This React Native mobile app puts some points on the board

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: May 5th 2021

Game Day Hangouts by Desmond Pringle

For his final project in our Front End Bootcamp, Desmond Pringle built a mobile app in React Native called Game Day Hangouts that lets sports fans reserve private party rooms on game day.

The app offers a clear opening for the user to reserve a room with a single button on the home page.

The user specifies how many days, the number of guests, and the date, then it will suggest different venues that fit the criteria.

Users can then browse through photos of the spaces and food menus that each venue offers.

One moderate challenge that Desmond faced was creating the background effects for the headers on the various pages.

The biggest challenge, though, was creating the horizontal carousel of images within a category that was positioned inline with vertical scrolling.

He ended up using React Hooks to solve the problem and he valued the opportunity to learn more about React Hooks.

Watch Desmond's Project Video.


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