Las Vegas is a Tech Hub with a many Tech Job Opportunities

By Jenn Rogala

Last Updated: February 11th 2023

Las Vegas has a high demand for tech employees.

At the time of this writing, there are 14,156 job vacancies for tech professionals in Las Vegas.

One of the main reasons for this is that Las Vegas is moving at a fast pace to become one of the top smart-cities and most-connected cities.

Technical innovation is a top priority for the Las Vegas leadership and evolving technology requires professionals with the right skills.

The average salary for a Software Engineer in Las Vegas, NV is $123,714.

Top 10 Tech Jobs in Las Vegas

  1. Software Engineer (all levels): Software engineers design and build websites and mobile applications to solve real-world issues. They design databases and write services to retrieve, edit and store data. It requires programming skills, critical analysis, and the ability to turn users’ needs into a working solution. The average pay for a software engineer in Las Vegas is $123,714 annually.
  2. Computer Applications Analyst: Computer system analysts design computer systems for clients by analyzing their client's business needs, researching, and providing the best technological solution for the organization. They may create prototypes and write requirements documents describing the appropriate hardware needs and software features. Computer Application Analysts in Las Vegas earn an average of $78,637 annually.
  3. Web and mobile Developer: Web developers create, enhance, and support websites and apps. They use different technologies to design user interfaces (front-end), design and manage databases (backend), or both (full-stack). With different bootcamps, videos and online tutorials, this is one of the most fascinating jobs you can land without a bachelor’s degree. Web developers must be proficient with HTML, CSS and JavaScript to start. But for more complex development, React, Node,js, SQL, Postgres, and cloud computing come into play (just to name a few). Web developers also need solid problem-solving skills This includes frontend, backend, and fullstack. Web Developers in Las Vegas earn an average salary in the $93,00 - $130,000 range.
  4. Data Analyst: A data analyst gathers data and makes inferences from it to solve an organization's problems or make suggestions. They must have statistical knowledge, excellent problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and a strong understanding of SQL. Data Analysts earn around $79,668 yearly in Las Vegas.
  5. Site reliability engineer: Site reliability engineers (SREs) ensure the smooth operation of websites and business applications. They use software engineering to address problems with operations or architecture. Their responsibility ranges from development such as automation and scaling and technical troubleshooting to address potential operational issues. SREs ensure the application remains stable and healthy when new features are added. This requires skills such as software development, knowledge of networking and load balancing, and cloud computing. SREs in Las Vegas earn a median salary of $114,513 - $165,387.
  6. Data engineer: Data engineers design, maintain, and monitor databases to ensure their integrity, scalability, and reliability. The management of data must be optimized for performance when apps retrieve, edit, and store data. These engineers also ensure all transactions are secure. Salary range for Data Engineers in Las Vegas is $100,141-$129,750.
  7. IT Manager: Also referred to as information system managers, IT managers are responsible for executing the technological vision of an organization. They manage multiple teams of developers, collaborate with business users, analysts, and vendors and oversee the technical aspects of the projects in their organization. The position requires strategic thinking, leadership, communication, and effective collaboration. IT Managers in Las Vegas earn salaries of $106,000 - $139,550.
  8. Cyber Security engineer/analyst: Identifying the best way to protect your organizations infrastructure from cyber-attacks is vital. Information security analysts protect the architecture, software, and data from malware, ransomware, and other attempts by hackers to gain access to company systems. Security breaches and ransomware threats are highly disruptive to any organization. Information security analysts plan and execute cyber security measures, monitor networks for breaches, and conduct penetration testing of cybersecurity defense systems. Cyber Security engineers earn between 134,136 - $163,899 on average in Las Vegas.
  9. Cloud Architect: Cloud architects create, optimize, and support cloud computing solutions. They work with cloud technologies to develop cloud adoption plans, design cloud environments, and ensure the systems are reliable, scalable, and secure. Cloud Architect earn $143,920 - $180,570 on average in Las Vegas.
  10. QA Analyst: Quality Assurance Analysts test software and/or architecture to identify errors, logic flaws, and any potential issues before the product is deployed. They ensure only high-quality products are delivered to customers. QA Analysts must be detail-oriented, strong problem-solvers, and effective communicators and collaborators. QA Analysts earn an average annual salary of $95,714.

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5 Lesser-known Tech Jobs in Las Vegas

  1. Video Game Developer: A video game developer writes and maintains codes for games on consoles, mobile phones, web browsers, and PCs. They must understand 2D and 3D animation software, have a passion for video games, possess problem-solving skills, and coding skills. The average salary for a Video Game Developer in Las Vegas is $70,307 annually.
  2. Technical Writer: All industries need writing and editorial professionals to author business procedures and documentation found in user manuals and support portals. They ensure instructions and other documentation are clear, accurate, and up to date—for content and grammar. A Technical Writer in Las Vegas earns an average salary of $76,456 yearly.
  3. Blockchain Engineer: Blockchains are digital transactions chained together and recorded on a shared ledger that is distributed across computers ("nodes") that mutually participate in the effort of recording, verifying, and storing the transaction data. This decentralized data is not stored on one central server. A blockchain engineer develops these decentralized systems and ledger technologies. They should understand programming languages, data structures, and blockchain concepts and architecture. Blockchain Engineers in Las Vegas earn around $111,389 annually.
  4. Machine Learning Engineer: A machine learning engineer conducts research, designs, and builds the AI algorithms needed for machine learning. They must have skills in statistics, advanced math, natural language processing (NLP), coding, predictive modeling, and reinforcement learning. The annual average salary for Machine Learning Engineers in Las Vegas is $151,667.
  5. Unity Solutions Engineer: Unity Solution Engineers are liaisons between an organizations and their clients. Using a mix of IT and business skills, they help organizations and clients troubleshoot and create solutions to address any issues. They must be able to communicate (and bridge the gap) with both the technical personnel and the clients. The average salary for a Unity Solutions Engineer in Las Vegas is $95,114.

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Key Takeaways

Las Vegas is making a name as a great city to find a job in tech.

Since the city is so supportive of businesses, it makes it an attractive home for many companies.

This, along with the growing number of startups, has create demand for a large number and variety of tech jobs in Las Vegas.

See our blog in this series about the Las Vegas tech scene and tech education in Las Vegas.

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