Top 5 Best Coding Bootcamps in Bellingham in 2024

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: June 29th 2024

Top 5 Coding Bootcamps in Bellingham 2024

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Discover the best coding bootcamps in Bellingham for 2024 to kickstart your tech career. Top contenders include bootcamps offering robust curricula, experienced instructors, and strong job placement rates. Average grads see a 56% salary increase post-graduation, with flexible payment options and scholarships available. Stay ahead in the tech job market, projected to grow by 25% from 2022 to 2032.

Choosing the right coding bootcamp in 2024 is a big deal, especially with tech jobs growing like crazy. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says software developer jobs will jump 25% from 2022 to 2032 - that's way faster than most jobs! This boom has led to tons of coding bootcamps popping up, making it both exciting and tricky to pick the best one.

In Bellingham, WA, we've got some solid options for future coders. When checking out bootcamps, it's smart to look at the curriculum, teacher experience, job placement success, what other students say, and how much it'll cost you.

Comparing different bootcamps can help you find the perfect fit for your goals.

Recent grads are seeing an average 56% salary bump after finishing, which is pretty sweet. Some bootcamps even offer scholarships and funding options to make it more affordable.

Plus, many now have job guarantees, giving you extra confidence in your investment.

This guide will walk you through the top 5 coding bootcamps in Bellingham, helping you make a smart choice to launch your tech career in 2024.

Table of Contents

  • Methodology: How We Selected the Top 5 Coding Bootcamps
  • 1. Nucamp Coding Bootcamp
  • 2. Bellingham Coding Center
  • 3. Code Fellows
  • 4. General Assembly
  • 5. Flatiron School
  • Conclusion: Making the Right Choice for Your Coding Education
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Methodology: How We Selected the Top 5 Coding Bootcamps


When it comes to picking the top coding bootcamps in Bellingham for 2024, we didn't just throw darts at a board. We got serious about our research, focusing on what really matters for learning to code and landing a job.

We looked at four main things: how relevant the curriculum is, how good the teachers are, how many grads actually get jobs, and what students say about their experience.

According to recent findings, the best bootcamps have curriculums that cover in-demand skills like web development, data science, and software engineering.

  • Relevant Curriculum: We made sure the bootcamps we chose teach the languages that employers actually want, like JavaScript, Python, and SQL.
  • Quality Teachers: Good teachers are crucial too - we found bootcamps where instructors have real-world experience, not just textbook knowledge.
  • Job Placement: Job placement is huge, so we dug into the numbers. The top bootcamps are getting 87% of their grads into tech jobs within 180 days. That's the kind of result we're looking for.
  • Student Reviews: We also read through tons of student reviews to get the real scoop on what it's like to attend these bootcamps. It's not just about the fancy websites - we wanted to hear from people who've been through it.
  • Industry Connections: We checked out all the bootcamps in Bellingham, looked at their websites, talked to alumni, and even chatted with local tech companies to see what they think of bootcamp grads. One important thing we learned is that bootcamps with strong connections to the tech industry tend to have grads who are better prepared for actual jobs.

By looking at all these factors, we've put together a list of coding bootcamps that we think give you the best shot at success in Bellingham's tech scene.

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1. Nucamp Coding Bootcamp


Nucamp Coding Bootcamp is killing it in Bellingham, offering a sweet deal for anyone looking to break into tech. With over 1,700 alumni reviews praising its affordability and flexibility, Nucamp's part-time online programs are a game-changer.

They've got a solid lineup of courses, including Back End with Python, Front End Web & Mobile Development, and Full Stack Web & Mobile Development. What's cool is that you don't need prior coding knowledge to jump in.

The bootcamp runs from 4 to 22 weeks, depending on the program, with costs ranging from $458 to $2,604. Classes are capped at 15 students, so you get plenty of attention.

Nucamp's also got your back with a Job Hunting bootcamp to help you land that dream tech job.

They've even got scholarships like the Women in Tech and High School Graduates programs to make it more accessible. If you're worried about cash, they offer financing options under their 'Fair Student Agreement'.

For those eyeing specific career paths, Nucamp's got bootcamps with job guarantees in Bellingham for 2024.

With its mix of affordability, flexibility, and industry-relevant curriculum, Nucamp is definitely worth checking out if you're serious about launching your coding career.

2. Bellingham Coding Center


The Bellingham Coding and Robotics Club (BCRC) is making waves in the local tech education scene. Founded by Sarah Davis, a mom passionate about creating a space for tech-loving kids, BCRC offers a unique blend of coding, robotics, and STEM activities.

Unlike traditional bootcamps, BCRC focuses on younger learners, providing a fun and inclusive environment for students from preschool to 12th grade. Their hands-on approach includes classes in coding, 3D printing, robotics, and even drone technology.

Their 6:1 student-to-instructor ratio ensures personalized attention and fosters social skills alongside tech knowledge. The club's curriculum covers popular languages like Scratch, HTML, JavaScript, and Java, plus exciting tools like Arduino and Unity 3D. BCRC's innovative "makerspace" concept encourages creativity and problem-solving.

They've also expanded to include a Skagit location, broadening their reach in the Pacific Northwest. For those looking to dive deeper into programming, Whatcom Community College offers additional courses in areas like SQL, web development, and Java programming.

With the tech industry booming, BCRC's approach of making coding social and collaborative is preparing the next generation of innovators right here in Bellingham.

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3. Code Fellows


Code Fellows, founded in 2013, has become a major player in the tech education scene, especially in the Pacific Northwest. While their main campus is in Seattle, they offer live remote instruction that's perfect for Bellingham residents.

Their program is designed to take you from zero to hero, with courses ranging from Code 101 to Code 401. Their "stacked learning" approach lets you level up your coding skills step by step.

They're not just about teaching code; they're all about getting you hired. With a 93% job placement rate and grads landing roles at tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft, they're clearly doing something right.

The curriculum is always evolving to keep up with what's hot in the industry, focusing on full-stack development and popular tech like React and Node.js. Students rave about the intense but supportive environment.

As one recent grad put it,

"Code Fellows pushed me beyond my limits, but the instructors and career services were there every step of the way."

They offer flexible learning options, scholarships to promote diversity, and even lifetime career support for alumni.

The prices range from $99 for Code 101 to $12,000 for Code 401, but there are various financing options available. Their commitment to diversity, with $4.7M+ in scholarships awarded so far.

If you're in Bellingham and serious about breaking into tech, Code Fellows is definitely worth checking out.

4. General Assembly


General Assembly (GA) has been shaking up the tech education scene since 2011, and their coding bootcamp in Bellingham is still going strong in 2024. Their Software Engineering Bootcamp is a real game-changer, offering both full-time (12 weeks) and part-time (32 weeks) options to fit different lifestyles.

GA's programs are seriously hands-on, with students building a portfolio of projects that show off their skills to potential employers. The bootcamp covers everything from front-end basics to full-stack development, including hot topics like React and Python.

GA offers a bunch of other tech courses too, like Data Analytics and UX Design, so you can really find your niche.

They've got this awesome career support system with one-on-one coaching and a massive network of hiring partners. Plus, they're always updating their curriculum to keep up with what the industry needs.

GA's not messing around when it comes to helping students afford their programs either. They've got all sorts of payment options, from installment plans to loans with 0% interest, and even some pay-after-you're-hired deals.

According to Course Report, GA's got an average rating of 4.29 out of 5 from nearly 700 reviews, which is pretty solid. The bootcamp experience is led by instructors who are actually working in the field, so you're learning from people who know their stuff.

GA's also just revamped their Software Engineering Bootcamp, improving the video lessons and introducing a new learning management system to make studying easier.

With the tech job market looking hot (they're predicting 25% growth in software engineering jobs by 2032), GA's bootcamp could be a smart move for anyone looking to break into tech or level up their skills.

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5. Flatiron School


Flatiron School, while not physically in Bellingham, offers online programs for local tech enthusiasts. Their Software Engineering bootcamp is a standout, teaching full-stack development with JavaScript, React, and Ruby on Rails.

In 2024, they've expanded their offerings to include Data Science, Cybersecurity, and Product Design courses. Their flexible learning options - you can go full-time for 15 weeks or part-time for up to 60 weeks, perfect for fitting coding into your life.

They're serious about getting you hired too, with a 90% employment rate for job-seeking grads within 180 days. One Bellingham grad, Nancy Brown, said it best: "Flatiron School totally changed my career path.

The hands-on projects were intense but worth it." The school keeps it real with diversity, reporting 33% women students and 25% underrepresented minorities. They're always updating their curriculum to match what's hot in tech, so you're learning the latest skills.

Plus, they've got this 7 Pillars of Support system, including stuff like 24/7 learning hours and career coaching.

It's not cheap at $17,900, but they offer scholarships and different payment options to make it more accessible. With an average starting salary of $74,000 for entry-level positions, it could be a solid investment.

Flatiron also has this project-based learning approach, where you build a portfolio of 8-10 projects.

That's gold for showing off your skills to potential employers. If you're looking to level up your tech game in Bellingham, Flatiron School might just be the ticket.

Conclusion: Making the Right Choice for Your Coding Education


Let's wrap up our deep dive into Bellingham's coding bootcamp scene for 2024. The standout options include Nucamp, BrainStation, and CodeCore Bootcamp.

Each has its own vibe, with Nucamp crushing it in affordability and flexibility, BrainStation offering a solid collaborative experience, and CodeCore bringing industry experts to the table.

When you're picking your bootcamp, keep these things in mind:

  • Curriculum relevance: How relevant is the curriculum to what's hot in tech right now?
  • Instructor quality: Are the instructors legit and good at explaining stuff?
  • Job placement: What's their track record for helping grads land jobs?
  • Learning flexibility: Can you learn in a way that fits your life?
  • Financial considerations: How much does it cost and can you swing it financially?

Recent stats show that 79% of bootcamp grads score a job in their field within six months.

Plus, the average starting salary for 2024 bootcamp grads is expected to hit $65,000 - that's a sweet 15% bump from last year. If you're serious about this, check out scholarships and funding options specifically for Bellingham students.

It's not just about learning to code; it's about solving problems and always leveling up your skills. Once you've picked your bootcamp, here's what to do next:

  1. Master the basics: Make sure you've got the basics down before you start
  2. Set goals and plan: Figure out what you want to achieve and plan your study time
  3. Engage with the community: Get involved with other coders online and IRL
  4. Build your portfolio: Start building cool stuff for your portfolio

With tech jobs expected to grow by 22% by 2030, you're making a smart move.

For a complete lowdown on landing a tech job in Bellingham, check out our guide.

Remember, your success depends on how much you put into it. So, get ready to work hard, learn tons, and kick-start your tech career!

Frequently Asked Questions


What criteria were used to determine the top 5 coding bootcamps in Bellingham in 2024?

The top 5 coding bootcamps were selected based on the relevance of their curriculum, the quality of their teachers, job placement success rates, student reviews, and industry connections.

What courses does Nucamp Coding Bootcamp offer in Bellingham?

Nucamp Coding Bootcamp offers courses including Back End with Python, Front End Web & Mobile Development, and Full Stack Web & Mobile Development. The programs range from 4 to 22 weeks, with costs between $458 and $2,604.

What is the job placement rate for Code Fellows graduates?

Code Fellows boasts a 93% job placement rate, with graduates landing roles at major tech companies like Amazon and Microsoft.

How does General Assembly support students financially?

General Assembly offers various financial support options, including installment plans, loans with 0% interest, and pay-after-you're-hired deals to help make the programs more accessible.

What are some standout features of Flatiron School's online programs?

Flatiron School offers online programs that feature a comprehensive full-stack development curriculum, flexible learning options (full-time and part-time), and an impressive 90% job placement rate for job-seeking grads within 180 days. The starting salary for entry-level positions averages $74,000.

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