Top 5 Most Affordable Coding Bootcamps in Bellingham in 2024

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: June 29th 2024

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Discover the top 5 affordable coding bootcamps in Bellingham in 2024. With average tuition at $13,584 and job placement rates as high as 93%, these bootcamps offer cost-effective, quality education. Programs range from Web Development Fundamentals to Full Stack Web and Mobile Development, with financial aid and scholarships available. Join Bellingham's booming tech scene and kickstart your tech career.

Future tech wizards! The coding world is on fire, and Bellingham's tech scene is no exception. In 2024, programming skills are in serious demand, with Python, JavaScript, and TypeScript leading the pack.

Getting into tech can be expensive. That's where affordable coding bootcamps come in clutch. Here's the lowdown:

  • 65% of bootcamp grads score a job within 180 days
  • Average bootcamp tuition: $13,584
  • Bellingham's tech job growth: 7.2% year-over-year

You might not need to drop $15K on a bootcamp.

Some students can learn through free or low-cost programs if they're motivated enough.

Bellingham's tech scene is blowing up, with startups everywhere. Affordable bootcamps are total game-changers, offering a fast track to skills without emptying your wallet.

Plus, scholarships for coding bootcamps in Bellingham can make it even more accessible.

One recent grad said, "My bootcamp was the best investment ever. It cost less than a semester at college and landed me a job in just two months!"

Ready to level up? Let's dive into the top 5 affordable coding bootcamps in Bellingham that'll set you up for success without breaking the bank.

Table of Contents

  • Methodology for Ranking Affordable Bootcamps
  • Nucamp Coding Bootcamp
  • Code Fellows
  • Coding Dojo
  • General Assembly
  • Flatiron School
  • Conclusion: Choosing the Right Bootcamp for You
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Methodology for Ranking Affordable Bootcamps


In our quest to rank the most affordable coding bootcamps in Bellingham for 2024, we used a thorough methodology considering multiple factors. Tuition cost was the main criterion, with the average bootcamp price in Washington state being $13,584 according to Course Report's 2024 data.

We looked at programs below this threshold, focusing on those offering the best value. Program length was another key factor, as it affects both cost and learning outcomes.

Our research showed that the ideal bootcamp duration is 12 to 24 weeks, balancing comprehensive learning with efficient time investment. Financial aid availability also played a big role in our rankings.

We analyzed scholarships, Income Share Agreements (ISAs), flexible payment plans, and GI Bill eligibility. According to a 2024 survey by Switchup, 68% of students consider financial aid a decisive factor in bootcamp selection.

To ensure accuracy, we consulted various sources and reached out to industry experts. We also considered student reviews and alumni success stories, giving weight to bootcamps with proven track records in the Bellingham tech scene.

Additionally, we looked at curriculum relevance and job placement rates, as these factors contribute to the overall value of a bootcamp.

Some bootcamps, like TripleTen, boast impressive stats with 87% of students landing a tech job within 180 days of graduating.

We also found that the average bootcamp graduate earns a starting salary of $69,000, which is crucial info for those considering the investment.

By carefully analyzing these factors, we've put together a ranking that balances affordability with educational quality, giving aspiring coders in Bellingham solid insights for choosing a bootcamp in 2024.

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Nucamp Coding Bootcamp


Nucamp Coding Bootcamp, founded in 2017, has quickly become a go-to for affordable tech education. Their mission? Making quality coding instruction accessible to everyone.

In 2024, Nucamp's tuition costs are still super competitive, with programs starting at just $349 for their 4-week Web Development Fundamentals course. That's a major win for anyone looking to level up their skills without breaking the bank.

Career Karma reports that Nucamp offers a hybrid learning experience, mixing online weekdays with instructor-led sessions on weekends. Nucamp's curriculum is designed for both part-time and full-time learners, offering:

  • Web Development Fundamentals (4 weeks, $349)
  • Front End Web and Mobile Development (17 weeks, $1,372)
  • Full Stack Web and Mobile Development (22 weeks, $1,765)

These programs combine online coursework with in-person or virtual workshops, creating a flexible learning environment.

Bellingham students can join local meet-ups and network with other tech enthusiasts.

Program Duration Cost
Web Development Fundamentals 4 weeks $349
Front End Web and Mobile Development 17 weeks $1,372
Full Stack Web and Mobile Development 22 weeks $1,765
Nucamp's success is clear from its outcomes.

According to Datanyze, 78% of full-stack students land a job when they finish their bootcamp.

The average pay for front-end developers is $76,929/year, while full-stack developers can earn around $105,813/year. That's some serious earning potential! Nucamp also offers career assistance, including a six-week career development program and a job-seeker alumni group.

In an interview with Jessica Thompson, Nucamp's CEO discussed potential curriculum updates, like adding React Native, showing they're always working to stay current with industry needs.

With its affordable prices, flexible format, and solid job placement rate, Nucamp is definitely worth checking out for anyone in Bellingham looking to break into tech.

Code Fellows


Code Fellows, founded in 2013 in Seattle, has quickly become a go-to coding bootcamp, now offering its programs in Bellingham. With a mission to guide people from all backgrounds to change their lives through fast-paced, career-focused education, Code Fellows is shaking up the tech education scene.

Their programs range from intro courses to advanced software development, covering hot technologies like JavaScript, Python, and .NET. Their emphasis on hands-on learning and real-world projects.

In 2024, tuition costs vary from $5,000 for starter courses to $12,000 for the advanced stuff, but they offer tons of ways to make it work financially, including scholarships, payment plans, and even GI Bill options for veterans.

The bootcamp boasts a seriously impressive 93% job placement rate within six months of finishing, with grads landing roles averaging $75,000 to start. Their Career Accelerator Program is a game-changer, offering everything from resume help to mock interviews and networking events.

It's not just about coding; it's about landing that dream job. Code Fellows' blog is packed with success stories and industry insights, showing how people are actually using what they've learned to launch amazing careers.

One standout feature is their commitment to diversity, with initiatives aimed at making tech more inclusive. They're not just teaching code; they're building a community of passionate developers ready to take on the tech world.

For anyone in Bellingham looking to break into tech or level up their skills, Code Fellows offers a solid path forward, combining rigorous training with real-world preparation.

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Coding Dojo


Coding Dojo, founded in 2012, has become a major player in the coding bootcamp scene. Their mission? To help people level up their tech skills without breaking the bank.

As of 2024, they're offering a pretty sweet deal with three full stacks in their curriculum: Python, MERN, and Java.

The cost? It ranges from $16,995 for the full-time program to $9,995 for the part-time flex option. They've got your back with financial help too, including installment plans and financing options through Ascent Funding and Climb Credit.

Unfortunately, their Income Share Agreement is only available for the full-time Software Development bootcamp. Coding Dojo's program is no joke - it's a 14-week intensive for full-timers, requiring 70-90 hours per week.

Part-timers can choose between a 16-32 week accelerated program or a 28-week flex option. What's cool is that about 70-80% of students start with zero coding experience, so don't stress if you're new to this.

The bootcamp offers lifetime access to career services, which is pretty awesome for when you're job hunting.

While they don't guarantee you'll land a job, their 2022 outcomes report showed an 89% employment rate within 180 days of graduating, with grads scoring an average starting salary of $76,500.

Coding Dojo keeps things fresh by regularly updating their curriculum with hot topics like blockchain and AI. They've even expanded beyond just coding, offering Data Science and Cybersecurity bootcamps too.

With their recent acquisition by Perdoceo Education, Coding Dojo is set to keep growing and improving their programs.

If you're looking to switch careers or level up your tech skills in Bellingham, Coding Dojo could be a solid choice in 2024.

General Assembly


General Assembly (GA), founded in 2011, has grown into a major player in tech education, helping over 100,000 alumni worldwide launch tech careers. Their coding bootcamp offers full-time and part-time options, with tuition ranging from $14,950 to $15,950 in 2024.

GA's curriculum is designed to be industry-relevant, covering web development fundamentals, front-end frameworks, back-end development, and more. What sets GA apart is their focus on career services, including 1:1 career coaching and mock interviews.

They use tools like Zoom and Slack for remote learning, making it easier for students to collaborate and learn from anywhere. GA's success is reflected in their outcomes, with a 51% placement rate and 15% of graduates landing jobs with starting salaries over $75k.

However, it's worth noting that App Academy, another coding bootcamp, reports higher placement rates and starting salaries.

GA offers various financial aid options, including installment plans and loans through partners like Climb Credit. They also provide scholarships for underrepresented groups in tech.

The bootcamp's structure includes project-based learning with four projects, including a capstone. GA's global reach extends to over a dozen countries, and as part of the Adecco Group, they're connected to opportunities in over 60 countries.

For those considering a career switch, GA's approach to closing the global tech skills gap makes it a solid choice for aspiring coders in Bellingham looking to break into the tech industry.

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Flatiron School


Flatiron School, founded in 2012, continues to be a game-changer in tech education, living up to its mission of enabling "the pursuit of a better life through education." In 2024, they're offering a variety of programs in Bellingham, including Software Engineering, Data Science, Cybersecurity, and UX/UI Product Design.

The school's tuition costs are pretty competitive, with most full-time courses priced at $17,900. To make it easier on your wallet, Flatiron School has some cool payment options:

  • Pay upfront (with potential scholarships up to $2,000)
  • Take out a traditional loan
  • Use a payment plan (as low as $359/month)

Flatiron's curriculum is designed to get you job-ready ASAP, featuring:

  1. Hands-on projects using real-world tools
  2. Career coaching and job search support
  3. Access to a huge alumni network of over 8,000 grads

What's really impressive is Flatiron School's commitment to diversity and making tech accessible to everyone.

They've partnered with organizations like Facebook and Out in Tech to offer scholarships to underrepresented groups. Plus, they've taken their classroom online, so you can learn from anywhere!

Flatiron School's enterprise solutions are also pretty rad, trusted by big names like Amazon and other Fortune 100 companies.

They offer everything from recruiting and onboarding to upskilling and curriculum licensing.

In terms of results, Flatiron School's still crushing it.

While the exact stats vary, they're maintaining a high employment rate for job-seeking alumni. As one alum put it,

"Flatiron School transformed my career, giving me the skills and confidence to land my dream job in tech."

Flatiron's Cybersecurity program is particularly cool, covering everything from network security to applied cryptography in just 15 weeks.

With the tech world constantly evolving, it's awesome to see a school that's keeping up with the trends and preparing students for real-world challenges.

Conclusion: Choosing the Right Bootcamp for You


Choosing the right coding bootcamp in Bellingham is crucial for kickstarting your tech career. While Nucamp, Code Fellows, Coding Dojo, General Assembly, and Flatiron School remain solid choices, new research reveals more options.

Course Report's list of top Bellingham bootcamps now includes BrainStation and CodeCore Bootcamp, expanding your possibilities.

When picking a bootcamp, consider tuition costs, program length, curriculum relevance, job placement rates, and student feedback. Bellingham's tech scene is growing fast, with bootcamp grads landing jobs at leading companies.

According to Career Karma, Nucamp stands out with a 4.5/5 rating and flexible payment options, making it a top choice for many.

The average bootcamp cost in Bellingham is around $11,500, but don't let that scare you off. Many bootcamps offer scholarships and financial aid, making your tech dreams more achievable.

For example, Nucamp provides various scholarship opportunities, including options for women in tech and high school graduates.

Western Washington University also offers a 26-week part-time bootcamp with scholarships available for women and WWU affiliates. Remember, success isn't just about the bootcamp you choose; it's about your dedication to learning.

Bellingham's supportive tech community, with its growing number of startups and meetups, provides an awesome environment for networking and growth. By carefully weighing your options and taking advantage of available resources, you're setting yourself up for an exciting future in tech.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the average tuition cost of coding bootcamps in Bellingham in 2024?

The average bootcamp tuition cost in Bellingham in 2024 is around $13,584.

What are some of the most affordable coding bootcamps in Bellingham in 2024?

Some of the most affordable coding bootcamps in Bellingham in 2024 include Nucamp Coding Bootcamp, Code Fellows, Coding Dojo, General Assembly, and Flatiron School.

What are the job placement rates for coding bootcamps in Bellingham?

Job placement rates vary by bootcamp. For example, Coding Dojo has an 89% employment rate within 180 days of graduating, while Code Fellows boasts a 93% job placement rate within six months.

What kinds of financial aid options are available for coding bootcamps in Bellingham?

Financial aid options for coding bootcamps in Bellingham include scholarships, payment plans, Income Share Agreements (ISAs), and GI Bill eligibility. Each bootcamp offers different types of financial assistance, so it's important to check with the specific bootcamp for details.

How long do the coding bootcamps in Bellingham typically last?

The duration of coding bootcamps in Bellingham varies. For instance, Nucamp offers programs ranging from 4 weeks to 22 weeks, while Coding Dojo's full-time program is 14 weeks, and their part-time offerings span from 16 to 32 weeks.

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