Deciding *when* to do something as much as *what* to do was a job of its own, until now

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: April 28th 2021

Smart Task by Dina Muhic

For her final project in our Front End Bootcamp, Dina Muhic built a mobile app in React Native called Smart Task that helps you decide when to complete any given task.

Smart Task leverages several React Native libraries to help with interactions and styling as well as Redux to management different states.

Like most to-do apps, Smart Task lets you add tasks, set a due date, optionally add a category, and set a priority.

Things that Dina implemented that are not often seen in task management apps are:

  • Interest in the task (tedious, meh, or fun)
  • The task's Difficulty (easy, doable, challenging, or hard)
  • And the task's Duration from 15 minutes to several hours using a simple slider

These extra attributes present interesting ways to view and filter the list of tasks, but that's not their primary function.

Knowing that adding these extra attributes to each task could be time consuming, Dina implemented a quick-add feature that allows users to add a task in a single action with default settings.

The uniqueness of Smart Task begins to reveal itself when viewing the Settings screen, which allows users to set:

  • Total hours you want to dedicate per day to complete tasks
  • Max Number of Diffficult Tasks that you are willing to work on each day
  • Max Number of Boring Tasks that you are willing to work on each day
  • Include a fun task each day if possible? is then a yes or no question

Once settings are defined, the schedule screen displays a handful of the user's tasks to be completed on that day, which is driven by an algorithm Dina wrote, based on the user's preferences.

The algorithm will do its best to fill the alotted hours and balance the types of tasks the user prefers, which is a pretty clever take on task management.

Unsurprisingly, writing the algorithm that makes the app smart was one of the most difficult challenges Dina overcame when building Smart Task.

Watch Dina's Project Video.


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