We're so back: Don't Miss the Next Wave of Tech Job Openings with Nucamp

By Ludo Fourrage

Last Updated: October 4th 2023

We're so back!

So, apparently some Big Tech companies that did the unthinkable earlier this year, laying off workers left and right, are now in desperate need of those same workers. Talk about a turnaround. They're ramping up their hiring in hot areas like artificial intelligence because, apparently, they woke up one day and realized they can't conquer the world without some brainy AI experts by their side. But here's the catch: these companies actually have to convince those ex-employees to come crawling back into their arms.

It's like a messy breakup where one person wants to give it another shot, and the other person is thinking, "Hell no, I'm better off without you." So, are these ex-workers willing to overlook the past and go back to their former employers? Well, that depends on how those companies handled the layoffs in the first place. According to Sandra Sucher, a professor of management practice at Harvard Business School, how a company handled layoffs will play a significant role in whether ex-workers are willing to give them another chance. If the layoffs were done poorly and the employees were treated like disposable garbage, then good luck trying to win them back. But if the process was handled reasonably well, then there might be some former workers who would consider going back.

Let's take Salesforce as an example. They decided earlier this year that profitability and efficiency were more important than their "Ohana" philosophy, which basically means treating their employees like family. Yeah, nice move, guys. So, now they want some of those laid-off workers to come back. But guess what? Some of them might still be holding a grudge. Can you blame them? It's like someone breaking your heart and then asking for a second chance because they can't find anyone better. Ouch.

So, what should these ex-employees ask themselves before even considering going back? Well, according to Sucher, they need to think about why they were laid off in the first place, what has changed that the company suddenly needs them again, and most importantly, why they should trust the company that let them go in the first place. These are all valid questions, but let's be honest, there'll always be a part of them that won't trust the organization again. It's like trying to mend a broken heart but constantly expecting it to shatter into a million pieces again. Tread carefully, my friends.

There's even a Reddit user who found themselves in this predicament. They got laid off by a former employer who then turned around and offered them a management position in a different division. Talk about mixed signals. Now they're torn between going back and keeping their options open or telling their ex-employer to shove it. Tough call, buddy.

It's not just the workers who need to decide if they're willing to play along with this corporate boomerang effect. The employers also need to provide damn good reasons why they won't screw over their employees again. They need to show a solid strategy for the future that doesn't involve mass layoffs every time they hit a rough patch. Because let's face it, if you've been dumped once, you're gonna be a little cautious about giving them a second chance.

Now, you might be wondering why these companies are so desperate to bring back their ex-employees. Well, besides the fact that they probably realized they can't survive without them, there's also a strong demand for people with AI skills. Apparently, AI is the new hotness in the tech world. So, those who have these skills can basically name their price and demand better working conditions. It's like being the only chef in town during a food shortage. You can bet your spatula that the restaurants will be coming after you with big bags of cash and promises of better kitchens.

So, why am I telling you all this? Because now is the perfect time to consider joining Nucamp Coding Bootcamp and not miss the next wave of tech job openings. As more and more companies realize the importance of AI and start hiring again, there will be a high demand for skilled professionals. And where do you find these skilled professionals? Well, that's where Nucamp comes in.

At Nucamp, we offer affordable coding bootcamps that can give you the skills you need to succeed in the tech industry. Our programs are designed to fit into your busy schedule, whether you're a working professional or a stay-at-home parent. With a combination of online learning and in-person workshops, you'll get hands-on experience and expert guidance from our instructors.

But don't just take my word for it. Let me throw some data at you to back up my claims. According to a recent survey by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), AI is expected to create over 133 million new jobs globally by 2025. Now, that's a staggering number. And you definitely don't want to be left behind.

Furthermore, the same survey found that AI is already impacting the job market. In fact, 81% of employers believe that AI will have a moderate to significant impact on the workforce in the next five years. That's huge! And it means that now is the time to invest in your AI skills and position yourself for success in this rapidly growing field.

But here's the thing: learning AI on your own can be overwhelming. That's why Nucamp is here to help. Our bootcamps cover everything from the basics of coding to advanced AI concepts. We'll teach you how to build AI models, analyze data, and develop algorithms. And most importantly, we'll show you how to apply your skills in real-world scenarios.

So, to all the ex-workers out there who are being courted back by their former employers, think long and hard before you make your decision. Consider the trust that was broken and weigh it against the opportunities that lie ahead. And to all the companies trying to win back their lost talent, good luck. You're gonna need it. But for those of you who are ready to take the next step in your tech career, don't miss out on the chance to join Nucamp and ride the wave of AI job openings. The future is waiting for you. Will you seize the opportunity?


Ludo Fourrage

Founder and CEO

Ludovic (Ludo) Fourrage is an education industry veteran, named in 2017 as a Learning Technology Leader by Training Magazine. Before founding Nucamp, Ludo spent 18 years at Microsoft where he led innovation in the learning space. As the Senior Director of Digital Learning at this same company, Ludo led the development of the first of its kind 'YouTube for the Enterprise'. More recently, he delivered one of the most successful Corporate MOOC programs in partnership with top business schools and consulting organizations, i.e. INSEAD, Wharton, London Business School, and Accenture, to name a few. ​With the belief that the right education for everyone is an achievable goal, Ludo leads the nucamp team in the quest to make quality education accessible