Which Austin Companies Offer High-Paying Remote Jobs?

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: April 9th 2024

Austin city skyline, symbolizing the booming tech scene and remote job opportunities

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Amid Austin's tech boom, remote jobs offer high pay. With innovative companies like Apricot Solar and FLASH, as well as giants like Dell and Indeed, the city embraces remote work. Austin's affordable living costs and thriving tech scene make it an enticing hub for remote job seekers.

Austin's really living up to its "Silicon Hills" nickname these days. With major players like Oracle straight up moving their HQs to this booming tech scene, it's become the place to be.

Last year alone, there were like 68,000 IT job openings advertised, a whopping 41.4% increase from the previous five years, according to CompTIA. Tech giants like Apple and Amazon are already here, making Austin their turf, while startups keep things fresh and innovative.

Companies are flocking to Austin for its business-friendly vibe, and we're seeing a ton of relocations and expansions, like Apple's $1 billion campus and Oracle's HQ move leading the way.

This is creating a bunch of high-paying remote tech jobs and boosting an already thriving job market. Sure, there's a decent amount of downtown office space up for grabs at around 1.8 million square feet, but the city's vacancy rates are still crazy low, proving just how strong the economy is and how quickly new tech openings are getting filled.

This tech boom, combined with educational resources like Nucamp Coding Bootcamp that equip people with in-demand coding skills, is setting the stage for kickass tech careers, whether you're working on-site or remotely.

As Mayor Steve Adler puts it, this growth shows just how innovative and attractive Austin is for top talent.

Table of Contents

  • Top Austin companies offering high-paying remote jobs
  • The advantages of remote jobs in Austin
  • How to land a high-paying remote job in Austin
  • Conclusion on Austin's high-paying remote job market
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Top Austin companies offering high-paying remote jobs


Austin is really killin' it when it comes to remote jobs that pay big bucks. It's not just the usual tech giants anymore – companies like Apricot Solar are offering sales gigs where you can rake in $6,000 to $9,000 per sale! And – no door-to-door nonsense required.

FLASH, a rising star in connected mobility, even got named one of Austin's Best Places to Work by Built In, which shows they're on the up-and-up with a killer culture that attracts top talent.

Local legend Dell Technologies and the job search moguls at Indeed are still setting the bar high for remote work pay and perks. And let's not forget startups like WP Engine and BigCommerce that are bringing the heat with competitive salaries and dope benefits like flexible schedules and wellness programs.

But! SimplyHired has a whole slew of work-from-home opportunities in Austin, proving this city is all about that remote life across various industries.

Check out these juicy deets from the remote job scene:

  • Dell Technologies - Remote gigs averaging over $100K, plus health, dental, vision insurance, and a 401(k) plan. Cha-ching!
  • Indeed - Remote roles at $115K+, with wellness programs and unlimited paid vacay. Living the dream.
  • WP Engine - Starting pay at $85K+, plus remote work stipends and comprehensive health coverage. Ballin'!
  • BigCommerce - Average employee salary above $90K, with equity options and wellness incentives. Securing the bag, baby.

Real talk, over 60% of Austin's tech workforce is all about that remote grind.

This city is not only attracting top-notch talent with competitive pay but also redefining the workplace by putting work-life balance and employee satisfaction first.

Austin is where it's at for the modern hustle.

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The advantages of remote jobs in Austin


If you're a tech geek looking for a sweet gig, Austin's got your back with some dope remote job opportunities. You know what's even cooler? The cost of living here is way lower than those pricey tech hubs like San Fran or NYC. We're talking like 25% cheaper for the same standard of living.

And with those remote jobs from major tech companies, you can save even more cash on rent and expenses. It's a no-brainer, really.

But it's not just about the Benjamins.

Working remotely in Austin means you get to enjoy a killer work-life balance. Like, 65% of remote workers say it's way easier to chill and have a life outside of work.

No more wasting hours stuck in traffic, you feel me? Instead, you can hit up Austin's dope music festivals, go hiking, or do whatever floats your boat without stressing about the daily grind.

A study showed that remote workers in Austin are happier and more productive.

It's a win-win situation. Not only are you living your best life, but you're also contributing to the local economy by supporting small businesses and keeping Austin thriving.

The city's remote job market is on fire, creating opportunities for both local startups and major global companies. It's a sweet deal all around, don't you think?

How to land a high-paying remote job in Austin


Tryna score that fat remote bag in Austin's lit tech scene? It's all about strategy and playing your cards right. First up, gotta tap into those local connects - Built In Austin's events are where it's at for meeting the right people.

And 70% of folks landed their gig through a solid connect.

Now, for the skills side of things, major players like the VA and IRS are looking for that cloud computing, AI, and cybersecurity drip.

So make sure your resume is flexing those keywords - Indeed says it ups your chances of catching an employer's eye.

Here's the play:

  1. Target Roles: Scope out Austin companies killing it in software dev, data science - anywhere remote work is poppin' off.
  2. Customize Apps: Tweak that resume and cover letter with job-specific keywords to get past those ATS bots.
  3. Network, Network: Link up with pros on LinkedIn, ask about openings and insider deets.
  4. Nail Interviews: Craft stories showing your remote work A-game. Prep for those "how would you..." remote qs to flex that adaptability.

Stay plugged into the job scene with sites like USAJOBS and Crossover - they'll hook you up with those full-time remote opportunities.

Follow these steps and stay locked into the cutting-edge job resources, and you'll be set to snag those lucrative remote gigs in Austin's fire tech space.

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Conclusion on Austin's high-paying remote job market


Let's talk about the bangin' remote job scene in Austin. This city is straight-up killin' it when it comes to high-paying gigs you can do from anywhere. The numbers don't lie – Austin is outpacing even the big dogs like Silicon Valley in tech job growth.

The 2022 STEM Job Growth Index has Austin at the top of the charts for STEM trends, quality workforce, and that sweet quality of life that's attracting all the brainiac techies.

The cost of living in Austin is still pretty chill compared to other tech hubs, so you can save that bread and ball out with your fat paycheck from your remote gig.

Major players like Atlassian and Dropbox are going ham on remote job openings in Austin.

One big shot from a local tech company even said,

"The opportunities here are vast; Austin is a nexus for innovation and talent, fostering a dynamic market for remote jobs."

Over 30% of job postings from Austin's top companies offer remote options, so they're definitely keeping it flexible.

  • Expansion: More than 50 new tech companies have set up shop in Austin over the past year, cementing its rep as a tech mecca.
  • Flexibility: Around 35% of Austin workers are living that remote or flexible life now, striking that perfect work-life balance.

Austin's tech boom is creating a straight-up playground for remote job seekers, with a diverse range of opportunities and that chill lifestyle we all crave.

With growth like this, Austin's job market is set to stay poppin', offering a sweet spot for the future of work. In short, Austin's remote job scene is a total vibe, packed with potential for job hunters nationwide and solidifying the city's status at the cutting edge of the Next Wave of Tech Innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions


Which companies in Austin offer high-paying remote jobs?

Companies like Dell Technologies, Indeed, WP Engine, BigCommerce, Apricot Solar, and FLASH are known to offer high-paying remote jobs in Austin. Dell Technologies boasts an average remote salary of over $100,000 and provides health, dental, vision insurance, and a 401(k) plan.

What are the advantages of remote jobs in Austin?

Remote jobs in Austin offer lower living costs compared to tech hubs like San Francisco or New York City, potentially increasing disposable income and enhancing savings. They also provide improved work-life balance, with Austin's vibrant communities and cultural landscape offering ample recreational opportunities.

How can I land a high-paying remote job in Austin?

To secure a high-paying remote job in Austin, engage with the local tech community for networking, align your skills with market demands, customize applications with job-specific keywords, and prepare for remote-work interview questions. Utilize platforms like LinkedIn, Cloud Academy, and Crossover to stay informed and match talent with remote opportunities.

What is the outlook for Austin's high-paying remote job market?

Austin's high-paying remote job market shows promising growth, with over 30% of positions posted by leading enterprises in Austin offering remote work options. The city's tech expansion and flourishing tech scene indicate a bright future, reinforcing Austin's position as a tech magnet and a hub for remote job opportunities.

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