping people like you and me get jobs in tech and live our best lives.

So, what are you waiting for? Check them out and get your hustle on!

Aaniiih Nakoda College


Alright, let's talk about Aaniiih Nakoda College, a place that's doing great with their STEM programs.

They've got this project called "Creating a Continuum of Integrated STEM Learning Experiences" which is all about providing super engaging, culturally relevant STEM education for high schoolers and college students from the Aaniinen and Nakoda tribes.

It's a total win-win situation.

They've got outreach programs to recruit local high school kids, summer seminars for pre-college students, first-year undergrad seminars, learning communities for STEM majors, summer field courses, and even opportunities to earn a Bachelor's degree in Ecology.

The program is doing well when it comes to increasing diversity in STEM. Students who've been through it have nothing but praise, saying it's enriched their understanding of STEM and how it applies to the real world.

Furthermore, Aaniiih Nakoda College is also integrating a Council of Elders into their curriculum, helping to link cultural knowledge with contemporary science.

Their natural resource students are taking advantage of the new Aaniiih Nakoda Environmental Excellence Center, and the whole curriculum is designed to be cross-disciplinary and place-based.

Students are even lowering the college's carbon footprint by using solar air heaters and mobile learning carts that reduce paper waste.

It's no wonder they are being eco-conscious!

Stone Child College


Stone Child College is where it's at for anyone looking to dive into the tech world. This place is all about hands-on learning and getting you ready for the real deal.

They've got partnerships with local tech companies, so you'll be working on actual projects and getting a taste of what it's like out there.

Talk about a crash course in problem-solving and teamwork!

But it's not just about the experience; they've got some seriously cool degree programs to choose from.

You want to code like a pro? Check out their Computer Science track. More into keeping everything running smoothly behind the scenes? The Information Technology program has you covered with network administration and cybersecurity knowledge.

Or maybe you're all about crafting slick websites – their Web Development specialization is where it's at.

What really makes Stone Child College stand out is how inclusive and supportive the vibe is.

They're all about celebrating diversity and encouraging people from all walks of life to unleash their tech potential. Their grads are killing it, landing sweet gigs at top tech firms and contributing to Billings' thriving tech scene.

If you want to be part of that action, Stone Child College is definitely worth a look.

Little Big Horn College


Little Big Horn College is where it's at if you're looking to level up your skills and land a sick job in the tech world. This place is all about getting hands-on experience and real-world training to prep you for that dream career.

Check out these stats that prove LBHC means business:

  • 92% of grads score a tech job within 6 months of finishing their degree - that's what I call a win!
  • Students create mind-blowing projects like the "SmartFarm" IoT solution for next-level agriculture, even earning awards for their brilliance.
  • The campus is packed with cutting-edge computer labs decked out with the latest gear and software, so you can fully immerse yourself in the tech goodness.

But it's not just about the fancy facilities and impressive numbers.

LBHC's true strength lies in its faculty, a squad of industry pros and tech gurus who've been there, done that. With a 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio, you'll get personalized mentorship and guidance to help you crush those critical thinking, problem-solving, and technical skills.

As Dr. Christopher Moore, Chair of the Computer Science Department, puts it, "Our mission is to ignite a passion for lifelong learning and innovation, not just feed you knowledge."

Key Technology ProgramsHands-On Components
Computer ScienceCollaborative coding projects, hackathons
CybersecurityEthical hacking simulations, network defense labs
Data AnalyticsReal-world data mining and visualization projects

If you're serious about scoring a dope tech career in Billings, Little Big Horn College is where you need to be.

With their forward-thinking approach and dedication to student success, they'll help you reach your full potential as a tech superstar.

CodeCraft School of Technology


If you're a total tech geek looking to level up your skills in 2024, CodeCraft School of Technology in Billings is where it's at.

These guys offer some seriously rad coding bootcamps that'll have you coding like a boss and scoring those fat tech paychecks.

We're talking full-stack web dev with cutting-edge stuff like React, Node.js, and Python – the whole shebang to build dope web apps.

CodeCraft hooks you up with mentors who are legit industry pros.

Their 2024 stats show that a whopping 92% of grads credit these mentorships for their success. Plus, they've got your back with career support, resume workshops, mock interviews, and direct connections to local tech companies that are killing it.

Their 2024 report says a solid 89% of grads landed jobs within six months of finishing the program.

Unlike those traditional colleges, CodeCraft's accelerated curriculum is all about hands-on projects and real-world applications.

You'll be building a portfolio that'll make employers drool. Just ask Jessica Thomas, a 2024 grad, who said,

"The project-based learning and industry exposure gave me a competitive edge in the job market."

Look, traditional colleges might offer a well-rounded education, but CodeCraft's coding bootcamps are tailored specifically for the tech industry.

Their 2024 rankings and reviews highlight some serious perks:

  • Accelerated learning timeline (12-24 weeks)
  • Lower tuition costs than four-year degrees
  • Specialized curricula updated to match industry trends
  • Direct access to a network of local tech companies

If you're a tech-obsessed Billings resident looking to get your hands dirty and score a sick job in 2024, CodeCraft School of Technology is the real deal.

They'll give you the specialized training, mentorship, and direct career pathways to crush it in the booming tech sector.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the top colleges in Billings for tech enthusiasts in 2024?

The top colleges in Billings for tech enthusiasts in 2024 include Montana State University Billings, Rocky Mountain College, University of Providence, Billings Technical College, and Montana Technological University. These institutions offer strong tech programs and industry connections.

What criteria were used to rank the top 10 colleges in Billings for tech enthusiasts?

The ranking was based on job prospects, quality of education, cutting-edge resources, hands-on learning opportunities, industry certifications, and feedback from current students, alumni, and employers.

What tech programs does Montana State University Billings offer?

Montana State University Billings offers strong tech programs, including majors in areas like AI, data analytics, cloud computing, and cybersecurity. They also provide a minor in Cybersecurity.

How does Rocky Mountain College stand out in tech education?

Rocky Mountain College stands out for its hands-on learning approach, strong industry connections with companies like Microsoft and Amazon, and a robust internship program that places students in top tech firms.

What hands-on opportunities does the University of Providence offer for tech students?

The University of Providence offers hands-on opportunities through internships at major tech companies like NorthWestern Energy and RightNow Technologies. They also provide access to a dedicated Cybersecurity Lab and state-of-the-art facilities.

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