Travel Buff goes the distance in demonstrating a first-time, full-stack journey

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: July 14th 2022

A Node Driven Tourist Website by Safa Nasirli

For her final project and graduating with honors in our Full Stack Bootcamp, Safa Nasirli built a hypothetical social travel website powered by React and Node and was even able to get an authentication engine off the ground.

The app handles data store and retrieval in real time, user registration, authentication, and permissions, and a baked user-experience in React.

Travel Buff App

As soon as she signs in with the newly created user, she shows how the app handles creating posts, editing posts, and user permissions.

The app is built to share read-only content with all users while still allowing content owners to modify or delete what they authored.

These are features of a student final project that really go the extra mile and it's fitting that they were the most challenging for Safa to build.

A secondary challenge she faced was properly connecting the front end to the back end, which is unsurprising given that this was her very first full-stack application.

Nevertheless, Safa was able to solve it, completing her first full-stack journey.

Watch Safa's Project Video.


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