More Than Just Coding, Taking a Human-First Approach to Tech

By Irene Holden

Last Updated: June 6th 2024

More Than Just Coding, Taking a Human-First Approach to Tech

From Account Manager to Senior Developer at Sublime Media.

"Anything in life that is good takes a little bit of risk in order to gain."

This is Nucamp Instructor, Victor Swanberg.

He hasn't had a typical path into tech. The son of a military man, he moved around frequently as a child, living everywhere from the Bahamas to Seattle. His first career was actually in computer forensics, studying topics like the dark web and burner laptops. However, Victor realized he was more drawn to the creative side of providing technology solutions.

That led him to web development and his first job at a small Seattle e-learning company called Sublime Media. Victor immediately made his mark by emphasizing accessibility and creating a "voluntary product accessibility template" to include with all of Sublime's e-learning modules.

"As a developer, you don't often get an opportunity to give back to your community," Victor says. "I definitely enjoy that aspect of my job."

At Sublime, Victor helps create highly interactive and engaging e-learning experiences for big clients like T-Mobile, Amazon and Microsoft. One of his proudest projects was developing custom Vue.js micro-learning modules for a smaller company without a huge budget.

"I incorporated animations, carousels, flip tiles with revealed content - all while following branding guidelines," he describes. "I got to do some really fun dev work while providing an accessible, scalable solution."

Victor's passion for impacting lives through educational technology inspired him to become an instructor at Nucamp, an online coding bootcamp. He first discovered Nucamp himself when looking for a way to learn React while working at Sublime Media.

"I want to give back to that community and help people elevate themselves," he says. "I went through the self-taught struggle myself, so I have a huge understanding and empathy."

As a Job Hunting Instructor, Victor draws upon his vast experience of over 15 years in the workforce, including roles in sales, account management and IT before becoming a developer. He leans on this real-world exposure to provide students with a comprehensive perspective on the job search.

"I emphasize that you need to be a people person additionally to being a developer," he advises. "Consulting, relationship-building, presenting solutions to clients - these skills are equally as important as your coding abilities."

His teaching philosophy focuses on creating an inclusive, supportive environment while still challenging students. He strives to have open conversations guiding students to find their own solutions, just like they'll need to do as developers.

"I try to make it a space where people feel safe being vulnerable and genuine," he explains. "We all learn by failing forward and realizing our potential."

Victor's parting advice to current and future bootcamp students?

"Don't give up. Anything in life that is good takes a little risk in order to gain. You're responsible for your own success, but I'm here to support you on that journey."

With his creativity, drive and insight into the human side of tech, Victor Swanberg is ensuring the next generation of developers brings accessible, innovative solutions to the world.


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