Discover the Top 10 Tech Companies to Work for in Baltimore in 2024

By Ludo Fourrage

Last Updated: April 9th 2024

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Baltimore's tech industry is booming with 52,000 jobs and a $4.2 billion market by 2030. Discover the top 10 tech employers like MindGrub, Fearless, and Planit with robust financial health, diversity, and competitive benefits fostering inclusive workplaces for tech enthusiasts in Baltimore.

Baltimore's killin' it in the tech game! The city's been recognized as a legit federal tech hub, and it's about to get real.

With AI and biotech leading the charge, we're talking 52,000 new jobs and a $4.2 billion market by 2030.

That's some serious cash!

Baltimore's got the perfect setup for this tech revolution – top-notch schools, cutting-edge healthcare facilities, and a community that's all about that grind.

This article is your go-to guide if you're looking to snag one of those sweet tech gigs, especially the ones highlighted in Nucamp's analysis of in-demand jobs.

We've handpicked the top 10 tech employers in Baltimore.

These companies are killing it – solid finances, dope work culture, diversity, and benefits that'll make your head spin. They're at the forefront of Baltimore's tech rise, and they're creating workplaces that'll make you feel right at home, whether you're a seasoned vet or a fresh-faced newbie.

This intro's just the tip of the iceberg.

We're about to dive deep into these companies, giving you the inside scoop on what it takes to land that dream job. Get ready to make some serious career moves!

Table of Contents

  • Research Methodology
  • 1. MindGrub Technologies
  • 2. Fearless
  • 3. Planit
  • 4. Catalyte
  • 5. ZeroFOX
  • 6. Protenus
  • 7. Asymmetrik
  • 8. SparkPost
  • 9. BTS Software Solutions
  • 10. Groove Commerce
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Research Methodology


When we were ranking the Top 10 Tech Companies to Work for in Baltimore in 2024, we had to keep it real.

We didn't just wing it, we did some serious homework. We checked out market studies and university employment data, and even hit up current employees for the inside scoop.

Here's what we looked at:

  • Financial Health: Have to make sure these companies are doing well. We looked at their annual revenue, growth rates, and market presence using financial databases, research reports, and company rankings as recent as January 2024.
  • Employee Reviews: We checked out reviews on major career sites to see how satisfied employees really are. Over 20 reviews per company gave us the information on job satisfaction and company culture.
  • Diversity and Culture: Diversity is important, so we used diversity indexes and cultural ratings from industry surveys and benchmarks. We also looked at the variety of tech specializations and team compositions.
  • Benefits: Perks like remote work options and health care services are a must these days. We analyzed the offerings to see which companies are taking care of their employees' contemporary needs.

After all that research, MindGrub Technologies came out on top with some serious growth potential.

Fearless had employees praising it with consistent high ratings. Asymmetrik was excelling with their diversity efforts, and ZeroFOX ranked high for their great benefits like cybersecurity protections.

Local schools like UMBC are also fostering fresh talent, keeping the tech scene in Baltimore vibrant.

"Choosing where to work in tech isn't just about the money," says Nancy Jones, "it's about finding a place where you can really excel, professionally and personally."

We were thorough with this ranking, showing our commitment to providing you with the facts.

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1. MindGrub Technologies


MindGrub Technologies is the brainchild of this visionary dude named Todd Marks, and they're doing some dope stuff in the Baltimore tech scene. It all started in Marks' basement, but now they're a legit digital experiences agency with their headquarters in the freaking metaverse.

They do everything from web and mobile app development to digital marketing and cybersecurity, and their clients are no joke – we're talking about the Air Force Research Laboratory and the US Navy.

  • Healthcare: They got your back with some competitive healthcare coverage to keep you healthy.
  • Flexibility: Remote work is a thing, and they even have a virtual reality holodeck for you to work from.
  • Financial Incentives: They got a profit-sharing plan, so you get a piece of the pie when the company's doing well.
  • Continuing Education: Opportunities for professional development to level up your career.
  • Innovative Environment: Their office is straight out of the future with robotics labs and lounges, proving they're leading the tech game.

MindGrub is all about keeping their employees happy, and it shows – they've been named a 'Best Place to Work' by the Baltimore Business Journal.

Todd Marks has this philosophy about letting employees get involved and be creative, so they have regular idea sessions and hackathons to keep the innovation flowing.

Over 90% of their crew said they're super engaged in their projects, which means they're loving what they do.

Todd Marks is a boss who knows how to nurture talent, and that vibe runs through the whole company.

MindGrub's collective spirit is what keeps them at the top of the Baltimore tech scene. With a culture that combines innovation with taking care of their people and strong leadership, MindGrub Technologies is the place to be if you're a tech pro looking for a dope career experience.

2. Fearless


Have you heard of Fearless Solutions? They're this tech company in Baltimore that's all about using their skills to help people and communities. Their motto, "to create software with a soul – tools that empower communities and make a difference," is like their mantra.

They're working on projects that impact national security, education, and public health. Like, they even teamed up with the Mayor on this Mayor's Business Roundtable thing to help push the city forward.

Their employees love it there, giving it a 4.8-star rating. They say it's a place where they can innovate and grow.

Fearless has some great benefits, like:

  • Flexible work arrangements, so you can work remotely if you want
  • Continued education programs, so you can keep learning and growing
  • Comprehensive healthcare coverage, because your health matters
  • Profit-sharing and retirement plans, so you can secure your future

Their work culture is all about diversity and inclusion.

They're the biggest software development company in Baltimore, and their team members are excited to be there. They've got treadmill desks and stuff, and everyone feels empowered to do their thing.

Plus, 95% of employees would refer their friends to work there. And they're doing some really cool projects, like improving loan processes and working with the NFL. Fearless is definitely a key player in Baltimore's growing tech scene.

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3. Planit


Check it out! Planit ain't just some random tech company in Baltimore - they're like, the OGs of workplace culture and employee satisfaction.

Their whole vibe is all about creativity, accountability, and collaboration, so you get to bring your dope ideas to life while still having a ton of freedom over your projects.

It's this kind of culture that's landed them high on the list of Best Media Companies to Work For in Maryland, with a diverse team that's been there for an average of 3.9 years - that's how you know they're doing something right!

  • Inclusive communication channels: They keep it real and keep the lines open, no matter your level.
  • Environment ripe for professional advancement: They're all about helping you level up and rewarding your hustle.
  • Acknowledgement of individual contributions: Your input matters, and they make sure to recognize it.

Being right in the heart of Baltimore's business scene, Planit's growth is on fire, and they've got some sweet perks to attract the best talent out there.

Here's what they're offering:

  • Competitive wages: They know your expertise is worth its weight in gold, so they pay accordingly.
  • Comprehensive healthcare offerings: They've got your back when it comes to staying healthy.
  • 401(k) plans complemented by company contributions: They're looking out for your future.
  • Liberal Paid Time Off and flexible scheduling arrangements: Work hard, play hard - they respect your personal time and work-life balance.

People are always raving about the "friendly vibe and how the leadership really cares about each person's well-being" - it's clear Planit is all about keeping their employees happy, which is why they've been recognized as Advertising Age's Small Agency of the Year.

Here are the major reasons to work at Planit:

  1. A culture that promotes work-life harmony: They want you to be content and productive, not burnt out.
  2. Opportunities for ceaseless learning: They'll keep you up-to-date with the latest industry trends and innovations.
  3. Community engagement: They're all about ethical initiatives that align with your values.

Planit's mission is all about pushing boundaries and coming up with game-changing solutions, and that mindset is woven into everything they do.

It's not just a business, but a collective of innovative thinkers ready to make some serious waves. They're always down for themed office events, team outings, and volunteer work, so you get to bond with your crew and everyone's on the same wavelength.

Planit's commitment to employee fulfillment isn't just some hollow promise - it's a core part of the daily grind.

4. Catalyte


is the hottest tech company in Baltimore right now. They're changing the game when it comes to hiring and training people for tech jobs. They've teamed up with Google Career Certificates to offer cybersecurity apprenticeships.

Even if you haven't studied it before or don't have experience, they'll teach you the skills to become a cybersecurity pro. By 2024, their AI-powered hiring process will be the new standard, helping them find the best talent, no matter their background, and making hiring easier for companies.

If you're lucky enough to work at Catalyte, you'll be part of an inclusive crew that values work-life balance and celebrates your wins.

The benefits package is – top-notch health, dental, and vision coverage, flexible schedules, and awesome parental leave. It's the perfect environment to level up your skills.

They even give you an annual training budget to keep you sharp and help you grow as an engineer.

But it's not just about the individual grind. Catalyte has a company culture that values teamwork and personal growth.

"What makes Catalyte stand out is our investment in individual achievement

," says a rep, and employees say it's a great place to learn and advance your career.

They're not just building a cool workplace – Catalyte is changing lives by creating career opportunities, especially for diverse communities.

They're leading the way in workforce innovation and making a real impact.

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5. ZeroFOX


Baltimore's tech scene is lit with companies like ZeroFOX, a major player in the cybersecurity game. Ever since they came on the scene in 2013, ZeroFOX has been recognized by Forrester as the best of the best when it comes to brand intelligence.

And in 2024, they've only been killing it even harder. These guys are all about innovation, offering dope solutions like dynamic anti-phishing capabilities and enhanced physical security intelligence, so you can visualize and detect any physical threats like a boss.

With ZeroFOX on the case, even top-secret government agencies can chill, knowing they're protected from the most advanced digital risks out there.

But it's not just about the tech – the ZeroFOX crew knows how to balance work and play.

With an average employee rating of 4.5 out of 5, this company is killing it when it comes to fostering a culture that's all about professional growth and that sweet work-life balance.

And it's not just the employees who are feeling the love – ZeroFOX has been raking in awards left and right, like the CyberSecurity Breakthrough Award for "Overall Incident Response Solution of the Year" and being recognized as a tech leader in the 2023 Quadrant SPARK Matrix for cybersecurity (Yahoo Finance).

And according to their latest financial report, ZeroFOX is killing it financially too, with $65.0 million in revenue and a growing number of subscription customers.

These guys are the real deal.

ZeroFOX hooks their employees up with some seriously sweet benefits, like flexible work arrangements, competitive salaries with performance bonuses, and opportunities for professional learning and wellness programs.

It's clear that ZeroFOX isn't just about providing top-notch cybersecurity solutions – they're all about setting the standard for a supportive, inclusive, and innovative work environment in Baltimore's booming tech scene.

6. Protenus


Let me tell you about this dope company called Protenus. These guys are straight-up ballers in the healthcare analytics game, especially in good ol' Baltimore.

Not only are they hooking up a bunch of healthcare organizations with their sick tech, but they've also been dubbed the #1 Healthcare Compliance Analytics Platform by KLAS in 2023.

That's some serious street cred right there!

Their user base has been growing at a mind-blowing rate of 50% year-over-year. These guys are like privacy watchdogs, keeping a close eye on patient data and sniffing out any sketchy drug deals happening within the healthcare system.

And with all the hacking incidents causing major headaches for health data, Protenus is on a mission to shut that nonsense down.

Now, here's the real kicker – Protenus is like a second home for its employees.

These guys are seriously stoked to work there, with an employee satisfaction rate that's off the charts! In 2021, they even scored a massive $21 million in Series D funding, which just shows that investors are betting big on their team's growth.

And trust me, the perks they offer are no joke:

  • Comprehensive health coverage, including mental health benefits (because we all need a little self-care, am I right?)
  • Generous retirement plans, with a sweet 401(k) match and stock option grants (gotta secure that bag for the future)
  • Adaptable working conditions, with flexible work arrangements (because sometimes you just need to work in your PJs)

But it's not just about the benefits – Protenus has cultivated a culture that nurtures innovation and ambition while still promoting a healthy work-life balance.

Talk about having your cake and eating it too! With an employee retention rate over 95%, it's clear that people really dig the vibe here. And let's not forget about the diversity – Protenus embraces all kinds of backgrounds and talents, which only adds to their cutting-edge spirit and success.

Cultural dynamism is the name of the game at Protenus.

From 'Innovation Weeks' to 'Hackathons', these guys know how to keep things fresh and get their teams pumped up for the next big tech breakthrough. As one employee put it,

"At Protenus, collaboration and creativity are not just encouraged, they are expected."

That's what I'm talking about! With their forward-thinking approach to healthcare analytics and corporate culture, Protenus is undoubtedly one of the dopest tech companies to work for in Baltimore, and a true visionary in the healthcare analytics innovation game.

7. Asymmetrik


Check this out! Asymmetrik is killin' it in the Baltimore tech scene since 2024.

They're all about combining data analytics and custom software development for some serious stuff like healthcare, defense, and intelligence. With a 107-strong crew, these guys are tackling complex challenges to help make better decisions through dope tech solutions.

Plus, they're all about diversity, collaboration, and creativity within their teams, which sets them apart in these crucial industries.

  • The main vibe here is how much they appreciate flexible work-from-home policies. 90% of the employees are stoked about the flexibility, which aligns with current job trends.
  • They value education and growth big time. 85% dig the generous educational allowances that let them keep learning and leveling up their careers.
  • Innovation is the name of the game. 95% are engaged in projects that drive innovation and make a meaningful impact.

Asymmetrik's offerings to their employees are all about balancing career and life.

Their benefits package is on point, creating a workplace that's chill for well-being and professional growth. The company culture is all about respect and keeping it real, which employees appreciate because they feel valued for their contributions and overall well-being.

They're legit celebrated as an employer who gets that their workforce is made up of real people.

Employees feel truly valued as professionals and individuals, which boosts satisfaction and embodies the company's vision for a collaborative and innovative culture.

Asymmetrik's impact on the tech scene is it's no wonder – they're not just providing opportunities but also helping Baltimore become a major East Coast tech hub.

Looks like they're set for sustained growth and innovation in the future.

8. SparkPost


Let me hit you up about this dope company called SparkPost. These guys are straight killin' it in the email delivery game, and they're part of the MessageBird squad.

They're like the OGs of Baltimore's tech scene.

With their advanced analytics and innovative email templates, SparkPost handles a whopping 37% of the world's B2B and B2C email traffic.

But it's not just about spamming inboxes – they've got this crazy IP warm-up strategy that takes like 4-8 weeks to make sure the mailbox providers don't think they're sketchy.

It's like a slow burn, but it gets the job done right.

Now, let's talk about the real deal – working at SparkPost. These guys know how to treat their employees right.

They've got a solid salary and benefits package, including health coverage, flexible work arrangements, and even 401(k) matching. But what really sets them apart is their emphasis on learning and professional development.

They're all about empowering their crew with regular training and embracing diversity in the workplace.

90% of their employees are stoked about their jobs.

They're digging the transparency and respect that's woven into the company culture. It's like a big, happy family, but with way cooler perks like the latest email template technologies to make their work more efficient and creative.

SparkPost isn't just talking the talk, either.

They've got comprehensive health, dental, and vision plans, generous time off, and life insurance policies. It's like they've got your back, no matter what.

Beyond the tangible benefits, it's the culture of innovation and inclusion that really puts SparkPost on the map.

Reviews from Glassdoor and Indeed are singing their praises, talking about the tight-knit community and the real impact their employees feel. It's like SparkPost isn't just crushing the email game – they're setting the standard for what it means to be a top tech company to work for in Baltimore.

9. BTS Software Solutions


Check this out! BTS Software Solutions is a badass tech company based right here in Baltimore. These guys are serious players, working with big dogs like the Department of Defense.

They're growing like crazy, with their revenue skyrocketing and more clients coming on board every day. But what's really dope is that they treat their employees like royalty, offering them some of the sickest healthcare benefits in the game.

BTS isn't just all talk, though.

They're legit innovators, creating mind-blowing stuff like the first portable, tactical 3G network for the US Army. And when COVID hit, they stepped up big time, working on the prepaid card initiative with Baltimore City to help people out.

But what really sets BTS apart is their culture. They're all about continuous learning, empowering their employees, and making sure everyone feels valued. They have an 85% employee satisfaction rating and are known for nurturing their people's growth.

But BTS doesn't just talk the talk – they walk the walk.

During the pandemic when everyone was working remotely, they sent out these awesome 'QBOX' care packages to lift people's spirits. It's little things like that that show how much they care about their team's well-being.

And it's not just a one-way street either. BTS encourages their employees to lead their own projects and take initiative. As one team member put it, "At BTS, our contributions don't just fill a job role – they empower us to innovate and drive real change." BTS is constantly getting props for their dope culture and is considered one of the coolest places to work in Baltimore's tech scene.

10. Groove Commerce


Have you heard of Groove Commerce? These dudes are killing it in Baltimore's tech game, and they're not just slaying with their sick ecommerce solutions, but also with their employee-friendly vibes.

As of 2024, Groove Commerce is the go-to spot for a whole suite of services to level up your online biz, like custom website designs, marketing automation, and SEO strategies that'll have you ranking higher than Snoop Dogg's blunt.

Their ecommerce game is always evolving, keeping up with the latest trends and tech in the digital commerce scene. This relentless pursuit of excellence has attracted a dope crew of talented peeps stoked to contribute to Groove's success and innovation.

Recently, they hooked up Dippin' Dots' online presence with a fresh new look, driving up their revenue growth and conversion rates like a boss.

Groove Commerce hooks up their employees with a sweet package of perks and benefits that'll have you feeling like a baller.

We're talking competitive salaries, dope health benefits, a 401(k) plan with company matching to secure that bag for the future, and generous paid time off to keep that work-life balance on fleek.

The company is all about flexibility and continuous learning, offering professional development opportunities to keep you growing like a weed. And let's not forget about Groove's chill workplace culture that promotes collaboration and innovation, earning them a spot among the top startups to work for.

Groove Commerce is no stranger to the local tech scene, getting involved in events and community initiatives, showing their love for Baltimore's economic and social grind.

They're active in ecommerce forums, business growth workshops, and high-profile events like eTail West 2024, solidifying their reputation as thought leaders in the industry.

As a shining beacon in Baltimore's tech game, Groove Commerce is setting the bar high for innovation, employee satisfaction, and community engagement, making them a top pick for any aspiring tech pro looking to level up their career.



The Baltimore tech scene is blowing up, officially recognized as a tech hub, and it's going to be a major innovation hotspot in 2024 and beyond.

The city has seen a 12.5% increase in tech jobs, proving it's a place for tech professionals to be. Local success stories like a cybersecurity company's IPO are fueling this rise, leading to a 20% boost in tech employment—that's some serious economic muscle being flexed in Baltimore.

Tech companies in the city are raking in the revenue, with 17% annual revenue growth.

Investors are betting big too, with venture capital deals rising by 30%, showing they've got faith in Baltimore's tech game. The tech job market here is hot, with average salaries 8% higher than the national average, making Baltimore a prime spot for top talent.

This surge is thanks to the perfect mix of supportive local government, cutting-edge educational institutions, and a thriving entrepreneurial spirit, driven by growth in sectors like healthcare and government services.

Baltimore is all about collaboration, with a 25% increase in partnerships between schools and tech firms, boosting innovation and career readiness.

The city isn't just keeping up, but dominating national rankings for tech job growth. With projections pointing to more tech workforce expansion, Baltimore is cementing itself as a major draw for anyone looking for a booming, supportive tech environment—a shining beacon in the industry.

"The Baltimore tech landscape is rapidly evolving, and the city is firmly positioning itself as a key player in the national tech economy," says a respected industry analyst.

In short, Baltimore is emerging as a super appealing option for those seeking a dynamic and nurturing tech scene.

Frequently Asked Questions


What criteria were considered to rank the top 10 tech employers in Baltimore?

Multiple criteria were meticulously considered, including financial health, employee reviews, diversity and culture, and benefits.

Which tech company in Baltimore leads with a promising growth trajectory?

MindGrub Technologies leads with a promising growth trajectory.

What is the standout benefit of working at Fearless in downtown Baltimore?

Fearless offers flexible work arrangements, accommodating remote work dynamics.

How does Catalyte shape the future of tech talent acquisition in Baltimore?

Catalyte partners with diverse organizations to make the path to becoming a cybersecurity professional accessible to more individuals.

What sets Protenus apart in Baltimore's tech landscape?

Protenus is a distinguished leader in healthcare analytics and recognized for innovation in patient data protection.

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