Live your life while you learn

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: January 8th 2023

Live your life while you learn

Becoming a web developer should be fun and exhilarating, not dreadful and full of anxiety.

"I felt defeated after taking a computer science class back in college and never thought I would get back into coding. Nucamp made me realize it really wasn't like that." — Halima Bala, Web Content Designer, TechIntelli

The old way

You’ve heard the story before—maybe it’s your story.

You’ve graduated from high school and you’re ready to take the next step in life or maybe you’ve already entered the workforce, but it’s not going the way you’d hoped.

Some of your friends or family are talking about getting into tech, becoming a web designer, a web developer, or a software engineer.

Building new things, being creative, and finding a well-paying job are all very intriguing to you, but what’s it going to take?

Maybe you’ve tried teaching yourself. Some have been able to do it, but how do you know you are learning the right things? How do you keep yourself accountable and follow the right structure? It’s a lonely path, so you look to other options.

Whether it’s a university or a bootcamp, you want to make sure you choose the right one.

“Am I going to learn the right set of skills that employers want?” you ask yourself. “Will I have to quit my job?”

The question adds a little bit of stress.

“If I go for a degree, that’s 4 years of my life. Am I going to have to pick up my life and move somewhere else in order to go to school?”

A little more stress.

You start looking at the cost of these schools. “Am I going to have to go into debt? $15,000 for a 14-week bootcamp seems like a lot. University is even more.”

You’re starting to feel a lot more stress.

“Some of these bootcamps have really strict contracts. Some bootcamps are promising jobs. Is that really true?”

After some research and reading reviews, you learn that the job promises aren’t quite as enticing as they sound.

It all seems like a lot. The question is, do you really want to start your new career in this mindset, full of anxiety, full of stress, and full of unknowns?

The new way

What if you didn’t have to leave your friends and family or halt your life to transform your career?

What if you could keep your job while you learned?

What if you didn’t have to go into debt to become a web developer?

What if it you could trust that you’d be learning a valuable set of skills that employers wanted, that the process was joyful, even something exhilarating?

These are the questions we asked when we started Nucamp. Our mission is to make coding education accessible and affordable to everyone—a real career change without the debt, without the huge risks, without the false claims, and without the anxiety.

And we want you to succeed.

That’s why we group our students in an online cohort of 15 or fewer like-minded classmates, from the same localities as much as possible. Call it Local with a twist.

AND our instructors work in the industry, constantly honing their skills while they work part-time for Nucamp. They go the extra mile because they just love helping others learn to code.

Having a community of classmates and professional instructors keeps you on target, engaged, and provides the support you need to succeed, without the burdens of going at it alone.

The goal is to acquire new skills to change your life, but it doesn’t have to be a drag. It can be uplifting and fun instead.

This is the message we wanted to capture and communicate, so we made this video to do just that.

We hope you enjoy it, but more than that, we hope you’ll see the path to the new life you want is clearer than ever.


Chevas Balloun

Director of Marketing & Brand

Chevas has spent over 15 years inventing brands, designing interfaces, and driving engagement for companies like Microsoft. He is a practiced writer, a productivity app inventor, board game designer, and has a builder-mentality drives entrepreneurship.