Want your employer to pay for your coding bootcamp? đź’¸

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: January 8th 2023

Ask your employer to invest in your professional development and corporate training.

With an ever-changing digital economy, it's never been more important to stay competitive, productive, and efficient in your job.

Big things are happening at Nucamp.

Providing affordable education for employees become more achievable than ever with the launch of Nucamp for Business.

Nucamp for Business allows employers to pay for employee training so you can stay motivated and satisfied in your job, at no cost to you.

You might be thinking...

Why would my employer pay for a coding bootcamp?

Employee training is valuable for companies to invest in for a number of reasons, including 1) promoting loyalty, 2) employees perform better, and 3) the long-term benefits improve the company's performance.

In addition, if your employer has an Educational Assistance Program, they can receive a federal tax deduction of up to $5,250 per employee, per year. When considering the cost of Nucamp's already affordable tuition, your company can train its employees tax-free. Check out our Nucamp for Business page for more information.

How to ask your employer to invest in your technical education

First off, way to take the initiative in your career development!

Secondly, whether your employer is actively looking for ways to invest in employee education or if it is a completely new concept you would like to introduce to management—having the information together in a detailed and easy-to-digest package is to your advantage.

Make sure you have the following information ready:

  • Cost of the bootcamp
  • Name and description of the bootcamp (which you can find on each bootcamp page
  • The start date(s) and the duration of the bootcamp
  • The learning outcomes you'll receive

Method 1: Register for a Nucamp Bootcamp first, which means you'll pay for the registration fee and the first payment. A task will appear in your Nucamp account in which you can complete a form, then we will use this information to ask your company to reimburse you and cover the remaining cost.

Method 2: If you haven't registered yet, use our Nucamp for Business Employee Template to help you draft an email to your manager asking your company to cover the cost of a bootcamp.


Chevas Balloun

Director of Marketing & Brand

Chevas has spent over 15 years inventing brands, designing interfaces, and driving engagement for companies like Microsoft. He is a practiced writer, a productivity app inventor, board game designer, and has a builder-mentality drives entrepreneurship.