Many Wonder If Becoming A Web Developer Is Possible For Them…

By Samantha Anderson

Last Updated: August 8th 2023

Career switch from chemist to becoming a web developer after coding bootcamp

Unravel the Mystery Behind Tyler's Journey from Chemical Reactions to Code Creations To Find Out For Yourself

In the sunny town of La Habra, California, a young man named Tyler embarked on a remarkable journey.

He had been leading a fulfilling life as a Lead Chemist, but something inside him yearned for a change.

Though he enjoyed his job, Tyler found himself pondering, "Where do I go from here? Do I really want to pursue a Ph.D.?"

These questions led him to search for alternative career paths, and that's when he stumbled on something that intrigued him deeply - the world of programming and web development.

As a child, Tyler had bonded with his family over video games, tapping into their creativity and imagination.

Yet, it wasn't until later in life that he truly discovered his passion for coding.

With a background in environmental science and a journey through various careers, including being a fry cook and a chemist, Tyler realized that problem-solving and analytical skills were his forte.

And so, the allure of coding as a way to unleash his creativity and build things that appeared magically on the screen captivated him.

The decision to dive into coding was not made lightly.

It was a life-changing choice at the age of 24, and Tyler knew that he needed the right guidance and structure to succeed.

The world of software and tech beckoned him, but the prospect of committing four more years to formal education didn't quite fit his timeline.

That's when he discovered the solution - coding bootcamps.

They offered a concise and cost-effective way to gain the skills he desired without the lengthy commitment.

After extensive research, Tyler found Nucamp, a bootcamp that perfectly aligned with his needs.

The 11-month program provided the ideal duration to embark on this exciting new journey.

With determination in his heart, he signed up for the Full Software Engineering Path and immersed himself in the world of coding.

Tyler's bootcamp experience was both enriching and challenging.

The curriculum and guidance provided by Nucamp were invaluable, but he knew that supplementing his learning with extra effort was essential.

Along the way, he encountered moments of doubt and difficulty, especially when he saw others already established in the industry.

Yet, he persevered, acknowledging the importance of self-awareness and the power of resilience.

The day finally came when Tyler completed his bootcamp, armed with newfound skills and an invigorated spirit.

Now, it was time for the next chapter - the job search.

Tyler submitted over 200 applications, leveraging LinkedIn and Indeed for cold outreach.

His portfolio and GitHub activity grid played crucial roles in showcasing his abilities, and they caught the attention of a company called Hampton Products.

The interview turned into a conversation, and Tyler's portfolio in React.Next was just what they were looking for.

The stars had aligned, and he found himself embarking on a new adventure as a Web Developer at Hampton Products.

Through this transformative journey, Tyler discovered a different level of determination and grit within himself.

He realized that hard work and dedication could conquer any obstacle.

As he settled into his new role, he embraced the challenge of using JavaScript to create innovative solutions.

Now, reflecting on his path from chemist to web developer, Tyler has valuable advice for those considering a bootcamp journey.

"Do your research and find out if this is truly what you want," he urges.

Self-awareness is the key to success, and Nucamp's bootcamp can be the perfect path to set you on your way.

Tyler's tale is a testament to the power of perseverance and the potential for change.

As he gazes back at the beginning of his coding adventure, he realizes that the mystery and intrigue that once shrouded his journey have been unveiled, revealing a path full of endless possibilities and opportunities.

If you're ready to transform your career into one you love, register for the Complete Software Engineering Path like Tyler today:


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