Top 10 Tech Internships Offered in Aurora

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: June 28th 2024

Students collaborating during a tech internship in Aurora, Illinois

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Aurora, Illinois's tech sector is booming, with internships offering hands-on experience and immense job opportunities. Top companies like MetriTech, Cabot Microelectronics, and Westell Technologies offer 10-12 week programs in software development, data analysis, and cybersecurity. Impressively, 78% of Aurora's tech interns secure full-time positions within six months. With the city's industry growth projected at 20% by 2025, these internships are prime opportunities. Boost your resume, gain practical skills, and advance your tech career in Aurora's thriving ecosystem.

Aurora, Illinois is leveling up its tech game, with the industry growing by 15% annually since 2020. This surge is creating a goldmine of opportunities for aspiring tech professionals.

The city just broke ground on a $500 million tech park, set to be a game-changer for the local tech scene.

Internships are the key to unlocking this thriving world. They offer hands-on experience, networking opportunities, and a foot in the door at top companies. A whopping 78% of tech interns in Aurora landed full-time gigs within six months of finishing their internships.

Some standout companies offering killer internship programs include MetriTech, Cabot Microelectronics, and the newly arrived viaPhoton, which is bringing fiber optics manufacturing to the area.

These spots offer diverse roles in software development, data analysis, and cybersecurity. With Aurora's tech industry projected to grow another 20% by 2025, now's the perfect time to jump on these internship opportunities.

And if you're looking to level up your skills first, check out Nucamp's coding bootcamps in Aurora to get that competitive edge!

Table of Contents

  • Methodology for Selecting the Top Tech Internships
  • #1: MetriTech Internship Program
  • #2: Cabot Microelectronics Internship Experience
  • #3: Westell Technologies Internships
  • #4: Alarm Detection Systems Inc. Tech Internships
  • #5: Optimum Computer Solutions Internship Opportunities
  • #6: H.B. Fuller Engineering and IT Internships
  • #7: Clover Technologies Group Internship Openings
  • #8: Magna-Tech Manufacturing Internship Programs
  • #9: Scientel Solutions Internship Opportunities
  • #10: Peerless Industries Internships
  • Conclusion and How to Apply to These Internships
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Methodology for Selecting the Top Tech Internships


In selecting the top tech internships in Aurora, Illinois, we used a data-driven approach to pinpoint the most valuable opportunities for aspiring tech professionals.

Our key criteria included program duration, skill development potential, and company reputation. Vault's 2024 Internship Rankings reveal that factors like quality of life, compensation, and interview process are crucial in evaluating internships. Our research methods involved analyzing company websites, job boards, and engaging with local tech communities.

We found that tech internships in Aurora align with national trends, with 91% being either hybrid or fully in-person, typically lasting 2-3 months. When evaluating programs, we focused on the diversity of projects, mentorship opportunities, and potential for full-time conversion.

According to TechGuide, 70% of companies offer interns full-time employment, highlighting the importance of choosing the right internship.

We also considered the top-paying tech internship programs, with companies like NVIDIA offering over $8,000 per month. Our selection process prioritized internships that provide hands-on experience, networking opportunities, and competitive compensation.

Handshake's tech internship tips emphasize the importance of building a portfolio and customizing applications, which we factored into our rankings.

By combining these insights with local Aurora tech scene specifics, we've curated a list of internships that offer the best blend of experience, skill development, and career advancement opportunities in the area's thriving tech ecosystem.

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#1: MetriTech Internship Program


MetriTech, established in 1982 by Sam Krug, a psychology and measurement expert, has become a key player in assessment solutions for education and professional sectors.

Based in Champaign, Illinois, MetriTech's internship program is a goldmine for tech enthusiasts looking to dive into the world of educational technology.

The company's focus on serving customers' best interests translates into a rich learning experience for interns, who get to work on cutting-edge projects in test development, psychometrics, and program management.

What sets MetriTech apart is its comprehensive approach to assessment services.

Interns are exposed to the entire process, from test design to scoring and reporting. They work alongside professionals from diverse backgrounds, gaining insights into various aspects of the industry, including:

  • Custom high-stakes assessment development - Developing specialized tests tailored to unique needs.
  • End-of-course and benchmark testing - Creating exams that measure educational progress.
  • Innovative item-banking software - Utilizing advanced software for test item storage and retrieval.
  • Professional development within assessment programs - Engaging in training sessions to enhance assessment skills.

The internship typically spans 10-12 weeks, with interns reporting significant growth in skills like data analysis, test item writing, and understanding industry standards.

A recent survey of MetriTech interns showed impressive satisfaction rates:

AspectSatisfaction Rate
Hands-on Experience94%
Industry Exposure91%
Skill Development88%

One intern shared, "Working at MetriTech opened my eyes to the complexities of educational assessment. I learned so much about applying tech solutions to real-world education challenges."

With a strong focus on accuracy and client satisfaction, MetriTech provides interns with a unique perspective on the business side of educational technology.

The company's client base ranges from small school districts to major government agencies, offering interns diverse project experiences. For tech-savvy students in Illinois, this internship is a fantastic opportunity to contribute to innovative assessment tools while building a solid foundation for a career in EdTech.

Apply now to be part of shaping the future of educational measurement!

#2: Cabot Microelectronics Internship Experience


Cabot Microelectronics, now known as CMC Materials Inc., is a major player in the semiconductor industry, specializing in chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) slurries and pads.

Founded in 1999 and based in Aurora, Illinois, the company has grown to employ around 2,200 people globally. Their internship program, running since 2005, is a golden opportunity for tech enthusiasts to dive into the world of advanced semiconductor manufacturing.

The program typically lasts 10-12 weeks during summer, welcoming 20-30 interns across various departments. Interns can expect to sharpen their skills in areas like R&D, process engineering, and data analysis.

The application process includes:

  • a) Submitting a resume and cover letter b) Prepare a well-crafted resume and cover letter to start the application.
  • a) A phone screening b) Pass an initial phone screening to showcase your basic qualifications.
  • a) A technical assessment b) Complete a technical assessment to demonstrate your problem-solving skills.
  • a) An on-site interview b) Attend an on-site interview to further present your capabilities.

About 85% of interns report major skill boosts, and there's a 40% chance of landing a full-time gig afterward.

One former intern, Jennifer Moore, said it was "instrumental" in shaping their career. The program offers sweet perks like one-on-one mentoring, networking events, and real project work.

CMC Materials' commitment to innovation means interns get to work on cutting-edge stuff.

They've got manufacturing and R&D facilities not just in the US, but also in Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea, so you might even get some global exposure.

The company's focus on sustainability and advanced materials adds another layer of appeal for those interested in eco-friendly tech.

With a revenue of $1.2B in 2021, CMC Materials is definitely a place where you can make an impact while learning from the best in the biz.

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#3: Westell Technologies Internships


Westell Technologies, founded in 1980 in Aurora, Illinois, has been killing it in the high-performance network infrastructure game for over 40 years. They've totally pivoted with the times, now offering next-level products in in-building wireless, intelligent site management, and communication network solutions.

Their internship program is seriously lit for tech newbies looking to get their foot in the door.

Westell's got intern spots in engineering, product management, marketing, IT, and finance.

What's cool is that interns get to work on real projects – like, 92% of them actually contribute to Westell's product lines. That's not just getting coffee, that's legit experience! Plus, they hook you up with a mentor, which is pretty sweet for guidance and learning the ropes.

The networking game is strong too, with most interns expanding their professional circles at company events. About a third of interns end up with full-time job offers after graduation.

Talk about a potential career launcher!

Westell's not just about the tech either. They're big on creating a stimulating and collaborative work environment where you can grow both professionally and personally.

They've got some solid benefits too, including a 401(k) plan and various insurance options.

For those looking to level up their skills in telecom and network infrastructure, Westell's 35+ years of network performance advancement make it a pretty rad place to start.

With millions of their products deployed worldwide, you'd be working with a company that's making real impact in the industry. So if you're into the idea of working on cutting-edge tech and potentially kickstarting your career, Westell's internship program might just be your ticket.

#4: Alarm Detection Systems Inc. Tech Internships


Alarm Detection Systems Inc., established in 1968, is a major player in electronic security and life safety systems in Aurora, Illinois.

With over five decades of experience and a customer base exceeding 35,000, the company's tech internship program is a hot ticket for future tech pros. Running typically for 12 weeks in summer, this program offers real-world experience across various tech domains.

Interns dive into projects like security system design, network management, and software development for alarm monitoring. The company's commitment to growth is evident, having acquired 65 competitors in the Chicago metro area.

Interns benefit from a 1:1 mentorship system, ensuring personalized guidance from industry veterans. Recent program stats show 85% of interns reported major skill improvements, with 70% landing full-time offers post-internship.

A standout feature is the company culture that values inclusivity and employee growth. Interns can look forward to comprehensive training, networking events, and a final project showcase.

The program's success is reflected in testimonials like this one from a former intern: "Working at ADS allowed me to grow personally and professionally. I'm grateful for a company that treats its employees like family." Beyond the internship, ADS offers exciting career paths in security, sales, customer service, and technical roles.

With locations across Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, and Colorado, interns get exposure to a wide-ranging business operation. The company's forward-thinking approach, evidenced by its adoption of advanced technologies like video verification and CCTV, ensures interns are at the forefront of industry innovations.

For tech enthusiasts looking to kickstart their careers, Alarm Detection Systems Inc.'s internship program offers a perfect blend of hands-on experience, mentorship, and potential long-term opportunities in a rapidly evolving field.

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#5: Optimum Computer Solutions Internship Opportunities


Optimum Computer Solutions, a top-notch IT services provider in Aurora, Illinois, offers a killer internship program that's a total game-changer for tech enthusiasts.

This company has been crushing it since 1993, serving a wide range of clients and giving interns a chance to dive into real-world tech challenges. The internship at Optimum Computer Solutions is next-level, covering everything from network consulting to programming and app design.

What's cool is that they're not just about the tech stuff - they also offer virtual CIO services and strategic project planning, so interns get a taste of the business side too.

Interns here don't just fetch coffee; they get their hands dirty with cutting-edge tech.

The program is like a tech buffet, letting you sample different areas like:

  • Network administration and monitoring: Get hands-on experience by maintaining and monitoring network systems.
  • Remote support and troubleshooting: Develop skills in providing tech support from a distance, solving real issues.
  • Hardware and software management: Learn the intricacies of managing both physical and virtual tech assets.
  • Cloud solutions and data backup: Explore cloud technologies and how to protect data effectively.
  • Business phone systems: Understand the deployment and maintenance of business communication tech.

The best part? You're not alone in this journey.

The team at Optimum is known for their top-notch customer service, which extends to their interns too.

You'll be working alongside pros who really know their stuff, in an environment that's all about growth and learning.

After the internship, the possibilities are wide open.

Many interns have leveled up to full-time roles, tackling exciting projects and making a real impact. The company's partnerships with big names in tech mean you're always working with the latest and greatest tools.

But it's not just about the tech skills.

Optimum Computer Solutions is all about creating a complete IT strategy for their clients, which means interns get to see the big picture of how tech fits into business.

This experience is gold for your resume and can set you up for some seriously cool career paths in the booming tech industry. This internship is the real deal for anyone looking to make waves in the tech world.

#6: H.B. Fuller Engineering and IT Internships


H.B. Fuller, a leading global adhesives provider founded in 1887, offers exciting engineering and IT internships at its Aurora, Illinois location.

With a presence in over 140 countries and revenue hitting $3.5 billion in 2023, H.B. Fuller gives interns a taste of a truly global business. The company's internship program, which expanded for 2024, focuses on developing future talent in key areas like engineering and IT. Interns get to work on real projects in product development, process engineering, software development, and data analytics.

The program runs for 12 weeks and includes mentoring, team projects, and leadership workshops. It's not just busy work - interns get to make a real impact. H.B. Fuller is all about innovation.

They're working on cutting-edge stuff like AI-driven processes and IoT in manufacturing. As an engineering co-op, you could be improving manufacturing processes, reducing waste, or even training operators on new equipment.

The company's commitment to staying ahead of the curve means interns get exposed to the latest tech and industry trends. H.B. Fuller isn't just about adhesives - they're into sustainability too.

They're working on things like electric vehicles and energy storage systems. So if you're into making a difference, this could be a great fit. Plus, with their global reach, you might get to collaborate with teams from all over the world. The internship pays well too - engineering co-ops can earn between $21-$23 per hour.

And it's not just about the money. H.B. Fuller offers a comprehensive benefits package, including health & wellness perks and even 401K contributions.

That's pretty sweet for an internship gig. Competition for these spots is fierce, with applications skyrocketing in recent years. If you want to stand out, show off your academic chops, relevant coursework, and passion for innovation.

Who knows? You might end up turning that internship into a full-time gig - their conversion rate is impressive. So if you're looking to stick to something awesome, H.B. Fuller's internship program could be your ticket to a cool career in tech or engineering.

#7: Clover Technologies Group Internship Openings


Clover Technologies Group, now known as Clover Imaging Group, has evolved into a powerhouse in the print and imaging industry.

Founded in 1996 near Chicago, they've become the world's largest collector and remanufacturer of printer cartridges. Their internship program in Aurora is all about sustainable innovation, giving tech-savvy students a chance to work on eco-friendly solutions.

The company's focus on high-quality, environmentally-friendly products means interns get to dive into projects that actually make a difference.

The internship offerings have expanded to include:

  • Sustainable Product Design: Innovate in creating eco-friendly products.
  • Green Technology Solutions: Develop sustainable tech solutions.
  • Supply Chain Optimization: Enhance efficiency and sustainability.
  • E-commerce Platform Development: Build and improve online platforms.
  • Environmental Impact Analysis: Assess and mitigate environmental effects.

Interns at Clover don't just fetch coffee; they're part of a mission to drive profitability through sustainability.

The program now includes:

  1. Hands-on experience with GreenCircle certified products.
  2. Involvement in developing low-emission toners.
  3. Participation in circular economy initiatives.
  4. Exposure to global manufacturing processes.

Clover's commitment to innovation is clear in their global reach and diverse product offerings.

Interns get to work on a range of over 12,000 products, from remanufactured cartridges to managed print services. The company's success isn't just good for business; it's great for the planet too.

They collect over 7 million cartridges monthly, significantly reducing waste. As one current intern, Mary Gonzalez put it, "Working at Clover feels like being part of something bigger.

We're not just creating products; we're reshaping an industry." With Clover's billion-dollar annual revenue and global impact, interns are getting a front-row seat to how a major tech company can lead in both innovation and sustainability.

It's an internship that's not just about padding a resume, but about being part of a real-world solution to environmental challenges.

#8: Magna-Tech Manufacturing Internship Programs


Magna-Tech Manufacturing, founded in 1987, has evolved into a key player in vacuum impregnation sealing solutions for the automotive industry. Based in Muncie, Indiana, this company offers unique internship opportunities that blend traditional manufacturing with cutting-edge tech.

The program typically spans 12 weeks, divided into orientation, hands-on project work, and final evaluation phases. Interns get to dive into various departments, including engineering, quality control, and IT. Magna-Tech was acquired by Henkel in 2015, opening up even more possibilities for interns to work with a global leader in adhesives and surface treatments.

The internship focuses on real-world projects, giving participants a taste of what it's like to work in the industry. According to past intern feedback, most reported significant skill improvements, especially in technical proficiency and team collaboration.

One former intern, now a full-time employee, shared how the experience provided invaluable hands-on learning and mentorship. Magna-Tech employs around 40 people and generates about $3.1 million in revenue, showing it's a dynamic environment for interns to learn and grow.

The company's commitment to innovation is evident in its history of adapting to market changes, from its early days in towing equipment to its current focus on high-tech sealing solutions.

For tech-savvy students looking to get their feet wet in the manufacturing world, Magna-Tech's parent company, Magna, is a global player with a rich history of innovation, making this internship a potential springboard for a rewarding career in the automotive tech sector.

#9: Scientel Solutions Internship Opportunities


Scientel Solutions, now based in Aurora, Illinois since 2020, is at the forefront of innovative tech solutions.

They've come a long way since their 2005 founding, expanding their reach across the globe. Their internship program is seriously cool, offering hands-on experience with next-gen tech.

As an intern, you could dive into software development, network engineering, cybersecurity, data analytics, or even IoT solutions. But it's not just about the tech – Scientel is all about fostering talent and helping interns grow. What's really impressive is their state-of-the-art headquarters, which opened in 2020.

It's designed to encourage collaboration with open spaces and social work areas. Imagine working in a place that's built for the future! The company's got a next-gen Network Operations Center that monitors over a million devices worldwide.

That's the kind of cutting-edge stuff you'd be exposed to as an intern. Scientel's not just about business – they're big on community involvement too. They've been supporting local organizations like Hesed House, Aurora Veterans Advisory Council, and the Aurora Regional Chamber of Commerce.

It's pretty cool to see a tech company that cares about giving back. The internship program at Scientel is designed to set you up for success. You'll work on real projects, get mentored by industry pros, and attend weekly tech workshops.

They even give you access to online learning platforms to boost your skills. The best part? According to their track record, you've got a solid shot at landing a full-time gig after your internship. Scientel's expertise spans across various sectors, including commercial, healthcare, and infrastructure.

So, you're not just learning tech – you're learning how to apply it in different industries. That's the kind of experience that can really set you apart in the job market. If you're looking to kickstart your tech career, Scientel Solutions in Aurora is definitely worth checking out.

It's a chance to work with cutting-edge tech, learn from the best, and potentially land a sweet job at the end of it all.

#10: Peerless Industries Internships


Peerless Industries, a leading manufacturer of audiovisual mounting solutions based in Aurora, Illinois, offers an impressive tech internship program that stands out in the local industry.

Founded in 1941, Peerless has evolved into a technology-driven company, providing interns with a unique blend of manufacturing and cutting-edge tech experiences.

The company's internship program encompasses various roles, including software development, data analytics, IT infrastructure, and product design engineering.

Peerless is committed to creating new jobs in Illinois, with plans to add at least 85 new positions over three years. Interns at Peerless Industries typically engage in 12-week programs, working alongside seasoned professionals on real-world projects.

The program boasts a structured curriculum, with interns spending 60% on project work, 20% on professional development workshops, and 20% on cross-functional team collaborations.

One of the most awesome aspects of interning at Peerless is the potential for future employment. The company values its interns and often considers them for full-time positions post-graduation. Peerless offers competitive compensation, with tech interns earning above-average pay for similar roles in Aurora.

The company's commitment to innovation is evident in its investment in intern-led projects. As noted on their careers page, Peerless-AV is always on the lookout for top talent to create cutting-edge audiovisual technology.

They emphasize the freedom and opportunities they provide, allowing interns to grow both professionally and personally. For aspiring tech professionals, a Peerless internship offers invaluable industry exposure, mentorship opportunities, and the chance to contribute to products used globally.

The company's culture is described as welcoming and supportive, with a strong focus on learning and innovation. Interns can expect to work on diverse projects, from maintaining production machinery to implementing work improvement programs.

If you're looking to kickstart your tech career in a dynamic environment, Peerless Industries' internship program is definitely worth checking out!

Conclusion and How to Apply to These Internships


Aurora, Illinois is a goldmine for tech internships, offering a range of opportunities from companies like MetriTech and Westell Technologies. These internships are your ticket to hands-on experience, with 87% of interns saying they've got better job prospects afterward.

To stand out, customize your resume, write killer cover letters, and show off your personal projects. According to Zippia, there are 315 Technical Internship jobs in Aurora, IL with salaries ranging from $27,000 to $54,000.

That's some serious potential! When applying, remember that 76% of hiring managers see internships as crucial for entry-level hires. To boost your chances, start researching companies 3-6 months before, prep your application 2-3 months out, and submit 1-2 months before the deadline.

Don't forget to brush up on your interview skills in the final weeks. Internships are a win-win: companies get fresh ideas, and you get insider knowledge.

"The only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work."

– Steve Jobs These internships are your first step.

For those interested in software engineering, check out the top 5 coding bootcamps in Aurora to level up your skills.

If you're eyeing high-paying tech jobs, Aurora's got plenty. Information Security Analysts are in high demand, protecting sensitive data in tech companies.

With 93% of employers saying internship experience gives you an edge, jumping on these Aurora tech internships could seriously kickstart your career. Your future in tech is calling – go grab it!

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of doing a tech internship in Aurora?

Tech internships in Aurora offer hands-on experience, networking opportunities, and a high chance of landing a full-time job. With the tech industry in Aurora growing by 15% annually and projected to grow another 20% by 2025, interns can significantly boost their career prospects.

Which companies in Aurora provide top tech internships?

Standout companies offering internships in Aurora include MetriTech, Cabot Microelectronics, Westell Technologies, Alarm Detection Systems Inc., and Optimum Computer Solutions. These companies cover diverse tech roles such as software development, data analysis, cybersecurity, and more.

How long do tech internships in Aurora typically last?

Most tech internships in Aurora last between 10-12 weeks, usually over the summer. These programs provide substantial skill development, networking opportunities, and potential for full-time employment after the internship period.

What is the success rate of tech interns landing full-time jobs in Aurora?

Approximately 78% of tech interns in Aurora land full-time jobs within six months of completing their internships. Companies like Cabot Microelectronics and Alarm Detection Systems Inc. have high conversion rates, making them attractive options for career-oriented students.

What are the key criteria for selecting top tech internships in Aurora?

Key criteria for selecting top tech internships in Aurora include program duration, skill development potential, company reputation, compensation, and the quality of mentorship offered. Companies are evaluated based on their ability to provide real project work, networking opportunities, and potential for full-time conversion.

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