You meant to build the best team. But do your employees know how to code?

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: January 8th 2023

Invest in corporate training and employee professional development.

Train your workforce to code tax-free* with the #1 coding bootcamp in the US and get your business digitally unstuck.

Providing affordable education to build self-sufficient teams has become more achievable than ever with the launch of Nucamp for Business.

We are excited to offer companies and learning organizations the ability to invest in their employees’ future success with affordable and high-quality coding bootcamps.

*When paired with a federal tax deduction of up to $5,250 per employee, per year, which covers 100% of Nucamp's tuition, you can train your employees tax-free.

You may be asking yourself: “Why should my non-engineer employees know code?”

Coding is emerging as the new essential skill in today's workforce and your employees shouldn’t be left behind.

It is commonplace for non-engineering teams to bump into technical hurdles more frequently than ever, and development teams can't keep up.

As the demand for technical knowledge increases, organizations that invest in coding education for their employees are more likely to see a return on investment.

Imagine if your employees felt more empowered, productive, and collaborative?

Technical knowledge improves collaboration between IT staff and non-engineers such as product managers, technical writers, and QA testers.

Sales teams can field more technical questions without consulting a developer. Marketers can improve SEO and deploy design changes to websites.

Customer support can resolve more requests without calling an often-backlogged engineering team.

Employers with a tech-savvy workforce stay competitive, productive, and efficient in an ever-changing digital economy.

On top of that, 94% of employees say they would stay at a company longer that invested in their career.1

Our program's flexible structure is designed to work around your full-time employee’s schedule.

This means your business can stay current and relevant in a rapidly changing digital economy while reducing costs by training and retaining existing employees rather than hiring replacements.

What is Nucamp for Business exactly?

Affordable, flexible online learning + weekly live workshops + a supportive community of classmates, instructors, and alumni = Revolutionary employee training.

As the #1 coding bootcamp in the US, we are here to be your company’s online technical training partner.

Our course options are part-time, online, and combine both self-paced and guided study.

This means during the week your employees can study when it's most convenient for their schedule.

Then each Saturday they join up to 15 other students for an instructor-led workshop to complete hands-on projects and collaborate with their classmates.

Nucamp may be online learning, but students are not alone in their journey.

Trainees get access to their class cohort, instructors, and broader active Nucamp community on Slack, allowing them to seek help anytime they need it.

The addition of part-time, US-based instructors who work full-time in the industry means your employees will be learning from experts who work with the technology that they teach.

We group trainees with others from your organization and their local community as much as possible so they can create meaningful connections that make them feel at home in their training.

Reserve training seats for your team in 5 minutes

Head over to this page and follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Enter your company email to make a profile
  2. Create an invoice and select the bootcamp(s) and number of seats
  3. Pay the invoice and send the coupon code(s) to your employees to use for any upcoming start dates

Fill this form to download every syllabus from Nucamp.

And learn about Nucamp's Coding Bootcamps and why aspiring developers choose us.

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  1. LinkedIn Learning: 2018 Workplace Learning Report

Chevas Balloun

Director of Marketing & Brand

Chevas has spent over 15 years inventing brands, designing interfaces, and driving engagement for companies like Microsoft. He is a practiced writer, a productivity app inventor, board game designer, and has a builder-mentality drives entrepreneurship.