What Made This Claims Adjuster Bet on Bootcamp?

By Irene Holden

Last Updated: July 3rd 2024

What Made This Claims Adjuster Bet on Bootcamp?

From Claims Adjuster to Software Engineer at Capital One

Nicholas Browne's journey from a claims adjuster to a software engineer at Capital One shows how the right educational platform opens up doors to new opportunities. Let's explore his story with Nucamp Coding Bootcamp.

Nicholas, originally from Pittsburgh, found himself in Northern Virginia working as a claims adjuster. However, the job's environment pushed him to explore other paths. In his own words:

"It was just a really, really toxic environment to work in."

This dissatisfaction became the catalyst for his exploration into coding. Like many, Nicholas initially had misconceptions about software development:

"It always sounded like something was super boring to me."

But a chance encounter with a YouTube video changed his perspective:

"I realized that, you know, what software development actually is and what it actually looks like and it's not actually very boring at all."

This revelation led him to Nucamp Coding Bootcamp. Nicholas chose the Front End bootcamp:

"I think being able to just focus on front end for me was extremely valuable."

The bootcamp journey wasn't without challenges. React, in particular, proved difficult:

"For me it was React specifically. Hooks were a pain for me."

One of the most valuable aspects of Nucamp for Nicholas was the community:

"All the different channels all had like super useful stuff. Even some of like the time wasting channels where we were just posting what they're eating or something like that. It's cool. It's like a break from studying."

Within months of completing the bootcamp, Nicholas landed a position at Capital One's Developer Academy which was promoted through Nucamp's job-openings and opportunities online community. Now at Capital One, he's thriving:

"If there's anything you want to learn, you just talk to your manager about it and they'll find a way to work that in."

Reflecting on his journey, Nicholas offers advice for those considering a coding bootcamp:

"If you've done the proper exploration to figure out if this is something that you want to do for a living, then I would say just go for it."

He emphasizes the importance of soft skills:

"Even in the most technical roles out there, you have to interview, you have to work with people and they have to like you."

For those nearing the end of their bootcamp journey, Nicholas offers encouragement:

"You've accomplished something amazing. Like if you've actually finished the bootcamp, like congratulations, you've accomplished something that's very, very difficult."

He also advises graduates to approach job hunting strategically:

"There's a process to getting to that next stage and finding a, a position, you know, So work on your process, you know, get better at the skills of job finding, of networking, of communicating."

Nicholas's final words of wisdom:

"Just don't give up. Just keep going and keep trying and don't be afraid when something's not working...change and try doing it a different way. And never stop asking for help, never stop talking to people. Just keep going. Eventually you'll get there."

Nicholas's journey from claims adjuster to software engineer at Capital One is a powerful reminder of what's possible with determination and the right educational platform. His story exemplifies the transformative potential of coding bootcamps like Nucamp, offering hope and guidance to those looking to make their mark in the tech industry.


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