Becoming A Software Developer: Mats' Journey

By Samantha Anderson

Last Updated: July 13th 2023

From dive instructor to becoming a software developer

Dive Instructor Turned Coding Aficionado

Imagine standing at the edge of a vibrant coral reef, the salty breeze caressing your face, and adventure waiting for you.

Now, swap that with the hum of computers and the thrill of innovation fill the air.

How did Mats Ribaucourt, a former dive instructor with a hunger for stability and a passion for exploration, navigate an extreme career transition?

Let's dive into his captivating journey and discover how he made waves in the world of coding.

For Mats, life as a dive instructor was a wild ride of adrenaline and discovery.

With the taste of saltwater and the touch of exotic marine life at his fingertips, he embarked on this career in his early twenties.

The underwater world welcomed him with open arms, and for a while, he reveled in the excitement and unpredictability it offered.

But as time went on, the drawbacks of the profession started to gnaw at him.

The ocean's embrace, once comforting and exhilarating, became a source of concern.

Mats grew increasingly anxious about the safety measures in some dive spots.

With each dive, his senses picked up on the risk that surrounded him, like a faint whiff of danger in the air.

The allure of the sea began to wane as the realities of a volatile income and low wages weighed him down.

Then, the world was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tourism, the lifeblood of diving, came to an abrupt halt.

Mats found himself adrift, searching for new opportunities.

As he worked from home on odd jobs, his computer screen became a portal to a different kind of adventure—a gateway to a realm where he could build a stable future.

Within his virtual endeavors, Mats stumbled into the world of coding through his digital explorations.

As a Belgium native living in Thailand, he recognized that software development was a coveted skill for foreigners like himself seeking job opportunities abroad.

The whispers of reliability and endless possibilities danced through his mind.

He devoured every bit of information, from online forums to captivating YouTube channels.

Driven by the desire for structure and guidance, Mats sought out a coding bootcamp—an oasis in the vast expanse of self-study.

And so, he took a leap of faith, immersing himself in the world of code with Nucamp as his guiding star.

Mats signed up for the Complete Software Engineering Bootcamp Path and for the next 11 months, Nucamp became Mats' compass, leading him through a labyrinth of languages and concepts.

Like savoring a perfectly spiced dish, each module offered a unique flavor.

From the tantalizing web development fundamentals to the exhilarating challenges of Python, Mats found himself rediscovering the joy of learning.

Yet, like any adventure, Mats faced moments of doubt along the way.

But with the support of both his bootcamp instructors and classmates, Mats conquered his doubts and embraced the power of persistence.

Hours turned into melodies of keystrokes and the symphony of code.

In the depths of focus, Mats discovered a sense of flow, where time vanished.

And so, Mats emerged from the coding bootcamp, equipped with newfound skills and a hunger to make his mark in the tech industry.

But his journey didn't end there.

Like a mountain climber reaching a plateau, he faced the daunting task of finding his foothold in the professional world.

During his bootcamp experience, Mats had been following a tech company on social media he was interested in.

The pieces fell into place when they announced an internship opportunity.

Mats seized the moment and applied, determined to prove his worth in the industry.

Two months of dedication and hard work as an intern paid off.

The company recognized Mat’s potential and extended him a job offer.

The symphony of clicking keyboards and buzzing conversations became the soundtrack to his daily life.

Engrossed in challenging projects, he found fulfillment in his work, relishing each opportunity to create and innovate.

As we reflect on Mats' extraordinary journey, we witness the transformation of a daring dive instructor into a coding aficionado as Head of Projects at Trienpoint International.

His story reminds us of the power of resilience, the joy of rediscovery, and the possibilities that unfold when we dare to chase our dreams.

For those contemplating a career change and considering the path of a coding bootcamp, Mats offers his thoughts:

“If you’re thinking about joining a coding bootcamp, Web Development Fundamentals. It’s only 4 weeks and a reasonable price. You have nothing to lose.” -Mats Ribaucourt, Complete Software Engineering Bootcamp Path Graduate

To those already on the verge of completing their bootcamp journey, Mats urges perseverance.

The learning curve may fluctuate, with moments of frustration and doubt, but remember that each step forward adds momentum.

Embrace the challenge and trust that the curve will rise again, leading you to heights beyond your imagination.

After reading Mats' inspiring tale, we invite you to ponder your own aspirations.

Consider the limitless possibilities that await you on the horizon.

So, aspiring developer, are you ready to jump into the world of coding and embark on a journey that could redefine your future?

The adventure awaits.


Samantha Anderson

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