From Restaurant Manager to DevOps Engineer

By Samantha Anderson

Last Updated: July 19th 2023

Discovering The Recipe For Success Through Coding Bootcamps

Let's step into a world where the aroma of culinary delights mingles with the tantalizing click of keyboards, where the flavors of ambition and innovation dance on the taste buds of possibility.

At the intersection of restaurants and technology, Paul Brylinski embarked on a transformative journey to reshape his career.

Dive into his captivating story—a tale of determination, discovery, and the boundless potential of coding—and feel the same inspiration Paul's story gave me.

For Paul, the bustling world of restaurant management was a demanding arena.

Working long hours, he had an elusive work-life balance and a gnawing dissatisfaction that lingered like an unsavory aftertaste.

After learning the exciting news that Paul and his wife were expecting their first baby, Paul made the decision to find a lucrative career that would give him back nights to be with his family.

He needed more—a future where he could not only provide for his growing family but also cultivate a career he enjoyed.

Paul's brother-in-law was enjoying a successful coding career without a degree.

Inspired by his brother-in-law's unconventional foray into coding, Paul realized that it was possible to follow an unconventional path to a prosperous career.

The allure of coding began to simmer, teasing his taste buds with the promise of untapped potential.

Driven by the desire for a swift exit from the restaurant industry, Paul delved into the world of coding, guided by his brother-in-law's advice.

With each line of code he explored, the flavors of HTML began to entice him, drawing him deeper into the realm of programming.

An opportunity to study at a local college presented itself, and Paul eagerly seized it, ready to test the waters of this newfound passion.

However, as Paul quickly questioned the length of time it would take to complete the program and secure a job.

The program he was in was going to take at least a year and a half.

In his mind, he added another 6 months to land his first job.

Two years started to sound like f o r e v e r…

Working a single day longer than necessary in the restaurant industry was an unbearable thought.

This is when he scoured options to fast track his career switch.

Paul was also advised find a job dealing with data, so he looked for programs teaching SQL.

And wouldn't you know it, Nucamp's Back End Coding Bootcamp fit the bill: quick, affordable, and the exact curriculum Paul was looking for.

During Paul's time at Nucamp he enjoyed each module provided a unique flavor, a blend of new languages and concepts that he eagerly consumed.

Yet, even amidst the thrill of learning, Paul encountered moments of doubt and difficulty.

With unwavering determination and the guidance of his instructors and classmates, Paul pushed through, reminding himself that the learning process had its peaks and valleys.

His tenacity paid off as he emerged stronger and more confident in his coding skills.

As the bootcamp drew to a close, Paul stood at the crossroads of opportunity.

Networking became his secret ingredient, as conversations with customers at the restaurant unveiled unexpected connections.

After hearing a table talking about the same things he was learning at his coding bootcamp, he joined the conversation.

This chance encounter was with a recruiter that led to a job opportunity for Paul.

Within a month and a half after graduating, Paul was offered his first coding job!

From restaurant manager to a thriving role as a Software Automation Engineer, Paul had rewritten the narrative of his life.

Paul's remarkable journey from the restaurant industry to the realm of coding serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and the endless possibilities that await those willing to embrace change.

For those considering a coding bootcamp, Paul offers sage advice—let passion fuel your commitment, push through challenges with unwavering determination, and never underestimate the value of networking.

As we savor the triumph of Paul's story, let it serve as a reminder that with the right blend of grit and ambition, you too can embark on a transformative journey that leads to a career brimming with purpose and fulfillment.

The world of coding awaits—a realm where the tastes of ambition and innovation blend to create a feast of endless possibilities.

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